CHASING SUNS | A Gladiolus Amicitia & Camellia Reynolds Story



“Her arms windmilled with speed and fury of a seasoned fighter towards Gladio, rain pelting against her already soaked-through armor, wet curls of her loosening ponytail splayed against her shoulders and neck. She was beautiful death and fury absolute. A machine. Terrifying.”

- Excerpt from Chapter VIII

STARS IN THE NIGHT | A Noctis Lucis Caelum & Stella Haynes Story



“As he began to reminisce about the conversation he and the young mechanic shared the night before, the mysterious man’s words echoed throughout Noctis’s mind yet again.
That girl you arrived with…. she isn’t what she seems.
What was he talking about?”

- Excerpt from Chapter IV

WE INTERTWINED | An Ignis Scientia & Raine Licentia Story



“But then, it was the strangest thing—a voice pulled her out. She could barely hear it, but it was there. Someone was humming to her, a quiet lullaby, the voice causing the darkness to shrink away until she was bathed in the warmth of a bright light.”

- Excerpt from Chapter V

SUNSHOWERS | A Prompto Argentum & Claudia Imbrium Story



“Prompto’s breath hitched as he felt a twinge of pain on the back of his knee. Frowning, Prompto bunched up the material of his pajama pants on his left leg and twisted his body slightly to glance at the discoloured mark that had been present there since he was born. It burned ice cold- a paradox, a juxtaposition- an absolute antithesis.”

- Excerpt from Chapter VII

Destiny Musings: Sunsingers

I have some very lovely feelings on flavor for Sunsingers. In game you get, what, a self revive, endless grenades, a little bit of a shield. Cool cool, but your buddies have bows and hammers and explosions and sure you’ve got grenades but in the sense of style, a Guardian’s most important feature, it’s somewhat the least flashy. All you need is a good arm. It’s not really showing off unless you get a nice little flare in on that rez.

So let’s dress it up a bit. Self-rez aside, my personal headcanon for fic and RP is that Sunsinging is a bit more like firebending. There are motions and stances that while not always necessary, certainly make things easier and much more impressive to behold. Have some imagery to chew on.

The Solar Storm:

Someone wrote a sequence once of Eriana at Mare Imbrium and the mental image has stuck with me and followed me for years. She is strong and striding, a ring of fire surrounding her. She gestures and a fistful goes hurtling in that direction, each motion is fluid and poised and presides only burning. She moves like a forest fire, wades through enemies, scorching the ground and their bones alike. Most effective against waves of enemies, thrall and dregs.

The Dancer:

Sure it’s called Sunsinging but dancing goes hand in hand with that. Much like the previous, it’s motion that guides the direction of their fire. But rather than an unstoppable force, they are a breeze, a current. It’s about flow and following the Light and it’s power. Good strategy for handling larger enemies, they are able to dodge and retaliate with ease.

The Fastball Special:

Fireball in each hand, moving with an agility that puts some of their Hunter friends to shame. They hurl their light like baseballs and have impressive aim and even better reflexes when they’re in the zone. Tosses are punctuated with dodges and spins. They shine against small teams of elite enemies or in the Crucible. Some prefer to fire off smaller bursts of flame that lock onto surfaces (fusion grenades), others like to drop their stars at their feet as they run, leaving a trail of explosive plasma in their wake.

If anyone else has headcanons of their OCs or other ideas please tell me about them! Would love to hear what other people come up with!

Sunshowers CH9 (a Prompto soulmate AU)

A.N: It’s been a long time coming, but it’s here now! Chapter 9 of Sunshowers! Fluff in this one, bonding between Ignis and Claudia (not romantic, I assure you)! And inevitable angst! I hope you guys enjoy!

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Sunshowers- Chapter Nine: Closer Than You Think

The world continued on despite all that had happened in the past few weeks. Claudia Imbrium had been removed from her mother and step-father’s care, and placed with Ignis until all of her legal paperwork came back and gave Clarus Amicitia the ‘okay’ to be her legal guardian. Serena Imbrium visited Claudia at Ignis’ apartment every day, bringing her favourite toys and snacks with her to share with her big sister. Noctis and Prompto were back to school and living their lives as per usual, but Prompto had become a constant presence in Ignis’ immaculate apartment after school, and late into the evening.

