imam al abbas

The heavenly site (maqām) of Imam Mūsā b. Ja’far al-Kādhīm, ‘alehī salām, in Sacred City of Karbala, located near the shrine of our Master, Imam Abū Fadhil al-’Abbas, ‘alehi al-salam. Many visitors of Karbala neglect this Zīyarāh because the tour groups and caravans usually don’t spend time at these historic sites either because they lack the knowledge or spend time elsewhere. The story and history of this maqām is truly wonderful and I urge the visitors of Imam to visit this site as it holds the remnants of Imam al-Kadhim, ‘alehi al-salam, and for those who want an accurate description of the location, feel free to ask or if you like a video description that has gives a short insight on this place than visit the following link:

Allah accept everyone’s Ziyarāh and grant us all their Ziyarāh in this world and intercession in the next.

Imam Sadiq (a.s.) narrates,

‘Allah has appointed some angels at Imam Husain’s grave. When a Shia makes the intention for Imam Husain’s (a.s.) Ziarat, Allah forgives all his sins. When he takes a step to go for Ziarat, he erases his sins. His virtues multiply and they increase till the time he becomes worthy of Paradise ‘.

(Wasailul Mohibbeen, pg. 280) 

May Allah SWT grant all of us the Ziyarah of Imam Hussain AS.