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A Review of Tom Holland’s Complete Filmography

According to imdb

I had a lot of free time, so I decided to watch every movie Tom has acted in, according to his imdb page. I review each film, some with separate spoiler-free reviews.

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Future Man at SDCC schedule

IMDboat with Kevin Smith.

  • Josh Hutcherson and Seth Rogen scheduled to be interviewed on Saturday, July 22.
  • Interviews take place between 11:00 am - 5:00 pm PST, with a 90 minute livestream starting at 330 pm PST. You can watch the live stream on IMDb, Twitter and  Twitch

Future Man SDCC sneak peak and panel:

  • Josh Hutcherson, Eliza Coupe, Derek Wilson along with Seth Rogen, Ariel Shaffir, Kyle Hunter and showrunner Ben Karlin are expected to attend.
  • Saturday, July 22nd at 630 pm PST in room 6BCF.

I will update if/when a livestream becomes available for the panel. 

Hopefully the sneak peak will be made available online in the days following the panel.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

Oh, how I adored this movie. I know this is a popular sentiment, but I’m going to repeat it: Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man yet, and I find him to be a perfect fit for this character. He’s believable as a high school student, alternately awkward and enthusiastic, excited and angsty. 

This movie also balances Peter’s high school career/super hero life balance better than a lot of the previous films have. He has homework and gets detention and skips the homecoming dance to get in a fight with bad guys. There’s actual diversity in his school (slow clap, Hollywood) and never does race define a character. All the main characters and most of the secondary ones are well-rounded, interesting, and fully dimensional. Zendaya’s character Michelle is hilarious (and totally relatable for me, because I was basically her in high school, but not as good at math), and Jacob Batalon as Ned is adorable and inspiring. I love that Laura Harrier is the love interest and that the couple would be inter-racial is never mentioned because it’s not a problem. This movie actually makes it feel like diversity is normal and part of everyday life instead of just whitewashing reality. It’s wonderful.

Robert Downey Jr. nails making Iron Man/Tony Stark a mentor character for Peter. There’s a nice amount of growth for both characters as he steps in to fill a sort of “Dad” role for Peter and they butt heads like any teenager and dad would. He challenges Peter and gives him good advice, saves his life and makes sure he doesn’t get too far out of line. He clearly worries about this kid he’s handing a lot of power to, and it’s really nice to watch Iron Man/Tony Stark grow from just a snarky rich fun-loving guy into a responsible but still friendly leader of a team.

In a much smaller way than Captain America: Civil War did, this film deals with the consequences of the previous movies directly. After a recap of Spider-Man’s role in Civil War, the new story on a clean up of the destruction of that movie and an acknowledgement that having superheroes and supervillains duke it out in your city means a lot of costly repairs, and continuing destructive fights. It’s believable in a way that wasn’t angsty and over the top like Civil War was.

I’m also really excited to see the Marvel universe return to normal villains, and sort of “neighborhood” fights. The last several Marvel movies have compromised *the entire world* and left the battle up to like five guys and their money and tools. That Peter Parker is a more “neighborhood” hero who cares about the guy who works at his local deli and fights a guy who is trafficking weapons based on alien tech in Peter’s neighborhood is such a welcome change to me. I hope Marvel continues this trend, because it’s so great to see relatable problems and fights. Plus, at some point if they continue on the trend of compromising all of earth, they’ll build themselves so high that it’s going to be impossible to keep topping it, and impossible to keep believing it.

I know a lot of people are getting tired of comic book/super hero movies–I get it. But this one is different and worth the ticket.

(PS: The surprise return of Pepper Potts! So lovely!) 

All photos from IMDB.

sunabashedcollector  asked:

Does anyone out there know what piano pieces Michael Kitchen is playing in Oliver Twist? I have a slight obsession to learn it. I would also like to learn Foyles Theme like he does on the guitar.I am never going to be able to play it like he does. I can however play the first two notes. I only got the guitar to take lessons with my granddaughter. Any help would be much appreciated.

 Well, I did find this on the Oliver Twist page on IMDb.

He’s a man of many talents.

If anyone has more information about the music from Oliver Twist, please do tell.

Thanks for the ask,@sunabashedcollector. Best of luck learning how to play the guitar. Perhaps you and your granddaughter can motivate each other to keep practicing.

Don’t give up!

~ VT