So, uuuh…. This happened.
I have this… like, a hobby of mine, when at summer if I find a caterpillar, I keep it, and feed it, until it becomes a pupa, and then -  a butterfly.
So, at the end of this summer, my grandma brought me two caterpillars, and some time later they pupated, and I waited, and waited, and waited… They kept staying in their cocoons, and I just… decided to take them back home with me. I thought that they’ll stay in cocoons untill the next spring, and then - I’ll let them out.
But NO, this guy decided that he’s too cool, to sleep all winter, he decided that IT IS TIME. Dude, we have freaking SNOW outside, and all flowers are DEAD. What are you gonna do, you stupid imago, you? -__\

I guess, I’ll set up my old aquarium, and keep it (and his lazy friend, who’s still in his cocoon (maybe dead, maybe sleeping)) in there, and feed it sugared water. For three weeks, or until it dies o__o…

Hannibal Rewatch meets Hannibal Advent: The Wrath of the Lamb


Just one more moment. Just one more before we have to go.

Will’s bargaining with God. Before he takes them over, he wants to memorise, to catalogue. Hoarding details, hoarding Hannibal. So much to treasure. Like the warmth of his breath against Will’s hair, heart beating rapidly beneath Will’s cheek, fingers clutching his shirt in a sweetly tentative embrace. Like blood, slick and sweet, and heat and them. Only them now. Will curls into him, clinging, possessive. Mine. No more denials or rejections. Just once he’ll take what was always his. Presses close, pushes forward.

Come with me, my love.


Curls black as night, skin pale as the moon, lips painted red with the Dragon’s blood. Feral beauty in eyes that burn across the fallen corpse. 

Hannibal’s imago, imprinted on his heart for eternity. 

All I ever wanted.

Fingers grasp his shoulder; a blissful smile draws him in. Wants to lick the blood from those lips and his heart thuds at the thought. The young Lion nuzzles into him, forehead pressed into his shoulder. Everything stops. Closes his eyes and surrenders. A final thought as Will pushes forward and gravity betrays them.

So be it, my darling. So be it.

Hannigram: Apéritif to The Wrath of the Lamb

Many, many thanks to all of you darling Fannibals who have liked/reblogged/commented on these drabbles since I started putting them out in April 2016. I’m a bit choked up that it’s over but I’ve enjoyed writing them so much. And a special thanks in particular to @pka42, @graham-muffin, @matildaparacosm, @jadegreenworks, @thesilverqueenlady, @thisismydesignhannibal, @wrathofthestag, @wraithsonwingsposts, @insanereddragon, @h4nnibalism, @imasaloneasyouare, @idonthaveyourappetite, @aviran007, @kellucydar, @tigsmulii, @azuresky2011, @victorineb. Your love and cheerleading has meant so much to me.



Long Distance Toss/Fall Maiden and Pyrrhouette

Long Distance Toss: “Pyrrha is able to toss her shield and spear twice as far when countering or team attacking.” An improvement for her Team Attack ability, Spear Toss.

Pyrrhouette: “Pyrrha uses her magnetism to orbit her spear around her while spinning.” Her Ultimate attack, in which her polarity Semblance is represented by the gold light spinning around her.

The Aides, or shrine, at the centre of the office block on the far side of the headquarters building, where the regimental standards were preserved and kept on display, Saalburg Roman Fort, Limes Germanicus, Germania (Germany)  Photo by Carole Raddato, 2012 via Flickr. (X) Licensed under Creative Commons 2.0. 

The administrative center of each Roman fort was known as the Principia. The central room of the Principia was the aedes, or regimental shrine, in which the standards and religious images of the unit were kept. 

The standards, especially the aquila (the eagle symbol of Jupiter Capitolinus), the manus (a hand, symbolizing the sacramentum, the soldier’s oath of service), and the imago (the portrait of the Emperor) were regarded as sacred objects, each possessing their own guardian spirit or genii

Each year, on January 1 (the date was changed to January 3 during the 3rd century C.E.) the soldiers of the Roman Army assembled before the standards of their unit to renew their sacred oath of service: to obey the commands of the Emperor, to never desert the service by flight or fear, and to never leave the ranks except to seek a weapon, strike a foe, or to save a comrade.

Today, when many people are making resolutions for 2017, I invite you to think about the importance of the mos maiorum, the virtues most admired by the ancient Romans, in your own life: 

Fides (trustworthiness and reliability) 

Pietas (devotion to household and country)

Religio (fulfilling obligations to the gods)

Disciplina (education, training, and self-control)

Gravitas (dignity in adversity)

Constantia (perseverance)

Virtus (knowing the difference between right and wrong)

Dignitas (worthiness, doing the right thing)

Auctoritas (public service - including military/public safety, civic service - including holding a political office and informing others of political and social issues, and teaching - including mentoring and volunteering with youth groups).

anonymous asked:

Hi cutebugs! I'm a fan of your Bugs & Kisses demo, and I was wondering, is Rosalie d/Deaf, or is sign language just A Thing moths do in this setting?

Hi there, thanks so much for playing!!

Rosalie is a Saturniid moth, the imago of which in real life has only vestigial mouthparts. She’s not deaf (at least as far as insects can be, many do not have ears to begin with), but she IS mute.

Many large, impressive moths are Saturniids, and it made sense to include them because they are very fluffy, colorful, and cute. I’m still working out how talking from a lepidopteran proboscis would work from an animation standpoint- you’ll notice most of the characters shown speaking have chewing mouthparts, which I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and learning about in school.

As Saturniids are still part of the community, it’s canon that one of the main standardized educational concepts for larvae, nymphs, and naiads in the Bugs & Kisses universe is sign language, represented in the demo in ASL through Rosalie (though bugs might speak another language entirely since they have very varying numbers of “fingers” to work with, but we’ve been trying to interpret as best we can).

Rosalie is one of the very core characters and designs for B&K, and we’re working hard to represent her as earnestly as possible. Thanks again for playing, great question!

-Mod Esa