KnB 30-Day Challenge  | 07. favorite position ? 

Point Guard - “They are expected to run the team’s offense by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right players at the right time. Point guards tend to be short since dribbling the ball is an essential skill for the position. After an opponent scores, it is typically the point guard who brings the ball down court to begin an offensive play. Passing skills, ball handling, and court vision are crucial. Speed is important; a speedy point guard is better able to create separation and space off the dribble, giving him/herself room to work.”

USWNT Drinking Game

Drink every time…
1. Alex Morgan gets called offsides
2. HAO is freed
3. They need a bitch and get Kelley
4. Tobin nutmegs someone
5. They show Hope Solo looking bored in goal
6. Jill Ellis looks confused
7. Hope Solo touches the ball
8. Broon slide tackles magnificently
9. Any player scores
10. Alex Morgan looks frustrated
11. The opposite team flops
12. The 2015 World Cup is mentioned
13. Someone gets carded
14. A substitution is made

Finish your drink if…
1. Carli Lloyd gets a hat trick
2. Carli Lloyd scores from midfield
3. They actually play on grass
4. Julie Foudy calls out FIFA
5. Someone gets a first CAP or goal
6. Morgan scores, but it’s called offsides

1. While free kicks or corners are setting up

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How old would GoM + Nijimura + Imayoshi + Kagami be when they had their first kid?

this turned into ‘how old they are when they marry AND/OR have kids’ oops

KUROKO: I can see Kuroko marrying fairly early, living a traditional life where he marries his high school sweetheart. They’re working their normal jobs already and when they feel comfortable, they’d have children. Like 23-24 years old.

KAGAMI: Kagami would marry and have kids at a normal age, like 27. What would take long is him getting to the damn engagement because he’s paranoid his partner’s gonna say no.

KISE: Kise is fairly carefree throughout his twenties, probably dating quite a few people here and there. Being popular throughout his life has made him take love for granted, but when he finds that special person, he’d marry and have kids. 29, maybe even 30 years old.

AOMINE: He may not have kids until quite a bit later, maybe into his 30s. He’s always done his own thing and had a lot of freedom, so he’d want to enjoy that through his 20s. Even a partner can’t control him if they want kids.

IMAYOSHI: Would have kids at a middle of the road age, like 27 or 28. Despite his unpredictable personality, when it comes to his life, he’s already got everything planned out. The only thing he can’t guess is who he’ll end up falling for.

MIDORIMA: He’s also someone that may not have kids, either. Always believed Midorima wouldn’t want to have kids unless he could give 110% into child raising. That is unlikely to happen if his career as a doctor takes off.

MURASAKIBARA: If he does have kids, I can see it being an accident (lol). It might happen around 24-25 in that case. Though if his partner asks him straight-up, Mura would say he doesn’t want children.

AKASHI: Would marry early. When he falls for someone, he falls hard– and he’d propose right away too. Having kids would probably be a dream of his, so imagine him wanting some right away at like 25 years old.

NIJIMURA: Also one of those that may marry and have kids early on. With the right person, and if he felt they were mature enough, he’d have kids as early as 22. Nijimura would make a great dad regardless of his age.

Dating KNB boys would be like -

Dating GoM headcanons are here

Kagami Taiga -

  • The dorky adorable boyfriend. He gets irritated when you call him adorable though, but that’s only his way of hiding his embarrassment.
  • Is the best chef among the others. Secretly loves to cook for you and unintentionally teases you if you mess up while cooking together even though he comes to your aid right away.
  • Casual walks at park with hand in hand while he talks about basketball. Grocery shopping together. Long drives, just the two of you.
  • Easy to tease, since he gets flustered way too easily especially when you catch him by surprise with kisses. Of course, he’ll return back the favor right away.
  • Rough passionate sex. Is the kind of guy that likes things going fast and not into long foreplays, but he doesn’t mind them once in a while.
  • Loves cuddling after a long busy day. Nothing sexual, just lying there with you in his arms and talking about each other’s day.

