GREECE, Athens : Pensioners queue outside a national Bank branch, as banks only opened for the retired to allow them to cash up to 120 euros in Athens on July 1, 2015. The European Union will decide whether to grant Greece a last-minute bailout package to avoid pushing it further towards an exit from the eurozone. Greece failed on the eve to make a 1.5 billion euro ($1.7 billion) payment to the International Monetary Fund, becoming the first industrialised country to do so.  AFP PHOTO / LOUISA GOULIAMAKI                        

Greece defaults on International Monetary Fund loan

The International Monetary Fund confirmed that Greece has not repaid approximately 1.6 billion euros ($1.8 billion) that was due by the end of Tuesday, making it the first developed country to default on an IMF loan. The country’s second bailout program also expired at midnight in Brussels.

White House: U.S. Not Contemplating A Federal Bailout Of Puerto Rico
NEW YORK, June 29 (Reuters) - Puerto Rico's governor on Monday called for the commonwealth to be allowed to restructure its debts under U.S. bankruptcy code, while a newly appointed adviser to the U.S

So the United States has billions to throw at nebulously defined proxy wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan… because reasons… but it can’t even get its shit together in order to see to the future fiscal and municipal needs of one of its own territories.  These priorities seem dubious.

It’s also interesting to think about why the U.S., Europe, the West, the World Bank and the IMF are so hardline and hellbent on forcing constituencies (like Greece) to repay debts that they cannot realistically repay without harming their quality of life or their possibilities for prosperity in the future.

When the global south was making headlines as a dependent, debtor ‘problem’, everyone assumed that racism was the driving force behind the exploitative, inflexible, anthropologically deterministic, environmentally destructive practices of global finance and development efforts.  Now we are starting to see that the only thing that really matters to power, in any nation, is ensuring the ongoing support of the non-laboring, wealthy global elite.

The world has relatively few real citizens.  They benevolently give their money to those they have forced into poverty, subservience, and economic disarray expecting a return on that investment.  They will wreck entire polities if they do not receive their expected returns and they will call it progress.  Unfortunately, any ‘restructuring’ plans, if they happen at all, will likely only perpetuate a malfunctioning global system of institutionalized exploitation and theft.
All out for a Greek NO Vote
Appeal of the Athens anti-EU Forum, June 26-28, 2015
By Super User

For Common European Popular Struggle Against Austerity

The victory of the NO vote in the referendum will be a victory for all people of Europe and a message of hope, resistance and dignity. The NO vote will be a vote for confrontation with the EU and not for a renegotiation with it. The delegations and the participants of the Athens anti-EU Forum call for a massive popular NO to old and new memoranda, to unemployment, to austerity, to the infringement of social and political rights, to the abolition of national sovereignty, a NO to debt, to euro and the EU! They call for a common front of struggle of all the popular and democratic forces for a victory of the NO vote.

The breakdown of the negotiations of Greece and the EU prove beyond doubt the true nature of the EU and its companion institutions (the ECB and the IMF): They represent the interests of capitalists and bankers. They impose neoliberal policies. They undermine democracy. They suppress popular and national sovereignty.

The open and humiliating blackmail of the Greek government, despite the painful concessions the latter had already made and its acceptance of a milder version of the Troika austerity program, is an insult not only to the Greek people but to all peoples and working classes in Europe.

Now, it is more than obvious there can be no end to austerity and social devastation inside the Eurozone, inside the iron cage of the neoliberal EU treaties. The negotiations’ breakdown demonstrates the unrealistic character of the position of the Greek government and other governments in the Eurozone for an ‘honest compromise’ with the EU, because the Eurozone and the EU cannot be ‘reformed’. Eurozone is the problem - Exit is the solution! This is the only realistic solution in favor of the popular classes!

