Witch-Oil’s Grimoire Plan

Hello everyone! I have just recently bought a Moleskine notebook that I intend to turn into my grimoire, and I wanted to plan it out beforehand. This is more of a reference for me, but I figured I’d share it in case anyone else wanted guidance. Blessed be! 🍃

-Protection sigils on the inside of front cover

-Index (to keep track of all of my pages and content)

-My 13 goals as a witch

-Description of my craft (ex. green and sea witch)

-Astrological signs and correspondences (plus my own signs)

-Moon phases w/ phase sleeve

-Elements introduction

-Fire element

-Earth element

-Water element

-Air element

-Grounding and centering

-Crystal correspondences

-Herbal correspondences

-Color correspondences

-Divination introduction

-Tarot spreads

-Major arcana meanings

-Suite correspondences

-Pendulum divination

-Pendulum board

-Scrying divination

-Sabbat introduction

-Wheel of the year

-Imbolic sabbat

-Ostara sabbat

-Beltane sabbat

-Litha sabbat

-Lughnasadh sabbat

-Mabon sabbat

-Samhain sabbat

-Yule sabbat

-Spells introduction

-Protection spells

-Cleansing spells


-Luck spells

I’ll be adding onto this later on as I expand my grimoire. For now, I hope you enjoy these! -witch-oil

An Analysis on Daggers: Gripping a Dagger

As requested, I will proceed to blurb about how to hold a dagger, I have even spent some time drawing some demonstrations on how to hold them as well.

Before we get started, I’d like to introduce the dagger. There are tons and tons of variations of the dagger as there is really no true standard in defining them other than a short one handed dagger (aka, smaller than a sword). While there are many variations of a “small handheld sword” I will e touching on two main types:

  • Parrying Dagger
  • Rondel Dagger

Keep in mind there are other techniques other than what I will touch upon, based on era, country, and dagger variations. I am just discussing how and why to hold a rondel or parrying dagger. Feel free to correct me, ask me questions, or add more to what I have to say.

So Let’s Get started!

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Since Imbolc is my official celebraction of my induction to witchery, I thought I’d do my overview of it.

Imbolc, (Candlemass, Imblog, Imbole), is usually celebrated on February 1st or 2nd. It marks the shift from Winter to Spring and it welcomes the coming of longer days and warmer days. Imbolc is also one of the four “Fire Festivals.” It is a Sabbat to honor the rebirth of the Sun, and the changing of the Goddess from the Crone to the Maiden.

Imbolc also celebrates the Celtic Goddes Brighid.

Brigid is the Goddess of Poetry, Healing, Smithcraft, and Midwifery.If one can make it with their hands, she rules it. She is a triple Goddess, so She is honoured all her aspects. You can commune with Her, and tending the lighting of her sacred flame. Wiccans will light multiple candles, white for Brigid, for the god usually yellow or red, to remind us of the passing of winter and the entrance into spring, the time of the Sun. This is a good time for initiations, be they into covens or self-initiations.

Colors associated with Imbolc: White, Orange, Red.

Incense associated with Imbolc: Rosemary, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon.

Ways to decorate your altar (if you have one) for Imbolc:

The way I decorate my Altar for Imbolc is more centered towards the main meaning of the Sabbat itself: the change from Winter to Spring. On your altar, you can put flowers of orange, white and red, whether fake or real. I also put several tealights on my altar, lighting them at night.

You can put a dish of fresh milk on your altar as well, since milk and select dairy are good for Imbolc as well. 

Imbolic Ritual

a separate bowl of water and a candle (to receive the blessings of Brigit)
offerings for Brigit
offerings for the Outsiders (food or drink)
For purifications: a broom, salt water; incense or smudge stick
a straw “dolly” or rowan stick to represent Brigit, and a straw bed for her (optional)
7 candles

Cleansing the space:

Starting at the centre of the sacred space sweep the area then sprinkle salt water in and around the space. Finish by smudging the area and anyone who will be involved in the ritual.

Call the Elements and the Goddess:
Hail to the Spirit of the East, Element of Air. The winter winds blows in a new season. Please join me tonight. Light the candle in the East.

Hail to the Spirit of the South, Element of Fire. The warmth of fire makes me aware of the increasing light. Please join me tonight. Light the candle in the South.

Hail to the Spirit of the West, Element of Water. The melting snow flows into the rivers and provide water to the beginnings of new life. Please join me tonight. Light the candle in the West.

Hail to the Spirit of the North, Element of Earth. The fruits from the last harvest have provided the nourishment during these winter months. Please join me tonight. Light the candle in the North.

Great Mother Brigid, Guardian of poetry and smith crafts. I am honoured to have you here and to bask in the light of your eternal flame. Please join me tonight. Light the candle in the centre of the altar.

Tonight I celebrate the return of the sun and the rebirth of light.

Consecrating the sacred space

Pour water into the Well, saying:

“By the Spirits of the Waters, the Powers Under the Earth
I give thanks for the Waters of the Well. Let this vessel be a Well of Blessing in this sacred space.”