Celeste Imbrium had been scheduled into the mental hospital after she’d had a paranoid episode in the middle of the night at her residence, requiring police and specialist Crownsguard attention. Ignis had been informed by Karina Leonis from the hospital that the King’s Shield had been escorted to Celeste’s home by Cor Leonis, the Marshal of the Crownsguard. It had been quite the ordeal.

Ignis shot Claudia a concerned look as she flipped through a culinary magazine, uninterested. The nineteen year old wasn’t sure how he was supposed to tell Claudia about the incident without the broken brunette taking all the blame for her mother’s mental illness upon herself. She already blamed herself for her mother’s loneliness- Ignis didn’t want Claudia to end up breaking like her mother did.

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Mountains and craters by Adrian Jannetta
Via Flickr:
The boundary between Mare Imbrium and Mare Serenitatis. A stack of ~70 images taken with the Meade LX10 8" and QHY5 mono camera.

Destiny Chapter Fic Recs

Fic recs for those craving longer, meatier tales. 

A Name for Far Cold Orbits by @ir-anuk
9/9. A prologue for Eris and the Hellmouth fireteam.

Dust Never Settles by @jencforcarolina
3/?. Friendships slowly develop between a Guardian and a group of wandering survivors.

Fireteam Nasca by Alain
10/?. A fireteam trades tales while on a mission.

The Howling Art by megaweapon
3/?. Guardian adventures.

It’s Gonna Rain by occasional_boy_reporter
4/4. The friendship between Andal Brask and Cayde, framed by a bet.

Jailbreak by Silverheart
6/6. A fireteam seeks to rescue an unusual prisoner on the Dreadnaught.

Reconnaissance by FeatherWriter
7/7. A Guardian encounters Uldren after the wrecking of the Reef.

Red in Tooth and Claw by bluestar
9/?. Cayde and Amanda get drawn into adventure when a Dreg breaches the City.

Titanomachy by KhamanV
24/24. A Guardian is raised near a settlement outside the walls, bringing change and danger.

Wake Up and Wake Up by Zither
3/ 4. Eriana works through her grief after the Mare Imbrium disaster.

Sunshowers CH7 (a Prompto Soulmate AU)

A.N: Last bit of super angst before things start getting cute. Apologies for taking so long to get to the point HAHAHA! </3 This is just how I write my long fictions… they do tend to drag on a little. This fic seems like it’s gonna get a little longer than initially planned because I plan on including a lot of crudely appropriated child protection stuff into this fic (because it’s obviously my passion xD).

But yeah- hope those who are reading this enjoy the angst and confusion! :D Oh and also- all knowing Ignis *especially about the soulmate stuff* is inspired by @nifwrites and her characterisation of him in her soulmate AU’ We Intertwined’ :)

Tagging the inspirational soulmate pals: @blindbae, @cupnoodle-queen and @nifwrites. Also tagging @chocohoess, @alicemoonwonderland and @ridingchocobros <3 

Sunshowers- Chapter Seven: Revelations

It was around one in the morning when Prompto had mustered up enough energy to slip out of bed and pad towards Claudia’s assigned bed. His mother had absolutely refused to let her son out of bed despite his desperation to see his best friend. In fact, Tobias had to press Prompto down gently by the shoulders onto his own stiff hospital mattress as he struggled against his father’s grip. They’d told him that he was still weak- and that seeing Claudia in her state would be more upsetting than uplifting.

And, well, they were right.

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Destiny Fic: who is the lamb (who is the knife)

Summary: This is Eris Morn: every time, she says, “I will.” (aka the Eris/Toland arranged marriage AU)

Pairings: Eris/Toland.

Notes: Also available on AO3.

This is Eris Morn: every time, she says, “I will.”

She is a newly-Risen Guardian when the call goes out for volunteers to join the host, to fight at the Mare Imbrium and retake the Moon.

Eris barely understands the Light, but she knows it has her loyalty. She knows it needs protecting.

At the Mare Imbrium, she starts to understand the Dark.

Eriana-3 asks her if she will help seek vengeance.

Eris did not know Wei Ning. Did not know any of the thousands slaughtered at the Mare Imbrium.

But she knows Crota. She saw his sword, his power, his darkness.

And she knows Eriana. Loves her, as she loves the LIght.

