@the_10th_letter_x2 finished a huge exam this week and as a reward for all his hard work the last 8 months, JJ bought a brand new brew setup and is enjoying his first brew day in almost 3 years! Brewmaster Jones is back, and is one happy guy. So proud of you, brewer, thinker, man of the year and soon to be qualified Actuary. #imarriedafellow #cheers #homebrewer #blickman #ausnzhopsrule (at Redfern/Waterloo)

His Master’s may be finished, but he’s not slowing down. Bigger goals are still in his sights. T-minus 900-1200 more study hours and 3 more exams to sit until Mr. John Wright Jones III is Fellow John Wright Jones III. You’re all invited to the “Jolly Good Fellow” jubilee I’m already planning for when we finally see this thing through to the end. Go, JJ, Go! #imarriedafellow

Happy first day of your last semester, @the_10th_letter_x2 ! You’re 3/4 a Master and the most handsome nearly-fellow I know. Of course you’re in class and I’m at home and I won’t see you till bedtime and you won’t read this till next month because your phone is too slow and you never remember to check on your iPad, but this commitment is almost over and when it is then we’ll be able to afford for you to buy an new phone and get you out of the 3G dark ages so we can both Instagram away all the fun things we’ll have time and money for once you’re graduated. I’m super proud of you and I’m positive that soon this long long GFC-Korea-Grad School adventure will come full circle and we’ll be able to stop and breath. 4 more months! #instababble #imarriedafellow (at Bundeena)

Coming home from work to the garage light on means JJs taken his scooter and is hard at work in class up the hill after probably an already long day of studying. So proud of you, JJ and so glad grad school won’t last forever. Someday we’ll go back to dinner & weekends & vacations together and you’ll be a master! #6moremonths #thisiswhatgradschoollookslike #imarriedafellow