List 6 random facts about yourself and then pass it on to your 10 favorite followers!

Awwww my gosh thanks @i-lost-my-shoe26 1. for saying I am one of your ten favourite followers (eeeeeekkkkkk!) and 2. for the tag!

6 random facts about me… goddamn does anyone even care? lol no but hey anyway…

1. I am a virgo

2. I like being barefoot but me feetsies get cold quickly! 

3. I wish I could just survive in a forest with little to no human contact

4. I love forests and mountains and caves 

5. I like the stars

6. I truly love cars. I want an Imapla 67′ (obvs), Jensen Interceptor, 69′ Mustang Boss (legit its so beautiful and its fucking a 69! heh!), a GT Premium Fastback Mustang possibly in Grabber Blue (not that I have done research or anything!) and a Ram 3500 

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Imagine cas dying in deans arms and the last words cas heard was “why dose everyone I love die” then cas’s breathing becomes very faint until it stops. Then flash forward to dean driving away from the place he just buried cas, which was next to his fathers grave. Then the camera sets onto the impala driving away into the sunset with sam and dean in the car. And as soon as they reach the cameras horizon the camera fades to black and dust in the wind plays.

What if chuck narrates the last episode ever. 

“It’s been 40 long hard years for the Winchesters, and they couldn’t think of a better way to die, 
Back to back standing off to the enemies who gathered around them.
They knew this was it, they knew this was the last time they’d ever breath in harmony
Ever fight side by side again, The gates of Hell closed, as well as the gates of heaven, where would their souls go?
No they didn’t think so
maybe they’d just disappear
suddenly gone from Earths surface

And the impala would sit in the field where they held their finale battle 
breathed their finale breaths
and it would sit and wait,
For the angel it knew would come,
The angel who had fallen so far, 
that he now had to live a long
Lonely life without the man he loved 
and the Brother he’d grown so fond of
But it was not sad,
No in fact Castiel felt a slight relief,
Sam and Dean had finally found peace.
It was his turn now too.”