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Heya Could I request bts reacting to finding out your boobs aren't that small and that you're actually a little more curvy than they thought? Thanks!

I sure can! Here it is, I hope you like it :)

BTS reaction to finding out that you have a fuller, but equally beautiful figure ~

Warnings: None, it’s fluffy fluffy fluffy!

Kim Seokjin: 

When he hugged you for the first time, arms wrapped around your waist, he was pleasantly surprised. 

“Y/n…” he smiled into your neck, hugging you tighter, your fuller chest pressing harder against him. His hands lightly squeezed your butt and you jumped, flustered at his touch. “I didn’t know you were so curvy…I might not be able to stop hugging you now.”

Min Yoongi:

You preferred loose clothing over tight articles, but you had forgotten to do the laundry, leaving only the tightest of shirts and pants that seemed to cling onto all the wrong spots- your not so flat belly, larger chest and thicker thighs. Nonetheless, when you popped into Yoongi’s studio to have lunch with him, he couldn’t stop staring.

“Y/n…have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” 

Jung Hoseok: 

He didn’t mean to peek, he swore. You just happened to have been changing when he opened the door to your room after you didn’t answer him. 

“Hobi!” you screamed, mortified that your boyfriend of 3 months has seen your not-yet ideal body. 

“I’m sorry, jagi,” he shuffled out of the room, continuing to mumble his apologies. “But for what it’s worth…I think you’re gorgeous.”

Sorry this gif doesn’t really match, but imagine him all smug because he saw your beautiful body.

Kim Namjoon:

“Stop it, Joonie,” you laughed as he began to tickle you, hands poking at your sides. “I mean it,” you said as he touched you more. You were getting embarrassed, no one’s ever wandered this close to your body and you weren’t confident.

“Why baby?” he whispered into your ear, pinching your love handles. “Don’t be shy, there’s just more of you for me to love.”

Park Jimin:

“I’m so sorry, miss!” The waitress apologized for bumping into you as you and Jimin were leaving, spilling water all over your sweater. You assured her it was okay and left the cafe drenched.

“I have a spare sweater, Jagi,” Jimin offered as you two sat in his car, and you took him up on it, lifting yours above your head and tossing it aside, revealing the all too tight tank-top that framed your bigger figure. 

“What?” you pursed your lips at him when you caught him peaking, seeing your body for the first time.

“You look squishy cute, jagiya,” he smiled. “I want to give you a hug.” 

Kim Taehyung:

You were at the beach with Taehyung for the first time. You didn’t feel comfortable in beach attire at all, but he looked too excited for you to say no. When you took off your t-shirt and jean shorts, revealing your safe one-piece swimsuit that distracted the world from your large chest and curvy body, he instantly threw his arms around you.

“Ahh, Jagiya,” he kissed your forehead softly . “You’re the most beautiful person in the world, you know that?”

Jeon Jungkook:

“Y/n…” Jungkook looked at you as you stepped out of the fitting room wearing tight dress that he thought would look nice. “You look beautiful,” 

“I don’t know,” you sighed, sucking in your belly and covering your chest with your hands.

“Don’t do that jagi,” he gave you a kiss on the nose, hands running over your cheeks. “I’ve always loved the curves on your body…and I want you to love them too.”

A/N: This is my first reaction ever, I hope you all ( and especially you anon who requested it!) enjoyed it!!! 

Menuliskan Introver

Butuh waktu kurang lebih dua pekan untukku menyelesaikan naskahnya. Entahlah itu tergolong cepat atau lambat. Tak kusangka aku bisa menuliskannya di antara kesibukan pindah rumah yang amat menyita tenaga dan perasaan. Mungkin benar, apa yang lahir dari hatimu selalu lebih mudah untuk dituliskan.

