السلام عليك يا امام الحسن عليه سلام

السلام عليك يا جدي

A conversation between Sayyida al-Zahra [as] & Imam al-Hassan al-Mujtaba [as]: Poetry

حسن حسن

هذا نداء الزهراء  …  يبني يا حسن (This is the call of Zahra … My Son O Hassan)

هذا نداء الزهراء  …  يبني يا حسن (Hathā Nidāh al-Zahra … Yabni Yā Hassan)


We join Zahra in her tears and agony, we lament with her upon this tragedy

My son what happened why are you so bloody, this image breaks my heart its so hard to see

I lost father first than my husband Ali, Allah witness this event please hear my plea

My Son, My Son

O My son what have they done, What happened to you

O My son please answer me, What happened to you


Worry not mother this is not like the nail, when it pierced you I still remember the wail

Soon my lovely mother I follow your trail, my face has changed like yours it is so pale

The coming tragedy is of greater scale, mother Ashura is the upcoming tale


Mother, Mother

O Let us cry for Hussain, his tale is next

O Let us lament for him, his tale is next


O my son do not remind me of Ashura, the greatest tragedy is in Karbala

I’m not sure wether to shout O Hassaināh, or join Zaynab and shout out O Hussainah

My lamentation has become my aroma, so witness these prayers and these tears Allah


Hussain, Hassan

Today I shed tears for you, every night and day

Father and Ali join me, every night and day


Mountather al-Karbalāi’ - Ottawa, 2013/12/07

Original Tune:

My Recitation:

Hadrat Usamah ibn Zayd (Radi-Allah-anho) narrated: I went to the Prophet (sallAllaho-alaihi-wa-ala-alihi-wasallam) one night in connection with a need. The Prophet (sallAllaho-alaihi-wa-ala-alihi-wasallam)  came out wrapped in something. I do not know what it was. When I had finished what I had to, I asked, ‘What is this you are wrapped into?” He uncovered it and they were Hasan and Husayn (Alaihima-sallam) on his back. He said, “They are my children-children of my daughter. 0 Allah, I love them, so do love them, and love whoso loves them.”


-Sunan Tirmidhi

Imam Hassan (a) just burned Muawiya (la) never lock horns with Ahlulbayt (as)
Once Muawiyah came to Medina, met Imam Hassan (a.s) and asked, “You Bani Hashim claim that every dry and wet thing is mentioned in the Qu'ran and you have the knowledge of all of them.”
“Indeed,” said the Imam (as).
Muawiyah said, “If it is so, tell me where is the mention of our beards in the Qu'ran?”
Now Imam Hassan (a.s) had a luxurious and thick facial growth while the beard of Muawiyah was scanty.
“Why not!” said Imam (a.s), “Have you not read the verse of Qu'ran:

‘And as for the good land, its vegetation springs forth (abundantly) by the permission of its Lord, and (as for) that which is inferior (its herbage) comes forth but scantily… (Surah Araaf 7:58).’

There are subtle points in this and only those with a literary taste can Appreciate them. It is sufficient if we can just realize how great was the Quranic knowledge of Imam Hassan (a.s).

The 20th of the Islamic month of Jamadi Al Ukhra marks the Birth of the Beloved Daughter of the Prophet ﷺ, Khatoon e Jannah Sayyidah Bibi Fatima Az Zahra Batool (RadhiAllah Anha). #FatimaZahra #Batool #Prophet #AhulBayt #AhleBait #AhleBayt #PanjtanPaak #Family #Daughter #Mother #ImamHassan #ImamHussain #MaulaAli #HaqCharYaar #AshaabERasool #AalERasool #AaleNabi #Quran #Islam #JamadiAlUkhra #JamadiAlAakhir #Biography #Quote #Hadith #Character #ImamBukhari #QOTD #Speech #Manners

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