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Nothing really hurts more than to see your ex, someone you really loved with someone else. It’s like you can’t forget anything that happened but sure as hell did by the way he was grinding and making out with every girl, left and right. I shouldn’t still feel for him, I don’t want to, but I can’t help but think if what us both had was real, then how did he move on so fast?

It’s not like it was long ago, only a month since we both broke up. Almost every night I went out to the club, trying to not be reminded of what happened. Maybe I would find a new rockstar boyfriend, someone who didn’t throw everything away because he was leaving for a few months, he couldn’t stand to see me with someone else, yet he gave me up.

That one night at the club recently, if Calum found out he would lose his shit in a heartbeat. It was one thing for me to be drunk and sleep with someone, but when I was drunk and fucked one of his friends, his own bandmate, then things got personal really fast. I didn’t mean to sleep with Luke, it just fell where it did and I couldn’t help it. I wasn’t going to lie though, even drunk he was still better than Calum.

Now we lead here, right at the same club. Luke and Michael invited me out tonight just for the hell of it. Things lately have been awkward between Luke and I, I needed to break the tension, hoping nothing about me and him slipped up to Ashton or even Michael, they would sure as hell go back and Calum and then what would happen? 

As I walked through the door, My worst nightmare happened right in front of my eyes. Calum was talking to Luke and I tried to walk towards them, but Ashton and Michael pulled me back, saying how Luke told him about me sleeping with him. Of course, just my luck that this would happen. My heart dropped into my stomach as I saw Calum charging to me, grabbing my arm, taking me back to the hotel room.

“Wow, I thought you had a little more class than to go off and sleep with my best friend.” Calum scoffed.

“You did not just say that to me.”

“I did, how could you go off and sleep with Luke?”

“I was drunk, I don’t regret it either.”

Calum’s demeanor changed really fast in my eyes. He went from angry and pissed to calm and collected real fast. That usually didn’t happen unless he was planning something. I tried and tried to read his expressions but it was no use, I was in for a rude awakening real quick, just my luck.


Now, darling.“ he said, his voice smooth, velvety, divine as he played with the blindfold he had gingerly placed over my eyes. “Remember, we talked about this.”

I nodded right before I heard the whisper of the riding crop as it sped its way to my bared behind. It stung ever so gently as it smacked against my skin, leaving a trail of warmth in its wake. I was ready, but it still came as a surprise as I yelped.

“Shhh. he whispered, “Any more of those noises and we’ll have to resort to some more drastic measures.” His hand caressed the side of my cheek. I wanted to whimper, I wanted to tell him how much I already longed for those digits inside me, but he had told me to be silent, so I bit my tongue. 

“Now, where were we…” he soft swish of the crop sailed through the air again, its tip licking at my inner thigh this time. I held myself, curbing the noise that tried to escape my throat. 

“Very good. he rasped, his voice taking on a peculiarly strained tone, as though he was also restraining himself. 

“I wonder what effect this will have on you.” Instead of raising his hand and sending the crop against me, he teased me with it, dragging the leather over my reddened skin, retracing the trails that it had already left, the raw, sensitive spots before nudging my legs open with it. 

“Spread your legs apart,” he commanded, his voice inflecting in a way that made the hairs on my entire body stand up and send a shiver down my spine.

I obliged him, leaning into the wall that I was bound to and stepping so my legs were further apart. I felt entirely exposed as the cool air from the room came into contact with the heat that pooled there. I was sure that he could see my excitement glistening on my nether lips. The crop was run up my inner thighs, tickling them, inciting me. 

“So, so beautiful,” he purred as he withdrew it. The crop came smacking down again, the leather of it licking at my folds. I squirmed and felt his hand against the small of my back. 

“We can’t be having that now, can we?” He sent it against me again, this time the tip stinging against my clit, it’s touch bringing me both pain and pleasure. I arched my back against him. 

“Oh, you liked that did you?” he purred, his mouth so deliciously close to my ear. I could feel his breath hot upon my skin as I nodded. His lips dipped to my neck, dancing along them with a gentleness until he reached the soft flesh right above my shoulder. There, his teeth sunk in, claiming me as surely as a scar. I couldn’t take any more and I let out a moan, clamping my mouth shut as soon as it happened, both titillated and afraid of the consequences.

“Bad girl.” he said, his voice taking on a lower, more serious tone. 

“What shall I ever do with you?” Taking that as my cue, I answered. 

“Fuck me.” Licking my lips, I repeated.

“Teach me a lesson.”

I heard him chuckle, then there was nothing. He removed his hand from my back and there was silence until he pressed against me, his cock straining against the crack of my ass. He had dropped the crop and his hands began to caress my sides, making their ways to my breasts and my mound, fingers dancing lightly against my skin, sending shockwaves through me as they began kneading me. The hand at my breast pinched my nipple softly, pulling it to a peak as it twirled my flesh between thumb and forefinger. The fingers at my mound slid into my sopping folds, playing against the rawness left there by the crop. 

“Ooohhh, so wet.” he hissed. 

“I wonder what would happen should I do this?” I keened as the digits from that hand mimicked the ones above, grasping the tensile bundle of nerves that was already swollen and raw and pinching, ever so lightly. He laughed, his voice low in his throat. 

“And if I do it again…” Once again, twirling the nub, rolling it between his fingers, making my hips buck. As I rose up against him, he slid one lithe finger into me, pressing it against my walls and working it slowly, his palm pressing against my mound.

“Oh, god.” I moaned, on the verge of losing complete control, no longer caring if there would be a punishment for my actions. He was bringing me to my peak, slowly but surely. One good bit of friction would surely send me over the edge. But he did not give me that satisfaction. Instead, he withdrew from me and spun me around, my hands still bound by the padded cuffs that hung from the ceiling. I whimpered again, denied the release that I so desperately needed.

“Patience, love.” he growled. I felt his hands once again, this time against my knees as he gently pulled me up to his level. His hands clasped behind my ass, cupping it, raising me even higher. He pinned me against the cold wall and attacked my mouth, his lips leaving bruises along mine from the impact, his tongue forcing me open every bit as much as his fingers had played with me before. I could taste myself on him, the residue of my own excitement having been licked from his fingers. 

