I’m actually happy with how my wife’s pearl wig turned out! This was my first attempt at using a felt form to shape a wig. I missed taking a picture of the wefts on the cone but I just fabric glued them all around it, sprayed the hecky-decky out of it with got2b glued hair spray, sewed the hair-cone onto the wig and swept the extra hair back to cover the edges then sprayed everything in place. I can’t wait to make the pearl and spear!



I know this looks hilarious, but let me explain. I’ve never sewed a skin tight, full arm (with webbed fingers), gilled upper body suit before. I’m creating my own pattern (for obvious reasons). The fabric I’m using for this cosplay is nylon/spandex swimwear that costs $22 per meter. So I bought this much cheaper (and much more hideous) swim suit fabric to play with first so I can make sure all my pieces are perfect. (i do need to lengthen the arm and fingers slightly, interface the gills and move them down a little, the final work will also have wired fins on the for-arms). I only did 1 arm and one set of gills because quite honestly it’s a fair bit of work and I now have the pieces and knowledge I needed out of the trial. 

When I get my final version sewn up (in nice fabric without a hideous print) I plan on airbrushing it to look less like my chub and more like a sexy tentaspy torso.

Speaking of my chub, please don’t poke fun. I’m wearing a binding shirt to compress my rather large chest, There is really nothing else I can do about it. I’m going to look into one of those stomach compression thingers too. If you know any really good ones or even better, a binding shirt that will attractively compress my entire torso and not JUST my chest please share your knowledge!


CuTea Bags! These chubby plush tea bags will make the perfect, heart warming gift for a tea lover! They will be available in my etsy shop once I’ve made a few more. This is the first design, the ones I am selling will be a little different, possibly entirely minky fabric or cotton and minky/fleece depending on the colour (this one is cotton/rayon linen and minky). I will be making a few different colours and prints to represent different types of tea as well, so whatever tea you or your sweetheart drinks you will not be left without a nice cuddly CuTea Bag!


PLEASE RE-BLOG THIS: It would be super helpful, I’m trying to spread the word about her a bit before starting a bid up.

One of a kind Fluttershy Plush in her Grand Galloping Gala dress. This gorgeous pony is going to be up for sale on Ebay, I will put a link up for the bid in a bit.

Her dress is removable as you can see in the pictures, it easily comes on and off with the use of the little hook and bar at the front. The shoes are also removable.

She is made of a fleecy fabric and super baby soft acrylic/rayon/nylon yarn for her thick mane and tail. Her legs are all wired so she is position-able.

Her lovely gala dress is made of bridal satin, and lined with tissue taffeta.

This is the perfect gift for your favourite Brony, MLP fan, or of course a treat for yourself~