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Sleepless night

Story summary: Reader and Dean both can’t sleep, so they go for a 2 am drive in the impala

Pairing:Dean x reader

Warnings:Fluff (what can i say, i’m a sucker for fluff)

Word count: 2000+ *i wanted this to be a short story and i really don’t know what happened?¿?*

A/N: Ok so i spent way too much time today writing this, just to decide that i don’t really like when i already finished writing it. I still want to post it tho because i spent like 4 hours writing it:^^(

*gifs are not mine*

It was another sleepless night for you and the only sound in the dark motel room was ticking of a little clock. Nights like these were the worst, the ones in which you would toss and turn in your bed, but despite being exausted from a long day, you could for some reason never fall asleep.

You picked up your phone to check what time it was. It was 2 am. You threw your phone across the room, at this point not caring about the sound that you assumed was the screen of your phone breaking.

As you were lying there on your back, staring at complete darkness, sudden flash of light got your attention.The light was coming from the hallway and was peeking trough a  crack of your not completely closed doors.

You noticed a figure walk by, going towards the doors that lead outside, and even though you were sure it was either Sam or Dean you picked up a handgun that you were keeping under your pillow just in case, and decided to check on this misterious person.

Just as you opened your door someone was standing right in front of you, making you back off in surprisement. Using this moment of weakness the person snatched the handgun from you grabbing you by your wrist.

“Let me go” you screamed out trying to get out of this person’s tight grip.

“Whoa hey calm down”

“Dean?” You finally stopped struggling and he finally let you out of his grip. Dean reached over to the light switch pressing it carefully.

“Hey (Y/N) are you okay?” Dean smiled at you “Why are you not sleeping?“

He pulled up the zipper of his jacket obviously planning to go outside.

“Well i don’t know, maybe because someone keeps walking down the hallway back and forth at 2 am” you huffed at him “Where the hell are you going?”

“I cant sleep so i thought about taking baby for a drive” he said “Sorry for waking you up” he turned around going towards the door.

“Hey” you quickly grabbed the end of his jacket, making him turn around giving you a confused look “Can i come with you?” you asked

“I thought you wanted to sleep” Dean smiled looking at you with curiosity.

“Well i lied, i have not been able to fall asleep for hours now” you said. “So?” You asked again “Can i come?”

He looked at you for a moment “Alright, you can come, but get a jacket or something, its pretty chilly outside”

“Its summer Dean, how chilly can it be?” You didn’t want to change your clothes if you will have to get in your pijamas again anyways, so you decided to ignore his advice.

“Mkay, but i won’t be giving you my jacket once you freeze your ass off” he said jokingly.

As soon as you left the motel you could understand why he was telling you to get a jacket. Even on this summer night, the weather was drastically different than what you have been used to, cold wind gave you chills but you droped the idea about getting a jacket once again.

You followed Dean as he was walking towards the impala, shaking slightly but trying not to show that you were cold. After he finally unlocked the doors, you sighed happily sitting in the warm seat of the old but magnificent car. You could understand why Dean loved this car so much. It was like a home that he never had. No matter what happened, no matter where he went, he knew that he could always return to this car, blast some loud rock music and continue with life.

As the 2 years you have spent with the Winchesters slowly passed, you were getting more and more attached to this car. And now once again you were appreciating the warmth and the comfort of it.

“Buckle up gorgeous” he said as he was getting the engine on. You did as he said.

The inside of the impala smelled like a mix of leather, liquor and Deans perfume which was the smell that gave you comfort and the smell you could never get enough of.

You had a thing for Dean, and that was really not a secret, or at least you thought so. Sam knew, for sure. He would sometimes make comments about the way you looked at Dean, and most of the times would get a ‘shut up’ from either Dean himself or you.

