Nice one, little one - Winchester Brothers

Imagine a boy has been pissing you off at school and Dean asks if you want him to handle it and you show him that you can handle things yourself.


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Turning over the page to your book and sighing as the main character did another unrealistic thing, you had the feeling that someone was walking towards you. 

Closing your book and looking up, you saw that your senses had been correct. There stood the biggest dick you had seen in your life (besides Metatron of course). You couldn’t be bothered to even learn his name because of how frustrating he was. 

‘Well well well, if it isn’t little miss nerd.’ Was that seriously the best he could come up with?

Sighing and rolling your eyes, you stood up being sure to bump him on the shoulder. ‘I’d rather not lose any brain cells. You know, since you’ve lost yours, it’s starting to effect those around you.’ You told him as you looked over your shoulder walking away from him, giving him a sarcastic smile.

‘At least I have parents.’ He whispered underneath his breath. 

You stopped short, making sure you had heard him correctly. ‘What did you just say?’ You bitterly said, turning to face him.

‘You heard me.’ He sneered, crossing his arms in triumph. 

You were about to launch at him when you heard the rumble of the impala across the school car park.

Steading your breaths and bringing down the level of anger in your chest you swiftly turned away from the walking piece of shit and headed straight towards baby. 

Opening the door to where Sam usually sits, you flung your self in and slammed the door behind you, throwing your bag into the back seat.

‘Hey! Be nice to baby.’ Dean complained, rubbing the dashboard of the car.

‘Just drive Dean.’ You ordered, not wanting to get angry again. 

‘Sheesh, whats gotten you in a twist. Is that how the phrase goes? No, that doesn’t sound right.’ Dean muttered.

Closing your eyes and breathing out you looked at Dean who was questioning the phrase he had just said. 

‘If we don’t leave the car park right now, I think I might kill someone.’ You explained to him, noticing that the asshole was still pacing round the gates of the school.

Dean scanned around him, eyes squinting at the boy guilty of making you mad. 

‘Did he do something to piss you off?’ Dean asked you, getting angry at the idea of someone annoying his little sister.

‘Yes.’ You replied to him, rubbing your temple to calm yourself down.

‘What did he do?’ Dean practically shouted, not being able to control his temper.

‘He mentioned mum and dad being dead.’ You spat out quickly, not wanting to upset Dean. 

Without responding, Dean headed straight towards the door handle of the impala, muttering threats on how he was going to kill the little shit.

Grabbing Deans arm you looked up at him. ‘If I wanted him bloody and bruised, I would have done it myself.’ You growled at him.

‘Then why haven’t you?’ Dean interrogated you, his eyebrows knotting into frustration and confusion.

You rolled your eyes. ‘Have you forgotten what Sam said? He doesn’t want me getting in trouble.’ 

‘Screw Sam, he isn’t here. Beat that kids ass.’ Dean said while making a face of ‘duh, who cares what Sam says’.

You smiled cheekily in return, swinging the car door open and heading towards the poor excuse for a human.

‘Back for more? Well I -’ You interrupted him mid sentence by placing your fist to his right cheek, sending him to the floor with a busted lip.

‘Don’t EVER speak to me about my family again. Don’t speak to me, period.’ You spat at him as he lay shaking on the floor in fear looking up at you.

As you walked back towards Dean, he gave you a thumbs up and smile of approval through the window. You smiled proudly back.

‘Nice one, little one.’ Dean praised you as you entered baby.

Damn, it felt good to be a hunter sometimes.


Request: maybe one where you both get into a fight and he takes it out on you and you just leave or something?

Characters: Sam x Reader

A/N: To whoever requested this in your request you said instead to I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to do the one about the Demon blood. If so please message me!

To everyone else please send requests!!!

You opened your door and climbed out of the impala, grimacing when your injured leg touched the ground. Sam immediately ran around the car around picked you up bridal style.

“Sam stop, I can do this myself.” You said bitterly.

“Can you Y/N, cause you couldn’t do anything else tonight.” He responded not looking at you.

You decided to let that comment slide, you knew you messed up today but he didn’t need to point it out to you. Sam sat you down on the couch and quickly attended to the knife wound on your leg. It wasn’t that bad, just deep enough to need stitches, but Sam acted as if you were dying.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Sam asked while stitching you up.

You thought for a moment before answering “There was a kid in danger Sam what was I supposed to do?”

“Stick to the plan, stay at the car.” He said not taking his eyes of your wound.

“’Stay in the car’ that’s all I hear lately.” You mumbled bitterly. “You seem to forget that I was hunting by myself for years before you showed up. I can handle myself.”

“Obviously” he said gesturing towards your newly stitched up wound.

