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Undertale - Blueberry Shimeji

 Hey there!

SO, I was using this shimeji on my comp ( Undertale - Sans shimeji ) and then I wanted to do my own! With Blueberry. @ u@
NOW, It’s a thing! And I want to share it with you!
It’s my first shimeji so, maybe there is some problem with it… Feel free to tell me if you have trouble with it!
Also, this Blueberry is a trouble maker and he can throw yours windows away Mweh heh heh!

Download link here:!Al5gxCxC!MUU9LMvkVwvhHmZFZVdi80A94FGhRewuwd98Hbu853A
I hope you will like it as much as I do!

Also, I’ll be really happy if you reblog this if you decide to use it! That’ll be a great feedback ♥
Maybe I’ll do more shimiji too… >u<
Alright, See ya! ♥


Expectations vs Reality 😂😂😍😍💓💓 #Bts #hoseok #jimin #jihope #imdying

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