You were sure Dean knew too, he notices the way you look at him, and from time to time you could swear on your life he was looking at you in the same way. He would also give you nicknames like ‘cutie’ ; ‘beautiful’ ; ‘gorgeous’, and you would call him ‘handsome’ but he never made a move on you, not directly at least, so you just assumed that he liked you as a friend

He cared about you, there was no doubt about that, but it was hard to figure out if he cared about you like a brother cares about his little sister, or if there was something more than that. You never really tried to figure it out though, you enjoyed Dean’s company and you didn’t want to ruin everything by telling him that you love him straight into his face, if you weren’t sure he felt the same way.

Dean was driving in silence, which was a little bit unlikely for him. He would usually turn on the radio and sing to the old clasics, but he seemed different tonight.

“Hey Deano” you stretched your arms out waiting for an answer. “Hey (Y/N)” he imitated you flashing you a quick smile. You laughed at his imitation.

“Are you okay?” You asked after finally stopping the laughter.

“Yeah, why would i not be?”

“I don’t know, you just seem different” you answered honestly.

Dean looked at you for a moment,looking back at the road imediately. He let out a sigh before finally answering

“I feel good” he said “Im glad you came with me”.

You felt your cheeks getting red and you chuckled at your own reaction to his words.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, im just really glad i came with you too” he flashed you a smile once more and you could swear on your life that he gave you the lovey dovey look you always give to him.

“Okay then im gonna try to fall asleep now” you said, Dean nodding in aproval.

You were driving in silence for a while, the whole time you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. With an excuse of trying to sleep you had a chance to count his freckles and look at him breathe from so up close, and that was a chance you would never let go to waste. Dean sudenly moved his gaze from the road looking straight into your eyes.

You didn’t want him to catch you staring so you closed your eyes pretending to be asleep.

“I saw that” he laughed at loud “You know, you staring at me”.

Your face got that red color again and Dean noticed that too. “Are you blushing?”

“Shut up”

“Hey are you hungry maybe? I am hungry.”

‘He thankfully changed the subject’ you thought to yourself.

“Honestly yeah, i kinda am”

Your eyes were getting more and more tired and you were slowly drifting away as Dean was driving to the nearest take out restourant.

When you finally opened your eyes after what you thought was couple seconds, Dean was still driving.

“Are we close?”

Dean jumped a bit, breathing heavily “You scared the crap out of me i thought you were asleep.”

“What? Im not asleep but i am hungry.” You said.

“You have a burger and fries in that bag over there and i bought couple bottles of beer if you are thirsty” he pointed at the bag on the back seat.

“When did you get this? I had my eyes closed for like 5 seconds” you gave him a confused look.

“5 seconds? Try half an hour” he answered

“What? Where are we going Dean?”

“To the motel”



“I mean not yet, now im even less sleepy then i was”

“Mkay, what do you wanna do?” He asked

“Stars are pretty tonight” you said flashing him a smile

“Okay? And?” he gave you a confused look

“You remember that night, two years ago, when you and Sam saved my ass from that ghoul i was hunting?”

“The night we met?” He asked

“Yes” you answered “Do you remember how we wraped up the night?”

“Um i think so? We drank beer?“ Dean guessed

“Yes Dean, we drank beer siting on the hood of impala”

“You want to relieve the memories?” He asked smiling at you.

“Yeah, i mean if you want to” you added quickly

“I’d love that”

Dean drove for a couple more minutes before pulling over to a grass field near the road.

“Whoa, this looks awesome” you whispered “Where the hell are we?”

“Not that far away from the motel actually” Dean answered.

You both got out of the car you handing him the bottle of beer and keeping one for yourself. Dean climbed and sat at the front part of the impala.

You were a bit shorter than Dean and climbing the impala was not as easy. Just when you jumped up, your hand slipped and you ended up with your ass on the grass.

“Fuck” you groaned in anoyance, trying to get up.

“Oh shit (Y/N) are you okay?” Dean asked helping you get up.

“Peachy.” You said trying to clean off the dirt from your pijamas.

Dean helped you get on the hood of impala and he sat next to you, opening your beer.

“Here” he handed you the bottle.


For a while both of you were just sitting there,siping the beer and looking at the sky.

The sky was really astonishing, you could see all the stars perfectly.