“You taste so good,” he said in between kisses.

I wrapped my legs around him, feeling him ready for me, the tip of his cock pressed firmly against my slit. I arched my back and raised myself up, giving him complete access as he plunged himself into my depths with a deep groan. I was immediately stretched to full capacity, the pain of taking his enormity so quickly mingling with the pleasure in which he filled me. I drew my breath slowly in between my teeth, letting it out in one quick gasp as he pulled out until only his tip remained pressed inside me, then slammed back into me, sheathing himself in me to the hilt. He did it again and I was at my edge, waiting to be pulled over. 

“I’m going to cum.” I said, breathlessly.

“Not yet.” he responded, his voice wavering. 

“You’ve been a bad, bad girl.” He slowed himself, lingering inside me, thrusting ever so gently, maddeningly slow, denying me the release that I needed. 

“Oh, so bad,” he chuckled. His hands squeezed me, making me writhe against him, inciting me even more, but each time I pumped against him, he would pull away. I let out a disappointed groan. 

“Please.” I whispered, my voice near tears. 

“Please let me cum.”

With a low chuckle, he drove into me, the tip of him hitting my most sensitive depth. It was enough to send me over. I was awash in orgasmic pleasure, my walls spasming and clinching around him as I was overcome with paroxysms of absolute passion. What began as a moan worked its way into a feral scream in which the only discernible word from my lips was his name. 

“Calum!!!!!” I wailed, my voice broken by my breath.

“That’s it.” he crooned. 

“Cum for me, darling.” He peeled the blindfold from my eyes. I was momentarily blinded until my eyes adjusted and I could see his bright blue eyes watching me as I pulsed around him. 

“You’re so beautiful when you cum.”

I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I felt him near his own peak, the muscles in his cock throbbing as he delved into me even harder than before. His lips were upon me again, claiming my mouth as he claimed me otherwise and he pulled me to another peak as I felt the heat of his passion spill inside me. 

“Fuck.” he growled, his hips flexing with a decisive thrust. I mewled once again as I bucked against him, feeling his passion pour into me as we came together.

When at last we were spent, he reached up and released me from my bonds, landing a gentle kiss on my lips as I lowered my feet to the floor and collapsed against him. 

“That’s my girl.” he purred

"Was that your way of telling me that you wanted me back?”

“I was dumb, stupid even for telling you that I want to break up.”

“No shit, Sherlock.”

“Y/N please…”

“I’ll think about it, for right now though, I need you to do something.”


“Kiss me.”

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Michael Imagine: Vampire Hunter AU

Author: Rhine


He wanted to save something that didn’t need to be saved, that didn’t want to be saved.

It’s just what fear did – fear of the unknown always led to rash actions, led to an unstoppable termination of what couldn’t be understood.

Because destroying something you didn’t know was always easier than accepting something you didn’t understand.

He came to your town, disguised – you always had a few stragglers and you thought nothing of the black-haired boy with matching dark imprints on his arm, just another traveller who would come and go in a few days’ time.

But then he stays.

He stays and suddenly his smile is too pointed, his eyes too sharp; too tense to be a traveller, too observant to be a tourist.

And you’re not afraid – you’re not afraid because hunters have always been around, just as long as you have been.

There would always be someone trying to end what was supposed to be immortal, someone always so focused on cleansing that they didn’t realize they were leaving a trail of blood in their wake.

He came, believing that the town was infested – that there were intruders on this earth, not realizing he was intruding into a home that the community built around what he would call unnatural.

You see, you found harmony with the people – your kind with theirs, your kind with others – years and decades and centuries of fighting, of conflict, of this runaround chase in hunting and avoiding and killing to survive and killing for a claim of home – no, you were past that now.

You lived in peace with the people of the town and you helped them as they helped you; it was a quiet community, nestled away from the war that waged on in the rest of the world.

In your little town, it was bliss and it was home, and how dare some intruder come and say you had no place to be there?

You thought he’d leave after a few days of hopeless searching – your kind has been through centuries of this, you’ve learned how to survive when you couldn’t live – but the black-haired stranger stays, lurking around the corners of your town.

And then you realize that people were going missing.

It’s subtle, almost impossible to notice at first – but it isn’t until a few weeks pass and you know something isn’t right when you see the dusty house of a friend or the disturbance in the abandoned church.

And it’s not just anybody, either – it’s your kind, your people who are slowly being picked off one by one.

Centuries of surviving, of learning how to adapt to the human world and fighting for peace – or at least solitude – with these humans – and a lifetime of work, a lifetime of what should’ve been relaxed bliss – gone.

All from a boy who wasn’t even a fraction of your age.

He’s hunting them.

And you’re afraid you’re next.


It was a crude plan at best.

Harsh, a little; unstable, most definitely – but you were running out of choices, the pressure and anxiety spiking your system with every passing day.

He was starting to lurk in the background of your days – Michael, they called him – and you knew he was watching you with those glimmering green eyes, shining like a cat observing its prey just before it pounced.

Your kind was dropping in numbers and there was nothing you could do, not when there’s this large bubble between your little town and his world – it’s blatantly clear that both sides knew about the supernatural and his position in it – and yours – but no one’s speaking out, tiptoeing around the topic that was so easily ignited.

You didn’t know his intentions for this town and he didn’t know your position in the community and you were restricted to the barbaric terms of hunter and vampire and monster and enemy.

And you could hardly have a little sit-down with the raven-haired boy, to explain that you’ve been looking after generations in this town – that you weren’t in the archives, but you were in pictures displayed throughout homes as a caretaker, a friend, family.

He’d pierce your neck with a stake before you could say the world listen.

And you knew that’s what people like him had the hardest time doing – listening.

Listening to how the world was changing, evolving from the practices that was so clearly embedded into his system. Listening to how right and wrong were more than clear-cut syllables.

He had to do more than listen, he had to see.

