Opposites Attract

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (Y/N)

Genre: Fluffy 

Request: Hello ~ can I have a yoongi scenario where you guys get paired up for a group project, and you’re pretty much polar opposites, bUT A CRUSH !!! HAPPENS! Or something. I don’t know. You decide !!

Word Count: ~1.2k

   You sat at your desk waiting for class to start. A hum of noise coming from everyone around you talking to amongst themselves. Looking around at the others you notice one kid sitting towards the back keeping to himself. His face brought back vague memories of seeing him in the halls or with his friends at lunch. He seemed a lot more outgoing in his group of friends than when he was on his own. In class he was mostly quiet, only really speaking when the teacher called him for answers he never volunteered.

   As you were lost in thoughts about the quiet, dark-haired boy you were startled when you saw him turn his head to return your stare. You smiled slightly at him before turning your head back towards the front of the class. Pushing aside the slight feeling of embarrassment as the bell finally rang and the teacher went to the front to start the class as everyone gradually fell silent.

   “Okay, we’ll be starting a group project today.” He announced, causing the hum to start up again as everyone searched for the eyes of their friends. “Before you get too excited, I’ve already assigned partners.” A collective groan was heard from the class before the teacher proceeded to explain the project requirements and then announce partners.

   As the teacher announced your partner you felt the slight embarrassment from earlier return as you were partnered with the boy who’d caught you staring earlier. You looked back at him once again and found him already looking at you, he sent a small smile your way that you returned and then once again turned to face the front. The teacher talked a little more about the project and then instructed everyone to move to sit by their partners.

   Looking back to see if your partner planned to move you determined that you’d have to move back by him and started gathering your books. He didn’t look up at you as you plopped your books down on the empty desk next to him and sat down. You tried to shake off the awkward feeling and quickly returned to your usually bright state.

   “Hey, I’m Y/N!” You chirped, holding a hand out towards him.

   “Yoongi. But we both knew that because the teacher already announced our names.” Yoongi said with a short, quiet laugh.

   “I know, but I thought it’d be nice to introduce ourselves. I also couldn’t think of any other way to make you look at me. It seemed like you’d rather be anywhere else.” You laughed a little to show that you weren’t too hurt by it.

   Yoongi looked down at his desk and scratched the back of his head, biting his lower lip slightly. He mumbled a small ‘sorry’ and glanced at you from the corner of his eye. After telling him you weren’t hurt by it at all you started telling him some of your ideas for the project. He seemed content with most of them, mostly just looking at you and nodding as you talked. When you finished talking there was once again silence between the two of you, which was out of place amidst the rest of talkative people in the class.

   “Did you have any ideas for the project? We don’t have to go with mine just because I’m loud.” You said jokingly.

   “I like your ideas.” He assured you but you were pleased to see him finally smile for a reason other than to acknowledge you. You spent the rest of the time talking about the project, most of the talking being done by you but with Yoongi chiming in as occasionally. Before the end of class you guys exchanged numbers and agreed to meet after school to work on the project.

   For the rest of the day you found yourself thinking about him frequently. He was quite cute, you had to admit, and he seemed really nice. As time passed you found yourself getting more excited about seeing him after school, anticipating the opportunity to see him again. You had to remind yourself that it was for a school project and not to get too ahead of yourself.

   Most of your time after school was spent checking the clock, waiting for the time when Yoongi was supposed to arrive. When you finally heard a knock on the door you checked yourself in the mirror before opening it.

   “Hey!” You greeted with a bright smile. Yoongi returned your greeting with a big, gummy smile you hadn’t gotten to see earlier in the day and you found yourself thinking it was one of the cutest things you’d ever seen. After you offered him something to eat and drink you both made your way to your room.

   While you two worked on the project you caught yourself staring at Yoongi a lot. You both took frequent breaks while working and just talked and joked around. Eventually he had to leave and you found yourself feeling oddly sad, and anticipating the next opportunity to spend time with him.

   It was the day that the projects were due and with all the work you and Yoongi had put in you were sure that you would get an A. Yet you still felt a twinge of sadness as the prospect of not getting to spend any more time with Yoongi was swimming around in the back of your head. You had undoubtedly developed a crush on him over the few weeks you had been working together. Even though you guys were near polar opposites you found yourself attracted to those differences.