Menulis tentang introver seperti menulis buku diari. Saat aku membaca ulang naskahnya, kepalaku mengait-ngaitkan tulisan-tulisan itu dengan kejadian-kejadian nyata yang aku alami. Tentang ketidaknyamanan saat berada dalam kerumunan orang-orang, tentang kecemasan yang seringkali berlebihan, tentang keaslian, tentang pertemanan, tentang kelelahan, tentang kesibukan pikirannya, tentang kesukaannya pada obrolan-obrolan berbobot, dan semua yang menjadi ‘perjuangan’ hidup yang dialami introver.

Suamiku yang ekstrover menyebut buku ini melankolis. Haha. Sebenarnya, buku ini hanya bermaksud untuk mendalami jiwa introver. Buku ini juga memuat berbagai kebiasaan introver, yang disampaikan lewat percakapan-percakapan imajiner. Mungkin beberapa tulisan terasa melankolis bagi sebagian orang, mungkin terasa menyemangati. Penjiwaan setiap orang mungkin berbeda beda. Pada dasarnya, buku ini mencoba membuat para pembacanya (yang introver) merasa dipahami dan para pembaca (yang bukan introver) bersedia memahami. Ya, sudah saatnya kesalahpahaman soal introver disudahi.

Menjadi introver di dunia yang semakin bising, bukanlah hal mudah. Dunia seperti lebih mudah menerima mereka yang senang berbicara tanpa lelah. Ada semacam stigma bahwa introver pemalu, tidak bisa berhasil, dan tidak bahagia. Hanya karena introver lekat dengan keheningan dan kesendirian. Sudah saatnya dunia berhenti menganggap introver sebagai kekurangan. Introver, bisa jadi menyimpan rahasia kedamaian hidup, sesuatu yang belakangan menjadi barang langka dan diburu oleh banyak manusia.

Baiklah, inilah dia anak yang kukandung sekian lama dalam rahim pemikiranku. Maukah kau menyambutnya?

Segera hadir ke dunia :
“Mendengar Nyanyian Sunyi”
Catatan penjelajahan ke ruang pikir introver.

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Spa night with Jin

By Admin Lachesis

Picture this: a spa night with Jin

  • Lounging together on the couch in pajamas and fluffy robes
  • He makes you smoothies that help with skin problems. 
  • Introducing him to your favorite Disney films– He cries at the Fox and the Hound T.T
Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival Imajin Bonus: Mukami Laito’s great dreamed life ~my home, my rules~

Happy New Year everyone! o(^▽^)o

I prepared a little present to welcome the new year~

English Title: Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival Imajin Bonus: Mukami Laito’s great dreamed life ~my home, my rules~

Japanese Title: DIABOLIK LOVERS VANDEAD CARNIVAL いまじん特典: 無神ライトの 華麗なる理想生活 ~よそはよそ、うちはうち~

Cast: Sakamaki Laito (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke), Mukami Yūma (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Mukami Ruki (CV. Sakurai Takahiro)

Duration: 21:32

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Target Acquired (Youngjae Drabble)

Originally posted by def-daddy

Requested by Anon!

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#16. “Just shut up and kiss me”

Author’s Note: I couldn’t find a good gif so this is what I went with sorry lol

Word Count: 876

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BTS: J-Hope fluff/angst


acupofbts: I Dare You |

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kinkybangtan: Don’t You See It? (Angst/Fluff) | If you want to… |

seokline: His |

No allowed
  • Yoongi: alright kids,no other people can call Jin's "Jinnie" other than me.
  • BTS:
  • BTS:
  • Taehyung: It's in between leJindary and Jinderella.
  • Jungkook: It's in between World Wide Handsome and Universe Handsome.
  • Jimin: It's in between JinHand'SOME Island and imaJin.
  • Yoongi:
  • Namjoon: It's in between-
  • Yoongi: stfu
  • Hoseok: flower and angel.
  • Jin: I didn't remember I had so many wonderful nickname.
Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival Bonus CD Drama: La gran vida de ensueño de Mukami Laito / Raito. “Mi hogar, mis reglas” - Traducción en Español ♥

Este CD drama me mató mil. Gracias a @tabooneko por traducirlo al inglés. Yo hice la versión en español o(〃’▽’〃)o

Por favor no editar ni re-subir sin mi permiso, gracias~

Título en español: Diabolik Lovers Vandead Carnival Imajin Bonus: La gran vida de ensueño de Mukami Raito “Mi hogar, mis reglas”.