You squinted your eyes and turned away from him closing your eyes deciding to sleep on the couch.

You woke up the next morning to see Sam shoving some of his guns into a duffle bag.

“What’s going on?” You asked rubbing the sleep from your eyes.

“Going on a hunt.” He replied monotonous not looking up from his guns.

“I’ll go get my bag.” You replied getting up doing your best to hide your limp.

“Like hell you are.” He said slamming his gun down on the table.

You turned around and raised your eyebrows questioningly.

“You’re injured; you’re not going on the hunt.” He replied turning his gaze back to his guns.

“It’s not a big deal it’s a small cut.” You replied bitterly.

“You were stabbed in the leg Y/N!” He exclaimed angrily

“Oh don’t worry I still have enough leg function to stand by the car, since that’s all I’d do anything.” You replied mockingly.

“You know what Y/N, you want to get yourself killed fine by me but don’t do it on my hunt where you’re my responsibility.” He said slinging his duffle over his shoulder.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know I was such a bother.” You yelled as he walked out.

He slammed the door behind him and you collapsed onto the couch. Did you really matter so little to him that he didn’t care whether you lived or died. You felt tears pool in your eyes but quickly blinked them away. You were not going to cry over some guy, even if that guy was Sam Winchester.

You two had only been dating for a few weeks, however you had known him for several years, so it must have just not meant to be. You sure as hell weren’t going to stick around for much longer knowing that he didn’t want you here, or alive for that matter.

You quickly packed up all of your things, only having enough to carry on your back, and wrote Dean a note saying that you were fine and left of your own accord.

You had hotwired a car in some parking lot and drove for hours, occasionally stopping to switch between vehicles just in case. After the first hour you gave up in trying to stop the tears from falling and instead let them all flow freely. You did just find out your best friend/ boyfriend didn’t care whether you lived or not so your tears were well constituted.

You eventually stopped at a hotel, deeming it unsafe to drive any longer without sleep, crashed for a few hours then left immediately getting back on the road.

And that was how you lived your life for the next week or so. Not taking any cases just driving, putting as much distance between you and the Winchesters as possible.

It has now been exactly 2 months since you had left the Winchesters. You had started taking cases again, starting out slow with salt in burns but now you were back and better than ever. In fact the so called ‘break up’ fueled your anger and now you were a pure killing machine, creating quite the name for yourself in the hunting world.

No one of course knew your name, or your gender for that matter, but by the signature smiley face you leave on the wall.

At first it just helped to fuel your rage. You had taken out a nest of vamps, violently slicing off each of their heads as hard as you could, but after wards you still found that you wanted to kill something so instead you began slicing up the body of the most recent dead using its blood to draw on the wall as a morbid sense of humor.

After that you began to do it everywhere, with spray paint though, but it wasn’t until you managed to take down 4 werewolves by yourself did the smiley face become famous.

It was on a windego hunt in Main, however, that changed your life.

You were interviewing a witness when you herd the unmistakable rumble of the impala’s engine. You whipped around and spotted the vehicle pull up and stop just outside of the taped off area. What troubled you was that only Dean got out.  

Nonetheless you finished up the interview quickly and ran around the house opting to run over two streets then pass by Dean.

Dean, on the other hand, had different plans for as you walked around you soon found yourself face to, well, chest with the man himself.

He at first didn’t say a word and looked you up and down before pulling you into a giant bear hug. He then quickly pulled away and shook you by your shoulders as if you were a child.

“What. The. Hell.” He enunciated each word.

You slipped his hands off your shoulders and spat back at him, “I’m not in the mood Dean” before walking away.

He decided differently and grabbed your wrist throwing you against the wall and using his body to trap you there.

“No Y/N, you will answer me.”

“Your funny,” You said before grabbing his wrist and twisting his arm behind him then pushing him against the wall “, but I’m still not answering.”

Dean swiped his foot at your legs causing them to collapse from beneath you, he in the meantime, straddled your hips and pinned your arms to either side of you. “I have to admit you’ve gotten better. But still not as good as me, so answer my question, what the hell?”

You struggled for a bit but soon found yourself out of options “I felt useless so I left, simple as that”

“No that’s not it, or at least all of it, because you Y/N are a stubborn ass so quit lying to me and tell me the truth.”

You laughed mechanically “He didn’t tell you did he.”

Dean looked at you confused “tell me what”

“What he did.” You stated simply getting up as Dean had let you stand.

Dean looked horrified as he thought of all of the things Sam could have done in order to get you to leave.

“Oh calm down he didn’t like hit me or anything.” You spat clearly done with this conversation.

“Well in that case, I don’t care, you are coming with me to go talk to him.” He grabbed your elbow and started dragging you to the imapla.