Kasamatsu Yukio -

  • The dedicated and most reliable guy you could ask for. Knows what to say and when to say it.
  • Is a slow starter in the relationship. It will take him time to completely open up to you, but that’s just because he is awkward on various levels when it comes to having a love life.
  • Likes to play with your hair and hold you close when cuddling.
  • Can be a bit too uptight and strict when it comes to you taking care of yourself but that’s only because he cares. Is a worrywart even though he doesn’t show it.
  • He is not the kind that gets jealous easily, since he is matured enough and trusts you. There might be little remarks like “oh you finally have time for me” here and there, just enough to let you know that he noticed but that’s all.
  • Likes to hide his face in your hair/neck when having sex, partially cuz he doesn’t want you to see the dark blush on his face and also cuz he simply likes the way you smell.

Takao Kazunari -

  • The hilarious boyfriend with a weird sense of humor. Of course you love his weirdness just as much.
  • Loves to bother you at the most unexpected times. Makes sure that he never leaves your mind. Gives you enough personal space when needed cuz at the end of the day he really loves and understands you.
  • Pillow fights! Of course, tickle fights too, which starts really unexpectedly. One moment you two are cuddling and the next, you’re just a laughing mess. Is a sore loser and makes sure to pay you back twice next time.
  • A huge prankster, to the point that if you’re not always on your guard, you’ll become his prey. Can get on your nerve sometimes since he doesn’t stop laughing easily. 
  • Is the kind that gets all sulky and pouty when jealous. When it gets beyond his tolerance, he ends up saying stuff like “she belongs to me, you know” in a joking manner, but his eyes are intimidating enough to express his dislike towards them.
  • Loves teasing you in bed. Likes getting dominated and being teased for once. Gets turned on even more from constant eye contact.

Imayoshi Shouichi - 

  • The smarty pants boyfriend. ALWAYS has to have the last word in an argument.
  • Sassy talk competitions. Basically, who can come up with the best comebacks wins. Is very well liked by your parents and family who hasn’t seen his true nature. Like ever, and never will.
  • Surprise back hugs/Ear biting/Long foreplays. Loves to leave hickeys on visible spots only to see you annoyed. 
  • Very observant and doesn’t usually forgets things like your birthday/anniversary easily. Even though he likes to pretend that he did, to annoy you more, only to get you a memorable gift or maybe even a surprise party at the end of the day.
  • Can be a sweetheart when he wants to, but that’s one of the rarest cases so you’re always on your guard wondering what he’s up to.
  • Is extremely possessive. Never shows it, instead being the smarty pants he is, makes sure that YOU’re the one seeking him out and sticking by his side without him even asking you to.

Himuro Tatsuya -

  • The knight in a shining armor that you’ve always dreamt of. He’s always got your back and you just know it.
  • He gets jealous really easily, though just like on the basketball court he can perfectly fake his emotions. Hence in order to pick up on his change of moods/emotions you just have to be that much observant and notice the slight changes in his gestures/actions.
  • Back hugs/forehead kisses are just his thing. Is a really passionate kisser. Loves spending time with you cuddling whenever he can. Gets turned on from you kissing his neck/biting his ear .
  • Loves leaving butterfly kisses on your neck, shoulder, thighs and wherenot when having sex. He likes taking his time in bed in order to make you feel special and wanted with every gesture of his.
  • Always calls you beautiful and never forgets to wish you good night/good morning. Never forgets important dates either and it’s just one of the countless things that you love about him.
  • Actually manages to impress your parents/family/close friends to the point that they wouldn’t approve of anyone else but him for you.

Mibuchi Reo - 

  • The gentle and kind-hearted prince.
  • Loves to hear about your day, cooking together, watching movies while cuddling.
  • Random forehead/palm/hand kisses. Treats you like a princess, someone really delicate and will break if he is not gentle enough. 
  • Even in bed, he likes to take it slow. His highest priority is you feeling comfortable with whatever he does.
  • Is the scary kind when mad, like really mad. Doesn’t usually shows his negative feelings like anger/jealousy but sucks at completely hiding it since his actions speak volumes, cuz (way too) rare rough angry sex. Of course he’d spend days apologizing to you for that.
  • Is the kind to always tell you how much he appreciates your presence in his life, especially when he might be depressed and you cheer him up. Tells you “I love you” on a regular basis.