Título en japonés: DIABOLIK LOVERS VANDEAD CARNIVAL いまじん特典: 無神ライトの 華麗なる理想生活 ~よそはよそ、うちはうち~

Elenco: Sakamaki Raito (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke), Mukami Yūma (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Mukami Ruki (CV. Sakurai Takahiro)

Duración: 21:32 min

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Jin | Boyfriend

Imajin Jin as your boyfriend.

A/N: …and I’ve finally finished this series!! it would probably be a while before i’ll start another boyfriend series…

Originally posted by ksjknj

  • im still messy and random after two…three…four? months of writing this okay?
  • jin is my ultimate bias over all my ultimate biases
  • so this is probably me daydreaming
  • but then, that’s why it’s called Imajine, right?
  • don’t you dare read it as ee-mah-jhigh-nnn or something that sounds like cline
  • sorry
  • okay let’s start
  • jin and you met at a highschool reunion. you were good friends before but not that close, you know? like, he did your homework once and since then, you lent him your pencil sharpener or maybe he was your seatmate. anyway, with everyone married and/or engaged, sticking together was the only way to survive the excruciating reunion.
  • after funny bitter talks about significant others and exes, you both just clicked! soon, your friendship with him is rekindled and it’s not just you lending him sharpeners but it’s turn out to you and him hanging out
  • you’d both go out to little dates that everyone would tease you two to date already
  • jin is kind of reluctant because he is unsure about what you felt for him.
  • like both of you have mutual feelings for each other but someone just have to voice it out
  • one day he does
  • and he’s all awkward and giddy and you grin at him, saying you like him too
  • and he’s the happiest man on earth
  • jin is the PDA type
  • but would like your intimate moments like kissing to be only between the two of you only
  • he loves buying you sweaters and hoodies
  • but probably regrets it because then, you wouldn’t be wearing his hoodies and sweaters
  • but
  • “yah! why are you wearing my clothes? don’t i buy you enough?”
  • but secretly giggling with love inside
  • would spoil you
  • he loves your fingers and he loves tracing little hearts on the back of your hand
  • piggy-back rides
  • random messy dance sessions lol
  • dancing to TWICE, SNSD, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO and sooo many more
  • hearing his glorious laugh
  • or his old-man jokes
  • invites you a lot to dinners with his family
  • complaining about physical activities together
  • in the middle of a date, his eyes would suddenly widen
  • “oh my god, y/n. i just thought of a good joke.”
  • protective of you
  • says “i love you” a lot because he doesn’t want you to forget
  • calls and video calls and texts with him are either funnily cringey or just too sweet
  • does funny antics to make you laugh when you’re in a sad mood
  • the guy you can tell anything to
  • he’d be open to you too
  • but sometimes
  • i think Jin is the closed-up type of guy, he thinks opening up to you would be a burden to you.
  • always blames himself :(
  • comforting each other
  • sweet and loving kisses
  • but he’d get cocky
  • my god this boy
  • his effort in showing you that he loves you is so EXTRA
  • coos a lot about you
  • cuddles
  • wrapping you into a sushi with a blanket
  • his cooking!
  • breakfast in bed
  • forehead kisses
  • nose kisses
  • neck kisses
  • ohgawdlawrd
  • sharing the earphones with him.
  • plays the guitar for you.
  • tries to teach you how to play the guitar
  • absolutely loves your hugs
  • he just loves how he buries his head on the crook of your neck and then you just rub his back with comforting words
  • adventures at night
  • no not THOSE adventures
  • i meant
  • late night driving with the windows down
  • causing troubles in hotel rooms
  • secret little rendezvous
  • going to place you both can’t pronounce
  • yes, im just typing one direction’s perfect lyrics
  • but that’s how i see jin
  • just being fools together
  • deep talks about life and the future
  • someone who’d run like crazy when you call him in the middle of the day/night/anytime crying
  • him defending you from haters or mean people
  • couple rings and a lot of couple stuff
  • watching drama and comedies with him
  • foodtrip
  • said he wanted a sweet and romantic date
  • loves teasing and tickling you
  • loves hugging your midriffs
  • loves taking your pictures
  • traveling around the world with him
  • is soo overprotective when you have your menstruation. first it takes him by surprise. then, he’d research about it and would be telling you to do this or that
  • “jin why is….’girlfriend leaking blood from below’ on your search history?”
  • takes you to a lot of expensive dates
  • days with him are always filled with smiles and laughter
  • he cherishes you so much and it’s as if he’s all new to this and is not aware of the evil things in love like fights and dishonesty and cheating
  • because just by looking at you, he forgets everything
  • gawks at you a lot
  • jin is very awkward so i guess he fusses a lot about what he does
  • always worries whether he would be too boring or that you wouldn’t like the movie showing on the cinema.
  • always buys you a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates
  • when you get too sexy, he clears his throat
  • “jagi…you’re too…er…”
  • “huh?”
  • grabs your ice cream and shoves it into his mouth
  • “you were too not unsexy to look at. you should be banned from eating ice cream.”
  • daydreams about you a lot
  • talks about you to namjoon a lot
  • “aish…you should have seen the way she licked the ice cream….”
  • why am i like this
  • have i read too much smut?
  • the sad comments from people online took a toll on jin and he comes home really upset. it was a really really bad day. you check on him and are determined to make him feel better so you try to make him laugh or just be really concerned
  • he gets annoyed because you kept talking and it was just really annoying that he explodes and says something really mean or maybe grabs your arm really harshly that it left a mark.
  • you fall silent and jin knows what he’s done but he just stays where he is and doesn’t budge until you walk away. he’ll crumple and frustrated tears will come out.
  • he’s hurt you and he hates himself for that. but he doesn’t know what to do except cry
  • probably left you a letter that you’d both just “take a time off from each other”
  • it hurts but you let him go
  • i was gonna leave it like that lol but here goes.
  • you hear someone throw a pebble on your window and when you peer out, jin is sat on a tree branch with a guitar, looking scared and nervous
  • he sings this song he had written for you
  • everyone’s crying and it’s just so sweet
  • and everyone lives happily ever after
  • makes dramatical monologues before saving you from cockroaches

