Alright, so my friend ari​ suggested to me that i try and be sober for a night. good idea, right?

so, i figured i’d get myself a nice glass of juice

this… this doesn’t taste like juice!!

oh, right. well, let’s try again with some water!

h…. how did this…… happen………

let’s just, go for something that can’t go wrong, something in a sealed container


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Wow man, I just read your Encyclopedia Dramatica entry and wow, you lost another fan. Good job fat fuck

Oh no. Whatever shall I do? I will have to imbibe libations until inebriation takes the place of this existential ennui that you have hurled me into.

Woe is me. WOE!

I don’t get people who think they US government is the puppet of evil corporations, and yet they want that same evil puppet of the evil corporations to do things for and to them…

If I thought that my neighbor was possessed by the devil, you would think I would want my neighbor to have as little power over me or anybody else possible.

Also, I find hilarious these people who think that gun control is not in the interest of the power elite. Oh yeah, because the power elite benefits so much from an armed populace, they would NEVER want to have a monopoly on guns all to themselves, right?

This is what happens when social democrats imbibe ‘radicalism’. You end up with radical veneer on the most conservative policies: “I’m such a radical! I say, let only the state, it’s cops, and it’s military be armed! I’m such a radical! I say, the state is the tool of the evil corporate interests, and therefore I want to make that tool as powerful for them as possible! I want the state (and therefore the corporations I so hate) in charge of every aspect of my life! Indoctrinate my children in your schools! Tell me what to eat and drink! Take over my healthcare! #smashthestatebystrengtheningitsgriponthepeople! #powertothepeoplebytakingpowerfromthepeopleandgivingittothestate!

Euron the Dark Lord

Euron Crow’s Eye is GRRM’s reinterpretation of the classic dark lord antagonist. His intent is not even remotely subtle. To repeat an earlier description of Euron:

His clothes are black, his hair is black, his lips are blue, he has a black eye-patch covering a malicious black eye, his personal banner is a red eye with a black pupil, he regularly imbibes a dark occult liquid, and he sails a sinister looking black-red longship crewed by mutilated slaves and evil wizards.

Then there’s Euron’s love for rape, torture and slavery, along with his embrace of blood magic and self-professed desire to take over the world. In a series with some really monstrous human characters, Euron manages to stand out as the absolute worst, owing to the sheer scale of what he wants to do. It is his personal banner though that is the real giveaway, being an obvious reference to the red eye of Sauron.

All this seems rather weird however in light of GRRM’s self-professed dislike for dark lord antagonists and his desire to take his series in an entirely different direction:

Much as I admire Tolkien, and I do admire Tolkien — he’s been a huge influence on me, and his Lord of the Rings is the mountain that leans over every other fantasy written since and shaped all of modern fantasy — there are things about it, the whole concept of the Dark Lord, and good guys battling bad guys, Good versus Evil, while brilliantly handled in Tolkien, in the hands of many Tolkien successors, it has become kind of a cartoon. We don’t need any more Dark Lords, we don’t need any more, ‘Here are the good guys, they’re in white, there are the bad guys, they’re in black. And also, they’re really ugly, the bad guys.

It is certainly a genuine, legitimate topic as the core of fantasy, but I think the battle between Good and Evil is waged within the individual human hearts.

I’m attracted to ‘gray’ characters, characters who are not what they seem, characters who change. I think that’s the most interesting part of fiction, and a lot of fantasy doesn’t have that. Too many characters are black and white, and everybody’s fighting a Dark Lord. I just wasn’t interested in writing that kind of thing.


And “rape and sexual violence have been a part of every war ever fought, from the ancient Sumerians to our present day”.

“To omit them from a narrative centered on war and power would have been fundamentally false and dishonest, and would have undermined one of the themes of the books: that the true horrors of human history derive not from orcs and Dark Lords, but from ourselves. We are the monsters. (And the heroes too). Each of us has within himself the capacity for great good, and great evil,” the author said.

So what’s going on here? If Martin thinks this, then why did he write a dangerous, up and coming dark lord into his storyline and make him one of the primary human villains? We’ve been puzzling over this question for a while now and we think we’ve finally arrived at the answer.

The fantasy stories that Martin critiques all have a rather simple structure. The heroes and the good/free world mobilize against the overwhelming power of an encroaching dark lord and his evil army. Then, against all odds, the heroes manage to pull out a win that essentially destroys the dark lord and ends the conflict. There might be considerable sadness, loss and confusion in the immediate aftermath, but the world soon recovers, the virtuous victors divide up whatever spoils there are, and evil is seriously reduced in power (although a new evil might appear to threaten the world in some future sequel). In these stories the dark lord is the obvious problem and his destruction the obvious solution: no dark lord, no problem. And fighting the dark lord, not to mention destroying him, has the benefit of cementing one’s status as a hero.