   At lunch you found Yoongi sitting with his friends and decided that you had to tell him how you felt before you got too attached and risked getting your heart broken. You gave yourself a quick pep talk before starting to make your way over to him. The whole walk over you spent nearly talking yourself out of it, finally reaching the group just as you were about to turn around.

   “Hey! What’s up?” Yoongi asked, smiling up at you.

   You hesitated slightly before finally regaining your courage, “Can we talk?”

   Yoongi stood from the table and followed you out of the lunchroom to a quiet place at the end of the hallway and waited for a second in silence before talking, “Is something wrong?”

   “Yes and no. I have a bit of a problem but I don’t even know if it’s a problem I’m kind of just turning it into one.” You took a deep breath and then finally just blurted out, “I like you.”

   At first Yoongi looked shocked which made you immediately feel like crawling into a hole but the bright, gummy smile that overtook his face a second later made you feel a spark of hope. While you were waiting for Yoongi to say something he had chosen another way to show you he felt the same. He looked around quickly to check that no one was looking and quickly leaned in to kiss you.

   “Should I take that as a, ‘You like me too?” You laughed when he pulled away.

   Definitely,” Yoongi replied and returned your laugh.


A/N: To the anon who requested this I’m sorry I put it up so late! And I don’t really know how I feel about this but I tried and I hope you like it! Feel free to send in requests if you’d like!



im back now

a letter to you

it’s quiet uptown

a.ham headcanon

stars and moons


you ruined my life

a gift from the sun



and time goes on

stars and moons

you’re the one // made it out together

coffee date

part of me is you.

wrote my way out

lmm. hc

drunken love

one hell of a ride**

new york six


where’s my love

a decade of love


stop that

can you teach me?


and i loved




fuck me up pt 1** (pt 2)** (pt 3)**

nobody has to know

how can you love me

how long have you known

you love and you hurt

congrats on the tony

I won’t be okay.

the tiniest lifeboat


headcanon 1




congratulations (twitter edition)

poly!ham squad


im sorry


shattered glass

what does a debate lead to?


lovers hate

New Year Celebrations

 Pairing: Fred x Reader

Request:  lol nope… I only have 87 to get through so why not do one that isn’t one of them, great idea.

A/N: Happy New Year!!!! It just hit midnight and here I am developing a Fred Weasley Imagine idea, and it is a bit stupid but I hope you like it!

Squicks: Look, it’s not a smut because I have morals and all that, but it is a bit… suggestive? And there’s v minimal swearing, spoiler alert it’s the word shit you’ll be fine

You were staying at The Burrow for the break over the two week period for Christmas and New Year.

It was early on New Year’s Day, and Molly wanted to stock up on school supplies early before the shops became too busy, so she rounded up Ron, Hermione, Harry, George and Ginny to head down to Diagon Alley, leaving you and Fred in the burrow alone.

You were sitting on your boyfriend’s bed reading your book, while Fred was throwing things into his trunk for when school started back shortly.

“You know Y/n….” Fred began, “we’re finally alone now…”

You looked up from your book, returning Fred’s smile,

“Well that’s observant of you, new year new you I see,”

“Well my dear yes now that you remind me, it is the new year, and I do believe we ought to be celebrating…” Fred says flirtily as he joins you on his bed sitting opposite you.

“Oh Fred that’s a wonderful idea! What is it exactly that you had in mind?” you ask, trying to play as oblivious as possible,

“I think you know very much what I had in mind, Y/n”.

“As a matter of fact I think I do know what you had in mind actually!” you say happily, “But Fred… we can’t, can we,”

“No, I do believe you are absolutely right,” Fred agrees nodding his head, “We have our clothes on”.

“Yes, we do, and we can’t have our type of celebrations with our clothes on now can we?” you say thoughtfully as Fred slides your shirt up over your head,

“No Y/n you’re absolutely right, clothes just simply can’t happen, I won’t allow it,” He continues, puling at the waistband of your sweatpants.