Super Mario Bros. 2 and Doki Doki Panic

Super Mario Brothers was one of the most successful and important video games in video game history, one that would launch a multi-billion dollar franchise and mold Nintendo into a major player in the video game industry. Super Mario Brothers 2 was also very successful, but it was certainly an oddity among the Mario Brothers series.  Instead of smashing bricks and stomping goombas, Mario (and a host of other characters) threw weaponized turnips and massacred new enemies called “shy guys”.

Instead of the main antagonist being King Koopa, Mario 2’s boss was a villainous toad named “Wart”.  Mario 2 is especially strange because its sequel, Super Mario Brothers 3 continued the theme of the original Super Mario Brothers, as did the rest of the Mario franchise, for the most part.  This always led to an interesting question which I pondered during my childhood; why was Mario 2 so different from the rest?

After the release of Super Mario Brothers in 1985, Nintendo decided that a sequel was needed to continue the success of the Mario franchise. In 1986 Shigeru Miyamoto, the original designer of Super Mario Brothers, along with designer Takashi Tazuka, created a new sequel.  The sequel was essentially a collection of new levels to Super Mario Brothers, using the exact same engine, animation, and character sprites.  There was one major difference between Super Mario Brothers and the sequel, the sequel is much, much harder. Some twists that tazuka added were things like poisoned mushrooms, wind gusts that can blow you to your death when jumping, and secret level warps that can actually set the player back farther in the game. Peashooter has played it before, and its gameplay can be best described as punishing. The sequel was released in Japan on the Famicom Disk System as Super Mario Brothers 2, and was very successful.  However, when the game was tested by consultant Howard Phillips of Nintendo America for a possible release in the North America, he had one major problem.  The game was too damn hard! Phillips stated that the game probably would not be popular among North American gamers and advised that Nintendo not release the game outside of Japan.

