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There is no fun in that.

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Good luck with that.

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LMFAO. That’s funny coming from you.

Alliance|| Fabrova

 Quinn had only been back in town a couple of hours, and she had already heard the rumors about Caroline, and Tyler. A part of her felt betrayed, but the other knew it was her fault for pushing him away.  Re-touching her make-up,  she tried to compose herself the best she could, there was something she had to do before anyone knew she was back in town. Grabbing her cell phone, purse, and car keys, Quinn made her way out of her bedroom. “Hey, mom.” She called out, making her way down the stairs and into the living room. “I’m going to go catch up with a friend, i’ll be back in time for dinner, alright?” She kissed her mom’s cheek, before quickly making her way out of her home, and driving off in her new car. 

It wasn’t complete a lie, except she really wasn’t going to meet with a friend to catch up, it was more like her worst enemy. The truth was, Quinn didn’t have many friends in Mystic Falls anymore, and it was mostly her fault, that she knew.  Her sister was back in town though, and even with the huge bomb she dropped on her, Quinn was glad to have her back in her life. Now all she had to figure out was how to be able to come to terms with what she was. Arriving at a small Bed & Breakfast, the blonde took in a deep breath before actually going inside. Softly knocking on the door, she waited impatiently for the person to open up.  If anyone knew who she was here to see, they’d think she was crazy, and she probably was, but could you really blame her after everything she has gone through the past three years? As the door opened, revealing the person on the other side, a small smirk appeared on the blondes face. “Hello, Katherine.” Brushing past her, Quinn placed her purse on the bed, and plopped down beside it. 

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Well, what did I do?!

Insisted on calling me Steffy-poo everytime I attempted to talk to you this last week. See what happens?

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I’m interesting!

Of course you are. 

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