imam husain (as)

It is reported that Fatema before her departure, called her daughter Zainab to her and willed to her that on the day when Husain would ask her for some torn clothes, it will be the last departure of Husain from her (Zainab), the to kiss Husain on her behalf on Husain’s throat on whi ch will pass the sword of Shimar the assassin.
—  Husain The Saviour of Islam, S. V, Ahmed Ali

The purpose of Imam Husayn’s علیه السلام stand against Yazid ibn Muawiya لعن الله عليه.

Imam Husain علیه السلام did not go to Kufa only to do amr bil maroof. For that allegiance isn’t necessary and going to Kufa isn’t.

His aim was a political one, he wanted to bring down Yazid by means of the Kufan and the Iraqi tribes and the Shia Muslims residing in greater numbers there.
Iraq was also a economically rich land, connected to the trade routes to India and China, allowing a large army to be sustained by its profits, hence why he wanted to start it from there and it may have been why our Father Imam Ali علیه السلام changed his capital to Kufa from Medina.
He wanted to take back the right of his family, the leadership of the Muslim world. Which had been usurped by a Kafir named Yazid, who not only didn’t practice Islamic laws but he himself would ridicule the religion publicly.

If it hadn’t been for Imam Husain علیه السلام the Khulafah would have destroyed Islam completely, nothing of it would remain, it wouldn’t live as a perfect religion but rather a religion used as an opium for the masses.

The rise of Husayn was the saving of Islam and only the grandson of the Prophet could have overthrown Yazid by popular support or if killed send such a shock through the Muslim world that would shatter the sanctity by which people saw the Caliph, back then people were very ignorant as we are now, they saw the caliph as the Prophet, their words would be accepted as if they were the Prophet’s words.

Our Wilayat was presented to the people of various cities but no one accepted us like the people of Kufa. This is so because the holy grave of Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.) is over there and there is one more grave near him i.e. the grave of Imam Husain (a.s.). One who comes for the Ziyarat, offers a two-four rakat Salaat near the grave and seeks desires from Allah his desires would be fulfilled immediately. Surely one thousand angels surround the grave daily.
—  Imam Baqir (as), Sawab al-A`amal, Page 126
Let the weepers weep over someone like Husayn, for verily weeping over him reduces the burden of great sins. Then he continued, saying, ‘As soon as the month of Muharram would set in my father (AS) was never seen laughing, and he would be overcome by melancholy until after the first ten days had passed. When the tenth day dawned, it was a day of grief and sorrow and crying for him, and he used to say, ‘This is the day when al-Husayn (AS) was martyred.
—  Imam al-Rida (AS)
Wasael al-Shi`aah , v. 1, p. 394, no. 8

Imam Husain علیه السلام gave everything for Islam, so that we may practice it.

Yazid ridiculed religion and took its laws and teachings in ridicule. He stripped the Hijab off women, usurped the rights of others and committed Haram openly without regard.

Ask yourself. Who do you resemble?

Husayn who lived and died for Islam and upon Islam.

Or Yazid, if you force your daughters and wives to take their Hijab off, if you ridicule religion and the religious.

Then what’s the point in you slapping yourself shouting “O Husayn” When you are the embodiment of Yazid by your lack of faith and righteous deeds.

Karbala continues to unfold in the wider political horizon and in the inner moral drama of our souls. Within us, there is a Shimr, ever ready to behead all that is noble. A Hurr, tempted to take the easy route to hell while recognizing what is truth. And inshallah there is a Husain, a Husain always ready to stand for truth and what is right.

It is narrated that:

Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (a.s) said: “On Judgment Day, visitors of Imam Husain (a.s.) will be given an excellence over others.”

I ( narrator) asked, “What is it?”

Imam (a.s) replied, “They will enter Paradise forty years before others; whereas others have to wait in the accounting process.”

[ Kaamil Al-Ziyaraat ]

‘A lady heard the Jinn recite the following poem about Imam Husain (a):

'O eyes, shed tears over Imam Husain (a), for indeed the aggrieved cry with sorrow.

O eyes, do not allow the people of Medina to distract you from remembering the Aale Muhammad (a) and weeping on their calamities.

Their bodies were abandoned for three days in the desert when they were martyred.’

—  Kamil al-Ziyarat p. 98

Imam Sadiq (as):
Allah jisko neki ataa karna chahta hai uske dil mein Imam Husain (as) ki mohabbat aur unki Ziyarat ki mohabbat daal deta hai.
(Al Muntazar, 1419)