Just in case you need some underrated boygroups to stan

Imfact: MV, Dance Practice

Day6 (Band): MV, Band Practice

Up10tion: MV, Dance Practice

History: MV, Dance Practice

MYNAME: MV, Dance Practice

Romeo: MV, Dance Practice

Viction: MV, Dance Practice

24k: MV, Dance Practice

UNIQ: MV, Dance Practice

Topp Dogg: MV, Dance Practice

MadTown: MV, Dance Practice

Map6: MV, Dance Practice

Snuper: MV, Dance Practice

Boys Republic: MV, Dance Practice

B.I.G: MV, Dance Practice

N.flying (Band): MV, live acoustic

Highend: MV, Dance Practice

AFOS: MV, live performance

MASC: MV, Dance Practice

Varsity: MV, Dance Practice

IMGL (Band): MV, live acoustic

INX: MV, Dance Practice

Halo: MV, Dance Practice 

Cross Gene: MV, Dance Practice

 Knk: MV, Dance Practice 

Nu'est: MV, Dance Practice 

Mvp: MV, Busking

Hotshot: MV, Dance Practice 

VAV: MV, Dance Practice

Seven O'Clock(SOC): MV, live performance

A.C.E (didn’t debut yet, still trainees, but pls love them): live cover, Busking

feel free to add some more

2016 debuts that you probably know about

Astro, KNK, NCT (U, 127, Dream), Pentagon, SF9, Victon

Blackpink, Bulldok, I.O.I, Cosmic Girls (WJSN), Gugudan, I.B.I

Co-ed: K.A.R.D

2016 debuts that you may have missed

AFOS, APL, AxisBD.I.P, GlabingoImfact, IMGL, I’M, INX, Kreatures, LookKing, Masc, Movning, The East Light, Voisper, Vromance, VX, Z:ON

A.De, A.Some, Bloomy, BonusBabyCocosori, DICE, Dimepiece, Dorothy, Heymiss, Highteen, Holics, Jenyer, Mercury, MIXX, Momoland, MOXIE, NewA , O21, OhBliss, Red Sun, Sixth Sense, Sol-T, TemFive, Various, 2U, Cosmic Girl, Grace

Co-ed: Five Run Strike

(Please note that italics indicate that the group/artist has released multiple songs or has had a comeback since their debut. Check out their newer releases to see how they’ve improved! Also, keep in mind that the ‘groups you may have missed’ are from small companies that do not have the budget and experience of larger companies. They need fans’ support in order to grow and improve!)


REQUESTS ARE OPEN for everyone in the list except EXO, Monsta X, BTS, Got7 and Seventeen!!

Feel free to request scenarios, reactions, mtl etc.

~ Main Masterlist ~

I have said before that it would be easier for people to request than for me to write all of them down but since I keep getting asked, I decided to make a list.

So basically these are all the Kpop/Khh/R&B solo artists, groups in alphabetical? order that I keep up with and love and can also write for as well.


1NB; 15&; 4Ten; 9Muses; A.Daily;; After School; Agirls; AOA; Apink; April; Baba; Badkiz; Bambino; Berry Good; Bestie; Blackpink; Bloomy; Bolbbalgan4; Bonus Baby; BP Rania (Rania); Brave Girls; Brown Eyed Girls; Bulldok; CLC; CocoSori; Cosmic Girls (WJSN); Crayon Pop; Dal Shabet; Davichi; D.Holic; DIA; Dorothy; Dream Catcher; Elris; EXID; f(x); Fiestar; G-Friend; Girl’s Day; Girls Generation (SNSD); Girls Girls; Gugudan; Hello Venus; Heymiss; Highteen; Holics; H.U.B; I.B.I; Icia; Laboum; Ladies Code; Laysha; Loona (I know it’s not the full group yet but..); Lovelyz; Mamamoo; Marmello; Matilda; Melody Day; Miss A; Momoland; O21; Oh!Bliss; Oh My Girl; Playback; Pristin; Purfles; Red Velvet; Secret; Sixth Sense; Sol-T; Sonamoo; Stellar; Sunny Days; T-ara; Tahiti; Twice; Two X; Unicorn; Various; Wable; Wanna.B


