Of Peasantry And Princes [2]

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So, I decided in celebration I’m going to start posting Of Peasantry and Princes. There’s no strict schedule just like Cheerleader, but I’ll start writing it more often so you’ll see chapters every 2-4(ish) weeks?? Thats generally the timeframe for Cheerleader so it’ll be the same for this AU. Anyway…

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Warnings: Mentions of potential poisoning, swearing

Ships: Logicality and Prinxiety

Previous Chap

Roman felt disappointed and sad leaving his love, as he always did. They barely saw each other, as Roman was a Prince and was much higher in class than the peasant Virgil. He frowned as he and Patton rode their horses toward the castle, taking the short route this time.

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Molecule of the Day: Diazepam/Valium

Diazepam (C16H13ClN2O), also known as Valium, is a white solid that is of significant pharmaceutical importance. It is a member of the benzodiazepine family, which shares the similar bicyclic system comprising of a conjoined benzene and diazepine ring.

Diazepam is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders, and this is achieved by its binding to GABA receptors on neurons. This causes the active site of the receptors to become a better fit for GABA molecules, resulting in a higher binding of GABA to it. This triggers a greater influx of chloride ions into the neuron. 

Since the intracellular portion of the neuron is more negative than normal, the membrane is hyperpolarised to a greater extent. Consequently, a stronger stimulus is needed to trigger an action potential, which is created when a stimulus causes the membrane to reach the threshold potential.

Since the resting potential is now more negative, the action potential and thus firing of the neuron is less likely. This then produces the anxiolytic, sedative, amnesia-inducing, and anticonvulsant effects of diazepam. 

Diazepam can be produced by various synthetic pathways; one such route is shown below.

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College!AU: Part 4/40

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Yoongi is finally introduced!! He’s in the same friendship group as Y/N. So Y/N actually went to the party with yoongi but Jimin didn’t seem too impressed and left as soon as they showed up…


Text Convo Key

Yoongi Shithead= Yoongi + Y/N



Glass Table Girls pt. 2 - m.

member:  Min Yoongi, Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok

genre: Smut, Sugardaddy!au

warnings: Nsfw, Mature Content, Vulgar Smut, Prostitution, Drugs use, MxFxM, Vouyerism, Cumplay

  words: 3.6k

pt. 1 - pt. 2 

So don’t blame it on me that you didn’t call home, so don’t blame it on me cause you wanted to have fun

Gif credit.

The sunlight was blinding and conscious woke you up. Warmth engulfed you. You felt like there was an oven right beside you and your body was sticky with sweat. Your our eyelids were heavy and you groaned in an uncomfortable mess. But you knew that the bed was comfortable, your lower legs were exposed down by the duvet.

 You tried to twist around in the huge bed, but later realizing that arms were heavily draped over you. You immediately tore your eyes open and the light blinded you.

 "Oh- God.“ You whispered in an utter shock, it wasn’t normal that you wake up with someone you didn’t know what it was. Stark naked in a Queen-sized bed.

 What happened last night? 

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tahneetalks  asked:

8, Roman to Logan ( Bonus points if Logan says "Are you having a stroke?" Or smth similar) XD

This was fun! Hopefully it kind of makes up for the angst I wrote earlier! Only one for tonight, I have a big day tomorrow!

8. ‘-Casual wink-’

“Virgil, look! It’s the cute nerd again!” Roman whispered as he noticed the newest customer of the morning, hitting his fellow barista’s arm excitedly. “Look at him. The gods hath blessed us mere mortals with his loveliness.” 

“Stop going Shakespeare and go and take his order,” Virgil grumbled, pushing Roman away from the coffee machine. “And maybe today you can gain the balls to actually ask him out.” He added not-so quietly. Roman flipped him off under the counter, rolling his eyes when Virgil only smirked knowingly in reply. 

So what if he hadn’t asked the cute nerd out? It wasn’t his fault that cute nerd reduced him to a blushy mess.

“Welcome to Patton Cake, what can I get for you today?” Roman smiled, the perfectly rehearsed lines flowing out of him. He could do this part. He had done this part a million times. It was the following improvisation that always, always tripped him up. 

“Can I get a large espresso and an unheated chocolate croissant?” Cute nerd looked tired as he rooted around for money. If he was anything like Roman, professors were probably putting the pressure on him about the upcoming exams. 

“Sure. Your total is…” Roman pretended to read the cash register. “One phone number. Yours, specifically.” He looked to the cute nerd, winking casually at him.

Cute nerd blinked, which made him look adorably confused, up until the moment  he opened his mouth. “Are you having a stroke?”

Distantly, Roman could hear Virgil absolutely losing it in the background, his face burning hot as he looked literally anywhere but at cute-now-kind-of-asshole nerd’s face. “8 dollars and 50 cents.” He muttered, wishing now that the ground would swallow him alive.

Once that awkward interaction was over, he made his hasty retreat to the back of the shop, shooting a venomous glare at a still-chuckling Virgil. Let him deal with customers. Roman was going to sulk and clean dishes. 

“Hey, loverboy.”