Now Euron is the encroaching dark lord with his evil army of slaves and marauders. Unlike the reader, the people in the South do not know about the Others and R’hllor. If Euron sacks Oldtown, captures a dragon, and begins burning large parts of the Reach he will therefore be viewed as the ultimate force for evil. Rulers and heroes will mobilize to fight him, believing that after the Crow’s Eye is destroyed Westeros will at last know peace. The victors will naturally believe that their triumph will secure their right to rule.

But the dark lord is not actually the problem; he is merely a symptom of the problem. We’ve mentioned how Euron’s flamboyant villainy is really an intimidating front designed to hide his true power and malevolence. But the true self hidden behind this front is not the true villain, it is merely a second front. Behind the Crow’s Eye is the Song of Ice and Fire, the battle of the Others and R’hllor, and behind these two malignant powers is the human ambition, wickedness, fear, desperation, greed and stupidity that has long drawn such demons into the world.

The dark lord’s defeat will only put an end to his horrific rampage; it will not magically solve the political crisis, end the numerous vendettas, alleviate the country’s ongoing collapse, or prepare Westeros for Winter and the War for the Dawn. These challenges will have to be dealt with separately and will be far less satisfying. The danger is that the (supposed) vanquishers will believe in their story-book ending and think they’ve won the game while the country continues its slide towards utter ruin. One of the consistent themes of the book is that waging war is actually easy compared to ruling and peacemaking (just ask Queen Daenerys Targaryen, Ned Stark, Robb Stark, Tywin Lannister, Queen Cersei Lannister, Theon Greyjoy and King Robert Baratheon). If Euron’s destruction results in yet another period of Southern compliancy and fratricidal bloodletting then his destruction will have accomplished absolutely nothing. Part of the reason Euron the dark lord exists is to provide a climax for two of the series’ longest running themes. First, conquest does not equal victory and you confuse these two at your peril. Second, evil largely results from the decisions, beliefs, sentiments, and mistakes of ordinary human beings trying to live as best they can within difficult circumstances and deeply-flawed societies.

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Inspired Manhattan Apartment Imbibes Dashing Shade And Flair Of Rio!


Brazil is a nation with a really distinct and exclusive culture, type and aura that is renowned across the globe and Rio is without a doubt its greatest attraction. Hailing from the city, Cristiane Peixoto, a floral designer and her husband Marcus Silberman needed to fill their new $four.5 million apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with the brilliant and brilliant zest of Rio. And at the heart of this wonderful transformation is a magnificent terrace backyard that is filled with rich natural vegetation, an outdoor lounge, a lovely pergola and a lovely tent with seating.

Keith Moon’s 21st Birthday Party

  1. The Who, on their first North American tour, open for Herman’s Hermits at Flint’s Atwood Stadium.
  2. Concert ends a bit before 10:00pm
  3. Band and entourage return to motel
  4. Much festive imbibing and celebrating ensues
  5. Lots of clothed and partially clothed party guests can not resist the inviting waters of the conveniently located (parking lot facing) swimming pool
  6. Property fire extinguishers are emptied
  7. Toilet explodes in hotel room
  8. Drum company wheels huge birthday cake into main dining room
  9. Girl jumps out of cake
  10. Keith dumps whole cake on a group of party goers
  11. Food fight spreads from dining room into hotel lobby
  12. In ensuing confusion, Keith misplaces his clothes
  13. Police arrive – Party in full swing
  14. Keith suddenly decides to leave party in great haste
  15. Keith jumps into Lincoln Continental & releases handbrake
  16. Car rolls backward through fence and into deep end of swimming pool
  17. Keith greeted at gunpoint by police as he surfaces
  18. Keith makes second attempt at quick exit from the party
  19. Slipping on cake, Keith falls and knocks out front tooth
  20. Police apprehend Keith and escort him to dentist before heading to jail
  21. Dentist discovers that in his current state, Keith had no need for Novocaine; repairs tooth
  22. Keith spends night in county jail
  23. Next day, chartered plane flies Keith to The Who’s next tour stop in Philadelphia

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Every weekend, I see someone putting more liquor in their body than I would want for anyone that I know. Many times I have been that person, imbibing an obscene amount of alcohol. Yet I never dreamed that for the choice that person made to put something in their body, they should be sent to jail for it. I no longer smoke cigarettes. Yet when I watch a smoker poisoning themselves, I do not think they should be sent to jail for it. Why then do we as a society look at the common addict or the experimenting psychonaut and condemn them to prison for what comes down to taking a chemical to achieve an altered state of mind. Oftentimes these are sick people- either in their mind with their (for lack of better term) God-given, completely arbitrary, unchangeable chemical predisposition or physically by having an extreme pain that leads them to require the assistance of a drug. Yet we make the choice that they should be locked up with murderers, rapists, batterers, child molesters, mafiosos, gangsters, pimps, and other low-lifes and why? Because of a substance. A material thing they put into their bodies that will touch no other person. Because someone decided that because they would never choose to take that substance, that means no one should be allowed to make that choice. That person is sick, but it’s in a different way. 