Now is the time, for the popular, democratic and progressive forces all over Europe, all over the world, to express their solidarity to the Greek people and its struggle against the EU and the IMF. The Greek people are not alone. All the eyes of peoples and movements are turned towards Greece.
You’ll never guess which hardline euro zone country has had its debts repeatedly forgiven
aka, what Germany and Angela Merkel can learn from Otis Redding.
By Annalisa Merelli

So, Greece is in dire straits, and the rest of Europe is being tough on its poor, debt-ridden cousin. Germany is being especially firm, and most Germans agree with their chancellor, Angela Merkel: A debt is a debt, and debts must be paid.

That sounds like a a fair, very Germanic position, but for the fact that Germany has “been the largest debt defaulter of the 20th century.

Austerity not enough to save Greece - leaked IMF documents

July 1 2015

Even if Greece accepted all of the austerity measures demanded by its main creditors, the Troika, it still would not be able to make ends meet by 2030, according to IMF estimates revealed in a set of documents obtained by a German newspaper.

 The most optimistic  scenario shows that Greece would face an unsustainable debt in  2030 even if it agreed to the package of tax increases and  spending cuts proposed by the European commission, the European  Central Bank and the IMF in exchange for a five-month €15.5bn loan from its creditors.

 These prospects were outlined in six documents that were part of  the “final” proposal offered to Greece by the three main  creditors on Friday. The papers were obtained by the German  newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and seen by The Guardian.

 The estimates provide support for Greece’s decision not to accept  the bailout deal. They prove that for Greece to survive  economically, it needs real debt relief measures, not austerity  reforms.

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Bankers aim to strangle Greece, seeking capitulation and regime change
June 30 -- As we go to press, rumors of a last-minute attempt by the Syriza government in Athens to ask the euro bankers for a third bailout have been rebuffed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Whatever the outcome, the fundamentals of the Greek situation will remain unchanged.
By Fred Goldstein

Having a referendum on the austerity terms proposed by the Troika is no doubt an appealing idea. To put the bankers’ terms up for a popular vote puts the question out there.

Whatever anyone thinks of Syriza, now that the referendum has been proposed and assuming that it comes off, everyone must campaign for the strongest possible “No” vote. The bankers show their contempt for bourgeois democracy by opposing the referendum.

But there is another side to the story. In the first place, there was already an election against austerity on Jan. 25, and Syriza won that election handily. The popular mandate to oppose austerity has already been given. The Syriza government has been on record both before and after the elections as opposing austerity. It was opposed to the debt and to being forced into onerous anti-working-class concessions.

And there is another danger. All of European and Greek capitalism can start a campaign of fear that could swing the referendum in a “Yes” direction.

The Tsipras wing of Syriza has repeatedly underestimated the resistance of the bankers. It has talked over and over about an “honorable settlement,” it pledged to find a compromise, it talked about “our common European home,” and so on, ad nauseam.

Instead of taking an adamant stand against the bankers and preparing for battle, the Tsipras leadership has fought this struggle without clear resolve, without any plan and without an aggressive posture toward the bloodthirsty, predatory bankers who have been abusing, oppressing and exploiting the Greek workers and the population in general.

In politics, if you are going to war, you had best be prepared for battle. The Troika was fully prepared, but Syriza was divided and irresolute. …

Tsipras’s call for a referendum is an abandonment of the responsibility to lead. The Syriza government was elected to fight austerity. That is what it should do — not push its responsibility onto the population. It must also be said that failing to vote “No” in the referendum is also an abandonment of responsibility.

There are many other ways to call out the popular masses to demonstrate support and strengthen your negotiating position. That is what Syriza should have been doing since last January.

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85 :N速+のルール変更投票があります■投票日7/5:2015/07/01(水) 01:43:48.75

122 :N速+のルール変更投票があります■投票日7/5:2015/07/01(水) 01:52:02.50

> ギリシャ借金返済スケジュール (2015)
> 6月30日 国際通貨基金(IMF)に対し15億4000万ユーロ(約2150億円)の返済期限
> 7月10日 国債償還(約20億ユーロ)
> 7月13日 IMFへの融資返済期限(約5億ユーロ)
> 7月14日 円建て国債償還(200億円、約1.4億ユーロ)
> 7月17日 国債償還(約10億ユーロ)
> 7月20日 国債償還(約35億ユーロ)
> 8月07日 国債償還(約10億ユーロ)
> 8月14日 国債償還(約14億ユーロ)
> 8月20日 国債償還(約32億ユーロ)

150 :N速+のルール変更投票があります■投票日7/5:2015/07/01(水) 01:57:28.48
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What’s happening??

