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Next chapter of the httyd AU please?

Sure! The next chapter should be the last one. I hope you like it!

Read the last one here!

Marco watched the ships sail off until they were out of sight. He couldn’t even see them as dots along the horizon. Marco stood there, with his arms wrapped around himself. He was gone. His best friend, Tom was gone. Marco watched the ocean for a while longer. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know what he could do.

“Tom’s really gone, huh?” A voice piped up behind him. Marco looked back and saw Star come to stand next to him. She watched the ocean as well. The two kids stood there for a while longer until Star spoke again. “I’m sorry.” She sighed. “I’m sorry all this happened, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you stop it.”

“It’s not your fault.” Marco sighed. “I was the one who took the chance of telling Heckapoo and I put him in danger. He was trying to protect me… this is all my fault.” Marco wrapped his arms tighter around himself. And then he heard laughing from Star.

“Yup, it sure is.” She began. “So how are you gonna fix it?” She asked with a smile. Marco only shrugged.

“I’ll probably do something crazy.” He decided.

“You already did that.” Star reminded. Marco nodded and began to make his way to the arena.

“Then something stupid.” he grinned at her. Star followed her friend.

“Now that’s more like it.”


“If your plan is to get eaten, I’d go with the Gronkle.” Janna spoke, she crossed her arms as Marco stood outside the dragon pens at the arena. “What’s the plan here?” She asked. Marco just gave her a smile and opened up the pen. An angry Monstrous Nightmare came out, but Marco carefully used the tricks he learned on Tom, to lure him over to Janna and get the dragon and human acquainted. At seeing how they got along, the other dragons became curious and exited their cells.

A Deadly Nadder came out and quickly bonded with Star. Marco smiled and ran over to the big wooden crate, pulling out some rope. “What’s that for?” Janna asked.

“You might need something to help you hold on.” Marco told her.

“Woah, you don’t actually wanna ride one of these things?” She asked. Marco just grinned.



Heckapoo’s ships sailed along the foggy waters. Tom was curled up in his cage, shaking and keeping his head down. The ship entered the big blanket of fog and Tom squeezed his eyes shut tighter. Heckapoo stepped forward and hit the bars hard with her hammer, causing the humanoid to jump. “Lead the way, devil.” She spat at him.

Tom didn’t really want to, but his instincts told him otherwise. His ears perked up when he head the sound of his brothers and sisters at the nest, miles away. He seemed to be trying to get out of his cage, to answer their calls. The ship steered in the directions he seemed frantic to get. And very soon, the ship sailed up onto a giant island, full of rocky mountains and caves. Heckapoo looked at Tom, who was crouched down with wide eyes and his ears flattened against his head.

“We’re here.” She finally decided. The vikings gathered their weapons and one by one, filtered off the boat. Tom gulped and shrunk away even more as he watched the humans go forward. He was too petrified to even say anything out loud. The vikings went over to a big, flat side of the mountain. “We fire at the mountain, crack it open and send them all running.” Heckapoo called to her warriors. “They must be hiding inside the mountain, it’s the only place big enough for the whole nest.”

Tom shook his head and hoped they would decide to fall back. But the catapults were loaded and fired into the side of the mountain. The mountain cracked open and like a tornado, thousands of dragons of different species filtered out. The vikings cried out and fought against them. But the dragons didn’t seem to want to fight. They just flew away as fast as possible.

“Is that it?” Whombulus asked, looking at the dragons that flew away. “Did we… did we win?” He asked, confused. Heckapoo looked at the mountain with narrowed eyes.
“No. This isn’t over.” She warned them. But before the warning could process, the mountain tore apart. Boulders and rock flew everywhere as a monster bigger than the world has ever seen burst from the earth’s crust. He spread its giant wings and breathed out a plethora of fire. It turned the sky an angry red.