This blog has been a secret little endeavour of mine for a while now, mainly because I was questioning the role of perfume in my life at all—I have some qualms about the fragrance industry and its marked relationship to capitalism, race and class, but ultimately perfume is joy for me, it is a redemption, and I latch on to these freeing moments where I can find them. Now that I’ve committed to the idea of studying perfume in the near future, now that it’s summer and I’m deliriously pursuing the mysterious smells around me all the time, I think it’s a fitting moment to go public and use this space to imbibe all of these discussions and theories around fragrance.

By the way, this is tracywan. Hi!

This challenge was brought to my attention by janelleieio, secretqueens, and cundtcake. Thank you, and I’d love to continue this conversation with you all about these bottles of smelly water that bring us so much happiness. And of course, arabellesicardi - have you done this? You should, if not.

I love that this challenge asks for a top 6 because it is impossible to pick a single fragrance that I cherish above the rest. I believe—like Andy Warhol—that perfumes should delineate periods in your personal narrative, and that different scents suit different seasons and occasions and hours and moods. Unlike Andy Warhol, I don’t believe in giving up a perfume until you outgrow it. I also don’t have that luxury.

1. Narcotic Venus - Nasomatto

I followed this perfume all the way to San Francisco, because it’s nowhere to be found in Toronto. I became obsessed with Nasomatto after seeing this documentary on Alessandro Gualtieri, the nose behind the brand. I was also doing research for this piece on erotic perfume at the time, and when I brought one of the samples up to him to smell, he recoiled with such disdain and revolt that I thought, I must know what this guy’s compositions smell like. Well, I smelled Narcotic Venus and bought it on the spot. It is a beautiful, rich, tuberose-centric perfume, devastatingly heady and spicy all at once. On some days I smell smoke, other days something closer to grass.

2. L’Ombre dans l’eau - Diptyque

This perfume and I have a romantic comedy history, in that we met many years ago and it was not the right timing but I thought about it for years and found it again and now we’re together forever. Its name translates to “shadow in the water” and my Chinese name translates to “water so deep you can’t see the bottom” and I think there’s something there, really. It reminds me of walking in a garden after a downpour, which is the best way to experience any green space, in my opinion. It smells like dirt, green leaves, lush roses and ripe blackcurrant. Beautiful and kind of sad but beautiful again.

3. Vetiver Fatale - Atelier Cologne

Vetiver is one of my favourite ingredients but sometimes it’s too dry and sharp on the nose. This composition is fuller than others I’ve smelled, well-rounded with just a dollop of sweetness. It reminds me of being in New York, which is where I am always happiest and vibrating at my highest frequency; I’d stumbled into the Atelier Cologne on Elizabeth the month it opened and stayed forever and somehow got offered an apprenticeship? I didn’t follow up on it, but the memory stayed; this one has been, to date, my favourite thing to wear on a breezy summer’s day. Citrus opens into vetiver, underscored by plum, leaves and cedarwood. It’s exquisite.

4. Balenciaga Paris

I’m not usually one for powdery floral smells, but this one has me entranced. It very vividly evokes images of city parks—a small pocket of lush green space surrounded by structures of steel. Violets, violet leaf, patchouli and cedar; something that smells like iris, but what the internet tells me is carnation (never met a carnation.) It’s a chypre with metallic thread running through it. It reminds people of Prada’s Infusion Iris, I think.

5. Tabacco Toscano - Santa Maria Novella

Tobacco. Malt. Vanilla. Jasmine. This scent dries down quickly on my skin into a soft smoke, and I feel so fucking elegant wearing it. I put it on pretty much throughout the winter and it is so comfortable and calming to my spirit, like being swaddled in cashmere.

6. Vetiver Geranium - Creed

Has anyone sat the boys at Creed down to talk about their packaging? They can do better, and they should. But we can’t fault them too much, because their scents are consistently amazing. I was going to purchase Aventus for the longest time, but this one won me over immediately. It might even dethrone the other vetiver smell on this list as my go-to summer fragrance. We’re talking tart (bergamot, lemon), sweet and green (apple, geranium, rose), dry, woody and musky all at once. It makes my mouth water and my eyes wide and I just cannot get enough of it.


