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Akashi, Imayoshi, and Hanamiya find out that their kinda tough/distinguished acting s/o has a huge collection of really really cute plushies??

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi doesn’t mind your hobby but would be lying if he said it didn’t surprise him; he finds them to be rather cute and confesses the hobby isn’t a bad one to hold, even if it did appear childish. He goes on to state that as long as it made you happy it was perfectly acceptable, as long as you didn’t spend too much money on them a year (he would just have to start buying them for you, then).

Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya sneers as he picks up a plushie, staring at it in the light and wondering why you had an interest in such a thing. He tosses it on the bed (to which you yell at him for not handling your property delicately) and asks how someone like you ever thought to collect small, cute plushies like the ones you had. When you point out that he had called your plushies cute he denies it, tossing the nearest one at your face as you jokingly ask if he had a secret collection, too.

Imayoshi Shoichi: Imayoshi smiles as he observes you collection of cute plushies that line your walls, commenting that your hobby was certainly cute and that he, too, collected them. When you ask if he’s being serious he tells you he’s not, but asks if thinking so made you feel better about revealing this fact to him, to which you punch him in the arm for thinking lying would pacify you.

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Can you please do Kasamatsu, Imayoshi, Kiyoshi, Takao, and Himuro, who are jealous that their crush likes someone unexpected on their team? Please make it fluffy!

Okay, I am sorry that this is poorly done but I am down with a fever, sore throat, cough and flu and just overall feeling terrible. If you don’t like this, please do submit another ask! Sorry once again and I hope you will enjoy this <3


Kasamatsu frowned as you continued laughing while speaking to Hayakawa. Your hand laid gently on his shoulder as you giggled.

“Hey, doesn’t it seem weird that (l/n)-san has been talking to Mitsuhiro-cchi so much lately?” Kise asked, elbowing Kasamatsu in his side.

He frowned, narrowing his eyes at the insinuation.

“I asked her yesterday if she likes anyone and she was giggling madly while looking at Mitsuhiro-cchi,” Kise continued.

“Why would she like him? He is a loud mouthed idiot,” Kasamatsu murmured under his breath.

“(l/n)-san, do you like Mitsuhuro-cchi?” Kise shouted across the court.

You immediately flushed at the loud voice, eyes blinking widely at what he has said.

“Uh… I…” you stuttered.

Meanwhile, Hayakawa has also turned red and was saying shouting something illegible. Kasamatsu clenched his fist and kicked at Kise’s head without hesitation.

“Shut up, you idiot!”


“What are you doing?” Imayoshi asked, sitting down beside you without hesitation.

You smiled up at him.

“I am writing a letter.”

“A letter huh? For who?”

“Uh…” you flushed at the question, which made Imayoshi more curious.

“Is it a love letter?”

You turned even redder, biting your lips.

“Who is it meant for?” Imayoshi pressed.

“If I tell you, do you promise not to tell anyone else?” you asked.

He nodded, a sly twinkle in his eyes.

“I… I like Sakurai-san,” you confessed.

He froze at the words, blinking for a moment to take it all in.

“Are you serious?” he frowned.

You nodded dreamily.

“He is really cute and polite. I…”

“He is an apologetic mushroom,” Imayoshi interrupted.

“He is just really polite!” you defended him.

Imayoshi narrowed his eyes as a hot burst of jealousy warmed through him and he sat back in the chair while you wrote the letter, internally comparing himself to Sakurai.


Kiyoshi perked up when he saw you enter the gym and was about to call out your name when he realized that you were headed in a straight line for Kuroko. As he watched curiously, you began blushing when you reached him. Could it be possible that you liked the blue haired phantom? Inching closer slyly, he made sure he was in an appropriate hearing distance.

“Hi, Kuroko-san,” you greeted.

“(l/n)-san,” he replied stoically.

Kiyoshi frowned at the interaction and with a burst of courage, walked up to the both of you. Using his wide hand, he pressed down on Kuroko’s head not so gently and grinned down at you.

“Hello, (l/n)-san, what brings you here?” he asked.

“Ow, that hurts senpai,” Kuroko struggled to look up at him.

“Uh, I… Nothing. I just came to look around,” you stuttered.

