Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.46:

“An apology: Last week and this week as well. the djinn of the Kou female character had the same name as one of Sinbad’s djinns. This is totally the fault of the author, me. I apologize to everyone who were confused by this. It will be corrected in the volume release, so have mercy on me…so embarrassing~

The imege above is the first colored picture of the princess. Regarding the princess’ metal vessel that is shaped like a hairpin, it was designed by the renowned Mr. T, who’s notorious for designing things that ‘radiate the delicacy of an ogre’. Mr. T also designed the accessories worn by Paimon, Abhmad and Sabhmad.

Regarding her attendant, Koubun Ka, if this was a manga taking place in modern times, he would’ve likely been that character who wears glasses. In the world of Magi, there are no glasses, and so, I went with the tattoo on his face *laughs*. When I didn’t draw glasses on him, I just realized how important glasses are in our daily lives. Glasses…

It’s not related to Magi, but I’ve been drawing manga since long ago and my eyesight is still comparatively good, so I don’t need glasses. Not knowing the proper structure of glasses, I anger my little sister (an optician) when I draw them wrong in manga. Glasses…

This week, the long fight will finally be concluded!”

Note: I think Ohtaka was referring to the new world in Magi, since some characters in Alma Toran were wearing glasses. Alma Toran was technologically advanced compared to the new world.