As a footnote, I’m also appalled that no perfume by Jean Claude Ellena has made the list; he is my favourite perfumer (theoretically) by far, but I own none of his scents for lack of being able to commit to just one. I’ll take all of the Un jardin… series, please. My dream would be to be a JCE completist: adorn my life with his work.

Please talk to me about these if you’ve smelled them and let me know your thoughts!


Sunday Down Under the Covers (Joe gets around! :-))
Mahalia Barnes & The Soul Mates Featuring Joe Bonamassa and a cut from Ooh Yea! The Betty Davis Songbook. Nasty Girl - God Damn!!!


It’s one of life’s ironies that an artist as independent and ahead of her time as Betty Davis (Mabry) is today remembered mostly for her brief marriage to Miles Davis, and for having transformed the trumpeter in record time from Italian suited jazzer to psychedelically garbed imbiber of Bitches Brew. (Davis credited Betty with introducing him both to hip threads and the sounds of Hendrix, Sly Stone, and others.) Chump change indeed for a singer, songwriter, model/fashionista, and provocateur who was a Greenwich Village scene maker while still in her teens. She wrote ‘Uptown (To Harlem)’ for the Chambers Brothers, and later went on to release three unheralded records of low-down ‘70s funk whose open sexual attitudes prefigured later, more commercially successful efforts by Rick James, Prince, and Madonna.

Raunchy, uncompromising and not really in the mood to take crap from anyone, it seems that Betty was a bit too much, even for the sleazy ‘70s. Album covers which ruled out her being confused with Joni Mitchell and song titles with lyrics to match, such as “If I’m in Luck, I Might Get Picked Up” and “He’s a Big Freak”, got her on the wrong side of the Religious Right, the NAACP, and feminists. In some cases, she got banned from the airwaves. By 1979, her recording career was finished and until recently she was little more than a rock footnote.

Returning to life’s ironies, however, the legacy of a woman who sang so often of pleasures down under has received a boost from just that location. Teaming up with American blues guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa, Australian powerhouse vocalist Mahalia Barnes (daughter of Australian Rock legend Jimmy Barnes) and her ace band the Soul Mates have revisited 12 tracks culled from Davis’s three releases: her self-titled 1973 debut, They Say I’m Different from a year later, and 1975′s Nasty Gal. The project reportedly took flight after Barnes played some vintage Betty for producer Kevin Shirley while working with him on her Dad’s Hindsight record. Shirley dug what he heard, and with a producer’s smarts he likely saw a talented songwriter ripe for rediscovery. In a masterstroke, he then flew Bonamassa down to Sydney to lend a hand. Three days of recording later Ooh Yea! - The Betty Davis Songbook was good to go.

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Lembas bread for the thingy?

Okay I’m going to take this literally, and not as a nickname for someone that the fandom has started using and I’ve been blissfully unaware of???

Sexuality Headcanon: Does bread have a sexuality? Oh god the “pansexual” puns are killing me right now, but I shall remain above them. It is said that the elves regard the consumption of excessive quantities of lembas to be an aphrodisiac, providing, of course, that one remains conscious after imbibing.Gender Headcanon: Traditionally, lembas made for young elven girls were in the shapes of flowers, whilst those made for young elven boys were made in the shapes of leaves. 

A ship I have with said character: Pippin x nearly sinking that boat in LotR because he ate too much lembas bread.

A BROTP I have with said character: Lembas bread and spiced wine. YUM!

A NOTP I have with said character: Lembas bread and scenes of hideous (albeit creative) torture. Forcefeeding? Like, maybe you could rupture someone’s stomach if you force-fed them too much lembas? That wouldn’t be very nice.

A random headcanon: Trends for lembas bread baking have waxed and waned over the years. Sometimes Galadriel bakes hers with a little bit of vanilla extract, whereas the bakers of Thranduil’s realm glaze it in cinnamon sugar. The court of Rivendell have a savoury variety, baked with garlic and wild thyme.

General Opinion over said character: OM NOM NOM FEED ME.

[send me a character]

Beachwater Converter Creature - $10

A medium sized CC, any matter it consumes is converted into elemental seawater. Elemental seawater counters oil and certain chemicals, pumping enough of it into the ocean close to the shore will restore coastal ecosystems if they are sickly, polluted, or damaged, and bolster populations of overfished organisms, though it takes ample time or excessive intake to speed this process. Drinking it grants temporary waterbreathing, but only in saltwater environments - freshwater will choke the imbiber until the effect wears off.
Occasionally forms ‘crystals’ of sand, seashells, palm-sized marine animals, and, occasionally, clams and oysters, which always contain high quality pearls.

Send an ask if you’d like to purchase this adoptable!
Species info here - You can tweak their design, traits, and such to your liking if you buy them, I’m not at all strict when it comes to that!