So she says yes.

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//Cayde-6 Reminisces//

Okay, okay, I’ll tell the story about that one Fallen.

It didn’t happen like that. We didn’t, you know, do anything actively - no handshake, no icy stare of grudging mutual respect. I don’t even know which hand you would shake. Do they shake hands? It must be complicated.

Anyway, it was like this. I was on the Moon. I cracked a Hive structure near Mare Imbrium, looking for a Shrine, and they just - swarmed. Ranks and ranks and ranks of Thrall, pouring out between the columns, but the columns were Knights, and all the shadows behind them rose up hissing sorcery.

Of course I ran.

I had a line of egress and while yes it was full of Thrall I had a backup too. I went upslope. Took cover in the shadow of a crashed Phaeton. Emptied my machine gun, ducked down to reload, and saw her at the other end of the hull, killing Thrall: a Fallen in Exile colors, bannered in the marks of a Baron, though the flags were claw-torn and stained with Hive ash. She was alone. I think she must have lost her crew.

I didn’t really have time to shoot her and she didn’t really have time to shoot me so we just went back to killing Hive. Knights pushed me out into the open and back up the range to a high stone saddle in the shadow of an old interferometry array. It was good ground so she came up there too.

For a while we just killed things which is hard to make interesting in a story so I’ll pass it over.

At the end the Wizards came. I climbed the array to get an angle on them and she fell back to the base of the antennae where she broke her swords off in a Knight. I saw that happen and I don’t know if I can tell you how I felt. She was another living thing with a mind I could understand and she hadn’t howled at me or tried to eat my Ghost. I cheered when the Knight went down.

When I came down, empty on all guns, she was slumped against a bulkhead staring at me with all her tiny black eyes. Ether leaking out of her like smoke. The Knight hadn’t died easily. Downslope the last Wizard moved like fire behind another line of Thrall.

I looked at her and wondered how many innocent human lives she’d ended on those broken blades.

She did the strangest thing then. Took the last shock pistol from her bandolier and threw it between us, as if to offer it. When I went to pick it up she tried to knife me, but she was slow, and when I broke her arms and opened her throat she didn’t seem surprised.

To this day I wonder if she hated me, or wanted to make me kill her, or just felt she should spare me the choice.

I did kill a few Thrall with that pistol.


The Top Five Features To Find On The Full Moon

2.) Montes Apenninus. The Moon’s highest mountain range outlines Mare Imbrium, extending for over 400 km. It contains Mons Huygens, the Moon’s tallest mountain, and the Hadley–Apennine valley, where Apollo 15 landed.”

The full Moon of November 14th may be special for being the closest, brightest full Moon in over 60 years, but every full Moon is full of delightful sights. There’s science behind it, too; much of what you can see even with the naked eye is evidence of our nearest neighboring world’s unique geological history. The dark maria are a result of basaltic lava flows, with the largest one covering more than 10% of the lunar surface. There are craters visible with the naked eye, including two spectacular ones. And many of the most prominent features contain the historic Apollo landing sites.

Come get an amazing dose of lunar sights and science today, and you just might never look at the full Moon the same again!

Sunshowers CH10 (a Prompto Soulmate AU)

A.N: I love how this is a Prompto soulmate AU but this whole chapter is Claudia-centric. Gosh, I just love her back-story, it’s so tragic and raw and I WANTED HER TO MAKE A FRIEND BECAUSE EVERYTHING’S SO SHIT FOR HER! </3 Get ready to see a familiar red-head thrown into the mix of things! :P Also, Cor unknowingly stirring things up here and ruining happy bonding time that happened last chapter ugh! *boops Cor’s nose* bad Cor! :(

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Sunshowers- Chapter Ten: Fault and New Friends

Almost a week after Claudia’s little confession to Ignis, Karina Leonis arrived at Ignis’ apartment, clipboard in hand and nurse’s kit clutched in her grip. Behind her, Cor Leonis gazed upon Ignis and Claudia with a stern look of concern on his face. Ignis’ eyes widened slightly at the sight of the Marshal, but he greeted him politely- allowing the daughter and father into his humble abode. Claudia trailed after Ignis, shooting curious glances at ‘Cor the Immortal’.

“What’s he doing here?” Claudia whispered, leaning close against Ignis.

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