And with a lift of the finger, the beast was finally slain.

Its massive, robust figure came crashing down upon the interwebs. Every critter that ever followed, stared in disbelief. We had all known in the back of our minds that this day would come but not in this manner. Not even did most of us predict his ultimate foe would be its own ally which provided him a home and safe haven for his guests. Women lavished him with their bodies, men wished to be in his position and respected his hustle. Our Notorious B.I.G. just passed and with little fair warning. Let us spend this day celebrating the short but eventful life of the beast. Let us do this with having the interwebs women undress and lavish Tumblr dashes in tits and ASS galore for a perv appreciation day. To the PERV!


For the admirers of the thick

and the protectors of its purity.

I, the creator of a blog encouraging that which is real in every sense, pledge my alliance to  Though I may be a limited region in popularity, non the less will fight side by side with perv to bring down the wickedness of our related foe, Photoshop. Anyone that participates with such foe will be exposed to their corrupt nature for all of tumblr and visitors to study.

In a time where thick, curvacious beauty must be conserved in its purist form I announce all booty lovers to unite and join in this cause.

Further more, Imapervert for president

I’m need4arevolution, and I endorse his message.

Protect the innocent!