imagreatbowler we can do the Divergent stuff for Teen Wolf whenever. This is what I’ve thought of so far.

Abnegation - Scott McCall
Amity - Vernon Boyd (although I think he could also be in Erudite tbh)
Candor - Isaac Lahey (I see a lot of people put him in Amity, but I think he fits Candor better), Erica Reyes
Dauntless - ALLISON ARGENT, possibly Derek Hale
Erudite - Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin

Kira keeps fluctuating for me, because I think she’d fit in Amity really well, but I could also see her in Abnegation. 

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omg so many of those are angsty!! Mamihlapinatapei, scirek (scott/kira/derek) s.v.p :) (i think this one is still angsty, dang)

Mamihlapinatapei: The look between two people in which each loves the other but is too afraid to make the first move + Scirek

These are pretty angsty! I hope you like this :)

It’s when they sing together. Scott’s raspy tone with Kira’s velvet smooth and it’s scary how easily they’ve synced up. Even with their eyes closed they manage to sway in the same direction and Derek loves watching them. Wishes his voice could harmonize with theirs matching their rhythm but all he can do is look.

It’s when Kira sips her too foamy Vanilla Chai and comes away with a moustache she doesn’t notice. Derek is wont to look away from her mouth. The uptick of at the left corner that happens when she gives a small smile. The blush that tints her cheeks when she realizes she’s been speaking a whole five minutes with a layer of foam above her lip.

It’s when Scott can’t make it through a story because he adds too many details. It’s when he has to backtrack to provide background for why something happened and explain a small detail so you understand. When he bounces on his feet and Derek thinks he’s going to pounce soon. When he finishes with “Long story short…” and it’s taken fifteen minutes to explain why he took an extra 5 minutes to meet them at the diner.

They’re so in tuned to each other and it’s when Scott knows that Derek’s furrowed eyebrows and sucked in bottom lip means he needs space to himself. When Derek understands that when Scott rubs his thumb back and forth across his pointer finger he needs Derek’s hand just below the back of his neck kneading at the skin.

It’s when Derek is reading. He gets enraptured by books he’s read a hundred times or for the first time and it’s beautiful. It’s when she can tell that a character is about to mess up with the way Derek chews on the corner of his thumb, has to put down the book for a full minute or two before he picks it up again.

It’s when Scott falls asleep on her shoulder. The peaceful look that comes across his face. It’s because he snores a little with his mouth slightly open. It’s because he shuffles around until he’s pressed against her side and Kira wants to caress his cheek.

It’s when they were doing homework at his loft and Derek helped Kira outline her entire English paper. When he gave her book titles she should consider checking out as resources and showed her how to use EBSCO host to search for online journals. It’s when she got up to make him tea and he didn’t have to tell her that he liked lots of cream and three sugars. When their fingers lingered as she was handing him the cup. When gazes locked.

It’s when Derek laughs without caution. His shoulders rise and he throws his head to the side. When his face scrunches up so tight and his teeth show. When he smacks the side of his thigh and he can’t contain himself. Scott wants to capture that moment forever.

It’s when Kira sneezes. The way it’s quiet and slightly high-pitched. It’s the fact that she can’t give one sneeze…it’s always four in a row. It’s when she holds up a finger to stop the onslaught of “Bless you” because there’s one more coming. It’s when she looks up and gives this embarrassed smile

Send me a word and a character/series/pairing and I will write a drabble


i wish i could say yes, because ive been intending to read those books!! so ill be drawing myself into it later once i do

instead animorphs

my first morph would probs be my own cat, but i didnt have a picture of him handy. drew myself in animorph-appropriate 90s apparel

imagreatbowler replied to your post:[[MOR] My brother just called me a bitch and…

did you punch him? that’s such an inappropriate insult i totally understand being upset; i HATE when people call me that.

No. I can’t actually try to hurt him; he’d do it back probably. All that I did even was just reply to something sarcastically. Literally.

Brother: Where are mom and dad?
Me: Store.
Brother: Why?
Me: They’re going to get more paint.
Brother: Did they run out?
Me: -sarcastically- No, they’re just going out to get more paint.
Brother: Okay, bitch, I don’t need the sarcasm.

Like, really? What did I even do to warrant being called that? Sigh.

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oh hello darling :3

Opening Credits: Error: Operator -Taking Back Sunday
Waking Up: Opheliac -Emilie Autumn
First Day At School: Til I Hit the Ground -Reel Big Fish
Falling In Love: Freedom -Nicki Minaj
Fight Song: Hold On -Icona Pop
Breaking Up: Just Got to Be -The Black Keys
Life’s OK: This Early Grave -Hot Water Music
Getting Back Together: Shut Your Mouth -Garbage
Wedding: Bring It (Snakes on a Plane) -Cobra Starship
Birth of Child: Save My Life -ZZ Ward
Final Battle: Sunset -The Xx
Death Scene: Milieu -Beats Antique
Funeral Song: Hey Brother -Avicii
End Credits: Come Around -M.I.A.

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EITHER OR TIME. Cake or Pie? Foxes or Raccoons? Cats or Dogs? Lemons or Limes? There or Back? Pumpkin or Peach? Summer or Winter? Beavers or Moose (mooses?)? Supernatural or Doctor Who? Lydia or Allison? Chicken or Beef? Mexican food or Ethiopian food? Cupcakes or Regular Cake? Icing or Frosting? Halloween or Thanksgiving? Jeans or Shorts? Sweat pants or Skinny jeans? Disney or Fox? The Avengers or the Justice League?



cats. is that even a question?


there, who wants to go back?


Fall. :P


Doctor Who

Lydia. Haven’t you heard that I named my car lydia?




I wasn’t aware there was a difference? Frosting

Halloween. I actually hate leftovers

shorts. I hate jeans

SWEAT PANTS. Why is that a question


Justice league

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um kiki tell me about scira, pls.

First off I love scira with an intense passion omg, they are an actual otp to me and i could honestly cry it’s so good god bless. I can see Scott and Kira as immortal lovers traveling around the world and taking care of children and helping to protect people from supernatural mayhem. I can see them going to Japan when Kira is finally ready to have children, thinking they’ll be kitsune, but being only partly right when she has triplets (kitsune, werewolf, and kumiho )and having to travel to Korea to see her paternal grandmother to find out how to care for her youngest daughter.

I can see Scott staying up late to watch the children while Kira rests up after labor, sometimes crying because he’s so in love with his girls and wants to keep them all happy and safe. 

I can see their kids making them an anniversary breakfast in bed and asking Aunt Lydia for help with a nice gift (which of course ends up being a couples spa day) and cleaning up for the whole house.

Scott and Kira having a precious perfect relationship <3