“[…] During the Second Age of Middle-earth the Elven-smiths of Eregion forged the Rings of Power, but Sauron took most of them and gave nine to "proud and great” Men. For many years the nine men used these rings, which gained them great wealth, prestige and power. However, the effect of the rings made their bodily forms fade over time until they had become wraiths entirely, and served only the Dark Lord Sauron.

These Nine were first seen around 2251 of the Second Age, and soon became established as Sauron’s primary servants, though they were temporarily dispersed after Sauron’s downfall in SA 3434 during the war of Last Alliance of Elves and Men. […]”

Music by Krigsgrav

(This song is called Spire Of The Hunt, taken from their third full-length album, The Carrion Fields, which was released on 30th of July, 2014.)

Artwork by IMentertainment