He had to see that this town was an idyllic one before he was here and would continue to be so even after he left. He had to see that beings could co-exist, that change and evolution and love could happen; that stakes and burning and stoning and hunting were for the medieval kings who feared forces greater than their power.

He had to see that.

He had to see, he had to understand that what you were was more than the monsters they told in horror stories, that they ingrained into his teachings.

He had to understand, almost as if he was one.

It was the only way.


He doesn’t think he’s ever hated himself more.

Because he’s failed, now he’s one of them.

He’s everything he’s been taught to hate, everything he’s been taught to destroy.

He’s the sin they warned against, the plague he so tried to cure.

It was beating in the bloodstream now, this curse coursing through his vein – he carries on this mutation with his life now.

And Michael can’t help but to laugh because it’s so horribly ironic that the very thing he’s been trying to kill his whole life now lives in him.

He looks at his shaking, bloodied hands in disgust – what have I become? – before his eyes trail up to you and your red-tinted teeth, his eyes burning with fury – what have you done to me?

And it’s you, it’s all your fault that he’s – this.

He tries to lunge at you with a furious roar, but you sidestep his clumsy steps and hush his echoing timbre.

“It’s going – it’s going to be okay.”

“Okay? Okay? You’ve made me into – into a fucking monster, and you’re trying to tell me it’s going to be okay?”

You’re silent as you bite your lip, hands knotted around your back, eyes apologetic as his own self-hate radiates from his burning words to you.

“I’m sorry.”

He laughs mirthlessly, throwing his head back in maniacal cackling.

“You’re sorry? Oh, sweetheart – I should be the one that’s sorry. I should’ve killed you first, from the very moment I saw that pretty little head of yours.”

You don’t respond to the acid in his words, trying to not let them melt through the skin you’ve grown from an existence surrounded by ignorance.

“You would’ve been such a beautiful addition for my wall collection.”

His words are a bitter hiss, sneering at you for the ultimate sentence hat you’ve delivered to him.

“Would you like me to tell you about it? Quite a few of your friends are there now – maybe you’d like to hear about their last words or their pathetic end for something oh-so-powerful.”

Your heart clenches painfully at the thought of your missing friends – now surely dead, after Michael’s direct confession – alone and judged fairly for a crime they never committed.

“And you call me a monster?”

“You’ve made me into one, darling.”

He words are so cold despite the warm pet name at the end; the cutting glare in his eyes misplaced on his smooth features.

“Don’t think that I still won’t kill you. Don’t think I won’t ram myself into a fucking stake when I’m done with you – we’ll spend eternity in hell and I can promise you I’ll make it look like a walk in the park compared to how I’ll kill you.”

He’s weak from the transformation, struggling to even prop himself up – but his anger and hate fuels him on, and if he can’t throw a stake at you, he’ll damn well throw his knives.

“It’s not that bad.”

“Not that bad? I’m a blood-sucking animal for the rest of eternity – what else could be fucking worse?”

“Honestly? Being a hunter.”

He narrows his eyes dangerously at you, teeth bared in a scowl.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

You sigh, watching him with solemn eyes as he desperately fights to stay awake, the first stage of the transformation starting to kick in.

“Don’t you get tired of all this hate? This anger? The lies they feed you about what’s wrong and what’s right, the restricting sense of duty that brings no enjoyment, the helpless victim that never puts up a fight? Don’t you ever get tired of hunting and killing things that don’t need to be hunted and killed?”

“That’s a fucking lie.”

“And you’re fucking blind. Your type of thinking, Michael – I’ve seen it in the fucking Middle Ages. But have you noticed that nobody – not a single person in this town is worried about being killed in the middle of the night until you came along? Have you noticed that it is people like you who do more damage, seeking out pointless fights with your twisted idea of safety as you barge into a home and kill a friend?”

He’s silent, and while his glare is still trained on you, you think it’s softened a little; something like dark realization budding in his eyes.

“You’ve broken more than you’ve fixed.”

His pink lips are set into a straight line, the words dead in his mouth.

“I was helping.”

“We didn’t ask for it.”

“So what, you change me into a bloody vampire as punishment for trying to do what’s right?”

“No, I changed you – actually the members of the town – humans – planned to change you so you could finally see what’s right.”

His eyes are drooping a little bit more now, the initial sleep after the first change starting to kick in.

“There’s no need to fight anymore, Michael.”

Your words are whispered, holding the comfort of a caretaker.

“It’s all I’ve ever known.”

It comes out as a final breath, almost, just a crack of his eyes still open as he drifted closer to the pull of the sleep.

You instinctively brush the hair from his face and he flinches slightly at your touch, but slowly relaxes underneath your soft fingertips.

“Let’s change that. I’ll teach you how to live.

You almost think you see a smile before he succumbs to the sleep.


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Y/N with Harry Styles going to lunch with his dad and his dad treats you very nice!!!

Hello there anon!!! Uhm, I hope you would like it :) If you didn’t, I am so so sorry in advance if i disappointed you.

I'm really nervous right now and I don't know what else to say so… here it goes!



*beep beep* you received a text message.

You looked at your phone to see your boyfriend, harry, text you.

You happily unlocked your phone to read his message.

From: Harry ♡

Hi babe! How’s my beautiful girl doing? I just wanna tell you that I love you, and I would like to take you out for lunch today :)

This is why you love him so much, even a simple text could totally make up your whole day. You were really excited on what harry has planned for you two today.

*beep beep* you looked at your phone only to see harry has text you again.

From: Harry ♡

Don’t worry on what to wear, you look perfect. Even if your not wearing any. Haha ;) I’ll pick you up, text me when you’re ready. X

You could totally see harry smirking right now. Good thing he’s not here at the moment or you’ll be redder than you already are.

You quickly freshened up and picked a cute and simple dress appropriate for the occasion. You put on light make up and got everything you needed inside your purse. You text harry that you were ready and in a few moments he was here.

Harry’s car parked in front of a family restaurant. He opened the door for you and smiled at his actions. He lead you to your table and you found a guy sitting there.

That’s weird Harry didn’t said that he had company.You thought.

