This here ship… do you see it? it sails its fucking self. It’s so cannon like whatever. Seriously, I ship this hardcore. While I’ve never met Gabriel, I know Dylan is head over heels for this kid. Dylan is one of my best friends and I love him to death, therefore I am ecstatic that he is happy and by proxy, Gabriel is automatically awesome for causing this happiness. Seriously though, ship this. NOW. 

imgaybriel said: Fate/Zero cafe pls

I am also immensely ready for that, too! I get the feeling it will sort of be the Carnival Phantasm of Fate/Zero, which is not a bad thing. Plus with the Fate/Stay Night remake or reboot or whatever (which UFOTable is animating) it is a pretty good time to be a Fate fan. Tons of stuff to look forward to.

Anime Boston fun!

Several things I learned at this year’s convention:

1. Evernote is AMAZING for taking notes/pics/recordings during panels to make the most of the knowledge offered

2. I need a phone with a better battery and better camera.

3. You meet some pretty cool people on Omegle when you’re waiting for a game to start (looking at you #Stinkerhell !). “We have $10,000 worth of equipment and this is what we are using it for”. I totally added you from there, I’m sure a bunch of us did.

4. PCD (Post Con Depression) hits hard.

5. PCD can be solved with a SHIT TON of anime (thank you Netflix and NeoxKitty’s manga collection).

6. You can never have too many buttons on your messenger bag.

7. How to play ocarina

8. There are good people in the world! I can’t stress this enough, everyone was AWESOME!

9. I need to start planning and building my cosplay NOW!

gooberplex  asked:

lord emery, the first of her name, lady of winterfell, betrothed to lord stark

wait how am i a lord and why am i betrothed to lord stark? can i be betrothed to lady stark instead?