“Oh god help us…” Was all Heckapoo managed to say before the panic rose. Vikings ran and tried to dodge rocks and fire. “RETREAT TO THE SHIP!” Heckapoo called to her warriors. They all began to run away from the beast, as she ran to it. Rhombulus followed her. “Rhombulus, go get to the ships!” She cried.

“I won’t leave you chief.” He told her.

“You have to! I can distract it and buy you all a few minutes to escape.” She told him. But he shook his head and stuck by her.

“And I can double that time.” He swore. Heckapoo nodded and they narrowed their eyes up at the beast, beginning to charge forth and do anything in their power to get the monster to look away from their people and down at them. As soon as the dragon saw Heckapoo, it attempted to go forward to crush her, but before it could get near her, a blast came from seemingly nowhere and hit the beast in the face.

Heckapoo looked up and her jaw dropped when she saw three kids on the backs of dragons, flying through the sky and blasting the monster. “No way in hell…” She started her sentence, but just found herself trailing off.

Marco was on the back of a Deadly Nadder, flying above Star. Janna’s Monstrous Nightmare cut through the air and she blasted the Dragon queen again. “Take that dumb lizard!” She cheered. He dragon seemed to give her a look and she patted it’s head. “Not you.” Janna assured.

Marco’s eyes scanned the ground until he saw Tom’s cage. “There he is!” Marco cried. “Star! You and Janna hold it off! I’m going to go save Tom!” He shouted. Star nodded and Marco dove down, flying as fast as he could to Tom’s holding.

Tom tried to claw and burn the cage to escape. But he was a humanoid, more human than dragon. His fire wasn’t strong enough. His cage was shoved by vikings, trying to get away from the island and get weapons to fight. But escape was no longer an option when the Dragon queen let out another roar of fire. It spread across all the boats and people jumped into the water to escape the flames. Tom’s eyes widened when he saw the flames closing in around him. But soo the floor burned up and the metal cage fell through, causing Tom to begin to sink to the bottom of the ocean.

He tried to fight against his restraints, but it was no use. He looked up at the light shining through the surface of the water, it was getting further and further away. Tom opened his mouth to call out, but only bubbles floated to the surface of the water. Tom was about to give up, when he saw something dive into the water. Tom tried to see, the figure looked like another dragon… but there was something familiar as well. Tom heard clicking, like somebody undid the lock on the cage door, and then he felt two hands pull him.

As they burst through the top of the water Tom gasped for breath. He then looked up and realized he was in Marco’s arms, riding on the back of a Deadly Nadder. He coughed and took deep breaths, before looking up at Maroc with big eyes. “You came for me.” Tom whispered. Marco smiled at him.

“And you used a full sentence.” He winked, before hugging Tom close. “I’d never let them take you.” Marco whispered. But he cut off when the Dragon Queen screeched again, sending flames into the air. “But we have work to do, come on Tom.” Marco narrowed his eyes and they flew further out, up above the Dragon Queen’s head. Marco pulled back on the Nadder’s horns, causing it to breath out fire, hitting the Dragon Queen in the eye. “Okay, looks like we got it’s attention.” Marco noted. “Star! Janna! Get out of here!” Marco called to them. The girls looked at each other confused as Marco flew up into the clouds. The Dragon Queen roared and spread it’s wings, flying after him.

“It’s coming after us!” Marco looked behind him. “So that thing has wings, huh? Let’s see if it can use them.” Marco narrowed his eyes and they flew upward sharply. They got the dragon up as high as possible, before flying down, just as fast. The dragon queen dropped down and flew straight down after them, opening it’s mouth to fire.

“Wait for it.” Marco whispered to Tom. “NOW!” He cried. And Tom lifted his fire covered hand, throwing a handful of fire at the queen. It got hit in the face and lost control of it’s flight. Causing the dragon queen to crash down on the rocky surface of the island, erupting into flames.