“If you make one comment abo-” Roman began, turning to glare at Virgil once more.

“He left his number for you.” Virgil waved the note with said number in Roman’s face. “Said that he’s sorry, and he’s not great with interaction. ‘Specially not with, and I quote, ‘Gorgeous specimens of the species homo sapiens who appear to be more suited to extravagant parties than a coffee shop.’ Your nerd is pretty wordy. You’re a perfect match.”

Roman had never snatched something so quickly out of someone’s hands. 

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In Need Of A Man

Originally posted by 4cyphers

» You think you need a man but Taehyung wants to prove you that he’s all you need.
» Taehyung x OC 
» 9.5k words
» Warning: Smut.

With her mouth hanging open, Jaehee couldn’t believe what was happening. The air was coldly brushing against her cheeks where her phone wasn’t.  “What have you said? “ She repeated, almost yelling. Her sudden change of tone attracted the gaze of many other people in the skatepark. Most of them being her group of friends.

She was sitting on the bench facing the skate ramps where the boys were enjoying their evening but suddenly raised, which made Jungkook wake up in shock as he was sleeping on her laps before she raised. “ W-What ? I didn’t do it.” The young boy said out of the blue but Jaehee was long gone as she walked to the fences surrounding the park. She grabbed a part of it to play with her fingers.

“ I heard right, dummy, I mean why? “ Jaehee repeated once again.  “You promised me, girl. “ She said pissed off. She sighed and nodded. “ I know, I know. “ She clarified as the other person on the line seemed to have replied to her already. “ Well, I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t come, it will be your fault.  “ She said fakely angry. She ended up giggling at the last reply of the person before closing her phone. One of the boys stopped skating and walked closer.

The man took support on his skateboard. “ What’s wrong JaeJae? “ He asked and the girl turned around to look at the man. She sighed and put the phone back in her pocket.

“ Nothing. It’s just Hani. She choked for the homecoming ball.” She said crossing her arms over her chest. The boy smirked and pulled her closer by putting an arm around her shoulder. He dragged her closer to the rest of the group who, simultaneously to her call, had stopped and gathered all together to see what was happening.

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acecreates  asked:

orphic and analogical? (Is that their ship name? I'm not sure of everyone's ship names yet ;A; But yeah Anxiety and Logic pls.)

Anonymous said:

Pulchritudinous with some romantic analogical, if you feel like it??

Orphic - beyond ordinary understanding; Pulchritudinous - breathtaking, heartbreaking beauty


A/N I hope this is what you had in mind. I didn’t include the words, though.

Pairing: analogical (Anxiety/Logic, can be seen as platonic, one-sided or romantic)

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 560


Virgil watches the rain and Logan may be a little enraptured by it all.

Virgil. An unusual name belonging to an unusual person.

Logan studies the side who appears lost in his own world. Virgil’s staring out the window wearing the earphones Patton had gifted him last Christmas – and Logan remembers with a cringe that he and Roman had failed to give him anything worthy of such a man. The rain splashes against the pane and Virgil’s fingers twitch as if he wants to trace the trails of each individual raindrop.

The wind howls outside and shakes the trees, but Virgil doesn’t flinch. Instead, he lets a smile tug at his lips and Logan doesn’t miss the way he discretely slips one of the muffs off his ear in order to better hear the dancing of the rain. Under his breath, so quietly that Logan’s not sure if he’s imagining it, he starts humming a familiar tune.

The logical side tilts his head, eyebrows furrowed as he tries to place it. Then Virgil’s lip part and the soft humming transforms into words.

“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring”

Logan allows himself to grin as Virge continues, utterly lost in his own universe. The sight is oddly peaceful, and for some strange reason, Logan is tempted to draw closer, if only to better hear the words etched into his mind since childhood.

“He bumped his head and went to bed and couldn’t get up in the morning.”

Unable to resist, Logan stands and makes his way over, his footsteps soft enough that Virgil doesn’t realise he’d moved at all until he sits down beside him.

“That nursery rhyme is surprisingly depressing when you think about it, isn’t it?” Logan comments, facing the glass and its ever-changing pattern of raindrops.

Virgil lets out a snort. “You know, many are. I guess when you’re a kid you don’t really think about that, though.”

“I suppose you’re right.” He doesn’t bother to go into explanation as to why that is; he’s not even compelled to at all, for once. He lets them settle into a comfortable silence, broken only by the soft pitter-patter outside. After a few minutes, a warm weight falls onto his shoulder, and Logan blinks down at Virgil.

The man doesn’t move, oh-so-enthralled by the swirling grey sky, and it’s as if Virgil doesn’t even realise he’s leaning on him. Logan bites his tongue to suppress a smile in favour of enjoying this rare moment of relaxation. He intends to join the gaze outside – he really does – but he finds himself enchanted by Virgil’s own fascination with such a common weather event.

He looks so at peace, and there’s a certain softness to it all that makes Logan want to stay like this forever. Even if he wanted to, he can’t possibly tear his eyes away as he takes in the steady rise and fall of Virgil’s shoulders and the freckles dusting his face, occasionally joined by the shadow of the drops on the glass in a cosmic dot-to-dot.