“I don’t know what we can do… we can’t celebrate while wearing clothes, yet here we are wearing clothes!” You were now sitting on his bed in nothing but your lingerie, still pretending to be totally oblivious to the fact,

“I’m afraid there’s not much that can be done in this situation, my love,” Fred says as he pulls his arms out of his sleeves,

“No Fred, I do believe you’re right,” you say sadly as Fred drops his shirt to the floor, “There isn’t much we can do while we have clothes on our bodies,”

“New Year only comes around once a year, because otherwise it wouldn’t be a new year,” Fred unzips his jeans and pulls them off, “so this would have really been our only opportunity to celebrate…”

“Yes, it was wasn’t it,” you sigh in agreement as Fred climbs on top of you, gently pushing you down so that you are lying on the bed, “it’s a shame, I was looking forward to welcoming the New Year in our special way, it’s become a tradition…”

“It has indeed,” Fred nods, “A tradition that will have been lost, and all because we’re wearing clothes”.

You let out a loud gasp of shock, “Fred!”

Fred copies your gasp with just as much enthusiasm, “What?!”

“Would you look at that… Our clothes are gone!” you say, looking down at the two of your almost naked bodies,

“My God Y/n, you’re absolutely right!”

“Oh Freddie, you know what this means, don’t you?”

“Mmm yes I do think I know what this means…” Fred says as he leans down to kiss you.

You wrap your hands in his hair, as he kisses you and his arm wraps around your waist.

As things began to get heated, the door slams open,

“Guys have you seen my— SHIT WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!”

George had walked into the room to see the two of you in a very compromising position,

“OH MERLIN— GEORGE HAVE YOU EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING?!” Fred shouts as he hastily grabs the doona to cover you with, as you try to hide yourself from embarrassment,

“Fred if you’ve forgotten we sHARE THE SAME BLOODY ROOM—“



“Alright alright alright fine you’ve got your coat now shoo!” Fred says as he spins his brother around on the spot and begins to push him out the door,”

“Fred’s a lucky man, Y/n!” George shouts once he was out the door, to which Fred said something angrily that you can’t quite make out.

Fred waits, leaning on the wooden doorframe with his arms crossed, until he is sure that George and the others have all walked out the door, before shutting his own and crawling back on top of you.

“Let me just… Yep,” Fred says as he lifts the covers to see you, “Still undressed, so I’m hoping the celebrations are still ago?”

You giggle, “Yes, I believe they are. Where were we…?”

A/N: Happy New Year everyone! As oppose to popular meme related opinions, I thought 2016 was a really great year, I daresay the best one I’ve had so far! Thanks for being such tremendously supportive followers, I never imagine that this lil blog would get to almost 11 and a half thousand followers! Thank you all so very much, and remember to stay safe and party hard tonight kiddos! ♥ 

Bitter Sweet Revenge (Gaston)

word count: 715

request: Loved the gaston imagone! Please please please write more!!!!

requested by: anon

summary: Gaston loves to drink. One night, he gets a little too drunk and you, along with LeFou take him home. You also decide to mess with him while he’s asleep.

a/n: yep, this is a crack!fic. Gaston must love his hair, right? What a shame is would be if someone were to mess with it. There is more to come, don’t worry. *awkward wink*

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An Owed Debt- Bucky x May(oc)    Chapter 20

Authors Notes: Okay y’all! Here we go! Let me know what you think!

Notes/Warnings: Mentions of death, anxiety, mentions of medical procedures, fear, mentions of blood and needles, brief violence( but not really), crying…lots of tears at the end of this…

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Bucky pushed the door of Travis’ padded cell open and hurried to the elevators. He pressed a bloody thumb to the up button and shifted his weight anxiously as he waited. He tried to wipe the blood off of his hands but some of it had gotten in between the plates of his arm. He shrugged off his jacket and tried to get as much off as he could, but some of it had already dried so, he settled for looking morbid and threw his jacket to the floor.

 She was there. He’d heard her. Her words sat heavy on his chest and he huffed out a breath. “End this with me.” That’s what she’d said.