“Did you come here to see Kuroko?” Izuki suddenly popped up.

You turned completely red at the question and stumbled back.


Kiyoshi pressed his other hand down on Izuki’s head.

“Okay, everyone, let’s have a practice match! Seniors against the juniors,” Kiyoshi suddenly announced.

Everyone looked at him in shock before nodding, getting into position.

“Please excuse us,” Kiyoshi said and you nodded furiously, quickly joining Riko at the bench.

Frowning, he promised to completely thrash Kuroko for even stealing your attention.


Takao was turning the corner when he spotted you peeking into the gym.

“Eh, (l/n)-san? What are you doing here?” he asked, walking up to you.

You immediately backed away from the doors, an awkward grin on your face.

“Uh… I…”

“Who are you looking for?”

“I… I was looking for Midorima-san,” you confessed, a flush stealing across your face.

“Shin-chan? Why are you looking for him?” he probed, looking down at you.

You avoided his glance and began shifting in your spot.

“You like Shin-chan? No way! You are supposed to like me!” Takao whined.

You looked up at him in amusement as he began pouting about how Midorima was a tsundere. In the end, he poked his head into the gym and quickly shouted “Shin-chan is an idiot!”


“(l/n)-san, why are you here?” Himuro asked when he spotted you sitting in the gym alone.

“Oh, I was just… waiting for a chance to talk to the captain,” you replied and Himuro looked back to Okamura who was currently dunking a ball.

“The captain? Why do you want to talk to him? Are you interested in him?” he asked without hesitation.

Your eyes immediately went wide.

“Is it that obvious?”

A warm roll of jealousy rolled through him as he looked at you.

“Why would you like Okamura-senpai? He has an ugly hairstyle.”

You raised a hand to your mouth as you giggled.

“I like his kind nature. He is also very hardworking.”

With a huff, Himuro stood up and went over to Okamura.

“Okamura-senpai, let’s have a match,” he stated.

The burly captain barely had time to even react before Himuro shot a perfect mirage shot in succession. He took a glance at you to make sure you noticed before walking off, complaining internally that he was cooler than Okamura in all ways.


custom sunday
names: si’veth & talphadice
artists: imay & chia
Bought the first one off of fiery c: and won the auction on the second design!

selling breeding slots for them HERE (btw)
leaving the spino limited cos I already have a few slot trades for it q w q

knb fave memes

i know this wasn’t requested but i got the idea from this haikyuu post which you can find here  reblog their post i love it tbh

Kuroko: anyways….. or Source?

Kiyoshi: sneople (snake people)

Murasakibara: That me -_-

Takao: New phone who dis? AND ALSO the “i hate people who dress like this…… we get it you smoke weed”

he did it to midorima once cause he was wearing green and he got like 298 retweets on twitter

Midorima: astrology posts and also he 100% supports gemini hate

ex: he once told Takao that according to a specific astrology post he’s most likely to be a LITTLE BITCH

Hyuga: hoe dont do it

Aomine: Pepe. he sent pepe like 20 million times to kuroko. that was like five months ago. they don’t talk anymore.

Kagami: If you’re reading this…. the drake meme


Izuki: Kanye West puns

Akashi: just the fucking tea meme or the BITCH WHERE?

Imayoshi: babe come over my parents aren’t home

Himuro: Just fuck me up…….

Hanamiya: why ya tittie out

Due to the surprising demand for icons, but not for the 1500 follower mark, I decided to try my hand at making a few icons! Feel free to use them but please reblog and like if you decide to use one!

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gom+kagami+imayoshi's s/o asking them for swimming lessons since apparently they can't swim.

are you sure you wanna ask Kuroko?

^^KUROKO: He starts having PTSD flashbacks of when Riko held the training camp and he passed out in the pool. But seeing how important is was for you to learn how to swim, he gets in the water and does his best to teach you. “You only need to learn essentials.” He says, grateful he didn’t have to do laps.

KAGAMI: Doesn’t mind at all, surprised that you never learned how to do this before. When you’re in the water with him, he’s having trouble describing maneuvers, finding it easier to demonstrate. And while he looks good doing them, you’re still confused. “It’s not that easy, Kagami-kun!” You whined.

