Some simple Norwegian words and phrases

Since my list of words and phrases in Norwegian was a lot longer than I thought it was, I’m going to post more than one post with different sentences and words.

In this post I’m going to list some simple basic words that are really important to know if you want to understand Norwegian sentences.

(to fully understand this list I advise you to read a bit about Norwegian grammar and about simple words like me, you, she/he/they/them. Read about plural and singular for example.)

jeg = I

meg = me

du = you, singular

dere = you, plural

er = is

det = it

der = there

her = here

Hva = what (Hva er det? = what is it?)

Hva skjer? = what’s up/happening? <— common greeting phrase!

Hvem = who (Hvem er det? = Who is it/that?)

Hvordan = how (Hvordan går det? = How is it going?)

Hvis = if (hvis du vil det = if you want to)

Hvorfor = why (Hvorfor gjorde du det? = why did you do that?)

Hvor = where (Hvor er du? = Where are you?)

Noe = something

Noen gang = sometime

når = when (når skal vi dra? = when should we leave?)

til = to (gi det til meg = give it to me)

disse = these (se på disse to da = look at these two though)

da = then/though

nå = now (vi går nå = we’re leaving now)

går = walk/leaving

må = need to/have to (vi må gå nå! = we need to leave now!)

være = be (jeg vil ikke være her = I don’t want to be here)

skjedde = happened (hva skjedde? = what happened?)

skjer = happening (hva skjer, folkens? = What’s up peeps?)

Ingenting = nothing (ingenting skjer = nothing’s happening)

Mye = a lot (mye skjer = a lot is happening)

Vet = know (jeg vet = I know)

vite = to know (jeg vil vite! = I want to know!)

før = before (det starter ikke før to = it doesn’t start until two)

for = for (jeg gjør det for deg = I’ll do it for you)

enn = than (det er mer enn hva vi har = that’s more than what we have)

Uke = week (neste uke = next week)

neste = next

spørsmål = question (jeg har et spørsmål = I have a question)

spørre = Ask (kan jeg spørre deg om noe? = can I ask you something?)

spurte = asked (det var mange som spurte etter deg = there were a lot of people who asked for you)

mange = a lot (of people)

gjøre = do (det skal du ikke gjøre! = you are not going to do that!)

gjør = doing (jeg gjør det! = I’ll do it/I’m doing it!)

gjorde = did (jeg gjorde det = I did it)

ikke = do not (Ikke gjør det = don’t do it/that)

klarte = was able to (jeg klarte det! = I managed to/I did it/I was able to do it)

litt = a little/a bit

like = alike/the same

Igjen = again

I like måte - likewise (Jeg liker genseren din! - Takk, I like måte! = I like your sweater! - Thank you, likewise!)

(for) litt siden = a while ago (det skjedde for litt siden = it happened a little while ago)

legg = put (legg det der = put it there)

Hva om = what if

hverandre = each other (vi har hverandre = we have each other)

Hva da? / hæ? = what do you mean? (slang)

forrige = last (forrige uken = last week)

Si i fra = tell me (si i fra hvis du har lyst til å snakke = tell me if you want to talk)

Selv om = even if (selv om det ikke virker sånn = even if it doesn’t seem so/look like it)

virker = seems (han virker glad i deg = He seems to like you)

fra før = from before (det er fra før = that’s from before)

istedet = instead (jeg gjør det istedet = I’ll do it instead)

sjeldent = seldom/not often (det er sjeldent jeg tar feil da = It is not often that I’m wrong though)

nettopp - exactly (nettopp, sånn tenker ikke du = no exactly, you don’t think like that)

fortsett - continue (jeg vil fortsette = I want to continue)

tilbake - back (la oss gå tilbake = let’s go back)

la = let(’s) (la oss gjøre det = let us do that)

i fjor = last year

aldri = never

gi meg = give me

uansett = regardless

egentlig ikke = not really (vil du hjelpe meg? - egentlig ikke = do you want to help me? - not really)

vil du = do you want to

greit = fine (okay, greit = okay, fine)

måte = way (på hvilken måte da? = in what way?)

fra = from (det er fra Even = It’s from Even)

føler = feel (føler hva du føler = feel what you feel)

følelse = feeling (alene-følelse = lonesomeness-feeling)

syns = think (syns du det? = do you think so?)

syntes = thought (han syntes det var gøy = He thought it was fun)

syns ikke = doesn’t seem (det syns ikke bra ut = It does not seem/look good)

tenker = thinking (hva tenker du om det? = what do you think about that?)

prøve = try (skal du prøve? = are you going to try?)

Okay so that’s some “simple” words that are used a lot in the language! Like or reply this post if you want me to post the other words and more sentences so I know that people want more :)

And also IF you are Norwegian and notice that a word or sentence is wrong, don’t hesitate to reply and tell me! I’m Swedish so I’m not fluent in Norwegian but I’m learning!

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