You were confused and look at harry he looked at you excitedly. As you two got closer to the table the more excited harry was.

You two arrived at the table.

The guy looked to both of you and smiled wildly.

“Dad, I would like you to meet my princess, y/n.” Harry proudly said with a grin.

“Y/n this is my dad.”

Oh my gosh. You whispered yelled to yourself. All of a sudden your whole body tensed up and harry could feel it.

“Don’t worry babe, you’ll be fine.” He whispered.

“And you look great by the way.” He added while smirking.

You both sat down and you were incredibly nervous.

“I’ll get our orders, be right back in a jiffy.” Harry said while standing up.

You were left alone with his dad at the table. You were kinda awkward until he spoke up.

“I've heard a lot about you from harry.” Harry’s dad said.

You didn’t know how to feel about that statement. Gulp.

“Don’t worry, he didn't say anything negative.” He joked.

You both laughed. Slowly you had lightened up and got along pretty well with harry’s dad.

“You know what dear, My son can act childish sometimes but I know you could handle it.”

You giggled.

“Take good care of his heart because I know he wouldn't break yours.” He said to you. You could feel that he is giving his trust to you.

“Yes sir. You wouldnt regret anything.” You said.You wouldn’t even imagine anything that would hurt harry’s heart.

Little did you both knew harry was listening to both you.


Well I guess that’s it! hope you liked it. It would put a smile on my face if you did :)

If any of you want to request a One Direction imagine/preference just follow me and request it in my asks. Just tell me your name, plot, and band member and I will get right on to it :) 

The Reunion

The Reunion

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Can you do part 2 to high school sweethearts please where they met again after many years and get back together

A/N: This is part two of High School Sweethearts. I hope you enjoy.

Looking at the photo on his phone one last time before he left for the hunt Dean sighed. He couldn’t believe it had been seven years. The girl on the screen smiled back at him, the girl who had made him feel complete. The girl who unfairly was ripped from him when their fathers had declared their relationship off limits. Despite all attempts to keep in touch, messages eventually dwindled away, phone calls to each other harder to sneak in. He knew Y/N had gone to college, he knew that by now she was a nurse. God that woman would make an amazing nurse. He had been looking for her the past coupe of years without any luck. But he was determined.

‘Ready to go?’ Sam asked him, as he walked into the motel room. Dean nodded, glancing again at his phone, before putting it in his pocket. Sam watched his brother. He knew how he felt about Y/N, he knew how much leaving had torn him up. How it changed him. How she changed him. He’s a different person when she’s around, he smiled more, laughed more. The cares and worries he had seemed to fade into the distance. With her Dean was more content, more emotional, more human. Without her, well he could be a real bastard. It helped during a fight, Sam knew that. The coldness and anger that boiled beneath the surface it is what fuelled his rage. The unforgiving hate Dean held for his father over what happened, more so. Sam knew he wanted her back, to find her and at the very least know she was ok. It had been seven years, Dean especially had to prepare for anything.

Dean gathered his weapons preparing to take out this vamp that had been terrorising the small town. He found it weird that there was only one. Well, correct that one blood-sucker that he knew about. That’s not to say there isn’t more.

Driving to the old factory they pulled up, spotting an old truck out the front the boys eyed it off.
‘Think someone beat us to it?’ Sam asked.
‘Not sure. But let’s hope they aren’t dinner.’ Dean grumbled. He knew the more humans in that room, the more complicated things got. The more likely that it meant someone was going to get hurt.

He thought of her again, a pang to the heart. Once tonight was over, he would go back to searching for her.

The two Winchesters crept up on the factory, looking into the window they watched as the vampire seemed to be stalking his victim.

‘Go.’ Dean said to Sam, neither boy wanted to watch another victim die. As the rushed into the room, the vampire turned giving the victim the opportunity needed to attack. The victim ran and threw herself to ground, slidding along it, picking up the machete that she had dropped earlier in the first round against the vamp. The vampire, a female that had preyed on men, watched the female hunters actions spinning to launch herself at the hunter. She jumped up, hitting her, but it wasn’t enough. The hunter yelled at the men who had entered the room to leave. The vampire replying that they should stay, the more the merrier. One of them swore. He recognised the voice, it confirmed what he saw, he would recognise her anywhere. His heart rising, and falling when he realised what she was now. Who she was.

‘Son of a Bitch!’ he yelled, she froze that voice was familiar hauntingly beautifully familiar. Like one of those songs you hear that sends goosebumps over your body.

This was all the vamp needed, she hit her back sending her into some machinery. The hunter cried out as a piece of metal pierced through her leg. She watched the fight in front of her, by now it was obvious the other two men were hunters. She watched the pain in the shorter ones eyes, the love underneath it. Looking at her leg quickly, she knew it wasn’t as bad as it felt. A few stitches she would be fine. Standing was another matter, the pain shooting through her leg was bad. She needed to pull the metal rod out. But unless she was able to stop the bleeding it wasn’t worth it. She needed to get to her car for that.

The hunter tried to stand, as the taller of the two men removed the head off the vampire, but her leg gave out the pain shooting through her body. She cried out as she fell. But strong arms caught her before she hit the ground. He stood before her, she thought it was a dream, maybe this all was. Maybe she never made it out of that Djinn hunt a week or so back. He had tears rolling down his face, her own wet from the salty tears that cascaded down her cheeks.

He grabbed her cheeks, kissing her deeply so much passion in one kiss. Despite herself she kissed him back. God she had missed him, so much. Emotions that she had locked away after he left coming to the surface, things she worse she would never let herself feel, love, comfort, desire. All coming back.

‘Please, please tell me you are not a hunter.’ Dean said between kisses. Sam who had been leaving to give them privacy stopped, turning curious about the answer. Like Dean, he couldn’t imagine Y/N as a hunter. She was too sweet, too innocent, too caring. This life was not one for people like her. Y/N looked at the man before her, she looked at his green eyes, fear in them, pleading desperation. Her own overcome by sadness and worry. Would her answer change things? Would he truly hate her after he heard her say yes? She instead bit her lip, and sunk for the floor. She heard Dean swear. She watched as he ran his hand through his hair, and rubbed his neck. He wasn’t happy. She could see the tears forming in his eyes.