In 1987 Nintendo and Fuji Television Network released the game “Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panikku” (Dream Factory: Heartbeat Panic) in Japan for the Famicon Disk System. Doki Doki Panic added a new dimension to the classic sidescroller.  First, it introduced vertical scrolling, where characters could jump or climb vertically into new environments and screens.  Secondly, characters could pick up objects.  In fact, the main way to kill enemies was by picking vegetables out of the ground and throwing them at enemies. Doki Doki Panic also featured four playable characters, each with different strengths and weaknesses, with the main character having balanced abilities. The setting of the game can be best described as “Arabian Mythical”, similar to Sinbad or Arabian Nights, and the theme was especially reflected in the characters; Imajin, Mama, Lina, and Papa.

With the successful introduction of Doki Doki Panic, Nintendo developers stumbled upon a interesting idea; why not use Doki Doki Panic as the basis for a Super Mario Brothers 2 release outside of Japan? Thus Doki Doki Panic was converted into a Mario game, replacing the characters Imajin, Mama, Lina, and Papa with the characters Mario, Luigi, Toadstool, and Princess Peach.  Some minor changes to the graphics were made, as well as some changes to the layout of the levels, gameplay, and difficulty (The Mario game being less difficult than Doki Doki Panic), but for the most part, if you’ve played Super Mario Brothers 2, you’ve played Doki Doki Panic, and vice versa.

The new Super Mario Brothers 2 was released on July 10th, 1987, and would sell over ten million copies, the third highest selling game for the NES.  It was later re-released on the Gameboy Advance handheld system and for the Wii U system in 2014.  The original Japanese Famicom Super Mario Bros. 2 would be released as “Super Mario Brothers; The Lost Levels” in North America.

pillow fight

Type: fluff

Ship: Jikook (Jimin and Jungkook)

Word count: 376

Jungkook watched Jimin carefully as he played video games with Taehyung. He tiptoed over to him, clutching the pillow in his hands tightly. Taehyung saw him from the corner of his eye, and turned to look. Jungkook brought one finger up to his lips, and silently motioned for Tae to look back at the screen. Tae grinned before turning back to his game. Taking light steps, Jungkook reached Jimin’s unknowing form on the floor. He brought the pillow up before smashing it on Jimin’s head. Jimin’s eyes widened as he turned to face the maknae. Jungkook laughed, showing his bunny teeth. Jimin smiled a greasy smile as he got up. Jungkook turned and ran while giggling. Taehyung was rolling on the floor laughing.

“Maknae~!” Jimin called, running after the youngest member. Jungkook turned to look at him and grinned before slipping into a bedroom. Jimin raced in after him, just in time to see that the maknae had another pillow in his hands. Jungkook slowly moved to the other side of the room, his smile never leaving his face. Jimin grinned at him before grabbing another pillow from the bed and moving slowly towards Jungkook. They both slowly circled each other, waiting for the other to make a move. Suddenly, Jungkook ran towards Jimin and hit him with the white pillow in his hands. Jimin yelled before retaliating, tackling the maknae to the ground. Jungkook laughed as he tried to push his hyung off of him. Jimin stealthily slipped his hands under the maknae’s shirt and started to tickle him. Laughter erupted in the room.

“H-hyung! Stop!” Jungkook yelled, breathless.

“Never!” was the reply from his hyung, incessantly tickling him.

“I’ll do anything!”

“A kiss?” Jimin smiled greasily, his eyes narrowing playfully.

“Fine! Please, just stop!” Jimin removed his hands, leaving Jungkook on the ground catching his breath.