 Travis hadn’t lived much longer after she’d told him what to do and he couldn’t help but wonder what all she had done to him. His train of thought was disrupted when he heard a quick shuffling of boots behind him. He heard a gasp and whispers of Travis’ final state.

 Bucky wished the elevator would hurry up. Now that they’d seen what he did, they’ll want to talk to him, especially-

 “Buck,” Steve called as he rushed to catch his friend.

 Bucky shook his head and kept his face to the elevator. “I don’t want to talk about it, Steve.” He tried to get the blood out from under his finger nails as he spoke.

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the tiniest lifeboat

Her voice was silent. Her heart was broken. Her eyes were burned. Her brain was scared. 

Daveed allowed his hand to ghost over her back as she cried. He knew what it was like to get hate in the media and to get his flaws picked out, but he didn’t know what it was like for her. 

She constantly kept everything to herself. She didn’t want to tell Daveed that she was hurting. Who would? She knew he would try so hard to stop this but she couldn’t help but to think that she deserved this. 

Her mouth opened for a moment, her tired voice not coming through the first time. The second time? Nothing. The third? She spoke in broken words.
“I feel like I’m in the tiniest lifeboat and if I wear or say the wrong thing everybody’s going to throw me off.” She whispered as she hiccupped. Daveed looked at her. His eyes were teary. 

“I’m on the tiniest lifeboat and there needs to be room, the one who has the least important opinions gets thrown off.” She didn’t look up at him. She only looked at the floor as she murmured few words.


Mr. Grady

Pairing: Owen Grady x Reader

Author: @star-pratt

Words: 2043

Author’s Note: I’ve been so far up Chris Pratt’s ass that I’ve decided to start writing some fics for him because hey! he’s pretty gorgeous as well ;) This is my first one so it might be a little rough but I hope you guys like it!! Thanks to the amazing @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this!

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Fred Sets You and George Up [Part 2]

Pairing: George x Reader

Request: somewhere yes, but ask me if I’m going to sift through my 104 messages to find it (i most certainly will not)

A/N: I haven’t posted a part 2 to anything in a while so here you are! I haven’t posted anything for a while actually… blame University! So I’ve had this Imagine sitting here for a while, turns out I didn’t post it?? (I don’t think I posted it anyway…) enjoy!

Squicks: None

[Part 1]

It was 8:50pm, and you were outside the One-Eyed Witch, waiting for George to meet you. Fred had somehow arranged for you and George to go on a date together, and you were more than happy to accept his offer.

“Y/n, hey!” George says as he comes around the corner, holding a basket of food,

“Came prepared I see,” you say,

“Certainly have… Glad you actually showed up,” he says with a little laugh,

“Of course I did! Wouldn’t miss it,” you say eagerly.

“Dissendium” George says as the hump on the witch’s statue opens to reveal a short slide into a tunnel which leads under the school.

The two of you talk as you walk down the dark tunnel, the only source of light being from your wand.

“You know, wouldn’t it have been smarter to just walk to Hogsmeade the usual way? That way we wouldn’t have to break into Honeydukes,” you say.

George avoids eye contact, before quietly saying, “probably”.

You laugh as George curses to himself.

“To my defence however,” He starts, “The gates to Hogwarts would have been locked,”

“And since when has something like that ever stopped you?” you say back, “There are windows and you have brooms, also Alohomora is a thing,”

“Yeah, well…” George says, buying time to think of his next argument, “It’s snowing out there,”

“I like snow”

“Well shit Y/n you could’ve said that earlier!”

The two of you laugh as you continue walking down the dark tunnel.

“So what’s your plan for getting through the trap door, sneaking through the Honeydukes storeroom, into the main shop and out the door while it’s closed and there are potential wizarding security systems in place?”

Again, George was quiet and avoiding eye contact while he thought about what to do. “Well…”

“You wouldn’t want to get us suspended from school on our very first date, would you? Or arrested for that matter,”

George starts to slow down, before coming to a stop, “Maybe that wouldn’t be such a good date idea…”

“I’m all for sneaking into Honeydukes when they’re open, since I’ve found it to be pretty easy in the past” George gives you a surprised look, “But how about for tonight, we walk back and sit out on the Astronomy tower, considering that’s the place that Filch rarely patrols”.