‘How long?’ he asked, trying to make sense of it all.

‘Does it matter?’ she replied, not wanting to make the situation worse. Not wanting to say, her father spilled the beans, told her everything. That she spent most of her time researching, looking at these things. Trying to discover his world. Before being forced into it.

‘Dean I need to stitch my leg.’ She said softly, he looked down at her, the injury he hadn’t noticed before. Anger bubbling up inside him, that vampire was lucky she was already dead. He watched as Y/N unbuttoned her outer shirt, revealing a rather trim and toned figure, with womanly curves. Dean swallowed, he knew the situation wasn’t ideal and you know bad timing and all that. But God she was still hot. The desire he had for her, the feelings she stirred in him still there, stronger than ever. He watched as she pulled the belt from her jeans, curiosity appearing on his face. She folded the shirt into a thick wad. Bracing herself, she placed her hand on the metal rod, he knew what she was about to do. He sat down beside her, removing her hand to place his on there instead.

‘You ready?’ he asked her quietly, his heart heavy, not wanting to do this at all. Not wanting to cause her anymore pain, she nodded. Sam who had not left yet, came over to help. Dean pulled the rod out and Sam quickly put the wad of shirt on the wound and Dean helped tighten the belt over it, he looked at her noticing how pale she had become.
‘We need to stitch it.’ Sam said softly, Y/N nodded.
‘I have a med kit at my place. I can do it there.’ Y/N winced as she tried to stand. Dean picked her up, carrying her in his arms to the impala.
‘I need my car.’ She told him quietly.
‘Keys?’ Dean asked her. ‘Sam can follow us.’

Once back at Y/N’s, the boys patched up her leg and Sam took leave to one of the spare rooms, giving the two time to talk. Dean still struggled to take his eyes off her. In the soft glow of her living room light she looked almost angelic. Her hair catching in the light, reminding him of the first time he saw her. The years had been good to her, she had barely aged. Y/N however, couldn’t believe the change in Dean, the dark circles under his eyes, the stress and weight he was carrying evident on his face. He still good great, he still was everything he remembered but responsibility had caught up with him. It broke her heart, to see how much he carried on his shoulders.

‘How’s your Dad?’ Dean asked her, she shook her head at him.
‘I’m sorry.’ Dean offered his condolences, ‘How?’
‘Wendigo on an work training course.’ She explained. Dean’s face changed.
‘Where?’ Y/N looked at him, she knew him well enough to know what he was about to plan.
‘Gone. I dealt with it. My first official case.’ She smiled sadly. ‘Your Dad?’ she asked, Dean shook his head.
‘Demon.’ Y/N laughed slightly
‘They hated each other and yet, could have saved each other if they had of sorted their crap out.’ She sighed. The two talked into the night, catching up on seven long years. Y/N hadn’t been with anyone since Dean. Dean had been with a lot of one night stands, but no serious relationships. So things hadn’t changed much at all for either of them. Y/N shifted positions on the lounge, trying to ease the ache in her leg. Her hair fell to one side, brushing Deans arm as she did, the smell of her shampoo wafting out. Dean closed his eyes and he inhaled her smell. God her missed her. He had been struggling to control himself since they got back to her place. Struggling to stop from kissing her, holding her, being with her. He already felt lighter, happier and more whole. In the past few hours he had smiled more than he had in the past seven years. He knew without a doubt she was his chick flick moment, that soul mate, the heart song that they all crap on about. The thing moments he hated having. With her he enjoyed it, the sensation and emotions attached to it, he welcomed them with open arms. Y/N was no different, her broken heart felt like it was pulled back together, her smile (the one that reached her eyes) appearing after years of being absent. He made her complete and she loved that. She loved him.

‘What now?’ Y/N asked, holding her breath, too scared to hear him say tomorrow he was going, tomorrow it was time to separate again.
‘Y/N,’ Dean said, he watched her face fall slightly, she braced herself, tomorrow she knew it was coming. Tomorrow. The tears started falling. She struggled to keep a calm exterior. ‘What’s wrong?’ Dean asked her, panicked. Why was she crying? He then realised that maybe there was someone else, she said there wasn’t but what if there was. But she wouldn’t lie, not to him. It’s been seven years though. Things had changed, she was a hunter now. Dean’s sweet, innocent, Y/N was not a hunter.
‘Nothing.’ She replied, wiping her eyes, pulling on a fake smile, Dean saw right through it. He saw pain, he saw love, he saw heartbreak. He knew by tomorrow it would be over. By then there would be someone else holding her tight. All he had was tonight. It was now or never.
‘I love you, I hate what happened, I hate how we became. If I could change it I would. I would give anything to take this away. The pain, the hurt.’ He rested his hand gently on her sore leg. ‘I have been looking for you, I have wanted you. Every part of me has wanted you. Still does.’ He mumbled the last part, looking down at his hand. Not willing to face her as she gave him the bad news.
‘Really?’ She asked surprised. ‘I was looking for you to; it is part of the reason I became a hunter. I wanted to find you.’ Dean looked at her, her face free of the pain he saw earlier, a small smile appearing.
‘Are you serious?’ he said shocked. She nodded. Waiting for him to yell at her. But he didn’t, he lent over her, kissing her lips. Whispering his undying love into her mouth and sweet nothings in her ear.
‘I love you Dean, have since I first saw you. Will till the last time I see you be it in my arms on my dreams. I won’t stop.’
‘I love you too Y/N.’ he told her. Pulling her in tight. Seven years of heartache, seven years of being star crossed lovers, seven years of being without and now finally the two can have what they deserve, the thing that makes them complete. Each other.


Her Best-Friend *Neymar imagine*


“Neymar I’m leaving” I said as I poked my head in the bedroom

He turned to me giving me a smile, “When are you coming back?” He asked

I looked down at my phone, “I don’t know it should be around 2 or 3″

He nodded, and came over giving me a kiss on the lips. “So then I’ll see you around then. And be safe”

I smiled, nodding and left. I was going to hang out with a my best-friend who had just came into town this week to visit. I made my way to his rented house, when I got there he answered the door with a smile and a hug.