Thank you for asking. Greece is currently on bankruptcy. We failed to pay our dose to the IMF. The EU is imposing all kinds of threats and sabotages (especially at the tourist part), while our politicians are trying to make their propaganda on a referendum about if we agree with the EU’s economical suggestion or not. We can’t get more than 60 euros per day out of the ATMs, while the banks are closed. People are trying to get food, like pasta, rice and cans. The markets are slowly draining. Car gas is also running out, too. 

"Democracy is incompatible with letting unelected powers govern and decide for us” - Podemos on the Greek Crisis

In view of the situation in Greece, and following the breakdown in the negotiations by the Eurogroup, Podemos wishes to communicate the following:


1.- Last Monday, the Greek government presented a proposal to the Eurogroup which included important concessions and was unanimously welcomed by the lenders as being reasonable and viable. In the following days, however, the international creditors led by the IMF did not accept the Greek government’s proposal to tax the wealthiest sectors of society, restructure the debt and launch an investment plan to revive the economy. Instead, they demanded to raise VAT on basic services and food and required further cuts on pensions and wages. In their effort to demonstrate that there is no alternative to austerity, the creditors only seem to accept the money of the poor, and insist on imposing the same logic and measures that led the country into a humanitarian disaster. The Greek economy is asphyxiated. To keep strangling it is the precise opposite of what must be done.

2.- Facing such blackmail and extortion, the Greek government has reacted to the ultimatum in an exemplary manner: by calling on the people to decide their own future in a democratic and sovereign way. Unlike the Spanish governments of 2011 and 2012, the Greek government has refused to violate the popular mandate derived from the January election. All the attempts at coercing, intimidating and influencing this vote by unelected powers, especially by the European Central Bank -which is willing to suffocate the Greek financial system to influence the outcome of the referendum-, constitute a flagrant and unacceptable violation of the democratic principle. We say that Europe without democracy is not Europe: all democrats should join their voices in denouncing these intolerable interferences and pressures. Democracy is incompatible with letting unelected powers govern and decide for us. It is democracy what is at stake.

3- With their intransigence, the creditors have demonstrated that they have no interest at all in solving the Greek debt crisis; their aim is rather to subject and overthrow a democratically elected government so as to prove that there is no alternative to the politics of austerity. Their blindness is such that they are willing to put at risk the integrity and the stability of the financial system and the European project itself, exposing them to speculative attacks whose price will ultimately be paid also by the citizens of other countries. We will say it once and again: they will be the ones to blame, they will be responsible for the consequences of this disaster.

4- Syriza did not create the tremendous economic crisis that affects Greece. It was the governments of New Democracy and PASOK, the friends of our PP and PSOE, who falsified data and accounts, surrendered the sovereignty of the country to the Troika, and handed Syriza an economic and social catastrophe that is necessary and urgent to reverse.

5.- Many international actors have already distanced themselves from the dogmatism of the creditors. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world have expressed their solidarity with the Greek people in their defense of the democratic principle. We demand that the Spanish Government and the European institutions respect the sovereignty and dignity of the Greek people, and that they consequently guarantee that the referendum takes place in conditions of freedom and complete normality. The democratic will and the fundamental rights of the Greek people, which have been systematically attacked during the long years of austerity, must be respected.

There are two contradictory fields in Europe: austerity and democracy, the government of the people or the government of the market and its unelected powers. We stand firm on the side of democracy. We stand firm with the Greek people.

Taken from the Verso website.

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You know what I’d like to see on tumblr? Discussion about how Greece has now defaulted on its debt to the IMF and how this is going to have major major repercussions for Europe and possibly the world, including a possible Greek withdrawal from the euro. Greeks are only able to draw 60€ from cash machines a day. This is some dystopian shit.