“Kookie~!” Jungkook sighed and picked himself up, facing Jimin. His face was slowly turning bright red. “You promised~!” Jungkook slowly leaned in and gently touched his lips to those of his boyfriend before his face turned even redder than before. Jimin pulled back and smirked at Jungkook.

“I should tickle you more often~!” Jungkook stared blankly at his boyfriend before leaving the room. “You know you want it!”

“Tang, sepi kali ni sekolah. Kita pulang saja lah yok!”

“dak boleh gitu lah, Kal.”

“tapi sejak kepergian pak guru, sudah dak ada lagi yang ke sekolah Tang, cuma kita saja ni. Buk Mus pun dak ada. Sekolah macam apa ni dak ada murid, dak ada guru.”

“sudahlah Kal. Aku mau tanya saja nih sama kau, kau ingat dak nasihat pak guru sebelum dia meninggal?”

“nasihat yang mana, Tang? Banyak kali dia beri nasihat.”

“yang tentang penyangkalan, Kal.”

“oh iya aku ingat. Penyangkalan itu adalah puncak tertinggi kesombongan. Allah pun dak suka sama orang-orang yang sombong.”

“betul, Kal. Makanya kata pak guru, Allah melaknat satu kaum sejak dulu karena bersifat sombongnya.”

“yang cerita Nabi Musa dan kaumnya yang angkuh itu ya, Tang?”

“iya, Kal. Mereka merasa sebagai kaum yang pasti terlindungi, makanya mereka dak bantu Nabi Musa untuk memerangi orang Kafir. Akhirnya mereka jadi kaum yang dilaknat sama Allah.”

“wah, untung kaum itu dak dekat dekat sama kita ya, Tang. Jadi kita dak kecipratan laknat Allah.”

“jangan salah, Kal. Aku pernah baca di buku kalau ternyata banyak di antara kita yang menyadari kalau kita sedang dalam bahaya, tapi kita dak mencari solusi konkrit. Itu juga bentuk kesombongan, Kal.”

“bahaya apa contohnya, Tang?”

“ya contohnya itu kalau kita dak solat, Kal. Padahal kan kita tau kalau kita dak solat, kita akan disiksa di neraka. Tapi banyak orang dak solat malah santai saja, seperti dak ada masalah. Atau kalau taubat pun hanya begitu begitu saja. Itu tandanya orang tu menyangkal akan disiksa di neraka kan, Kal?”

“wah betul juga. Trus kalau misal kita dak belajar, kita malah main dan banyak kegiatan dak bermanfaat supaya dak stres belajar, padahal kita tau kalau dak belajar, kita dak akan sukses. Itu juga termasuk penyangkalan ya, Tang?”

“betul, Kal. Dan dak ada seorangpun yang lebih angkuh daripada orang yang percaya bahwa dirinya kebal dari merabahaya, Kal.”

“dan itu adalah orang-orang yang banyak menyangkal.”

“nah makanya kita harus tetap sekolah, Kal. Jangan karena dak ada teman dan dak ada guru kita berhenti sekolah. Ayahku ni jauh-jauh kirim aku ke sini buat bercita-cita.”

“haha. Iya ya, Tang. Tapi gimana kita belajarnya, Tang?”

“ayo kita panggil teman-teman, Kal. Kita ajak sekolah lagi. Nanti kita bagi-bagi ilmu kita saja, Kal. Misalnya aku ngajari matematika, kau ngajari bahasa, Mahar ngajari seni.”

“ide bagus itu, Tang. Ayok lah!”

“nah, seperti itu lah dari tadi, Kal. Nanti kuantar lagi lah kau beli kapur. Haha.”

“haha. Kau memang sahabat terbaik, Tang.”

Okay, I’m trying something new

I’ll make a set of imagines of a band and make others with other band. after I’m done with as much as I can,I’ll do it one by one 

Imagine set 1. BTS

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imagine these two dorks fighting over you.

