imagreatbowler we can do the Divergent stuff for Teen Wolf whenever. This is what I’ve thought of so far.

Abnegation - Scott McCall
Amity - Vernon Boyd (although I think he could also be in Erudite tbh)
Candor - Isaac Lahey (I see a lot of people put him in Amity, but I think he fits Candor better), Erica Reyes
Dauntless - ALLISON ARGENT, possibly Derek Hale
Erudite - Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin

Kira keeps fluctuating for me, because I think she’d fit in Amity really well, but I could also see her in Abnegation. 

megaevolvedthot  asked:

is it okay to send an ot3? boyd x cora x erica

it is BEYOND okay oh my god yes yes yes (also i’m moving this one up because two people asked!!!!! i love you both) (and your good taste in ships)

  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

erica and cora conspired on this. it happens more than once. it becomes an easter tradition and the three of them have to help each other clean marshmallow goo out of the microwave every year. erica always starts a goo war by getting it on boyd’s face or in cora’s hair and then they all end up sticky and kissin marshmallow off each other’s fingers uwu

  • who forgot to put the cat outside before sex

between the three of them the cat usually gets put outside.

  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

all of them. in order of who does it most to who does it least: erica, cora, boyd.

  • who breaks the most phones

cora. always cora.

  • who dies first

…….in video games

erica loves to play now that she doesn’t have to worry about the games giving her seizures. she develops a really quick talent for it. boyd is, again, always more on the safe side and is a good survivor. poor cora is just awful.

  • which one I could see as being lactose intollerant

cora. possibly erica? but mostly cora.

  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

cora is not a good cook. she likes to try and help out erica and boyd but they actively steer her away from the stove (the most she gets to do is, like, peel vegetables). she insists that this is unnecessary but boyd and erica know. they know.

  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed

boyd, with his bothersome staying-up-writing habits. either he gets kicked out or erica and cora will just take his laptop away from him and snuggle him to sleep. (the latter happens a lot more often.)

  • who uses the computer most

boyd. always always writing. he hogs the laptop and erica and cora will have to pry it out of his hands if he’s on a writing binge.

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Braeden/Derek for the domesticity meme. And do both it's more fun that way xo

Omg thank you, Steen. I will try not to disappoint. imagreatbowler

  • Big spoon/Little spoon: Honestly? I feel like they switch off, but more often than not, Derek’s the little spoon. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it at first, but he likes it. He likes feeling safe and protected and loved. And Braeden’s strong and sure enough to be there for him when he needs it.
  • Favorite Non-sexual activity: They probably spar and stuff jokingly or watch movies or something. I don’t know, tbh, because I feel like sex was a big part of their relationship in the beginning. I feel like there’s a lot of just… being with them, you know?
  • Who uses all the hot water: Braeden. She likes the water just this side of scalding, steaming up the whole room. Derek doesn’t like the scalding water as much, and as long as he can take a shower in not ice cold water, he’s surprisingly okay.
  • Most trivial thing they fight over: Who’s going to wake up to greet the delivery guy when he comes at eight in the morning to deliver whatever package they ordered (usually it’s Braeden because she’s better at being at least decent when she just woke up than Derek is)
  • Who does most of the cleaning: Derek. It’s not cleaning so much as tidying. Braeden’s not messy, but she definitely subscribes to “organized chaos.” Derek just tries to make it a little more organized without messing up her system.
  • Who controls the Netflix remote: Braeden usually. Derek doesn’t care what they watch and she usually picks stuff that interests him too, so he doesn’t mind.
  • Who calls the landlord/super when something’s broke: Derek owns the loft, so they have no need.
  • Who steals the blankets: It’s a constant battle. Braeden usually starts it. For the longest time, they’d fight over covers because Braeden hates being cold and Derek can’t sleep without blankets. They finally learned that the best way to deal with this is to cuddle. Even if Braeden especially wasn’t good with it at first.
  • Who leaves their stuff around: Braeden. Just trust me on this. It’s not important stuff ever, but little things.
  • Who remembers to buy the milk: Both of them do.
  • Who remembers their anniversary: I think they both do, but I don’t think either of them classify themselves the kind of couple who actually makes a big deal of it. But still, every month on the date of their going out or whatever (even though neither of them uses that term. Too teeny bopperish), Derek usually gets flowers or candy or something.

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☾ and ★ for Kira.

☾ - sleep headcanon

Okay so I imagine that Kira had to move around a lot during her childhood, and it was quite difficult for her to quickly adapt to things. So ever since she was little, she’s always had to fluff her pillows in a certain way before being able to fall asleep. It was like one of the only things that remained constant in her life - the way her pillows are fluffed. She still does it every night.