Light the Fire, saying:

“I kindle this Fire To be a Flame of Magic, a Flame of Claiming, a Flame of Inspiration To welcome the Gods and Spirits to this sacred space.”

Placing an offering for the Earth Mother on the altar:
“Earth Mother, Mother of the People, Source of the Waters. Your child thanks you for bringing the life to the land, for giving me a place and a foundation upon which to place my hearth, and I honour you.”

Placing an offering for the Outsiders just outside the sacred space:
“Outsiders, forces of chaos, you who choose not to be part of our workings, you dwell beyond our campfires and our gates, in the dark places between, you who are primal and unbounded, raw and untamed. I make you this offering, and ask that you not disturb us during this rite.”

Placing an offering for Brigid on the altar:
“Brigid the one who brings the smith’s fire, the healer’s fire, the hearth fire, the well of vision, the well of inspiration, the well of healing, - midwife and baker, brewer and weaver, singer and wise one, giver of all great gifts. I honour you this day.”

Having 7 candles spread around the sacred space

Light the first candle. As you do so, say:

Although it is now dark, I come seeking light.
In the chill of winter, I come seeking life.

Light the second candle, saying:

I call upon fire, that melts the snow and warms the hearth.
I call upon fire, that brings the light and makes new life.
I call upon fire to purify me with your flames.

Light the third candle. Say:

This light is a boundary, between positive and negative.
That which is outside, shall stay without.
That which is inside, shall stay within.

Light the fourth candle. Say:

I call upon fire, that melts the snow and warms the hearth.
I call upon fire, that brings the light and makes new life.
I call upon fire to purify me with your flames.

Light the fifth candle, saying:

Like fire, light and love will always grow.
Like fire, wisdom and inspiration will always grow.

Light the sixth candle, and say:

I call upon fire, that melts the snow and warms the hearth.
I call upon fire, that brings the light and makes new life.
I call upon fire to purify me with your flames.

Finally, light the last candle. As you do so, visualize the seven flames coming together as one. As the light builds, see the energy growing in a purifying glow.

Fire of the hearth, blaze of the sun,
cover me in your shining light.
I am awash in your glow, and tonight I am
made pure.

Take a few moments and meditate on the light of your candles.

Opening the Portals

Go to the centre of your space and stamp a foot or tap a staff upon the ground:
“Here I declare sacred centre, where all times and places meet. Let it be as the world tree, the central point of the world, so that all spirits and beings of good will may be welcome here to share in this rite!”
Visualize the roots of the tree growing deep into the earth, and the branches reaching up to the heavens.

Place the silver in the Well, saying:
“Sacred well, whose waters flow and swirl beneath us. May your depths connect my spirit to the great underground sea and the ageless powers below.”

Place some incense in the Fire, saying:
“Sacred fire, carry all offerings to the gods and the beloved dead. May you warm my spirit and my life.”

Ancestors Invocation:
“In this sacred place, I call to you my ancestors. I welcome you to join me here, and to welcome as of old, Brigit, the hearth mother, who taught you - as you teach me - the ancient arts of brewing and baking and many great gifts. Ancestors, be welcome!”

Nature Spirits Invocation:
“Spirits of Nature, you who dwell within the land, gently waken to the steps of Bright Brigit. Be welcome here you companions of our highest queen, I honour and welcome you.”

Deities Invocation:
“High and Shining Ones, gods who are dear to me, be welcome here this day, be honoured and join in welcoming Brigit, honoured among you as warrior-smith, poet-teacher, weaver and healer and giver of plenty- gifts that each of us may share: Oh divine ones, share in the feast of Brigit.”

Brigit Invocation:

Beside the hearth or the ritual fire, place a “Brigid’s bed” - a small straw or wood bed, made up nicely. Open your door, or go to the threshold, or stand by the hearth if you have one. Take a straw “dolly” or rowan stick to represent the goddess, or feel for her presence, and say:

“Brigit I invoke this day,
In the high places and the low,
Beside the hearth fire and at the sacred well.
The gentle queen I call to her hall,
The place where the bed is prepared.

"By her many graces I call to Brigit who graces us this day;
Grace of eye and grace of hand,
Grace of word and grace of will,
Grace of caring, grace of birthing, grace in mourning,
Grace of carriage, grace of courage,
Comforter and mother,
Brigit of the Blessings I name the one
Who blesses us this day!

"Let us greet her, we who know her blessings.
Come weaver and poet,
Come brewer and baker,
Come mother and healer,
Come blacksmith and wordsmith,
Beekeeper and hearth-keeper.

"Thus I call to the Mother and Queen; A bed is prepared at the seat of honour, Come grace the hearth seat, Brigit I invoke this day!”

Place the dolly or stick on the bed, or gesture to the bed by the hearth and feel for the presence of the goddess nearby.

Place Offerings of bread and ale beside the Brigid’s bed.

Using your preferred method of divination, ask Brigit if your offering is acceptable. Since Brigit is a hearth goddess, fire scrying is an appropriate method. She is also sometimes associated with wells of vision and of healing, so you might choose to scry in water.

Return Blessings
Take water from the bowl and anoint your head, hands, and feet, saying:
“I take of the water of Brigit, to be cleansed and blessed.”