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imagine jungkook trying to pay attention to what you are ranting about but can’t because he is too busy looking at how beautiful

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(I did this one before)

Imagine V taking a pictures of you and you doing a funny pose, making him laugh

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Imagine V trying to impress you in the gym

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Imagine (imajin) jin dancing like this to make you smile when you are sad

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Imagine jhope blowing you a kiss on stage, saying your name and that it’s meant just for you

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Imagine getting a pet puppy with your boyfriend min yoongi

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imagine rap mon being all happy to see you


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Imagine jungshook being himself because of you

Okay that’s all for now but you can request the next band if i already haven’t done it.

BTS: Suga Fluff/Angst


acupofbts: First Date | Warm Only For You | I Don’t Bite | Truth or Dare? |I’ll Always Be With You | Don’t Worry ft. Taehyung |

an-exotic-writer: Perfect | With Or Without Horror | I’ll Treat You Right |Stop… Not Really | Told You So | The End ff the Day | The Color of My Life |Next Time Definitely | Safe Haven | Inspiration | Regrettably Worth It | 10/10| Questions…Why? | Dating Min Yoongi | Is It Too Late To Say Sorry Now? |Baby I’m Perfect For You | I Lied, I Lied, I Lied | Action Speaks Louder Than Words | The Taste Of My Love | I’m Still Waiting For You | Good, Good Boyfriend | Second Chance At Love | I Don’t Need To See You To Love You| The End Of The Day | Color My Life | She’s Cute | Don’t Fall In Love With Me | Words Don’t Come Easy | Only When It’s Yours | My Princess | Yes Ma’am | I’m Fucking Serious | I Don’t Love You I Love You Too Much |Lucky Shot Maybe | Maybe Worth it | A Night Like This | Living the Dream |Merry Christmas, Love | Here’s to Many More Years | Stress Out, Love In |Stay | Better On You Than Me | The Smell of Home | Of Course I Remembered | It Was Him |

annyeongs: Early Birds | Reverie |

baebsaes: Reminder | Sticky | Muse | Getting Away with Murder | Once |Rewind | Fly Away With Me |

btsmom: Christmas With Yoongi |

btssmutandfluff: Fanmeet | Missing Him |

bulletproof-girl-scouts: Coffee Love | Overprotective | Do You Still Love Me | Sensitive | Study For Me | I’m Sorry | Making It Up To You | I’ll Take Care Of You | Cuddle Date | Relax | I Guess He Does That To Me | It’s Okay| My New Texting Buddy | Do You Wanna Go Out | Break Time | I’m Sowwy| Yoongi Scenario | Walking Me Home | I’m Ignoring You, You Jerk | I’m Different | My Appreciation | Sweet Frosting | Let’s Stop | I Want To Be There For You | Rappers | You’re Really Cool | My Little Time
Making My Dreams Happen | Our Space | My First Snow | Like An Angel In The Wind | Innocent Love | Picking Favorites |

causekpop: KIT-KAT |

exobtsimagination: English Isn’t That Hard | First Kiss | Putting Music Together | Nickname | Marry Me | Flying Home | Don’t Worry | Winter|Movie Night Make Out | Seo-sangnim | Perfect Day Off |

exoticarmy127: Bear Hugs & Kisses | Cypher Confessions | Converse High| The Little Soldier |

imajin-bts: ListenTo Love Winter | Late | Life of the Party | This Rain |Morning Routine |

infireation: Stuck In the Rain | Winter’s Kiss |

infires-by-bts: First At Everything | When A Heart Is Still Here | Failure Is the Key To Success |

jiminnings: Cold Nights, Warm Hearts |

keypea: Snowflake | Magister | Sough | Let It Snow | Intenerate | Study Date | TFLN |

noonatrash: Hey, Do You Wanna? | Just One Day - Morning | That Thing (Remix) | When I First Saw You |

palpitate-hyperventilate: Inertia |

park-jimeme: Airport Troubles | Three Years | Photographer | Secret Love |The Fall |