KISE: Brags about how he can hold his breath for minutes, and instead of properly teaching you other things, he tries to show off. Kise really is underwater for a long time, but by the time he loses his breath and surfaces, he looks light-headed. “See, ____cchi? Easy…” And then he falls over.

AOMINE: Would much rather teach you basketball or something he deems useful, but obliges anyways. After all, he got to give teasing touches all over your body in your swimsuit while disguising it as “adjusting your position”. You send him incredulous looks, but he only shrugs while telling you to listen to him.

IMAYOSHI: After his endless torrent of teasing you for being childish and not knowing how to swim, you eventually know how to do it. As Imayoshi watches you swim the entire length of the pool to him, he can’t hide his triumphant smile. You look somewhat confused. “I can’t believe… you taught me without any of your games.”

MIDORIMA: He teaches you in a very formulaic way, but his refusal to touch your bare skin is getting in the way. “Shintaro… it’s ok.” You told him, lifting your arms up so he could position you correctly in the water. He sighs, as if this was so difficult. “I-I refuse. If you’re gonna learn, do it yourself.” He shoots back.

MURASAKIBARA: Won’t even get in the water, but sits at the side of the pool. “Just tell me what you wanna know.” He says simply, as crumbs from his chips fall into the pool. You wade over to him, before a glint appears in your eyes. “____-chin, you better not–” Mura doesn’t finish, before you drag him into the water.

AKASHI: Is nothing but clinical and professional, as if this were a lesson you paid for. “After all, I can’t have you drowning on me.” He tells you. By the end of it, you know all the basics of swimming. You hug him against the side of the pool, saying it was actually fun to swim and he only smiles mysteriously.

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GOM + Imayoshi + Haizaki + Hanamiya's pregnant wife asking for a breast massage cause they're swelled up and it hurts?

relatively short answers for this one :) semi-NSFW untagged

AKASHI: Gently, carefully, he massaged you and asked you if the pressure was alright. He’d be very careful not to hurt you and apply pressure only to the areas that hurt. “Does this feel okay?” He’d constantly ask to make sure he wasn’t hurting you.

AOMINE: “Give me the boob.” Although Aomine could be a bit rough when it came to sexual favors, he was very attentive when you were pregnant. He did take advantage of the situation and even offered to suck it if it made you feel better. You hit him.

HAIZAKI: With a devious smirk, he instantly planted his hands on your breasts and began massaging. He was surprisingly – and not so surprisingly – very skilled and managed to relax you with his expert skills. Though, when he pinched the nipple, you smacked him and locked him out.

HANAMIYA: “My, my, aren’t you very tempting?” He smirked as you sat there, ready for him to give you a massage. You pouted at him and winced again at the pain. Rolling his eyes, pulled you to his front and circled his hands around you. His deft hands began to press on all the right spots. Now that was heaven.

IMAYOSHI: Imayoshi had on that infamous smile of his as he saw you looking helplessly at him. “Ne, ___-chan, do you really want me to touch them? Last night you were wild too and—“ You chided him and he instantly went to your rescue, giving you the best massage of your life.

KISE: Kise’s usually sparkling eyes darkened slightly at the very, very tempting request. “I didn’t think you could be that bold, ___-chi.” He smiled that promised the worst and best of things. “Well, as you know, I always aim to please.” And he put his hands on you and definitely fulfilled his promise.

KUROKO: He raised an eyebrow at your peculiar request but couldn’t deny you because you look too pained. He pulled you close, your back pressed against his chest before his hands began to work his magic. You felt yourself start to relax and soon fell asleep as he placed a sweet kiss on your forehead.

MIDORIMA: His eyes widened at your explicitly absurd request. “W-What are you saying?” You rolled your eyes at how red he became because of the embarrassment. “I guess if it is only to soothe the pain then I don’t really mind.” Obviously afterwards, even after the pain subsided, he was enjoying himself way too much.

MURASAKIBARA: Smiling, he instantly placed his hands on your breasts and began to massage. “Wow, ___-chin’s boobs are very soft, I like them. Does this hurt?” He tried several methods to massage, applying different kinds of pressures and heaven forbid, his huge hands were a definite asset in the relationship.