imallsouledout  asked:

i honestly think Slaydele will atleast take a break for 2yrs. I think 2-3yrs is fitting. I mean the success of this year is just overwhelming and deserving. I'm glad she wants to take time off to focus on love and just take everything else. Some people don't know how to pace themselves and she does. She's so normal and I love it. She just wants to sit with her boyfriend, have sex, and swear all day. But if she does 4 or 5 yrs, I will legit die. My heart can't take it. & Great Blog, love it <3

A 2/3 year break isn’t too bad tbh! She was off the scene between the albums 19 and 21, so it’s not as if a long break will considerably damage her career (+ if she can come out with a SMASHING first single again, she’ll be fine). I also think even if she says she’ll take a 4/5 year break, it’s not necessarily something set in stone, ya know? There’s a possibility inspiration will come to her and an urge to go in the studio. People’s minds change so I feel like even if a 5 year wait is a possibility, there’s still a chance that she won’t really take that much time off.  

also, thank you!