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I love to imagine the Shards’ participation in the creation or discovery of ‘humanity’ on their worlds, because really, some of these local versions of humans are so far removed from Yolen’s original ‘humans’…


Devotion and Dominion: well, we’ve created nice, normal humans here for the most part, but what about the ones too packed with Investiture to stay that way?

Devotion and Dominion: … [look at each other]

Dominion: …aesthetic?

Devotion: aesthetic

Ruin: okay, good, we’ve pretty much replicated humans right (I think) with the addition of some cool new metal powers. we contributed equally. right? right. and I get to kill them all later

Preservation: [looks up from imbuing humans with some of his own self]

Preservation: ….yes.

Endowment: huh, there’s already people here? imma pick the ones I like and make them SUPER TALL and SMOKIN’ HOT

Honor: dear. dear, can we please try to make normal humans

Cultivation: NO NO NO okay look at this if we cross this strain with the natives then they get STONE FINGERNAILS. LITERAL STONE.

Honor: dear

Cultivation: and if we incorporate this version then instead of stone nails you get hair and skin that’s metallic gold HOW COOL IS THAT

Honor: honey


Honor: please

Cultivation: and they’re all gonna display hair colour inheritance by PERCENTAGE

Cultivation: and that’s not even getting to the Invested ones

Honor: …

Cultivation: now get over here and do your bit

Honor: …yes dear.

☽ Love of Mine

Pairing ∘ Remus Lupin x Reader

Word Count ∘ 2.4k

WarningsNone! It does get a tiny bit heated near the end though ;)

A/NLike last time, I had quite a lot of fun writing this reader insert! I tried to make it shorter than my previous one but it looks like I barely managed to do so :P I don’t know if my idea came across as well as I had hoped it to, especially since this took me longer to edit and fix, but I’m happy with the outcome. I hope you enjoy, please let me know what you think! It would mean the world to me ♡

SongI Adore You by Molly Burch

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lavellenchanted  asked:

Two titles, take your pick! Either "Flowers Don't Grow on Hard Ground" or "When We Were Enchanted".

Their story is like any other: boy volunteers for experimental medical procedure, girl is boy’s drill sergeant, boy gains ten inches and even more muscles in said experimental procedure, boy and girl fight their way through Europe against a shadowy evil organization, maybe falling in love along the way.

Unlike so many others, their story ends: the boy, stubborn and noble to a fault, sacrifices himself to save the world. the girl thinks that’s the end of their tale, and she builds a new world, a better world, named after him, a shield between the world and all who would wish to tear it down.

But they deal in the weird, the supernatural, the otherworldly, and so when the girl is hit with a glowing beam of light, and words in an unrecognizable tongue float through her head, and she feels, just for a moment, like she could fly, the girl shakes it off because the world isnt going to save itself.

Until she reaches her 40th birthday and realizes she hasn’t changed since that night.

Until she wakes up on a Tuesday in May levitating above her bed, covers still pulled up to her chin

Until the boy is found in the Arctic, frozen but still living

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The Name of the Rose

Breaking a long and awful writing drought with some… fairy courts? What?

For more loosely connected fic in this AU, check out The Crystal Court collection on AO3.

Summary: The Winter Queen has stripped her Court’s knight of her mantle, her title, and her name. A rogue agent of Spring decides to intervene yet again. Pearl/Rose, featuring such classics as tricky-to-navigate Fair Folk matters, precisely-worded eternally binding promises, true name magic… but mostly gratuitous hurt/comfort. ~2300 words

The Name of the Rose

The ever-green glades lining the outskirts of the Sanctuary of Spring were little more than a senseless blur around her as her would-be saviour rushed the two of them forward, but Pearl would have known the small offshoot of a bramble-hidden path anywhere. A last trifle of a gift, perhaps, that she would be allowed to return here, even for the smallest while, in her final moments.

She had displeased her one true liege and Queen, and now, favour lost, the mantle of the Winter Knight stripped from her, no ancient Court magic allowed to sustain her, she would die.

It was, of course, always going to happen. It was only ever a question of when. She was a toy at best, a tool at most, and her time in the Court of Spring had made the truth of her station much too clear.

A violent shiver tore through her, and Rose clutched her closer and ran faster in response. Her arms, where they met Pearl’s skin, were the one remaining point of warmth in the world.