Logan doesn’t understand how one person can sit so still when watching something that occurs somewhere in the world every day, but then again, he’s never really understood much when it comes to Virgil. Instead, he allows himself to be whirled into the complexity and beauty that makes Virge so unique.

He can get used to this, Logan thinks.

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anonymous asked:

I hope this isn't too specific: You're a transfer honors student, avg family but brilliant, came in during the year. You're in Kyoya's class, and he is shocked when you beat him in class (esp. math) You have a similar 'cold' reputation, so you form a rivalry (we all know what comes of rivalries) His father learns he's losing to a commoner & threatens him if he doesn't get a better score than you. You make a really basic mistake & he knows it was on purpose & confronts you & feelings surface etc.

ohhh no bby don’t worry about specifics, they help me do better to give you what you want! thanks for the prompt cutie ♥

When you get your most recent math test, and you see that you’ve received a more than perfect score, you’re elated. You’d found a mistake and corrected it, leading to the professor to give you bonus points on top of your already flawless work. But of course, in order to maintain your spot as an honors scholarship student, you didn’t have a choice to be anything but.

You smirk when you see that you’ve beaten Ootori - again, you think to yourself - knowing that he’ll be beside himself when he sees (even if he doesn’t show it). 

Your rivalry is made up of short, cool, seemingly unaffected remarks back and forth - Kyoya understands the position you’re in, of course, although it irritates him that his top spot has been taken.

It irritates his father even more, even though you’re unaware of this. You’ve heard whispers, of course, of the situation Kyoya faces as the third son - something you’ve never had to think about, what with coming from a middle class family. 

Things come to a head when Kyoya comes into class one day with what looks like a swollen red mark on his cheek. No one asks, and no one says anything to Kyoya himself but there are groups of people whispering throughout the room.

When you look up and see him, and the welt-like mark on his face, you’re immediately concerned but he just sits down in his seat, choosing to ignore you instead of his usual icy stare. 

You’ve been told that you can be cool but the welt marring Kyoya’s admittedly handsome face causes your concern to overwhelm you, and you lean over and tap on his shoulder to get his attention.

He merely glances over at you, eyebrow quirked like a question mark, saying nothing.

“Not that I care, of course,” You say, always trying to appear even and unperturbed, “But are you okay, Ootori?”

“It’s nothing, really. My father’s just upset that I’m letting a commoner beat me in my studies, is all. While it certainly irritates me as well, not having the top spot, I understand the position you’re in and it can’t be helped.”

You can’t help the sharp intake of breath - you’re incredibly shocked that his father was that serious about such matters. The rest of the day continues as usual, but you can’t help but not put your usual amount of cool aloofness into your glares at Kyoya. 

It’s just sympathy, you tell yourself. You just feel bad for him. Nothing more. You do your best to ignore the aching in your chest and the way you can’t help but continue to look over at him, to watch the way his eyes rush over the material on the board and the way his hands move as he takes notes.

A month later, when you get your most recent tests back, you can’t help but smile when you see that Kyoya’s reclaimed his spot at the top. You’re second, of course - you only made maybe one basic mistake, forgot a negative, to assure you wouldn’t arouse too much suspicion. Besides, you only had to receive top marks on finals to stay in the scholarship program. Things would work out by then.

But when you’re on your way to the refectory for lunch, you’re suddenly pulled into an empty classroom and you hear the door slam behind you. You look up to see who’s kidnapped you, in a manner of speaking, you’re admittedly shocked to see Kyoya of all people.

“Ootori? What are you doing, I was going to go eat my lunch!”

“I know what you did.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Dammit!” He cries, slamming his hand down on a nearby desk. “Don’t lie to me, you’ve never scored any less than perfect on any test you’ve taken while you were here. You never do anything but study, there’s no possible way you didn’t throw that test so I could come out on top.”

“I mean, I wouldn’t say I threw the test, I just forgot a negative. I could never tarnish my own reputation like that, please. I just…that day when you came in, and your father had hit you because I was doing better - I don’t know, Kyoya, what do you want me to say?”

He surprises you by taking your face in his hands and crushing his lips down onto yours - at first you’re too shocked to respond, but after a moment or two you relax into it, enjoying the way his lips feel on yours.

When he pulls away, both of you a little breathless, he says, “You called me Kyoya.” Then, “Thank you.”

You’re surprised, yet again, and ask, “For what?”

“For caring.” Straightening his tie - you may or may not have pulled on it to deepen the kiss - he smirks and says, “I’d like to make a proposition.”


“We could very easily tie for top of the class.”

“Oh really? Will that keep your father off your back?”

“He’ll never really be off my back, I’m used to it by now, I assure you.”

“That must be awful, I’m so sorry.”

He shrugs, before opening the door back up and gesturing for you to leave first. “Why don’t you let me tell you about it over dinner?”

You laugh. “Thanks, Ootori, but I have to study.”

“We can get takeout.”

“Okay, you’ve got a deal, Ootori.”

“Call me Kyoya.”