“I was Born a rebel. My ancestors fought for the Confederacy. Im kind of Like Lt Dan in a way, except most of my guys lived. I Joined the Stormcloaks because I wanted to live up to my ancestors example, even if it is a game. Stormcloaks for life! I just hope that My ancestors are smiling upon me too. Can you imperials say the same?”

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Russian imperial postcard circa 1900 depicting an embossed imperial Russian double headed eagle in black, gold and red above a gold embossed dragon chasing a red pearl - the symbol of the Imperial Chinese Government.

As the Nineteenth Century wore on relations between Russia and China seem to have improved with Russia playing an important role in the Three Power Intervention that forced Japan to moderate its demands on China following China’s defeat in the Sino Japanese war of 1895. Russian policy of supporting China and the authority of the Chinese court against the Japanese however fell by the wayside when Russia forced the Chinese court in 1897 to grant Russia a lease of the Chinese naval base of Port Arthur.