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I went to Brooklyn to spend some (No Homo) brother time with the homie IMAKEMADBEATS in the summer of 08. We were also on the clock for 4 projects (IMAKEMADBEATS, Nightlight, MidaZ vs. Pete Rock, and The Transcontinental). That entire summer was a blur of late afternoon sample hunting/ beat making/ rhyme writing, bad dietary choices ($2.25 chicken wings and fries…every day from the downstairs chines spot) super late night recording sessions at quad studios and horribly long and hot train rides home at 7 or 8am. But as far as output goes, that was the most productive summer ever. One song that I’m sure gets overlooked in my catalog is Project Inauguration (spelled wrong on the bandcamp i know, i def need to fix that…ehh fuck it) “featuring” Pete Rock himself. LOL. Well being that on “Muggs Vs MidaZ” I had the shout out from the GZA as the intro to the tape, I decided a shout out from Pete was necessary to follow suite. But alas we had no way of contacting Pete to get such a thing done. Then i stumbled across an old Pete interview when it hit me. Lets just chop up this interview and add some MidaZ vocals to it to make it seem like me and the Chocolate Boy Wonda were having an interview. IMAKEMADBEATS got to work and BLAM! Here’s the intro! *The verse at the end aint bad either.

Unique Squared and Quality Control Present: The Official SXSW Mixtape

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Now how’s this for a novel concept? The good folks at Unique Squared travel in their 45-foot Mobile Studio tour bus to festivals and events around the country, put it in park, and record projects on-site. They were at SXSW in Austin this year, and this mixtape is the end product. Featuring Doxside Music Group artists IMAKEMADBEATS, Synopse, TzariZM, and MidaZ the Beast along with other hip hop notables like Tanya Morgan, J-Live, Artifacts, Jake One, and more.

Congrats to the good folks at Unique Squared (some of the coolest people we met at SXSW). See you at the next one…

From 10+ years back when I was bumping that Killarmy shit then having a chance to jump on a IMAKEMADBEATS track with the killer Beretta 9 (a.k.a. Kinetic 9) Yea shits nuts!! Shout outs to Adam over at MCT Productions for the hook up.

MidaZ appears courtesy of UJEmpire.
Beretta 9 appears courtesy of Shell N Bomb.
Hekla appears courtesy of Squid Ninja Records.
Joe Blow appears courtesy of Squid Ninja Records.
IMAKEMADBEATS appears courtesy of  UJEmpire.
Dogruffbeats appears courtesy of Squid Ninja Records.
Lee Scott appears courtesy of Blah Records.

Released: June 1, 2010      


Props to my boy Neemo @IMAKEMADBEATS, one of the sickest producers this country has to offer. #HeBeKillinIt



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IMAKEMADBEATS “I Bet” f. Von Pea, J Freedome, Xodus