 ★ - sad headcanon

Another childhood headcanon (idk I have a lot of childhood headcanons for Kira). So since Noshiko is like 900 years old, I imagine Kira’s never met her Japanese family. And her father’s family all live in Korea, so Kira’s never had any family besides her parents. Holidays were always just the three of them, they never had family reunions, her parents never had very many friends either, and with all the moving around and being an only child, Kira was very lonely. She’d gaze longingly at the kids on the playground who had siblings. She envied all her friends who spoke about their giant family picnics and barbecues. When she was 8 or 9, she bought her first Marvel comic. The only place she didn’t feel alone was when she’d immerse herself in the world of The Avengers or Spiderman or the X-Men.

headcanon meme

okay so earlier i was at a stoplight in the passenger seat of my roommates car, and there was this dude trying really hard to put a sign into the ground in the cold. At first i was like aww, poor dude, its cold, but then as he started to walk away i realized it was one of those ‘god said one MAN and one WOMAN the GAYS are EVIL’ signs

and i just got so mad that i jumped out of the car (after waiting till he had walked off a bit cause i didn’t want him to beat me up) and yanked the sign out of the ground and threw it down

then i ran the three feet back to the car, smacked into the open door, and launched myself into the seat as the light turned green. i know have a pretty sizable bruise on my arm and no regrets

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ok here u go 3 people: ME, fleur, and scott


Theme park adventure time (most of you don’t know me in real life, but trust me, you’d probably have an easier time convincing me to fuck you than go to a theme park with you)- you!

Marry- Fleeeeeeeuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrr <33333

Get drunk with- Scott, that would legitimately be so much fun!

imagreatbowler said: You legit look like a dragon that’s rad as heck

It’s time you knew, followers. I am indeed an ancient winged beast who long ago assumed the shape of a fleshy girl-child in order to keep my illustrious scaled form from being slain. I have infiltrated the ranks of my little friends, the city-dwelling beasties, and taken up virtual residency on their beloved Tumblr, where I send out meta and pretty gifs from atop my (somewhat truncated but still resplendent) treasure hoard.

The Malisaac Network MEMBERS

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imagreatbowler replied to your post:imagreatbowler replied to your post “How exactly…

No, i completely agree. I’m just…making stuff up until they inevitably contradict themselves and me. be annoyed. it’s annoying. they wasted a season not talking about kitsune or banshees.

We have yet to get a decent explanation for how a werewolf differs from a werecoyote  and a werejaguar. The kanima thing made sense and they explained how it changed the game. But why does wolfsbane affect Kate, what was that weird wolfsbane. Does werejaguares use Packs or Alphas Kate’s eyes glowed green is that normal for Werejaguars. Why is her face blue. Why hasn’t Malia full shifted we know she is capable of it. Why can some poeple do it and not others, Frankly the only reason I’m not more upset about Derek’s full shift is the fact that we can now make dumb Pokemon jokes. If you get me started I could probably rant forever.  

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omg so many of those are angsty!! Mamihlapinatapei, scirek (scott/kira/derek) s.v.p :) (i think this one is still angsty, dang)

Mamihlapinatapei: The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move + Scirek

These are pretty angsty! I hope you like this :)

It’s when they sing together. Scott’s raspy tone with Kira’s velvet smooth and it’s scary how easily they’ve synced up. Even with their eyes closed they manage to sway in the same direction and Derek loves watching them. Wishes his voice could harmonize with theirs matching their rhythm but all he can do is look.

It’s when Kira sips her too foamy Vanilla Chai and comes away with a moustache she doesn’t notice. Derek is wont to look away from her mouth. The uptick of at the left corner that happens when she gives a small smile. The blush that tints her cheeks when she realizes she’s been speaking a whole five minutes with a layer of foam above her lip.

It’s when Scott can’t make it through a story because he adds too many details. It’s when he has to backtrack to provide background for why something happened and explain a small detail so you understand. When he bounces on his feet and Derek thinks he’s going to pounce soon. When he finishes with “Long story short…” and it’s taken fifteen minutes to explain why he took an extra 5 minutes to meet them at the diner.

They’re so in tuned to each other and it’s when Scott knows that Derek’s furrowed eyebrows and sucked in bottom lip means he needs space to himself. When Derek understands that when Scott rubs his thumb back and forth across his pointer finger he needs Derek’s hand just below the back of his neck kneading at the skin.

It’s when Derek is reading. He gets enraptured by books he’s read a hundred times or for the first time and it’s beautiful. It’s when she can tell that a character is about to mess up with the way Derek chews on the corner of his thumb, has to put down the book for a full minute or two before he picks it up again.

It’s when Scott falls asleep on her shoulder. The peaceful look that comes across his face. It’s because he snores a little with his mouth slightly open. It’s because he shuffles around until he’s pressed against her side and Kira wants to caress his cheek.

It’s when they were doing homework at his loft and Derek helped Kira outline her entire English paper. When he gave her book titles she should consider checking out as resources and showed her how to use EBSCO host to search for online journals. It’s when she got up to make him tea and he didn’t have to tell her that he liked lots of cream and three sugars. When their fingers lingered as she was handing him the cup. When gazes locked.

It’s when Derek laughs without caution. His shoulders rise and he throws his head to the side. When his face scrunches up so tight and his teeth show. When he smacks the side of his thigh and he can’t contain himself. Scott wants to capture that moment forever.

It’s when Kira sneezes. The way it’s quiet and slightly high-pitched. It’s the fact that she can’t give one sneeze…it’s always four in a row. It’s when she holds up a finger to stop the onslaught of “Bless you” because there’s one more coming. It’s when she looks up and gives this embarrassed smile

Send me a word and a character/series/pairing and I will write a drabble