11 Female-Friendly Comics you can Read for Free.

In the world of comics, it’s not uncommon to wander across sexism, stereotypes, and objectification. In fact, these subjects seem to come up so often that it’s sometimes easy forget the hard work of the lovely men and women who are striving to make the medium a safer, more inclusive place.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight a few of my favorites:

Cucumber Quest by gigidigi

Cucumber Quest is a very cute, very funny tale of two siblings out to save the world. Its premise may seem familiar at first, but don’t be fooled. Cucumber Quest has a wicked subversive streak that reveals itself as the story progresses.

Serenity Rose by aaronalexovich

Serenity Rose is the story of a shy, introverted witch living in what amounts to a supernatural tourist destination. Ten years in the making, it’s a little known gem of comics storytelling.

Zoophobia by vivzie-pop

Zoophobia is colorful and stylishly drawn, with a cast of characters so diverse and expansive that it’s nearly impossible not to be swept up in the story. It’s an extremely fun and charming tale.

Dresden Codak by dresdencodak

There aren’t nearly enough women of science depicted in fiction, but Dresden Kodak certainly has that covered. In my opinion, the currently in-progress “Dark Science” arc is where Dresden Kodak shines its brightest, making it a good place to start.

Blindsprings by blindsprings

Blindsprings is a relatively young comic, but its quick rise to popularity speaks to it’s quality. It’s beautifully illustrated and already taking some unexpected turns.

Lackadaisy by lackadaisycats

Lackadaisy is a long time favorite of mine, and for good reason. It’s the impeccably written story of a rag-tag team of 1920’s bootleggers that you can’t help but root for. The fact that’s everyone is a cat is just icing on the cake.

Awful Hospital by bogleech

Awful Hospital tells the story of a woman trying to locate her extremely ill infant son in a surreal and often gruesome medical facility. It’s author has handed over control of Awful Hospital’s protagonist to its readers, so If you want to make your mark on the story, now’s the time.

The Bug Pond by hamigakimomo

Cute and (mostly) lighthearted, The Bug Pond follows the antics of a miniature community of insect and arachnid characters. The cast includes jumping spiders, katydids, silverfish, and earwigs, but personally I have a soft spot for the carpenter ant girls.

Apothecia by shelbycragg and tazmuir

Apothecia follows a young girl named Jessie, who’s secretly harboring a fungus-like monster in the woods. Peppered with quirky dialogue and a dark edge, this story goes some very unexpected places.

The Last Halloween by abby-howard

The Last Halloween skillfully straddles the line between humorous and horrifying. A loving tribute to all things spooky, it’s definitely worth your time.

Imago by tyrelpinnegar

Imago is the story of a girl from a nearly extinct, mask-wearing desert tribe, who stumbles across a mechanical giant in the woods. In the interest of full disclosure, Imago is my own work, but I hope you’ll check it out. Imago was intended as a story that could be enjoyed regardless of gender, but I’ve always hoped it might find a place in the hearts of girls and young women in particular.


I know for a fact that every author featured here cares deeply about the portrayal of women in media, and have created stories that reflect that. I sincerely hope you’ll take a moment to share their work with others.

Thanks. ^_^


Starr Mazer blends two classic genres, the Point-and-Click Adventure and Classic-style Shoot ‘Em Up, into a retro-sexy sci-fi epic with modern design sensibilities, open-middled gameplay and RPG elements.”

The game will feature a collaborative soundtrack by Alex Mauer (VEGAVOX, Serious Sam: Random Encounter), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), The Protomen, Virt (Shovel Knight) and many more!

Please go support Starr Mazer, it has a wonderful and enthusiastic team who want to bring their two favorite genres together into a unique story-driven procedurally-chunked video game! (Aka, think episodic and the events can be played in any order and all tie together to a different experience each time you play!)

Also it has a stylish pompadoured pilot named Brick, and he is pretty awesome. You can find out more information at their kickstarter!


Imago Loop
Hand Cannon

Special info: This gun has a chance to drop from the Echo Chamber and The Undying Mind Strikes.

Sometimes called Fatebringer 2.0 due to having the same gun model as Fatebringer, and for the possibility of rolling identical perks to Fatebringer, if very lucky. The gun will of course be missing the Arc Burn which the original had.

More information on this gun


Long Distance Toss/Fall Maiden and Pyrrhouette

Long Distance Toss: “Pyrrha is able to toss her shield and spear twice as far when countering or team attacking.” An improvement for her Team Attack ability, Spear Toss.

Pyrrhouette: “Pyrrha uses her magnetism to orbit her spear around her while spinning.” Her Ultimate attack, in which her polarity Semblance is represented by the gold light spinning around her.


Starr Mazer: DSP
by Pixeljam Games and Imagos Softworks

I’ll be honest, I backed Starr Mazer for its adventure game parts and over-the-top pixel art animation made for their Kickstarter campaign by Jérémie Périn. If you’re new to the project, @starrmazer is a half shmup, half point-and-click adventure that seamlessly blends both. Or well, it’s supposed to, since it’s still heavy in development.

Because (adventure) games take more time to produce than anticipated, somewhere down the line Imagos joined with Pixeljam to create a sort of pre-game to Starr Mazer, like what Fallout Shelter is to Fallout 4. It represents only the shoot ‘em up parts of the game with a few twists of its own such us randomly generated pilot/ship/weapon combos and the ability to buy as many pilots (lives essentially) as you can with your previously earned score (or SK:ORE as they like to call it).

Starr Mazer: DSP hit early access last week and is a gem to play. The whole presentation package is superb, from top-notch pixel art to synth music by Alex Mauer and pilot voice-overs that immerse you into the universe and give the game character.

Backers of Star Mazer can get DSP for half price here, while others can head directly to the game’s publisher’s page (15% off till Sep 2) or Steam (10% till Sep 5). Note that buying from Playism also gets you a Steam code, so get on it while it lasts. Otherwise the game costs $10.