“I’ve missed you so much, Ricky” I said as I hugged him

“You? Really” He said joking

I smiled, and he stepped out. We were going to walk around and just do some stuff. “So what have you been doing with your life?” I asked as we walked around Barcelona

He shrugged, “This and that, I did some modeling in Paris. Played rugby in England, drove fast cars. Worked a little. And that was pretty much it” He said

I nodded, “And what about you?” He asked as we went inside a little shop

“Well, after I came here. I got a job, at a big company and met Neymar.” I said smiling

He bumped my shoulder giving me a knowing smile, “You think he’s the one?” He asked

I nodded, “Yeah, you have to meet him before you go” I said

He chuckled, and we kept walking around the place. I decided after a while to take Ricky to the house, so he could meet Neymar. As I got in the house, Neymar stood smiling at me. “Hey babe, whose this?” He asked as he looked at Ricky

I smiled, “This is Ricky, my friend I was telling you about” I said

Ricky gave Neymar a look, as Neymar returned the look. I rolled my eyes at the two and chuckled. “Y/N how about we all go out to eat or something?” Neymar asked as his eyes remained on Ricky

Ricky chuckled, “If you really knew her you would know that she really doesn’t like eating out” Ricky said as he looked around the house

Neymar’s eyes hardened. “If you were really her bestfriend you would know that, that was the old her” He said

Ricky gave Neymar a glare. “Okay, so how about we just get something to eat” I said stepping in between the two of them

They kept on glaring at each other, and Neymar placed a smirk on his face. As his hands went around me bringing me closer to him, and with one last look at Ricky. He smashed his lips onto mine, as he placed his hands on my ass.

When he pulled away I was in a daze, I blinked a couple of times. Before looking between him and Ricky who just held a smirk on his face, Neymar took my hand in his as we all walked out and into the streets heading to a little diner.

As we got inside the diner, Neymar pulled me closer to him and Ricky just kept on talking to me. Sitting at a seat, I was of course by Neymar and Ricky across from me. “Neymar, Ricky here actually likes Barcelona so you guys have something in common” I said turning to him

He just grunted, “Whatever” He said as he looked out the window

Ricky placed his hand on mine, “Don’t touch her” Neymar said

I looked at him, and chuckled. “Ricky what are you going to get?” I asked as we looked at the menus

“I’m thinking about getting this French Fries and Classic Burger”

I nodded, “Sound’s good, what about you Neymar“

“Anything that looks good” He answered

Ricky chuckled, “You know what Y/N I’ll be right back, I’m going to go to the bathroom” Ricky said getting up

I nodded, and turned to Neymar crossing my arms. He turned to me, an eyebrow raised. “What?”

“You know what, Neymar. Why are you acting like that?”

“I see the way you two look at each other Y/N”

I looked at him funny, “What are you talking about, Neymar? He’s my best-friend and you’re my boyfriend” 

He scoffed “Like that’s not how all romances start”

“I’m serious, I love you and plus I’ve known him so long it’d be weird if I ever dated him”

He laughed at that one. And pulled me into a hug, and kissing my head. “Alright, sorry for acting the way I did”

“You mean jealous?” I said

“No, I was not jealous just  a little bit upset”

I chuckled, “Okay Mr. Jealous, I accept it”

“So you finally admit you were jealous of me?” Ricky said sitting down

“No, I wasn’t jealous”

Ricky rolled his eyes, “Sure”

Other parts / Masterlist

“I love you,” it was like a whisk in his ear, a delicate lie swarming his crowded mind and eating at him. “I love you,” she says stronger, almost pleading with the emotionless boy. “I love you,” she growled, it wasn’t much of the truth but in there, the lies were white and blossomed to the thud of his heartbeat and the sound of his breathing. “I love you, Ashton,” she grabbed his face in a jerking motion, wanting nothing more than his attention. “Say you love me,” she moves closer to his face, watching as his eyes tick back and forth across her face, the first movement from him in awhile, oddly enough. “Say it,” she whispered quietly in hopes he might respond to the sweetness.

But he never does, sitting silently in his chair, motionless to all things. It was almost like he was dead, a vegetable that still had senses but refused to do anything. He became numb to everything, numb to the words and pleads that left her lips, left from her heart and to his eardrums but it only bounced around, never landing destination. Maybe he felt it, maybe it was real of what he held deep down, and maybe he was madly insane for loving something so different, but it could never leave his lips, it would never come out. He could barely form words to get out what was deep inside. He held on for so long, far too much, and everything just blurred together in a mesh of the unthinkable. He could never say he loved her, he could never get it out.

“Why are you so worthless? You never do anything,” she growled, startling him in his calm state, though no one would’ve ever guess he was surprised. “Why do I even try?” She talked to herself, asking many odd questions and criticizing everything. She grabbed his arm and pulled him up, dragging him to the bed as his feet softly shuffle on the hardwood floor. “Why don’t you love me? Why can’t you love me?” She was almost in tears, close to falling down her rosy face. She was an amazing actor, she always was, and always will be but he knew borderline that they were fake, not letting the small action phase him. In the beginning he felt bad for making his love cry but he caught onto the way her face never scrunched in sadness or how she could contour back to her anger, eye blazing, face that could make anyone crawl back into their safety shell.

She was beautiful. Beautiful eyes that could glow with all life in the world, hidden hells behind the beauty of the soft color, worlds no one would want to enter and be taken captive of but with one look, you’d be hooked. The way her hair fell down her back and how her hand fiddled with one another, her innocence hid all secrets she held and all the evil that roamed her mind. She was just as bad as him but something about her made it a little worse.