100%; 14u; 24K; 2am; 2pm; 5nl; 5tion; 5urprise; All Star; A.C.E; A.Cian; A-Jax; Afos; Alpha:bat; APL; Ashgray; Astro;  B1A4; B.A.P; B.I.G; Be.A (K-Much); Beatwin; B.Heart; Big Bang; Bigflo; Bigstar; Black6ix; Blanc7; Block B; The Boss (DGNA); Boyfriend; Boys Republic; BTOB; BTS; Busker Busker; Click-B; CNBlue; Cross Gene; D.I.P; Day6; DBSK/TVXQ; Double Eight; Drug Restaurant; Dynamic Duo; Electroboyz; Epik High; EXO; F.cuz; FT Island; Got7; HeartB; High4; Highlight (Beast); Honeyst; Hotshot; Halo; iKon; Imfact; IMGL; Infinite; INX; JJCC; JYJ; The King; KNK; L.A.U (LU:KUS); The Legend; Lunafly; MAP6; MAS (M.A.S 0094); M.Fect; Madtown; Masc; Mblaq; Monsta X; MR MR; MVP; MyName; N.Flying; N.Sonic; New Town Boyz (NTB); NCT; Nell; Nu’est; Offroad; Pentagon; Phantom; Rion Five; Romeo; Royal Pirates; Seven O Clock; Seventeen; SF9; Shinee; Shinhwa; Snuper; SS501; Super Junior; Teen Top; Top Secret; Topp Dogg; Troy; Type:b; U-Kiss; Uniq; Up10tion; Varsity; VAV; Vermuda; Victon; Vixx; Voisper; Vromance; VX; Winner; ZE:A; Z:ON  

Solo, Co-Ed:

#Gun; Ailee; Anda; Akdong Musician (AKMU); Aoora; Boa; Basick; Benzino; Bewhy; BIGONE; Cheetah; Crush; Cifika; Chung Ha; Dean; Dok2; Eddy Kim; Eric Nam; Five Run Strike; Grace; Giri Boy; Gray; Ha:tfelt; Heize; Hyuna; IU; I’M; Ione; Jenyer; Jessi; Jessica; Jay Park; Jero; Jungiggo; Junoflo; K.A.R.D; K.Will; Lee Hi; Loco; Minzy; Mintty; Mad Clown; NS Yoon-G; Park Boram; Paloalto; Primary; The Quiett; Rain; Roy Kim; Shannon Williams; Sam Kim; San.E; Seven; Simon Dominic; Suran; Urban Zakapa; Vasco; Verbal Jint; Younha; Zion T

Disbanded: 😔

2ne1; 4Minute; AA; A-Prince; The Ark; C-Clown; DMTN; F-ve Dolls; History; I.B.I; I.O.I; Kara; Lucky J; Led Apple; LC9; MIXX; M.I.B; Rainbow; Roadboyz; Sistar; Speed?; Spica; SUS4; Vividiva; Wonder Girls; ZPZG


Boys24; DayDay; Golden Child; IZ; MyTeen; Wanna One

And yes:

1) I’m multi fandom af

2) I keep up with all of them or at least try

3) I’m trash, I admit it

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I hope I didn’t forget anyone 😂 More groups will be added as they debut and I finally learn their names~

why did I spend so much time on this?

some good things that happened in the past year in k-pop

basically a lot of not so great things happened and i wanted to make a list of good things that happened to remind myself

  • jyj jaejoong returns from military
  • alphabat beta returns(?) from military
  • m.pire taehee returns from military
  • f(x) gets fandom name
  • f(x) gets first solo concert
  • lovelyz gets first solo concert
  • pentagon debuts as 10 after uncertain future following pentagon maker
  • neoz dance wins dance or band and debuts as sf9
  • twice wins daesang for song of the year against two heavyweights
  • 24k european tour
  • hongseob & changsun debut as members of 24k
  • three of the nom members (k, yohan, a-in) got to redebut in top secret
  • varsity, bonusbaby, bulldok, gugudan, blackpink, victon, knk, astro, imfact, i, nct u, nct 127, & nct dream, cososori, imgl, bolbbagan4, vromance, inx, voisper, matilda, apl, bloomy, masc, ohbliss, wjsn, momoland, all debuted
  • snuper continues to release amazing music
  • two members of zpzg got to redebut as z:on
  • girl group minx got a second chance with a redebut as dreamcatcher, members handong & gahyeon got to debut
  • blockberry creative’s year long debut project for loona
  • former mblaq member thunder made his debut
  • toppdogg got to release their first album
  • produce 101 happened which not only gave us i.o.i for a short amount of time but has seen other trainees debut in various groups/as soloists
  • seventeen got their first music show win
  • whatever boys24 was (thnx for hocheol)
  • johnny finally debuted as a member of nct 127
  • exo-cbx happened
  • a.cian’s lo-j & able’s sungmin are redebuting in bigflo
  • we got to see toppdogg’s gohn again twice
  • exo continued to break records
  • star empire family concert with imfact, ze:a & nine muses
  • ladies’ code returned

feel free to reblog and add anything else

peachteahoney  asked:

