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thatguyahh  asked:

Since he cant talk how does he communicate? sign language? (sorry for so many questions im just curious!!))


but thats actually a really good idea!!!! why didnt i think of that omg

and ok so like his body seems invisible when the lights are on
but when the lights are off you can see what makes up his body cuz it glows a lil and so he has to where his gloves when hes having a conversation with someone during the day
or else they cant see what hes signing

Fate of the First Elves

In The Cuivienyarna we’re given the names of the first six elves to awake - the Elf-fathers Imin, Tata, and Enel, and their wives Iminye, Tatie, and Enelye. However, these six elves are never mentioned again outside of the Cuivienyarna - even in the Silmarillion’s telling of the awakening of the elves. So we have absolutely no idea what happened to them. However, here are some possibilities:

  • They could have died. Cuivienen wasn’t a very safe place - part of why the Valar invited the elves to live in Valinor. Elves that wandered too far away from the main group had a tendency to disappear (either to be killed or captured by Morgoth’s servants.)
  • They could have joined the Avari. As the first elves to awake in Cuivienen, I wouldn’t be surprised if the first elves were among those who refused to journey to Valinor, and instead wished to stay in their home. In that case they could theoretically still be living among the Avari, or might have died later on in history.
  • They might have joined the Eldar in Valinor. Though Imin, Tata, and Enel were the first leaders of the elves, the “ambassadors” (Ingwe, Finwe, and Elwe/Thingol) were made the first kings (whether they were kings already, or became so because of the power gained from seeing the Two Trees is unclear.) It’s possible that the first elves accepted the new kings, followed them to Valinor, and are still living there today.
  • Or, they might never have existed at all. Tolkien admitted that the Cuivienyarna was meant to be an elvish fairytail, or folktale. So it’s possible that these first six elves were more literary characters than actually historical figures.

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 11 (“Quendi and Eldar: The Cuivienyarna”)

anonymous asked:

WOAH IMIN IS SO DANG COOL. CAN I DRAW HIM TOO? Seriously that is one of the coolest OCs I've seen

g u y s i will literally weep if you draw anything for me i hvae done it before on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS 

oh gosh tbh i havent really thought about what Imin is like other than the fact that he gets bashful easily and he cant really talk ,, but now that i get the chance to talk about him more im sure he’ll be able to develop!! ;w;