“Why don’t you love me?” Her face hardens, fake tears long gone and forgotten. She crawls on the bed and hovers over the motionless body of a boy. He stares up at her, face neutral of anything and this upsets her. How could someone one day give up like he did, give up what he had and now lives a life of nothing but relying on the one person that does nothing but take advantage of his sweet body. “You disgust me,” if only he could get out the few words he felt he knew how to say, he’d lay it down for the awful girl in front of him. For a second, his eyebrows twitched in disgust and he felt it, he felt it so deep down inside of him, he knew he no longer loved the nasty thing of a human in front of him, yet he’s the one heavily diagnosed with psychotic measurements. “I hate you,” she yelp in his face, making his mind shift to one of nothingness to anger in a matter of a second. He felt his body twitch with repulse for once, letting loose of all evil in him.

All evil. All evil that ate him. All evil that took his being and ripped it from him. All evilness that rotted to his core and back, radiating like ultra waves.

Her lips still stained his heart, the burning sensation shuffling around his brain and to the surface of his skin. The way her hands moved across his lifeless body softly, delicately soaking in his soft skin, kissing down it. The way he laid limp of all movement gave her the will to do as she pleased and with that, she took all advantage.

And maybe it was the way she worked at him or the way she rocked against his lifeless form, he knew all things evil, were, in fact, all things beautiful.

He was grown up to the fact boys are meant to be men and were to never show weakness, never cry, never have emotions. He lived up to men who were hardcore, steel emotion people that took on the world without an ounce of anything showing. But the way her body worked against him, her advantage at hand, he felt nothing but raw emotion, things he’s never took on. His eyes pooled with tears of betrayal, hurt, anger, and anything else in between. He couldn’t believe someone he trusted so drastically could take so much from him.

“I fucking hate you, you piece of shit,” it was a slap of reality to his face, a splash of cold water. He knew she never loved him, never loved him the way he loved her and he knew all things beautiful were never worth trusting because even the devil was once God’s favorite angel, but he fell for her and it hurt more than he’d like to admit. “I hate you,” each word had a gasp of air between it, her small fingers squeezing his face harder than necessary.

Something heavily stirred in him, his fingers twitching and his eyebrows scrunching in anger and other things he’s not felt in awhile. He wanted nothing more than to push her off him and give her a piece of mind about how he felt. He knew she couldn’t help it and he tried to stay away from blaming the poor girl, but fuck, he couldn’t do it every time she messed with him and now was a time when everything stirred to a boil and spewed from his every pore.

And for the first time in years, his hand shot out to push her delicate body off his. “S-stop. Just stop,” and he voice quivered, a delicacy she has been deprived of for ages but it felt so good, and it reminded her why she once loved him. How his voice brought pleasure in so many ways, how it made her heart seem to pound with every single sound that left his perfect lips. “S-stop,” he screamed, the voices becoming present once again because it was promised long ago that when his bond broke and love was no longer present, everything would tenfold on him to the point of almost insanity but fuck, he knew he was already insane and even more so for loving something so beautiful but so evil, and if anyone was the odd one here, it was her. She treated him so good, so fucking good but something latched onto her and took her innocence and turned her into something so tragic.

“Keep talking to me. Please, baby,” and once again her sweet voice attacked his every sense but his mind was going off and he knew the voices were taking over. He knew this was the real her, the girl he kidnapped years ago, so sweet and so deprived from any feelings from those around and he soon gave her all she needed. And it was almost like every time he kissed her, his own demons attacked her perfect mind with lies and promises that had no value to her but she listened and let them take over. “One more time, baby,” she crawled back over him, a crazed look in her eyes that made even him want to run. “One last time,” she whispered, her voice so honey sweet that he just couldn’t think straight.

And he knew what she wanted him to say and he couldn’t help but let it slip, the words soft and a hidden meaning within it and he knew that no matter how much he felt he no longer loved her, she’d show him up continuously.

But he felt so fucking lonely.


And it was just one of those small words that meant entirely too much. Like fear and trust.

He could say at one point he trusted her and at one point he feared her, but now he was just alone with her and he couldn’t figure right from wrong.

And he was just a gentle beating heart swept away by sin.

Well - Imagn that! Virtual Furniture....

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Could you do an insecure Newt imagine? Maybe where he’s insecure about his body or his limp…just some insecure Newt, doesn’t matter what it’s about :)

It took me a while to find him but I finally spotted Newt having a chat with Alby by the homestead. He had a concerned look on his face and Alby smiled and replied something in return. They were probably discussing an issue going on the glade but even if I asked nicely, they wouldn’t fill me in; it wasn’t my business.

My fan base in the glade wasn’t the biggest and the other gladers were still wary of my arrival. Obviously just being friendly for the sake of not worrying the other gladers, Alby didn’t ask too many questions when I first stepped foot into the glade. He and Newt just wanted to know if I remembered anything and when I replied with only my name, they left it alone.

The tour of the glade was my favorite memory thus far since Newt was the one who showed me around. The moment I laid eyes on him, there was a faint flutter in my stomach and since then, I’ve tried putting myself out there to grab his attention but nothing worked. He probably still hadn’t warmed up to me, I thought.

After spending three months in the glade, I grew close to Frypan, who I ended up working with, and Minho. Both boys knew of my secret crush on Newt and they’d tease me constantly about it. I didn’t mind it, of course, and I’d return their teasing with playful punches. Both of them suggested I just come clean with my feelings but Newt always kept his distance so there was no way I could tell talk to him about it. And anytime we did talk, he’d cut our conversation short by saying there was something that needed taking care of. Our conversations never lasted more than five minutes.

Today, I decided, would be different and I would finally muster up the courage and tell him how I feel. The worst thing he could do was say he didn’t feel the same way and I’ve been preparing myself for that this entire week. Minho wished me luck before he went off on his daily run inside the maze and Frypan gave me a couple of hours off to talk to Newt.

Mentally giving myself a pep talk, I walked over to where the leaders of the glade stood talking. Alby caught my gaze and held it while he told Newt something who then turned his head to look at me. Maybe it was me just being paranoid but it seemed like Newt had rolled his eyes. Alby’s shoulders shook slightly as he gave a chuckle.

As soon as I reached them, Alby gave me a smile and greeted me. “Hey, Y/N, how are you?”

