fassyy  asked:

tbbt :)

  • favorite male character: Sheldon
  • favorite female character: Amy
  • least favorite character: Howard (sorry, he just creeps me out and does not respect a single human being with breasts)
  • prettiest character: Penny, Leonard
  • funniest character: Sheldon, Amy
  • favorite season: I don’t think I have one! I just think I preferred the show when it was a little more geeky and a little less sexual
  • favorite episode: THE LIZARD SPOCK EXPANSION
  • favorite romantic ship: ALL THE SHIPSSS. Sheldon/Penny, Penny/Leonard, Amy/Sheldon, Raj/Howard
  • favorite family ship: um. idk.
  • favorite friend ship: Sheldon/Penny, Leonard/Sheldon, Raj/Howard
  • worst ship: Bernadette/Raj. not the WORST ship, I just don’t get them.