I know this is supposed to be a time to relish in good memories and all the friends~ and experiences that were made possible because of the band but honestly, I can’t because the band and it’s music were number one and that’s gone now. 

Looking back only serves to depress me because the ultimate experience is over. 

For me, there was no other band that presented music in a way that made it an actual EXPERIENCE and immersed me so deeply in an entirely different universe and actually made me sit down and think about what it truly meant and still leave room for me to adopt and relate it to my own life and my own experiences. There is no other band that built up the sort of visceral experience that came with releasing new music, setting up a story and a mystique with other mediums to get you thinking and put you in the mindset of whatever it was they were going to unleash to give you a better understanding of what it was you were going to be experiencing when you finally got to hear it. 

There was no other band that was as candid or as wanting to pull you in when you needed hope and an escape. There was no other band that truly went so out of their way to make you feel a part of something bigger than just purchasing a cd. 

It was an experience and something close to a life style and at 26 years old I’m really no ashamed to say so because even though where I am in life isn’t great, I’m still here because I had that. Those things were there for me to look forward too and it’s gone now. 

It’s gone now and it’s hard and it sucks. Happy fucking today.

Happy IMCR Day!
I actually almost forgot that it was today so I’m blaring out one of my favourite songs (SING) in tribute.

So yeah, Happy IMCR day to all you fellow Killjoys, Crash Queens, Motorbabies, Black Paraders and fellow MCRmy soldiers! <3

Cosplayers / Crossplayers (left-right):
My boyfriend, Scott as Kobra Kid / Mikey Way
Myself as Party Poison / Gerard Way
My best friend Holly (cambriangirl1) as Fun Ghoul / Frank Iero

Photo taken by: Jade (jdwasabi)
Editing by: Myself