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First of all, how excited are that Tamora Pierce is reading your reviews? It seems like this has happened multiple times now - does it ever affect you when you're reviewing, either positively or negatively?

It honestly doesn’t! The first time it happened was with Philip Pullman; apparently someone close to him sent him that super long review of mine where I finally told the story of how I came to be an atheist, and I did spend time freaking out, but now folks like Neil Gaiman, John Green, Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, and Tamora Pierce are all aware of what I’m doing, so I’m like… well, I just have to do what I do. I don’t know any of them personally, though I’ve exchanged a few tweets with Neal and spoke to John at length in person. I can’t let it affect what I do because ultimately, it doesn’t change my opinion. I either like something or I don’t.

I suppose I’m more careful to explain why I may dislike something, but that has everything to do with ANGRY FANDOMS yelling at me and not the original authors.

Good question, though!

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Just an FYI - because of such long lines in Florida, it's possible that we won't hear their results until tomorrow. Which means it's possible we won't hear the results of the election until tomorrow.

That’s always possible, that would only be the case if the 270 majority came down to Florida. When a candidate reaches 270, shit is over. Doesn’t matter if votes are still coming in.

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OH, shoot! Also, who is your favorite Tortall character so far?

Oh god. I teeter between Alanna and Coram. I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH. I’ve also spent time thinking about whether or not I’d want my cats to talk to me like Faithful does, but decided against it solely because the bigger of my two cats is on her way to becoming a serial killer or something because she’s so fucking creepy. She imitates what her twin sister does to get attention, but it’s always slightly off, and she’s a stalker, too. I’ve seen her sit outside my roommate’s door for an hour in the hopes of shrieking at him.

wow that was off topic

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Team cake or team pie?

Gosh, it depends? You have to realize that because of my dietary restrictions, I don’t have the luxury of eating whatever desert I want, so I have to put aside the cake/pie debate because there aren’t that many vegan desserts in the world to begin with.

I did have vegan pecan pie on Monday night, and I can report back and tell you that it was fantastic.

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Can you read the Thursday Next series (and the Nursery Rhyme side series) soon, pleeeeeeeeeeeease? These books were created with your brain in mind.

I actually don’t know what I’m doing for Mark Reads post-Tortall, but this is high on the list. Many, many, many folks have requested this, so it should come sooner rather than later!