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I can't believe ppl are believing Harry is a craic addict that's disrespectful to him and Niall's relationship to assume things like that

harry’s been a craic addict since mullingar ‘10 if you know what imean


[[So- this is my little idea for Vas and nep + Original Neptune for the split bodies au, and the aftermath of it- (iwastolazytoredraweverything-soIjustdidthis-)

I used the idea of how the actual jacket Neptune’s coat is based off of and how it can completely zip up for the good half, and then Vasilias just has his open completely and his tie is loosened. that’s all there really is to it- (besides the eyes; they actually have a tint around the pupil- Nep’s is white/silver and vas’ is black/dark grey (sonotcompletelyblack-), the outer corner’s of their eyes are slightly darkened with nep having a blue tint over top, and vas has a red tint- just to kind give the whole good and evil thing- just because- *shrugs*)

So- that is my idea-]]

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