Marco and Tom flew upwards, away from the explosion of the Dragon queen. They tried to get out of the fiery demise area, but they weren’t fast enough. On their way up, the dragon queen’s tail his the duo and they got separated. Tom gasped when he saw Marco fall into the fiery inferno. He gave the Deadly Nadder a kick so it would fall away from the explosion and to safety. And then he flew after Marco. His wing was broken and he wouldn’t be able to escape himself. But he had to get to Marco. Tom dove down into the fire and felt the heat hit his face, just as he grabbed Marco’s hand and pulled him close, wrapping his wings around the two of them.

The explosion cleared up and all the vikings stared in shock, hoping and praying for Marco to be safe… or at the very least alive. But all they saw was Tom, laying unmoving with his wings wrapped around him. Heckapoo put a hand over her mouth and moved closer to the creature. She fell to her knees. “M-Marco… no…” She whispered. Tears formed in her eyes and Star and Janna held onto each other. “This is all my fault…” Heckapoo nearly cried.

Tom looked up at the village chief and nodded. And then, he opened up his wings. Revealing he had saved Marco. Heckapoo fell back in shock, she then crawled over to the boy and lifting him up, listening for a heartbeat. “He’s alive!” She cried. “You brought him back alive!” She cheered. The village erupted in joyous cheers and Janna and Star ran over to their friend.

“Marco’s okay!” Star grinned.

“Well… most of him.” Janna corrected.

Bots vs. iMarcos - E! Online Poll

So obviously anyone who’s been involved in the e online poll the past couple of days has seen all of these rumors about cheating using bots and I wanted to clear the air about it a little. Just a little background about me, I’ve been a web designer for 5 years with some web development experience and I’ve dealt with CAPTCHAS and spambots a lot with my job and I wanted to explain what a bot is versus imacros.


So bots or spambots is a script or computer program designed to attack a website by continuously filling out a form with nonsense and “spamming” the websites email. These things can continue doing this for as long as the program wants and they can submit nonsense automatically. However, when a CAPTCHA is used on a web form it prevents these bots from being able to submit. Because the CAPTCHA uses an OCR (optical character recognition) the bot can’t read the word(s) and therefore every time it tries to submit to the form it won’t validate. You’ll notice when you filled out the CAPTCHA screen if you typed a letter wrong you had to do it again right, that’s because it won’t validate unless the word is correct. There’s really no way around a CAPTCHA for bots, which is why even though everyone hates using them (because they tend to frustrate the end user) it’s the most secure way to prevent spam.


So iMacros is an extension for a web browser used to record repetitive actions, its commonly used by web designers and developers when they want to test a web site. This is the Chrome extension that people have added to their browser to save time with voting. Basically it will open tons of tabs with a quick keyboard command and it can even open a website in the exact same spot (so you don’t have to scroll.) However, unlike a bot a human being still has to select the radio button, fill out the CAPTCHA and click submit, you’re just speeding up the process. This information has been ALL over tumblr and anyone could easily have done it so it’s not like this was only available to the SC fandom.

Now I’m unfamiliar with OUAT (never seen an episode) and their fandom so I can’t really comment on the size of the CS fandom (though it does seem large.) I can comment on the SC fandom though and while people may think we are small it’s actually grown quite large in the past couple of months because the Stefan and Caroline relationship has been a major focus on the show this season. I also noticed throughout the poll on twitter and tumblr, SCers have never given up in all of the rounds, they constantly set goals to reach certain percentages and many people haven’t slept much the past few days (I am not one of these people.) From what I’ve seen they used a strategy, set up a chat room to motivate each other and had such a vast global fanbase that they were able to have tons of people voting 24/7.

SC was very much the underdog throughout this entire poll and that motivated a lot of us. We are constantly belittled in the TVD fandom and called “Sterolfuck” “Sterocest” people say our ship is forced, it’s incest, the characters are OOC because who knows and honestly we’re all just really sick of it. I’m sure no matter what I say people will always say we cheated and that’s fine, I really don’t care, but for anyone who wanted to know the truth about the bots and the SC fandom strategy here it is.