P.S : I am sorry they’re too descriptive. I did my best!

littlecrow-headcanons asked:

Hey hey sweetheart, thanks in advance for this! Could I maybe have the trash lords Imayoshi, Hanamiya and Nash in a situation where they have to comfort their s/o? Headcanons or scenarios are both fine with me and the situation their sweetheart is in or whether they actually manage to make things better is just as much up to you. I hope things are okay like this! *leaves hugs and cookies* Gracias, querida!

Only you’d use Spanish to torture me. And since I don’t want to make it too specific, I’ll go with headcanons on how they might comfort them.


  • He always frowns whenever you start crying or curling up on your own, refusing to talk to him about it. He’d jerk you into his arms, growling under his breath. “Dammit, just fucking tell me what’s wrong. You’re an idiot and you can’t just solve this shit on your own.”
  • While he’s usually rough, he actually pampered you the next morning. “Breakfast in bed?” You raised an eyebrow. He stared at your puffy eyes and rolled his eyes, “Thought it’d be nice once in a while.”
  • His methods are by no means conventional and they rarely ever work with his brash words. “Fuck, I’m sorry. Don’t cry again. Dammit.” He’ll end up with his arms wrapped tightly around you and your face buried in his chest.


  • Sometimes it surprised him whenever you got insecure or felt lost about certain things in lost because he always believed that you were perfect the way you were. He tugged you onto his lap, kissed your forehead. “You’re wonderful the way you are, darling. I hope you understand that soon.”
  • He pampers you and lets you do whatever you want, to a certain extent. He would spoon feed you if you wanted it or let you eat all the junk food you wanted. He wouldn’t let you go in the morning and kept holding you back, teasing you.
  • In between classes, he pops by to check on you and offers to eat lunch with you if you wanted. If you wanted to then he’ll keep you all to himself on the roof, slipping an arm around you and peppering you with kisses and making you blush.


  • Everyone knew Nash to be a rough man and he never liked being weak or seeing weakness. He growled when he saw you buried underneath ten layers of blankets but he took a deep breath, knowing full well that blowing up wouldn’t do either of you any good. So he just settled next to you and pulled you into his arms, holding you tightly and saying nothing.
  • “Do you want to talk to me now?” Nash grunted, tipping your chin up for you to look into his eyes. “You know I’m not going to let this go until you talk it out.” He sighed. He knew that most of the time, you needed to let it all go so he always pushed you to open up to him.
  • While he was usually busy with basketball, missing school and such, he’d check in on you in between practice times and would go straight back during your off days to ensure that you were fine. Hell, if he was feeling extra nice, he’d even make you a homemade meal. He’s quite skilled with his hands.

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A gif set of GoM + Kagami + Himuro cuddling cuddling with their s/o?

Kuroko Tetsuya -

Kagami Taiga -

Kise Ryouta -

Midorima Shintarou - 

Takao Kazunari - 

Aomine Daiki -

Murasakibara Atsushi - 

Himuro Tatsuya -

Akashi Seijuurou - 

Bonus :

Kasamatsu Yukio -

Imayoshi Shouichi - 

I should’ve never doubted Bandai Namco Pictures, even after 40+ episodes without breaks and especially after the amazing Shogun Assassination Arc the very next episode is looking as godlike as ever, these guys got the budget on point. Just look at the art on THESE FACES

The atmosphere in the episode was absolutely perfect, the darker colours of the streets of Edo, the use of cloudy skies

as well as the usage of music (and silence), you know it’s the real deal when they pull in the Mitsuba Soundtrack.

Not to mention the new opening, I figured this arc was going to get brand new visuals but damn they went all out. I love how it now shows Nobume’s phone ringing during the part where there’s a ringtone sound, it never really made sense for me before, I think they definitely made this song with these visuals in mind from the get go.

I already knew Sorachi was going to deliver another amazing arc, and right now I also have full confidence in BNP~