‪#‎tbt‬: I am a social/serial entrepreneur. Within the span of five years I have launched three passionate, purposeful and profitable businesses besides Brown Girl From Boston.

I started My Beautiful Natural Essence and The Pure Essence while relocating back to my home region of New England. I was newly married and unemployed and needed to generate income. I started The Pure Essence which is a resume and cover letter business to help underemployed to become noticeable through a customize and professional resume and cover letter to gain the attraction of HR and recruiters. My track record of people getting jobs and promotions are at 100%.

My Beautiful Natural Essence was also birth during the time I went back to rocking my natural hair. There wasn’t natural hair events in my region and I wanted to bring women together to discuss hair, the good, the bad and the ugly along with networking. I hosted events within Boston and Providence. This led me to work behind the scenes and consult up and coming natural hair workshop facilitators to brand themselves in a powerful and noticeable way.

Being business savvy is something that comes easy for me especially if you are in an industry that your region isn’t well recognized in. Do you research and ask questions to see if your skills and strengths can bring about a new business.

I help women start passionate, purposeful and profitable business. If you have any questions or considering started a business please inbox me or email me at
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Watching My Own Videos #ImFocus On YouTube Right Now Shot By @skillzonthebeat

One thing that my previous business venture thought me is that people turn into sharks when serious money is evolved, which is why this time around I’ll make sure to protect my vision and myself from these blood suckas. Thank you to the Juris Art legal team that provided me tonight with free legal information on how to go about protecting my artistry as a whole. They’re also willing to answer any legal questions that as an local artist you may have concerning your craft, therefore I strongly recommend it because legal fees are serious…TRUST ME!
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