George looks at you in astonishment, being unaware of how much you knew about sneaking around Hogwarts.

“Come on Georgie, we haven’t been walking for that long, it won’t be too long until we get back to the castle,” you say as you take hold of George’s hand and begin walking in the opposite direction.

You and George talk all about how much you knew about the castle and the secrets it held. You say how just because you don’t use the passageways to prank people, doesn’t mean you don’t know about them, and George becomes more and more impressed.

Once you get back to the castle, you quietly make your way up to the Astronomy tower, overlooking the school grounds blanketed in snow, and billions of stars shining in the night sky.

By now it was 10:30, so neither of you hesitated to get into the basket of food George had been carrying. You sat and laughed at each others jokes and spoke about nothing in particular.

“You know what Y/n,” George says looking over at you next to him, “I don’t think it’s fair on you that you’ve had to make all the first moves,”

“What do you mean, there’s only been one first move that’s been made” you laugh,

“Exactly, so I think it’s about time I made one”. Before you could say anything, George was leaning closer to you. He placed his hand on your jaw to gently tilt your head towards him, and he kissed you. You kissed back straight away, and everything felt perfect. You kissed for what felt like ages, but still could never be long enough, before you heard the chimes from the clock tower chiming midnight.

You pulled away from each other, smiling like idiots, before kissing one more time.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that,” George admits once you both pulled away again,

“Just as long as I have I’d imagine,” you smile.

After a while, Fred escorted you back down to the Hufflepuff common room.

“Next time Georgie,” You say, “Maybe you should plan out your dates a little better”

George smiles looking down at you,

“At least you’re not objecting to a next time”.

Ever Heard of a Cute Drunk? (Carl Grimes One-shot)

Summary: Carl takes care of a drunk Y/n

Requested? Yes, anon.

Word count: 690

Prompts: 1, Is that my shirt? 10, I am not drunk 17, you’re too damn cute.

You stumbled up the stairs of your shared Alexandrian house in attempt to go for a lay down. You were on your way back from Jessie’s party where Ron and Mikey had racked some booze, Enid wasn’t present and Rick wouldn’t take his eyes of Carl so it was just the three of you risking the secret drink, or drinks. At best, or worst, you were tipsy, Mikey was pretty sober but Ron, well he was gonna get whipped tonight. Lost in thought you started to tip, you seemed to react differently due to the lack of food and water that had been consumed before Alexandria. You grabbed the hand railing to prevent yourself from falling down the stairs while your other hand reached for your forehead.

“Y/n!” Someone shouted from the bottom of the stairs when they witnessed your misfortune. You turned to see Carl rushing up the stairs.

“Hey! Fun party huh?”

He attempted to look serious but giggles forced their way through. “Are you drunk?”

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Not Yet || Yoongi

Pairing - Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre - Fluff / Suggestive Smut

Summary - You’ve had a rough past and Yoongi is not a part of it. He knows more or less about it but you’ve never taken your relationship a step further and he respects it. Now, you feel ready, but are you really?


Certain moments of your past have served you hard to completely open up to the black haired boy sleeping peacefully on your lap. You wondered where would you have been right now if he wouldn’t have been there for you at the right moment. You looked back down at him.

You ran the tip of your finger across Yoongi’s forehead, sweeping away a few strands of hair from his face.

He had been your boyfriend for 4 months now, and you were thinking if he had ever wanted to take your relationship to the next level, but didn’t, just for your sake. You couldn’t help feel thankful yet guilty about it. You wanted to give him what he wanted but at the same time, you found it extremely unnerving to do so.

As you ran your fingers lightly through his hair, he stirred. Slowly, his squinted eyes opened up and blinked a few times before he gave you one of his infamous gummy smiles.

‘Hey, Y/N,’ He whispered, grabbing your hand that was tangled in his hair, and interwined your fingers with his.

‘Hey,’ you whispered back, giving him a peck on the lips.

‘Want some coffee?’ You asked him, as he sat up on the bed, resting his back against the headboard. He nodded his head, yawning wide and letting his head lull to the side as he closed his eyes again.

