Ya boy ain’t good, pain killers strong as hell, can’t sleep, bored and hot as hell, stomach is twisting rolling round my bed in some dumb positions legs against the wall, then I’m on all fours, then throwing ma sheets, all whilst running to the bathroom as I feel I’m going to throw up, this is when I need to be in relationship so my belly can be rubbed ma head stroked and glasses of water brought to me from the kitchen, and I’m telling the world this because I’m in the flat on ma ones and I can’t sleep #imanartistandimsensitiveaboutmyshit - #toothoprecoverynofun ’ anyone that’s been through this knows! Cba to # pray for me yall

Finally completed my first website! I’m very proud of the outcome especially since I did it all by myself. Lately, I was starting to lose faith in myself but completing this project 2am reminded me to keep pushing! Hope you all enjoy it! Link is in my bio. (I’m still working out the settings for the mobile version so be patient with me!) #AsToldByTiffany #BeNice #ImAnArtistAndImSensitiveAboutMyShit 😊😜


I’ve been humming this song all day. Just trimmed my hair, and felt like singing. #ThereItIs #Ginuwine #TheLife #BathroomStar #Singing #ImAnArtistAndImSensitiveAboutMyShit