Non-Specific Political Rant

We live in a time where communication is so easy that we could theoretically have a true Democracy here in the USA. No more of the elected representatives system that we have had since the dawn of the country. We could have national elections where everyone can vote on every issue, instead of relying on someone we elected based on promises and TV commercials. A country of 320 Million could be controlled and governed by all 320 Million, instead of less than 600 people (Federal Government) controlling everything. This allows everyone’s voice to be heard, not just the voices of those who got the most votes. No longer will government be controlled by the wealthy, and no longer will so many be controlled by so few.

A representative system should represent the population. Ours sure doesn’t. White males make up 32% of the US population, yet they make up 76% of congress. Women make up 51% of America, but only 17% of Congress. The average household income in the US is $50,000. Half of Congressman are millionaires. 20% of American’s identify as non-religious, while NOT A SINGLE Congressman identifies as such. 42% of people in the US identify as Independent, where there are ONLY TWO Independents in Congress. The list can go on.

Representatives hardly represent America. This system worked back when it took two weeks to cross the country, and congress was run by everyday people who felt that it was their duty to serve the country for a few years. Career politicians, lobbyists, and large corporations have taken control.

TL;DR - Something needs to change.

finally, someone who is able to explain how people with their “special snowflake status” are ruining both our higher education system and the ability to communicate as a society or social group. everyone immediately gets offended, refuses to even entertain the other side’s points, and now teachers and professors (liberal ones! open minded ones! the ones who, when i was in school, were my favourite teachers and broadened my mind the most) are backed into a corner of all discussion having to be neutral or just nonexistent.

i judge equally. my snarky bitch attitude knows no discrimination based on gender, colour, orientation, political party, whatever the hell it is you choose to identify as. as a group, human beings- no matter what the fuck they want to call themselves- are just plain awful.

“How many complaints will it take before chairs and administrators begin to worry that I’m not giving our customers — er, students, pardon me — the positive experience they’re paying for? Ten? Half a dozen? Two or three?”

listen up idiots, college isn’t supposed to be sweet and soft and easy. college is preparing you for real life, and putting down padding in our books (Mark Twain being seen as offensive rather than as the founder of modern American literature? are you fucking serious?) and lesson plans is just putting padding down into your brain. you shouldn’t stand for someone to preach against your beliefs, but if you are paying a school to let you earn a degree then you better buck the fuck up and learn what these well educated professors are trying to teach you: how to be an open minded thinker.


The Liberal Party offers a vision of Canadian success in the 21st century that reflects shared Canadian values. Values of fairness, tolerance and sharing. Ours is a vision in which all Canadians have an equal chance to realize their dreams and fulfill their unique potential. We believe Canada must have a strong national government that makes decisions based on the needs and aspirations of all Canadians. We have the plan that will make our vision a reality. That will keep Canada the best country in the world-now and in the future.

~ The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, November 2000


I’m A Liberal because it is time to legalize marijuana in Canada


My name is Marc Garneau, and I’m a Liberal

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I am a Liberal because of the party’s consistent support for equal rights for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, wealth, sexual identity, language, or anything else that differentiates us. Thanks to the Liberal party these rights are enshrined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. - Philip, Kitchener

I am a Liberal

I am a Liberal. I believe in progression towards greater civil liberties, greater understanding, a higher standard of education, and a higher quality of life. I believe we an achieve these things by pushing the limits of tolerance, and moving one step farther than we’re comfortable. I believe in sustainable, reasonable social programs that benefit the citizens of today without hindering our children in the future. I believe it is the government’s job to ensure that every citizen has equal opportunity in our society, without hindering one’s ability to make mistakes, or bad choices. Everybody has the right to learn. I believe that our society today has many flaws that can be fixed with a simpler, more accessible government who takes responsibility for the safety and well being of the population, but that doesn’t go where it’s not wanted. I believe in reform, and review, of both our government and ourselves as time passes, despite the work involved. I am am a Liberal, because I still have hope for a better world. I believe we owe that to our children. I believe we owe it to ourselves.

Steven Punter
Aldergrove, British Columbia.