2016 debuts that you probably know about

Astro, KNK, NCT (U, 127, Dream), Pentagon, SF9, Victon

Blackpink, Bulldok, I.O.I, Cosmic Girls (WJSN), Gugudan, I.B.I

Co-ed: K.A.R.D

2016 debuts that you may have missed

AFOS, APL, AxisBD.I.P, GlabingoImfact, IMGL, I’M, INX, Kreatures, LookKing, Masc, Movning, The East Light, Voisper, Vromance, VX, Z:ON

A.De, A.Some, Bloomy, BonusBabyCocosori, DICE, Dimepiece, Dorothy, Heymiss, Highteen, Holics, Jenyer, Mercury, MIXX, Momoland, MOXIE, NewA , O21, OhBliss, Red Sun, Sixth Sense, Sol-T, TemFive, Various, 2U, Cosmic Girl, Grace

Co-ed: Five Run Strike

(Please note that italics indicate that the group/artist has released multiple songs or has had a comeback since their debut. Check out their newer releases to see how they’ve improved! Also, keep in mind that the ‘groups you may have missed’ are from small companies that do not have the budget and experience of larger companies. They need fans’ support in order to grow and improve!)

some good things that happened in the past year in k-pop

basically a lot of not so great things happened and i wanted to make a list of good things that happened to remind myself

  • jyj jaejoong returns from military
  • alphabat beta returns(?) from military
  • m.pire taehee returns from military
  • f(x) gets fandom name
  • f(x) gets first solo concert
  • lovelyz gets first solo concert
  • pentagon debuts as 10 after uncertain future following pentagon maker
  • neoz dance wins dance or band and debuts as sf9
  • twice wins daesang for song of the year against two heavyweights
  • 24k european tour
  • hongseob & changsun debut as members of 24k
  • three of the nom members (k, yohan, a-in) got to redebut in top secret
  • varsity, bonusbaby, bulldok, gugudan, blackpink, victon, knk, astro, imfact, i, nct u, nct 127, & nct dream, cososori, imgl, bolbbagan4, vromance, inx, voisper, matilda, apl, bloomy, masc, ohbliss, wjsn, momoland, all debuted
  • snuper continues to release amazing music
  • two members of zpzg got to redebut as z:on
  • girl group minx got a second chance with a redebut as dreamcatcher, members handong & gahyeon got to debut
  • blockberry creative’s year long debut project for loona
  • former mblaq member thunder made his debut
  • toppdogg got to release their first album
  • produce 101 happened which not only gave us i.o.i for a short amount of time but has seen other trainees debut in various groups/as soloists
  • seventeen got their first music show win
  • whatever boys24 was (thnx for hocheol)
  • johnny finally debuted as a member of nct 127
  • exo-cbx happened
  • a.cian’s lo-j & able’s sungmin are redebuting in bigflo
  • we got to see toppdogg’s gohn again twice
  • exo continued to break records
  • star empire family concert with imfact, ze:a & nine muses
  • ladies’ code returned

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