parkjiminsfineass: Patience | Perfectionist | Rush | Scares | Sick |

pjiminnie: Truth Serum |

sugabub: Taking Care of the Fool | Velveteen |

sugascenes: Issues | Colours | Notes | Memories | Wake Up |  Misunderstanding | Admire | Marks | Jealously | Surprise | Play | Trainee |

taehxyung: 3:17 |

thesammtimes: Offbeat | Future | Recrudescence | TIFU |

threecyphers: Blind Date |

tramngo99: Perfection

whisperedscenarios: Be Considerate | Not a Bad Thing | Just One Day | A Little Help | Two Pieces | Suga Christmas | Miss Right | Dance Partner | Big Fan | Your Song | A Lovely Morning | Winner |

wonswoos: Stint | Substance | Vacancy |

yourcupoftae: Nevermind | “Great, But What’s Your Name?” |

your-miss-right: Caller Number 9 | Table For Two | Slipping | Clueless |Exam Season | Can I Be Your Sun? | Like a Work of Art | Between Us |Nervous? | Converse High | Impressive |The Knight in Shining Armor |

zeurin: What Am I To You? |


an-exotic-writer: Mockingbird | Tomorrow | Words Don’t Come Easy |
Is It Too Late to Say Sorry | A Little While More | The Day Before | Lost and Found | Stood up For Sadness, Reserved For Forgiveness | Six Feet Down Under |

btsfiles: Of Blood & Band-Aids |

bulletproof-girl-scouts: We Had Ended |

exobtsimagination: Hate This Jealous Feeling | Can’t Put it Together | My Hero | It’s Okay | Realization | You Talk Too Much | Best Friend Support | Missing Home | Snap |

imajin-bts: Black and White |

infires-by-bts: Because of You (Because of Me) | Forgive Me And Let’s Start Over? | First Comes Like | What Are Family For | Never Again | Forever Loved | Sorry |

jeongguxks: Reassurance |

jjungkooked: Promise |

keypea: Frisson | Harangue | Beguile |

noir0neko: Wedding Dress |

noonatrash: Be the One |

parkjiminsfineass: Mismatched | Forgive Me | Memory |

sugascenes: Cheat |

thehappiesttime: Repeat |

universitykpop: With Care |

whisperedscenarios: Remembering Sunday | Let Me Go | Emotion |

zeurin: Tactile Amnesia |

anonymous asked:

Hey I've been making my way through the Heisei Riders (so far I've seen: Fourze, Wizard, W, OOO, Ex-Aid, and Kiva) I was wondering if you had any recommendations on what to watch next (I was considering Den-O and Ghost or would you suggest neither)?

Of those two, definitely go for Kamen Rider Den-O!

Not only is this year the 10th Anniversary of the 2007 entry in the franchise but the show is actually really good.  It’s a definite change from the tone of the show that came before it (Kamen Rider Kabuto) and the show that came after (Kamen Rider Kiva) which is a good thing! It initially comes off as a kind of science fiction comedy focusing on the clumsy, time traveling misadventures of the main character, Ryutarou.  He is literally the unluckiest man on Earth and seems to stumble from one accident to another.

It is because of his terrible luck that he accidentally ends up not only discovering the Den Liner, a train that travels through time, but gets wrapped up in the plot of beings from another timeline called Imajin that grant wishes to humans in exchange for their pasts.  It turns out Ryutarou is a fixed point in time, a singularity and because of this he is tasked with becoming Kamen Rider Den-O and battling the Imajin throughout time.

The really great part about the series though is even though it’s ostensibly a comedy, the jokes and slapstick and banter cover a story that is, at its core, pretty dark.  There are plotlines involving lost timelines, forgotten loves, the future of characters and the sacrifices heroes must make for the happiness of others. 

it is a really good show and one I highly recommend if you are looking for a fun time with some emotional punch.  I am actually rewatching this one now and finding that I like it much more in retrospect than I did when it was initially airing. So please, take a time tripping ride on the Den Liner and experience this series for yourself.

Also, Hana.  Hana is one of the best characters in the series!