Ive spent the last 19 years being super unemotional cause whats the point in using my emotions, and what does Daisy manage to do this episode......melt my fucking frozen heart :’( #I’mcominghome
I'm coming home | Kit & Callie

He was back, he was back, he was back. It made her stomach flip in excitement. She sat with her knee tapping restlessly as she waited for that familiar face to show itself through those door opposite her. She was high as a kite right now, but she was fighting her mind with everything to keep it straight right now. 

And there he was. That beautiful Boston boy, who’d lifted her up at her lowest. She knew he was upset because of what had happened to Grace. But Callie would try her best to be sensitive. “Kitty cat!” The young girl squealed as she sprinted over to him, practically launching herself into his arms.

Totally over my break from here.

(( I want to be back noooow!!

I got so caught up in school and sports and friends that I literally just didn’t have any time. So catch me up as quick as you can! It’s been like two or three weeks I think. I dunno.

Anyways I’m going to start the audition round finally! Going to cameo so if you want your character interacting with mine let me know! I can only do so many~ ))