I am so incredibly thankful that I was raised by my grandmother. The reasons why would take too long to list, she was a delightful woman, and I aspire to be a fraction as great as her.

It is great to be able to buy a large mens shirt for $3.00 in the clearance rack and use my skills in alteration that my grandmother taught me to make that into a form-fitting and flattering shirt for work.

It is sew awesome! …ha.

Bc I have the best, most amazing bestfriend in the world &he got me the most amazing xmas present ever @mannythe5_8 #latepost #IReallyAmHarleyQuinn #TheNamesHarleenQuinzel #YesIHaveWornItInPublicAlready #ImATotalNerd #IDGAFWhatAnyoneSaysILookAdorableInThisSweater #FUImAwesome #HastagParty @geekyushop