I   m i s s   t h e   f i g u r e   s k a t i n g   s e a s o n

6. Between the Short Dance and the Free Dance

Skate Canada International: “We’re very happy with the way that we skated today. We skated just like in practice if not better. And just to start the season out like that, in the first competition, is very important.”

Canadian Nationals: “We’ve been through uncountable hurtles, the 2010 Olympics being one of them, but now we just know who we are, we know our strengths and we thrive on those.” — “[This short dance] is very special to us because it was one of Kaitlyn’s songs that brought her through the surgery that changed our look on this season. It helped make us fall in love with the program and that love is what has driven us through the season.”

World Championships: “We’re very happy to be keeping Canada in the top spots without Tessa and Scott here, who are very sorely missed.”