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Teddy Bears and Velociraptor Sounds

Title: Teddy Bears and Velociraptor Sounds

Drabbler: @insanityplaysfics

Doodler: @itsslester

Beta: @wiinterberries

Warnings: none

Summary: Prompt: my kinda boyfriend person took me to build a bear today for my birthday and he chose a sound to put in it and like he wouldn’t let me know what sound it was and he said I couldn’t listen until we got in the car so I was kinda worried bc I thought it was going to be super vulgar or sappy and gross or whatever but we leave build a bear and I press my bear’s hand and it just makes this super loud velociraptor sound.

Written for the @phandomlittlepop. Art (here)! Ao3 link (x)

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Asriel and Chara's relationship

It’s funny seeing how many “ship” Asriel and Chara, or believe they were great friends. Chara was not very healthy for Asriel, to the extent that it caused both their deaths.

Chara is shown to mock and berate and shame Asriel whenever he cries, saying that big boys don’t cry, and uses their friendship to family bonds to groom Asriel to be trusting in Chara, to make sure Asriel shows less emotions and a afraid and ashamed of seeming weak. He is basically socially brainwashed into never doubting Chara. Psychopaths are very manipulative and will do this to loved ones in certain cases.

Chara turns their adoptive brother into a weapon. The only reason the plan failed is because Chara failed to completely take over and crush Asriel’s kindness and pacifism before starting the plan. Chara experiments on Asgore with the buttercup, makes a secret plan with Asriel and tricks him, even making him turn off the camera. Chara manipulates Asriel into getting the buttercup, and takes it, poisoning themselves, they talk about wanting the golden flowers that grow in their village to motivate Asriel / give Asriel a cover and excuse, and you know the rest. Chara wants to destroy everyone in the village and take their souls, Asriel resists and takes the blows and is mortally wounded.

To Chara, this was a means to exit, kill everyone at the village for some reason, take the souls, break the barrier, and probably would have restarted the monster-human war, which would be in the favor of the monsters this time with Chara being a godlike power with 7 human souls. To Asriel, this was a plan he was brainwashed into and told not to doubt, a way to free everyone, only six human souls. No war mentioned. No slaughter. Asriel admits Chara was not a very good person, they climbed up the mountain for a sad reason, hated humanity, and refused to talk about it. Asriel even says how he wished he had met Frisk instead and made a real friend that would be better than Chara.

One ends up a demon that is resurrected into the body of the human who also has a red soul that falls on top of their grave, and the other ends up being imbued into a flower injected with determination and forced to live and rest and do everything they can in life. It’s not a happy or romantic relationship. It was filled with manipulation. You don’t want to meet someone like this, someone who will manipulate you and use you as a tool with no regard for your safety. You don’t want to end up like this. I have to explain this a lot when people compare their love to Romeo and Juliet, or Pyramus and Thisbe, and I have to explain that in those plays the lovers do stupid stuff and both die.
 Not an ideal relationship.

I just came across a new Star Wars theory that I like after what I observed seeing it again.

Basically, certain objects can end up imbued with a sort of force memory. Two of those objects are the Skywalker saber and Vader’s mask.

So the force flashback Rey gets when she touches the saber is some collection of the places the saber has been. I think maybe the places it ended up trading hands (or in one case, falling down a chute with a hand still attached), but that wouldn’t explain why Luke getting it on Tattooine isn’t there. Whatever. I agree with the idea that the saber’s been present for all of those moments. So when Rey’s left on Jakku, the saber is there and the ship leaving her is taking off. The saber is clearly not in Unkar Plutt’s possession. So there’s someone else with them. And the theory is that someone, knowing Ben has turned and will be trying to convert his cousin, hid her away on Jakku, giving Plutt a bribe to keep her alive that is totally sufficient for his greedy ass until the offer comes in for BB8, which I imagine is substantial. Lor San Tekka is stationed nearby to make sure Plutt holds up on the deal and generally watch over Rey the way Obi-Wan watched over Luke, far enough away not to draw attention to her if he gets caught but close enough to get there if he needs to, and is probably supposed to give her the lightsaber before whatever happens to it for it to end up in Maz’s basement.

Ben tells Vader’s mask to show him again the power of the Dark Side, and there’s been a lot of speculation as to what that means. I thought it was just that Snoke fed him a bullshit vision, but a couple of people pointed out that it could be a similar force memory situation. Anakin’s already turned by the time he puts the mask on and he takes it off when he’s redeemed. So the lightsaber would be carrying Light and Dark memories, but Vader’s mask would basically only have Dark memories. And that would let Snoke trick him as far as what the thing his grandfather started was (space fascism vs. redemption and the destruction of space fascism) while explaining everything without nullifying or weakening Anakin’s redemption.