Take your candle and light it from the Fire, saying:
“I ask the blessings of Brigit. Blessings of inspiration, hearth and healing, wisdom and strength. And the light of her flame to guide me this day, as I go forward to rebirth.”

“Great Mother Brigid
Watch over your daughter
Let your water heal me
Let your wind inspire me
Let your fire warm me
With your blessings and protection, I go in peace.”


“Brigid have I welcomed this day, to my hearth, to my home, to my life. I give you thanks, as your blessing has renewed and uplifted me!”

Thanking the kindreds:
“You shining ones, nature spirits and ancestors, I thank you for your presence in this rite and in my life! As I return to ordinary time and the daily world, your blessings travel with me. So to, let my blessings and love go with you.”

Thanking the Outsiders:
“Outsiders, you whose ways are not ours, I thank you for your forbearance. Without you there would be no change, yet in this moment, your absence was as welcome as once your presence was needed!”

Thanking the Earth Mother:
“Earth mother, I do not leave you, nor do you go from here, but as this rite comes to a close, once again I thank you for giving firm foundation to this hearth, for providing sustenance and life, that your child can give you love and honour.”

Release the Goddess and the Elements
Great Mother Brigid, your growing light is increasing all around me. Thank you for joining me tonight. Hail and Farewell. Extinguish the candle in the centre.

Spirit of the North, the earth is beginning to show new life. Thank you for joining me tonight. Hail and Farewell. Extinguish the candle in the North.

Spirit of the West, the rivers are rising and the water is warming. Thank you for joining me tonight. Hail and Farewell. Extinguish the candle in the West.

Spirit of the South, the days are growing longer and the sun is providing much needed warmth. Thank you for joining me tonight. Hail and Farewell. Extinguish the candle in the South.

Spirit of the East, there is a hint of March winds swirling around blowing in new life. Thank you for joining me tonight. Hail and Farewell. Extinguish the candle in the East.

Closing the portals:
“Here have we met, gods and spirits, ancestors and I. But now the sacred well becomes once again a simple bowl of water, the ancient bonfire once again a candle, and this tree may no longer touch the very arch of the heavens nor its roots be those which hold the worlds in their embrace. By Land, Sea and Sky, By Fire, Well and Tree I end this rite. I go forth with blessing, to bless the world in turn.”

Naruto Ch. 680: Fandom Reactions

Team 7 is falling to their death in Kaguya’s lava trap. Naruto calls to Sasuke to help him rescue Sakura and Kakashi, but Sasuke saves Naruto only on his hawk and ignores his protests.

Most of the Fandom:

SasuNaru Fans:


 Kakashi saves himself and Sakura by tying a scroll to a kunai and using it as rope while saving Obito also with a kunai.


Kakashi Fans:

Sasuke tells Naruto that they’re the only ones who can defeat Kaguya; they can’t die. The only reason he protected Kakashi and Sakura from the IT was because they were next to Naruto; in other words, Kakashi and Sakura are burdens and Naruto shouldn’t let himself get distracted by their safety. Sakura suddenly looks sad.

Most of the Fandom:

Anti-Sasuke/Sakura Fans:

Team 7 Fans:

SasuSaku Fans:


Anti-SasuSaku Fans:

SasuNaru Fans:

Naruto is serious and tells Sasuke he understands. Sakura looks completely shocked and even hurt.



Naruto says he understands his point, but his body just moves on his on own to protect them. There’s a flashback of when Sasuke said the same thing when he went to protect Naruto in the Wave Arc. Naruto says he gets what he means; Sasuke says nothing.

SasuNaru Fans:

Anti-SasuNaru Fans:

Naruto’s speech brought tears to Sakura’s eyes and she thinks that Sasuke was right about her getting in the way, but thanks Naruto for still wanting to protect them.

NaruSaku Fans:

SasuSaku Fans:

Kakashi’s scroll snaps, causing him and Sakura to fall. Naruto tries to save them, but Kaguya attacks him and Sasuke, imbolizing Sasuke’s hawk with her Byakugan. Meanwhile the Edo Kages are all free and on the move as they sense Kaguya.


Cuts back to T7. Naruto narrowly saves Sakura and Kakashi with his chakra arms; it’s also revealed he apparently has the ability to float.


Naruto Fans:

Kaguya watches Naruto, flashbacking to her son. She gets angry and charges Naruto, making a comment about all chakra being hers. The chapter ends with Naruto calling to Sasuke who had already made a counterattack.



As the dark, cold morning gives way to light,
And the world shows its face dazzling in her nakedness,
So the twigs and leaf-bare branches,
Bow to the passing dance
Of old Jack Frost.
His crystal breath on the earth,
And the corners of houses weep icicles of joy.
But where is the Sun’s warmth?
Where is life?
A small flower, delicate and pure-white,
Looks to the earth,
As if talking to the waiting green,
“Not yet,” it seems to whisper.
“When I fall, then you can return.”
And she nods her head,
as the Lady passes by,
Leaving more flowers in Her wake.
—  Imbolic by Damh the Bard