Everything was perfect. You felt like you could just fall asleep, here next to Dean, next to person you loved, and you were sleepy, but you couldn’t take your eyes off of him and you sure as hell didn’t want to. He caught you staring at him once more and he smiled at you.

“You know (Y/N) i was thinking”

Dean started suddenly

“The truth is i was thinking about this one thing for a very long time”

You had a feeling you knew where this was going but you just sat there hoping that you were right.

“I have no idea how the hell to tell you this-”

“I love you Dean” you said

For a moment he was silent. He looked at you with a confused look on his face, and you imediately regreted saying anything. You could feel tears form in your eyes, until he finally answered.

“I know” he smiled at you “And i love you too”

Before you could have said anything else he pulled you into a kiss. He cupped your face with his hands kissing your lips softly.

You were sitting there, on the top of impala making out with Dean Winchester.

You were repeating those words in your head while your heart was beating faster than ever.

Minutes have passed. Was it minutes? You weren’t entierly sure. Every now and then he would give you another soft kiss and pull away with an adorable look on his face. It was a nice reminder that what was happening was really happening.

After he finally pulled away he took his jacket off putting it over your shoulders. Again you were just sitting there in silence, your head on Deans shoulder until you finally drifted away.

When you woke up in the morning, you were in your bed in the motel.

Scared that everything was just a dream, you jumped out of the bed. You had to see Dean, you had to know if last night happened and just as you were rushingly running towards his room, you ran into someone once again.


“Hey (Y/N)” he whispered before leaving a small kiss on your lips.

“Are you okay?” He asked noticing your reaction to his kiss “Morning breath huh? I was just on my way to  brush my teeth just so you kn-” before he could finish, you hugged him tightly.

“I love you” you whispered

“I love you too” he smiled at you leaving a kiss on your forehead.

anonymous asked:

can I have some headcanons of how Zen & Jumin reacts to a S/O that have a deep fear towards drunk people? S/O will literally visibly tries to distance from them if they were to consume even a little bit of alcohol,,

{Sorry! Mondays are the worst so this is a bit late, I had absolutely NO time yesterday, I have 2 long lectures on Mondays, and then had an extreme headache! Anyways~ Here ya go!! σ(≧ε≦o) I can relate to this request haha}

*first time he drank in front of them, he imediately regretted it (why are they pulling away from him?)
*when they told him later, he promised never to drink in front of them again bad for the skin anyways
*if he holds parties, he warns guests not to bring alcohol
*he always walks the long way around town with his s/o if they walk at night (S.Korea is big on drinking, and late nights are usually spent drinking with friends)
*he still goes out to drink, but never to get drunk, and if he does, he spends the night with a buddy of his (usually Yoosung)
*he will eventually want a reason as to why they are afraid, but will never, ever, push them

*at first he is confused as to why that would frighten them and also how they survived in Korea with that fear but he understands
*he only visits his vineyard once in a while, anyway, so it doesn’t concern him too much
*if he wants a drink, he just goes out with a coworker or Jaehee (much to her disomfort)
*doesn’t really affect him to much in the long run, but does hope they share their worries with him

Hamilton Fic: What Happened in Broadway

Author’s note: holaaa! I’m back with le next chapter of the fic! I’ve been writing like crazy so I hope this is good for you guys! enjoy :)


warnings: I have no fucking idea of how a theatre company works nor anything in between so I might’ve invented some stuff. also there might be some bad grammar and weird sentences. 

Words: 6,284


“Sí” — “Yes”

 “¡Eres maravillosa!” — “You are wonderful!”

| Chapter 1 |  | Chapter 3 |


Chapter Two: The start of something bright

Nine hours later I was nearly jumping off the plane with excitment. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy: this had just been a very long and tiring flight for everyone, with some turbulences all along the way, it was twelve AM and everyone probably had to be up at 6:00 AM and here was I, just jumping around like a 5 year old girl because I had finally made it. Plus, I had slept throughout the whole trip.

 And then, it hit me. 

