When Barack retweeted Jeb: bipartisan immigration-reform effort goes coast to coast | Naked Politics

President Barack Obama, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice all agree: Immigration reform is a must.

“Delaying solutions will only make the problem grow. NOW is the time for immigration reform. Join the #iMarch at,” Bush Tweeted this morning.

The president gave him a retweet.

I support the March of Innovation because the current American immigration system kills innovation and America’s economic growth (and at times exposes Americans to dangers from outside –  Boston terrorists got their “asylum” green cards much faster than any professional or entrepreneurial petitioners ever could!). A good start would be to offer residency to those who have clean records and earned American graduate degrees. Many of my foreign MBA classmates, including Canadians, had to leave the United States due to immigration issues. Today, they work for international corporations, directly competing with the U.S. companies. It took me 12 years and over $80,000 in immigration government and legal fees to obtain my U.S. residency. In the meantime, since my first day in the U.S., I launched entrepreneurial projects, ranging from a think tank program on U.S.-Russia relations to entertainment production companies. To date, I have created over 50 American jobs, brought several million dollars into the U.S. economy from abroad, assisted multiple U.S. government agencies, and paid all income and other taxes along the way. Getting U.S. residency was one of the greatest challenges I have ever faced. Stop the American brain drain, support immigration reform for a better U.S. economy!


Check out Faizan’s Story.  

Faizan Buzdar is the founder and CEO of  He’s an entrepreneur creating jobs in America.  The problem?  Faizan isn’t sure if he’s going to get a Green Card.  We need smart immigration reform so people like Faizan can help expand our economy and create jobs.