You stood up and walked to the kitchen in the apartment you both shared. You grabbed the coffee maker and refilled it with coffee beans. As you waited for it to brew, Yoongi walked in, ruffling his hair in the process.

Walking up to you, he wrapped his pale arms around your small waist and rested his chin on your shoulder. Sighing, he pulled you closer and nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, breathing in your scent, making your heart beat fast.

‘Chagi, you smell so good~’ Yoongi groaned, making you giggle. 

‘That tickles,’ you said as you shifted slightly so his chin wasn’t digging into your shoulder.

‘What? This?’ He asked, placing his chin back in the previous spot, tickling you again. This time, you squirmed away from him, ‘Oppa, stop~’ you chuckled, trying to escape his grip.

But he had a firm grip on you and managed to turn you around, so now you were facing him. He looked down at you, making you gulp slightly at the intensity of his gaze. As you stared right back into his eyes, you noticed his clouded with a visible amount of lust.

Not able to resist, you licked your lips before you leaned in to his, making him respond immediately.

He licked your bottom lip, and you gladly gave him permission: he explored your mouth with a tongue as skillful as his hands, as they roamed all the way from your waist to the back of your neck. Tilting his head, he deepened the kiss, while you tangled your fingers in his hair in response.

Pulling away, he dropped to your neck, placing soft, wet butterfly kisses as he trailed down to your collarbones. You felt his light nibbles, before he began sucking on the same spot, and not being able to help it, you let out a sound that was somewhere in between a moan and a sigh. Knowing he had left you hickey as he sealed it with light lick, you cupped his cheeks and pulled his face back up to yours, crashing your lips onto his, giving him open mouthed kisses.

Feeling your feet lift off the ground, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he - without fail - carried you to the bedroom with his lips still connected to yours in a sloppy kiss.

Closing the door, he pinned you against it, along with your wrists. His head dipped down to your neck as he began leaving a trail of hickeys, mumbling in between, ‘I can’t get enough of you, Chagiya.’

You dropped your legs down from his waist and felt him come closer - eliminating any remaining space between both your bodies, making you whimper slightly as you felt his bulge against your thigh.

His hand traveled to the hem of your t shirt and stayed there, as he whispered in your ear, ‘Can I?’

In the heat of the moment, and the sexiness of his husky voice, you felt like you could indeed give him what he probably had been yearning for a very long time as you nodded you head. Almost instantly, he had the piece of clothing off you, leaving you in your bra. He pulled away and looked at you, showing his lust infested eyes.

Yoongi grabbed your wrist and pulled you over to the bed with him. He sat cross legged on the mattress then tugging on your hand to join him. ‘Come here,’ he said, making you sit on his lap, straddling him, as you wrapped your legs around his waist.

‘Tell me when to stop, alright?’ He asked and waited for you to nod. Right after you did, he latched his lips onto your briefly before kissing and sucking his way down your neck to the swell of your breasts. You felt his hands rubbing your back in the process, and was soon making its way to the clasp.

‘Do you want me to stop?’ He whispered as he kissed you, slowly, but you could literally feel him throbbing under you. You pulled away and shook your head before kissing the corner of his lips, trailing his jawline, sucking behind his ear, making him hiss.

His hands were ready on the bra clasp, your heart beating faster than ever, but you continued to suck on his skin.

‘Are you sure, Y/N?’ he unclasped your bra and felt his hands brush against the now bare skin as he stalled them at your straps.

All of a sudden, like a bag of million bricks seemed to crash down on you as you whispered sharply, ‘Stop!’

‘It’s okay Chagi, hold on,’ He cooed calmly, as he clasped your bra back. You pulled away and stared at him. He gave you a smile, before telling you ‘Kha, I think the coffee’s done.’

You got up, slightly shook by your own sudden mood swing. Picking up your t shirt which was lying crumpled on the floor, you put it back on and turned to see Yoongi walking into the bathroom before you exited the bedroom to get his coffee, feeling guilty.

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OMMO, He’s so hot cute


Harry Styles - Surprises You On Live TV Imagine

[This one was so amazing and fun to write! Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy! ]

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