 Where the fuck was I sleeping tonight? The girl who seemed to be in charge of getting me an apartment said it would be ready by Thursday morning. Then, where was I sleeping tonight and the next night? She hadn’t told me. No one had. They’ve only said someone would be waiting for me when I arrived. No stress, (Y/N), no stress. Whoever comes to pick you up, they’ll know where they have to take you. 

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Hayes Grier: Talk


Request:Can I have something either and a fake text or an imagine where Hayes thinks you are cheating on him with a guys Bc he saw a pic and he like threatens to hurt the guy and you get into a big argument please and thank you xoxo❤️😘


I rang the doorbell to Hayes’ house. He had asked me to come over and I was so glad he did. The last couple of days he’s been really distance, ignoring my call and text and when he answers it’s always short replies like ‘k’ or ‘good’ and stuff like that. It was so annoying. Hayes opened the door.
“Hey!” I gave him a hug. It took him a couple of seconds to hug me back and even then it was just a light hand on my back. I took my head out of his shoulder and looked at him. I gave him a peck on the lips. “Is everything alright?” I asked.
“Umm.” He looked down, “We need to talk.” I let go of him.
“Are you breaking up with me? Is that why you’ve been so distant lately?” My voice cracked as I held back tears.
“Wouldn’t you break up with someone who’s cheating on you?” He countered crossing his arms.
“I never cheated on you.” I was so confused. Why would Hayes think I’m cheating on him. He took his phone out of his pocket and handed it to me. He had made a folder dedicated to pictures of me and my friend James the other week when we went out to have a me and James day. We always did these every once in a while to gossip and just have fun with eachother. Think of it as a gno but instead of just girls it’s was me and James (he’s gay) There was one of holding hands, multiple ones of us dancing in the middle of the park one of those happened to be when I rolled into his arms and our faces were close together , another was taken where I was walking on the side of a long strip of potted plants and he was holding my hand, one where he was giving me his jacket, one where he was kissing me on the cheek for a selfie, and a couple of when we went to eat at a little mom and pop shop one from there when we were sharing cake and ice cream because we both don’t like to eat a lot of sweets. I’ve seen these pictures before on the Internet but they didn’t bother me and I didn’t feel like I needed to explain. I started laughing.
“Hayes I’m not cheating on you. That’s just James.”
“Well I don’t like “Just James”.“ He air quoted, “all over my girlfriend.”
“I’m sorry I didn’t know it bothered you so much. It won’t happen again.” I shrugged and handed him his phone back. I pushed by gabbing his hand which he instantly pulled out of my grasp. I turned around to Hayes with his arms crossed.
“Are you serious YN. You’re practically kissing the guy and all you have to say is oh no biggie it’s Just James.” He mocked me with a valley girl accent and exaggerated hand motions.
“Hayes stop you getting jealous for no reason.” I sternly spoke crossing my arm.
“So my girlfriend going out to eat with another guy is no reason to be jealous.”
“It wasn’t-”
My girlfriend wearing another guys jacket is no reason to be jealous .” He raised his voice a little over average.
“Hayes-” I started but he just continued.
My girlfriend holding hands with another guy is no reason to be jealous! My girlfriend almost kissing another guy is no reason to be jealous!” He kept putting emapahis on “My girlfriend” his breathing has picked up. “That’s all I know is almost.”
“Hayes calm down.” I said.
“I’m calm!” He yelled making me jump. “I swear to god if I ever see you two together ever again I’ll- I’ll.” He turned around screaming and punched the wall. He made a small hole. “Fuck!” He screamed shaking his hand. I hurried to the freezer and got a bag of vegetables out. I walked to Hayes with the bag of frozen veggies in hand. I grabbed Hayes hand and I put the bag on it. I went to the drawer where his mom kept a first aid kit.                                                    Tears were streaming down my face and I didn’t care to hide them. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care about anything anymore. I just want to be don’t with this whole ‘relationship’. Hayes and I have been having problems for a while now. Neither of us would admit it but our relationship isn’t the same, we’re not the same people the other had fell in love with.                                                    I got out a antiseptic wiped, gauze and tape. I toke the veggies away from Hayes opening the wipe. “Is it going to burn?” He asked. I hope so. I wiped over his cut up hand as he hissed from the stinging. I wrapped a gauze over his hand and taped it to make it secure. “Thank you.” Hayes replied now calmer than before. I putting the supplies away and throwing away the trash. Hayes and I were on opposite sides of the kitchen in silence both of us wanting to say something. I was still crying from earlier. Hayes was pacing still on edge. I looked over at the hole in the wall. Hayes’ parents are going to kill him.