“No I’m not, I refuse to talk to him. He doesn’t deserve it.” You said stubbornly crossing your arms as if you were a child.

“Yes you are, that way he will get off his ass and actually help me.”

You shot him a questioning look.

“That’s all he does, all day every day, sit on his ass and drink our entire stock of booze. He’s a mess and it’s your fault.”

Your eyes widened at this new information.

“So you are going to go make up with him and everything’s going to be all happy.” He said as he held the door open for you.

You stood there for a moment not wanting to get into the car before giving up and reluctantly sitting in the passenger seat.

Dean nodded his head as a silent thank you, because god forbid he actually say the words out loud.

The drive to the motel was spent in silence, not even the radio was turned on. Once you arrived Dean angrily stomped into the motel room and you reluctantly followed.

Once inside the room you gasped in surprise. There he sat, surrounded by empty liquor bottles. His hair tossed in every direction. He was deathly pale and had large bags under his eyes.

“You know Dean if you want to have another one night stand the least you could do is get a separate room.” He slurred not even looking up at you.

You looked at Dean who shot a look at you that said ‘see what I mean’. He opened his mouth to object but Sam cut him off.

“Ha you look a lot like my girlfriend. Or well ex-girlfriend I guess.” He took another large swig from the vodka bottle not even wincing as it slid down his throat “Yeah I…uh…screwed that one up.”

He laughed again “at least she’s not dead, that’s how most of my relationships end.”

You began to step forward slowly, not wanting to alarm him.

“Oh my god, you are her.” He exclaimed happily.

You almost laughed at his cute drunken stupor but refrained due to the circumstances.

“I really am sorry.” He said eagerly shaking his head up and down quickly.

“I don’t want you to die, I want you to live. With me, in the bunker. We could be a couple again. We could get a dog!!!! I’ve always wanted a dog.” At that you laughed and walked over to him.

“Ok Sam, whatever you want.” You said running your hands through his hair before leaning down and kissing the top of his head.

“I did miss you.” He said leaning down in bed as you pulled the covers up to his chin.

“I know, I missed you too. Now get some sleep.”

You watched as his breathing quickly shallowed before looking up to see Dean walking towards you with, were those, tears in his eyes. He pulled you into another bear hug and whispered a thank you into your ear.

“You’re staying here tonight.” He said as if it were a command.

You shrugged and made your way over to the couch.

“No you can sleep on my bed.” You laughed

“You won’t fit on the couch.” He looked at you nervously rubbing the back of his neck not knowing what to do next.

“It’s fine I’ll sleep on the couch.” You smiled “’Night Dean”


When you woke up you were startled to find yourself in Sam’s bed with Sam sitting in a chair placed right next to you.

“Your back” He breathed as if he still couldn’t believe it. You couldn’t help but notice that he kept his eyes squinted from the light and a hand placed on his stomach.

“And you’re hung over.” You laughed

“It doesn’t matter, you’re back.” You opened your mouth but were cut off by Sam “I didn’t mean it. I do care if you’re dead.”

You laughed at his second confession. “I know, and I’m sorry for leaving.”

He quickly pulled you into a hug and whispered into your ear “I love you so please don’t leave again.”

You pulled back “I love you too.”

After the incident you, Sam, and Dean went back to the way things were, only better. Sam stopped telling you to stay in the car saying that he knew you could handle yourself. You shrugged it off as it just being his way of making it up to you but you soon learned the truth when after the hunt he pulled you back and told Dean to start the car.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” He asked.

You looked at him with a questioning look. He passed you a can of spray paint and winked before leaving the room.

You stood there dumbfounded before smiling to yourself and painting a giant smiley face on the wall.

Radar - Sam Winchester

How about a totally badass reader? Like she saves the boys multiple times but always disappears when they look for her. She totally plays hard to get is a major flirt.
Maybe a Sam x reader?

THIS IS MY FIRST EVERY REQUEST! THANKS @sisterwinchesterwriter!

This is my first ever time writing about Sam (or anyone from supernatural) in a way that isn’t sister related so sorry if it’s not good :(

Imagine you’re a badass hunter and somehow, you keep appearing on the Winchester brother’s radars but Sam is definitely not complaining. Dean on the other hand is not over the moon…


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Placing your gun into your trouser waist, you sighed and looked at the two brothers who were drenched in blood head to toe.

‘Well, you going to say thank you?’ You questioned them both, crossing your arms in frustration.

‘For what?’ The older one asked, a sense of annoyance lingering in his voice.

You clenched your jaw, a wave of anger practically drowning you. ‘FOR WHAT? I JUST SAVED YOUR SORRY ASS…AGAIN!’ 

