Hello dear fellow Tumblr’s,

In a few days, imiging will lit its third candle and we have imiging to celebrate it together with a special event open to the creators of Tumblr … a third Birthday and a new Challenge

Once upon a time, a forester started to plant a forest of beauty and talents on Tumblr. He and a team of jolly elves have been collecting daily wonderful essences found in your creative universes .. and thanks to all your seeds and seedlings, imiging became this great forest….Tree years now, Three years.

Amy, Chas, Dan, JamesJasminKaiMara, Mazette, Radek, Silver-frog, the imiging team, are quite excited and impatient to discover what you’ll come up with a special key-word.  Guess what the Challenge will be?  

Give us your imigined  ThreeTree….T(H)REE…  

To participate, send us your creative submission via our submit form with the tag “imiging3”  until December 19th, 2016.  One submission per challenger. We will accept any style, any format and Gif …of course. Texts, poem, illustration, drawings, doodles, painting, collage, photosets, sound, music are also welcome in our woods…

Plant a T(H)REE and it will grow at imiging on December 22nd…imiging 3rd Birthday, will be your « T(h)ree » party…

“Mi hicin isti imigin timblr pir fivir”

Cada 5 minutos veo una publicación así en facebook. Pero no me pienso salir de los grupos de tumblr, son vida.