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can you believe that we are lucky enough to be alive at the same time as mark lee?? i genuinely dont think anyone really deserves this as he is actually the softest, kindest, cutest, gentlest boy i’ve ever seen !!! the fact that he is so wonderful and amazing and absolutely fully capable ??? none of us have done anything to deserve to be around at the same time as him and experience his extremely bright and giving personality and all of you better thank every single star, planet and god at night that you can experience mark lee like this,, 

hail-hecate  asked:

Hi! I love your blog! And i love your 'translated russian period dramas' post! Can you tell me which TV show the second-to-last ('flirts in Russian') image is from please? Thank you!

hi! thank you so much! it’s from Ekaterina (2014) the other one tv show about Catherine the Great
IMDb | trailer - I just found this English dub trailer and the voice of Empress Elizabeth sounds so fun gosh
also check the tags for the show #Ekaterina & #Ekaterinaedit