Sam looked taken back as for Dean just pulled a face of disgust. ‘Don’t flatter yourself.’ He mumbled, looking you up and down.

‘I should have just let you die.’ You growled as you began to get in his face.

‘Ok guys lets just calm down.’ Sam tried to defuse the tension, pulling you and Dean away from each other.

You rolled your eyes as you turned away from them both, heading towards the motel door. 

‘Don’t expect me to save you again.’ Was all you said before you walked out of the motel and their lives. 

*Seven months later*

You did a half spin, managing to slice two werewolves with a silver blade, receiving a howl in response. Without thinking twice, you pulled out your gun and sent both of the monsters to the ground. 

Wiping your brow, you thought to yourself: damn, these monsters are picking up on their fighting skills.

You picked up a ragged cloth on the kitchen counter next to you, dabbing it on a wound that was a little too deep for your liking. You winced as the dirty fabric wiped away the ruby coloured liquid that made its way out of your skin.

Suddenly, a gun shot in the woods sent your hairs on edge. Surely there couldn’t be anymore of them out there. You’d already killed eight. 

Groaning as your arm sent a soaring pain up to your shoulder as you pulled yourself into a steady running pace, you made your way out the cabin door and headed in the direction of the commotion.

Half way down the path to where the bang had come from, you felt a pair of eyes on you. 

Following your instincts and swinging your arm round to hit whatever was coming into your personal zone, you came face to face with Sam Winchester.

Taken back, you glanced him up and down. ‘The hell are you doing here?’ You asked him, shocked that he was standing in front of you.

‘Dean and I - please don’t take this the wrong way - have been tracking you for months, well, since you left.’ He explained, lifting his hands in surrender as you realised that your fist was still in the direction of hitting him in the jaw.

Dropping your arm and glaring at him, you asked: ‘why are you tracking me? I’m not a monster.’

‘We wanted to apologise.’ Sam said, standing up straight and looking down at the floor as if guilt was eating at him.

‘That’s nice and all but unless i’ve lost my mind or you’ve lost yours, there’s no ‘we’ in this. There’s just you standing in front of me.’ You joked, motioning to Sam that he was standing alone.

‘Oh, uh, Dean. You know what’s like.’ Sam started to stutter while rubbing his neck.

What the hell was up with him?

‘Well this has been a great chat but unlike most of the girls you’ve been with, I don’t appreciate being tracked for over half a year only to be greeted with small talk.’ You told the overgrown moose who stood in front of you.

Sam gave you a look. You crossed your arms in response.

‘You going to leave a lady standing in the cold or take me home?’ You flirtatiously said, lifting your eyebrow and smirking.

Sam smiled with embarrassment back. Maybe this chat held more then you expected. After all, Sam always had some kind of shine to him.



A young Sam Winchester watched as Baby, their father’s impala, drove off. Inside of the 1967 Chevy Imapla was his father and his brother, John and Dean Winchester. The most important people in his life at this point in time. His father and brother were going on yet another hunt without him. He had begged his father to let him go this time but each time he got a stern no and then his father lectured him on how he was ‘too young’ and that he could ‘get seriously hurt and him and Dean will be taken away and he’ll be charged for child endangerment, blah, blah, blah’. But if dad would just give him a chance he could show him how much of a good hunter he was! He hated being away from his dad and brother, espically since this time they were going to be gone for one full day. 

Sam sighed, making his way back into the hotel before flopping down onto the cheap motel bed.

“I wish I was a normal kid.” 


Cas being posessed by the Impala. For @heavensclaire, I hope you like it, even though it got pretty cheesy at the end.

Dean swears the next time he sees Rowena, his is going to kill her. Well after she fixes Cas and baby. He doesn’t know how much longer he can bear Cas wearing leather jackets and constantly being a smooth motherfucker. It’s doing things to Dean’s already oh so fragile heterosexuality, and Dean doesn’t like it. Okay Cas might really look good in a leather jacket and it’s not that the angel has ever understood the concept of personal space, and nope, he is not going down that road.
Also he misses his car. That’s probably the reason why he feels so drawn to Cas right now, because some weird spell got Cas and the Impala mixed up. That’s it, Dean tells himself. That still doesn’t keep Dean from gasping as Cas walks into the library of the bunker, wearing a ripped pair of jeans, an old flannel shirt over a Zeppelin shirt and this damn leather jacket.
“Hey, gorgeous,” Cas greets him and Dean chokes, “found anything to turn me back into a car?”

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I’m at school at the moment and this is how I feel since I can’t write imagines but don’t worry! I have a bunch of imagines on the way! Requests are still open :)