“How do I know you didn’t kiss him.” Hayes turned to look at me.
“Hayes I think you need to-”
“Break up with you, good, because I was thinking the exact same thing.” He snapped.
“Hayes let me defend myself. I didn’t kiss him why would I do that. Why would I cheat on my boyfriend of over a YEAR and a HALF,” he was looking down at the floor, “And why would I be dumb enough to do it in public.” Once I said that last part I imediately regretted it.                                                                           Hayes’ head snapped up. “So you admit you were cheating on me.” He scoffed. I let out a groan and stomped my foot.
“No!” Why is he so stuck on this.
“Liar.” He chuckled.
“Hayes listen to yourself! I’m dating you!” I love you! I have since I met you!“
“James is gay!”
“How do I know you’re not just saying that so you can get out of this.” I took out my phone and went on James’ account. “He has a boyfriend!” I put my phone in Hayes face and he smacked it out of my hands.
“Seriously!” I picked my phone up from the ground. “You’re getting mad at a couple of harmless pictures when you do the same with your fans!”
He rolled his eyes. “Are you seriously pulling the fans card?”
“Yea I am.”
“No Hayes it’s my turn to talk!” I yelled over his voice. “I let you go on tour and take pictures and hug and kiss and hold thousands of girls,”
“It’s different and you know that!”
“And I trust you!” We were now yelling over eachother. When will the madness stop.
“Well maybe I don’t trust you!”
“Are you fucking kidding me! I’ve been nothing but loyal to you and you don’t trust me!”
“You have a past!” I knew what he was talking about. Before me and Hayes were together I was what you might consider a party girl and I was quite popular with the guys if you know what I mean. I mean I’m still a virgin and Hayes knew that but you know how rumors are.
“A past!” I repeated.
“And not once in that past have I cheated on someone!” He was silent now.
“What about Madison! What about Kalani!” He grew wide eyes at the two names who had caused problems for us in the past.
“Don’t even go there you fucking bitch!” Ouch that stung.
“Too late! I’m already there! Why am I even here! Why am I with you if you don’t trust me!”
“If you don’t want to be here than you can leave!” I turned around sobbing.
“Oh come on YN you know I didn’t mean that.” His soft voice stopped me from walking and then I continued. “Baby, baby, baby.” He ran to catch up to me. He put his hand on my arm but I shook it off.
“I’m not your baby.” He grabbed my shoulders turning me around.
“Listen,” Hayes began.
“Do you know what it’s like to know that there’s millions of girls out there that are prettier than me willing to steal you from me in a heart beat?” My voice cracked
“No ones prettier than you.” He wiped the tears from my face.
“Bullshit,” I spat, “Do you know what it’s like to know that the one person you trust with everything doesn’t trust you back.” I sobbed. “Do you know how much it hurts to be called names and to be told that your love is invalid by the one person you love most.”
“I was just upset I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’m so sorry.” He hugged me but I didn’t hug back. I cried silently a sniffle here and there. “I’m so so sorry YN, I should’ve believed you.” He kept saying stuff like that which made me cry even more. How could my sweet Hayes go from being the perfect boyfriend to punching holes in the wall and screaming like that. I sniffled rubbing my hands over my face to get ride of the tears which just ended up being replaced by more. I looked up at him.
“Are we good?” He asked.
“No Hayes we’ll never be good. I gently pushed out of Hayes grasp his hands slowly sliding off me not wanting to let go. I walked out his house for the last time.

AN: I hoped you liked it. I really liked writing this one actually. I was debating doing a part two or just leaving it. Let me know what you want. XO