“Senpai” :“”) Aaaaaaw you’re so sweet, anon, you reminded me of Sakurai :’) Please don’t apologize and feel free to send me your knb requests, headcanons and stuff. You know, actually I wanted to do this eyes thing a long long long time ago, but I didn’t know what fandom to choose and then I just forgot about the whole idea. So thank you for reminding me! And yeah, this is the first part, there will be the second one, but later x)

Classification of KNB characters

The “bastard and fucking sexy….BOOM PREGNANT !” ones (and “dark” too…so emo)

The “angry” ones (my eaaars ;_; )

The “excited and lol lol lol” ones

The “showing an emotion can kill me” ones

The “smile who can cure cancer” ones

BONUS : The “my eyesbrows are fabulous” ones


He reads his opponents’ thoughts by observing their expressions and actions. He’s a monster when it comes to reading minds. He’s practically a psychic. He’s the best at doing things people hate. Imayoshi’s the one who gets things done in these situations.


Countdown to Kuroko no Basket S3 || 3 Days
↳ They achieved rapid growth in the past few years, surpassing numerous veterans and placing second in the Inter-high! A super offensive team that instantly became one of the most anticipated winners of this competition coupled with their genius scorer of the Generation of Miracles, Aomine Daiki, has become a newly crowned tyrant! Touou Academy!