Playing around with Medibang Paint’s new halftone layers over an old Balto drawing.
Pretty intuitive! Now I just gotta learn how to halftone… Ok, back to pin designs!
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high level sin question: so you like tentacles... and mpreg... do you like oviposition/eggpreg?

Note that i’m only a fan of like art/fanart stuff and not IRL things of those fetishes,,, but yeah,, i have a soft spot for all the things you just mentioned aHHhHhHhh////

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*whispers* Ay, psst, kid... You know where i get some Xeno news? *aloud* Seriously, I wanna know what's up, and if there's a possible sequel to X ;-;)/

ME TOO PAL !!!!!

i think for now there’s only been rumours?? i havent seen anything confirmed :( but even if we got a sequel i think itd be hard to make everyone happy?

when i ask people what they want the sequel to be, i always get v different answers =v=


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» 15:13 [ SENT ]:  That was actually impressive, Masaomi~!
» 15:13 [ SENT ]: A little guy like you taking on all those people just so you could protect your turf like that!
» 15:14 [ SENT ]: I’m almost amazed the cops aren’t after you any harder than what they are, honestly. Anyone older would’ve been locked up and thrown to the dogs already!

For once in his life, Izaya wasn’t exactly sure what had happened that’d landed Masaomi in his current situation—and maybe that’s what prompted the messages, too. All he’d heard was that the younger had gotten himself into a sticky situation; and being the nice guy that he was, the broker figured he’d offer some assistance in whatever way he could. If he could actually get Masaomi to answer via text, that was.

» 15:15 [ SENT ]: So how’s someone like you holding up?

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the little mermaid

The Little Mermaid: Muse becomes a merperson, but loses their ability to speak.

He was just minding his own business in his secret base when he suddenly felt a bit woozy and passed out. Waking up, he quickly found his legs were replaced with a tail–a rather.. fishy looking tail. It was rather pretty, the scales reflecting the light coming into the cave and seemingly glittering with different shades of blue and even purple.

However, as he tried to voice his concerns particularly to his confused togekiss and stunfisk, he found no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t speak. What just happened to him??

Is he going to get fired for this?

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sssso- you're okay with like "draw the squad" art stuff with your chars? c: iMEAN- not like I'm- I mean- uhhhh.... Askin fffooorrr a friend-

 hahaha yup, I do those all the time. Here’s one I did with @fetishtrash and @fashionistasans once on drawpile as muns~ It still makes me laugh X3 

  • <p><b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <p>Me: ya those old animes i was into are still ok I guess tho idc what happens to them lol<p/><b>Bleach:</b> orihimi x ichigo and renji x rukia is end game<p/><b>Me:</b> </p><figure class="tmblr-full" data-orig-width="500" data-orig-height="330" data-tumblr-attribution="pop-crash:H6wvhbq7z0c6oHxs5GjLzw:Zzmxcq26f7cUi" data-orig-src=""><img src="" data-orig-width="500" data-orig-height="330" data-orig-src=""></figure></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>