There’s this fic on AO3 that, according to my history page, I have visited 176 times.  Which means I alone am responsible for 176 hits on that fic.  I commented on some of the chapters, but only a few, because I feel like a stalker when I comment every week.  I gave it kudos, but I can only give it one, even though it’s one of my favorites.

So just remember, when you’re looking at that hit count and wondering why you don’t have that same number of kudos (divided by the number of chapters, because each one of those also counts as a hit), it might be because some people out there love your fic.  They read it when they’re feeling down.  They open it in the waiting room at the doctors office, or in the lonesome dark of night.  They turn to it in celebration when they did something right.  They open it over and over so they can send the link to their friends, or just to revisit the characters that they love.  They checked it ten times in one day, hoping that you had updated.

A disparity between hits and kudos does not mean that your readers didn’t like your fic, or that they were too lazy to hit the kudos button.  It means that some of them came back, and there’s nothing that makes me happier about my writing than that.

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Black Dahlia: Deep, Dark, Luscious Lip Colors from Sheer to Intense

I have a weakness for deep dark black-cherry shades. But while all of them look intensely dark in the tubes, many of them are actually quite sheer or have different undertones. 


  • A black cherry lip that has a bit of red/berry tone actually brightens the face and the darker/richer your skintone, the blacker you can go on the lips without having to change the makeup on the rest of your face. 
  • If you’re very pale and you like dark lips, you might need to add a bit of warmth back to your cheeks with a blush that has some pink/red in it if you don’t want to look straight-up goth or 20’s Noir. Then again, I do love 20’s Noir makeup with smoky droopy eyes and deep dark lips.
  • Sheerer berry shades can look very patchy and uneven. The best way to wear it is as an ombre stain. Apply, blot to remove most of the color, then reapply just around the center or the entire bottom lip, and then transfer just a bit of color to the top.
  • For deep dark shades, do try to wear a lip liner or clear liner to prevent bleeding cos it will be VERY obvious.

The shades shown: (Tumblr isn’t rendering the lip images properly so check it out here if you can’t see it clearly!)

  • YSL Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy in No 5 Mure Exquise is a more berry/rose-toned version of Clinique Black Honey, which can pull a little brown and unflattering on me sometimes.
  • Michael Kors Lip Lacquer in Dame. This is actually not a fave. It’s almost impossible to wear this evenly unless you have very rosy or dark lips to begin with. If you’re not careful, you can end up with patchy, corpse-like lips.
  • Chanel Glossimer 176 Crushed Cherry. Gorgeous gloss that pulls a little purple. It’s gorgeous on top of nude liner and glorious applied around the center over red lipstick!
  • Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited WN 20 S is a raisiny deep shade with soft shimmers. If you want a less cool-toned alternative to the Chanel, or a slightly more even application, this one is good.
  • Marc Jacobs 132 Saboteur is the darkest shade in his range, and unlike Little Pretty, the next darkest purple-toned shade, this one has a bit more red and goes on more evenly and more opaque.
  • Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 327 La Desiree. It’s amazing how “bright” it looks compared to the other shades here! But it’s really quite a deep and rich rose-red shade in a velvety lightweight matte texture.
  • MAC Diva is a classic. It’s one of my all-time favorite dark liver reds. While it looks a little plummy and dull here, believe me when I say it looks beautiful on the lips. Perfect when you have hardly anything on your face except a little mascara and this dark, rich, intense lip. 
  • Sephora Long Lasting Lipstick No 23. This is a nice alternative to MAC Diva, but it’s a little creamier to apply, and more lightweight. Doesn’t wear as intense and dramatic as Diva in real life though.
  • OCC Black Dahlia is one of the treasures in my Lip Tar collection. I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it. It’s a perfect black cherry red. So dark it’s almost black. For a 20’s look, this is a fantastic shade.
  • OCC Metallic Black Dahlia is one of my more recent purchases. I was repurchasing Pretty Boy, and saw this shade on their site. I usually steer away from the metallic shades because a lot of the lighter colors I’d tried previously went on patchy and looked unflattering, but obviously the same thing doesn’t apply to the dark shades because this thing is GLORIOUS.


Whenever Luffy falls into the sea, it’s almost always Sanji who dives in first after him and fishes him out. What is interesting is that Zoro is also always there when Luffy drowns, but he lets Sanji be the rescuer (Zoro’s always the first to act when anyone of the crew is in danger, so you can see how much trust he puts in the cook). It’s almost like a silent agreement between Zoro and Sanji since Arlong Park.

Why Arlong Park? In case you don’t remember, Zoro and Sanji’s very first teamwork was when Sanji dived into the water to save Luffy instead of Zoro who was gravely injured. Zoro panicked because he had just met Sanji and didn’t know how strong he was. However,

after Sanji breaks the surface alive and kicking, Zoro starts to trust Sanji enough that he even leaves his captain’s life in his hands (well, to be precise, legs). I believe it became an unspoken rule between those two that it is Sanji’s role to save Luffy from drowning since then. Even though Zoro never openly admits it, he knows better than anyone how much Sanji is capable underwater. He can always count on the cook to bring back their hammer of a captain alive and breathing.

Stop kidding yourself into believing that teenagers are immature and can’t make their own educated decisions. I’m not saying young people are more educated than adults but we are educated on issues of our time and they are educated on the issues of their generation, which we are no longer living in. Stop trying to take away our voice and swallow your pride for long enough to realise that you could learn a lot from the younger generation. If 16 + could vote I strongly believe that yesterday’s vote would of turned out differently. I can’t say what will happen in the future now but I know that young people should be given the right to vote on something that effects them and their children much more than the elderly that are given the right to vote, regardless of whether or not they actually have to live with the repercussions. Adults and the government say that teenagers don’t know enough about politics to vote but that is only because they decide it is not important enough to teach in mainstream schooling. They are systematically trying to silence youth so that we can be manipulated into living in their outdated era. I won’t be silenced.
—  Fizzy about Brexit (x)