Hey can you give me some good Cpop& kpop music

Hello~ yeah sure, I’ll give you a list of solo artists and groups and you can search them up. ENJOY!!! ^__^

Cpop Solo Artists 

-JJ Lin             -Show Luo        -Jay Chou             -G.E.M    

-Joey Yung      -Rainie Yang    -Leehom Wang     -Alfried Hui  

-Kenji Wu         -Jolin Tsai        -Aarif Lee              -Kimberley Chen

-Silence.W       -R-Chord         -Jinny Ng               -Raymond Lam

-Yen J              -Ian Chan         -Hubert Wu           -Eason Chan

-Jiro Wang       -Arron Yan        -Jonathan Wong   -VanNess Wu

-JW                  -Derrick Hoh     -Fred Cheug         -Fish Leong

-Bii                   -Phil Lam          -Weibird Wei          -Ming Bridges  

-Will Pan          -Ronghao Li      -Adason Lo           -Pakho Chau

-Li Wei Feng    -Della丁噹         -Leo Ku                 -Joyce Cheng

-Alien Huang    -Sheldon Lo     -Genie Chuo          -ChiLam

-Sammy Sum   -Mui Chu          -Carlson Cheng     -Anthony Neely

-Wu Yi Fan        -William Chan   -Will Pan                -Coke Lee

-Lara梁心頤      -Jode C            -Alan Kuo               -Sherman Chung

-Claire Kuo       -Ivan Yo            -Z.Tao                    -Kwan Gor

-Hebe Tien        -Jay fung         -Kenji Wu                -Ben Wu

-Shiga Lin         -Niko Sun         -Nine Chen            -Ken Hung

-Jess Lee         -Jason Zhang   -Ricky Xiao            -A Lin

-Hacken Lee     -Ivana Wong    -Yoga Lin               -Eric Chou 

-Andrew Tan    -Eli Hsieh         -Nine Chen            -Dino Lee

-JR紀言愷        -Jing Chang     - NICKTHEREAL

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Cpop Groups

-831                  -Mayday           -M.I.C                            -C All Stars    

-S.H.E              -Dear Jane        -Magic Power                -Hit 5

-Fahrenheit      -BY2                  -Top Combine               -SpeXial

-Twins              -Da Mouth         -As One                         -24 Herb

-Soda Green    -Lollipop F         -FS (Fuying&Sam)        -M4M

-Lollipop F        -JPM                 -Supper Moment           -Rubber Band

-TF BOYS        -Escape Plan     -Super Girl                    -Dream Girl  

-SNH48            -Lunar               -AK WOW                      -AGA

-JL(Jason+Leo)  -TRASH樂團   -E-eye-E                        -io Band

-Fresh極客少年團  -NQMM        -Marty Band                  -911

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Kpop Solo Artists and Groups                        

-BTS                      -TWICE             -KNK                -Day 6        

-SNSD                   -A.Cian              -Eric Nam        -Kanto

-Big Bang              -Snuper              -INX                 -NELL

-2NE1                    -JJCC                -24K                 -SF9

-SHINee                -History              -MASC             -Pentagon

-DBSK                   -Gfriend             -BlackPink        - Ants앤츠

-Super Junior        -4 minute           -Huh Gak          -Roy Kim

-Monsta X             -iKon                     -Jay Park

-Block B                -Seventeen        -EXO                -2pm

-Nct                       -Map6                -Jung Jinwoo    -Beast

-Infinite                  -Cross Gene     -Ailee                 -GOT7

-IMGL                    -EXID                -Yu Seungwoo   -B.A.P

-CNBLUE              -Miss A              -JYJ                    -Sistar

-FT Island             -VIXX                 -U-Kiss               -T-ara

-F(x)                      -Nu’est              -Teen Top           -Girls Day

-btob                     -Shinhwa           -After School      -WINNER

-Sam Kim             -PSY                  -BoA                   -Rain

-IU                        -Boyfriend          -Epik High          -B1A4

-G.NA                   -AKMU