With a shrug, I said, “I’m good, thanks.” I turned to Newt who was fiddling with his hands and kept his focus to the ground. “Newt, I was wondering if I could talk to you.”

Before he could respond, Alby did it for him. “You guys go ahead.” He gave Newt a pat on the back who noticeably grimaced. “The deadheads should give you peace and quiet. I’ll see you guys later.”

With that, he strolled away, only turning back once with a smirk on his face.

Newt gave a long sigh. “Alright, let’s get this over with.”

I trailed behind him as he made his way to the deadheads. I wasn’t fond of Alby’s choice of area but if it would get me alone time with Newt, I’d take it.

Once we reached it, Newt turned to look at me and crossed his arms in front of his chest, a look of annoyance written all over his face. “What do you need to talk about?”

Taken aback by the way he was acting, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of regret for going through with this. My stomach was in knots, my throat had a lump I couldn’t swallow, and my hands were shaking furiously. This was a bad idea.

“Well?” Newt pressed on. “Have you gone mute?”

Slowly gaining a tiny fraction of confidence, I whispered out, “Do you hate me?” Damn it. That’s not what I meant to say.

Before answering, his brows furrowed as if deep in thought. When it seemed like he finally formed a response, he replied with, “Do you think I hate you?”

“Well, it’s just… I-It kind of seems like you do.” I stammered. “You hardly ever talk to me and-”

“It’s not my job to talk to you.”

Ouch. My pride bruised. I shut my eyes briefly before continuing. “Okay. But it seems like you blatantly avoid me and the way you’re acting right now is-”

“Is what?” He cut me off again.

This time, I rolled my eyes. “Right now, you’re being a dick.”

He scoffed. “I’m trying to finish this conversation so I can go back to work. You’re distracting me with this nonsense when I could be finishing up.”

“Well, excuse me for trying to have a talk with you about something important to me.”

“Why don’t you go off and talk about it with Fry or Minho? You seem pretty close to them!” His voice was starting to raise.

To match his tone, I raised my voice as well. “So what, are you jealous or something?”

Something flashed across his face but as soon as I blinked it was gone.

“That’s really childish of you, Y/N.” He whispered.

I stepped closer to him but stopped when he took a step back. This conversation was not going the way I had planned and invading his space wouldn’t make things any smoother. To make sure he wasn’t uncomfortable, I took a few steps back as well.

“Look,” I ran a hand through my hair. “I apologize. I didn’t mean for our talk to go like this. I also didn’t mean to accuse you of being jealous of Minho and Fry. That was wrong of me.”

He looked away from me while biting his lip.

Deciding this conversation was completely dead, I started to walk away when Newt suddenly started talking.

“You’re right, you know?”

“About?” I asked.

He started making his way towards me. “About being wrong. I’m not jealous of Minho or Frypan. Well, not entirely. Mostly,” He stood right before me as he spoke. “I’m jealous of you.”

I swallowed. “Me? You’re jealous of me? Why, am I taking Minho away from you? You know, I always sensed something between the two of you.”

He let out a light laugh.

Yes, he laughed! I gave myself a mental high five. It was such a cute laugh; almost like if an angel grew a pair of wings anytime he laughed or smiled.

He shook his head. “Actually, now that you mention it, he has been spending more time with you. I think I’d lock you up for it if you’re cooking didn’t compensate.” He smiled. “But seriously, ever since you got here, you adapted so quickly, so smoothly. A lot of the boys here don’t like you but you don’t let that get in your way. I’ve never seen you shed a tear and despite everything, you always have a smile on your face.”

My mouth opened and closed, searching for the right words. After finally forming one coherent sentence, I told him, “You seem to be doing well, though. Whenever I stare at you, you’re always laughing or just lost in thought but not in a bad way.”

His eyebrows raised at me.

“Not that I’m always staring at you because I’m not!” I quickly added. “I just tend to zone out and you happen to be in my line of vision. It happens to everyone.”

He smirked. “Sure it does.”

After giving him a playful eye roll, I became serious. “But really, you have nothing to be jealous about. I mean, at least not with me. Maybe Alby because that boy has some strong arms, but me? Nah. I’m just the only girl in the glade full of boys who-“

“I tried to kill myself.”

My breath hitched and my heart nearly stopped. Maybe I hadn’t heard him right. “What” I asked in a whisper.

He looked everywhere but my eyes. “It was before you got to the glade. I was a runner and one day, I just climbed up the ivy and jumped. Tweaked my leg and ended up with this bloody limp.” He lifted his injured leg up to emphasize. “I got better after that but when you came, something inside me just stirred. You were full of confidence and hardly showed any fear. I got jealous. I thought to myself, ‘How does she do it? How does she just live day by day without wanting to die?’ And then Alby put in my head that he thought you may like me as more than a friend. I didn’t think anything of it until Minho confirmed Alby’s predictions. Then I saw it myself. The way you looked at me. The blush that would creep onto your cheeks anytime I’d say more than five words to you. It scared me.”

His words sent my mind into a frenzy. I tried to cut in, especially when he mentioned Minho blabbing my secret, which I’d strangle him for later, but each time, something else he would say would make me shut up. Instead, I just asked, “Why did it scare you?”

He let out a humorless chuckle. “I’m a coward. I’m insecure. I couldn’t take living here so I tried to kill myself. I have this damn limp. Why would someone like you take interest in me? Why would you form feelings for a boy who can’t even take care of his bloody self, let alone a partner? You deserve someone better.”

I sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. “Newt,” I started. “I’m so sorry that you feel that way. But you’re making it seem like I’m fearless when I’m not. I get scared. I’m sure everyone in this place has felt fear at least once. It isn’t cowardice to show that you’re afraid. It’s being human. Newt, you’re the heart of the glade. You barely spoke to me and look, I started liking you. There’s something about you that tugs on everyone’s heart strings and makes them love you.” I put a hand on his cheek to which he nuzzled into. “We need you. And there’s nothing wrong with you needing us. We’re all here for you. I’m here for you.”

His arms wrapped around my waist as mine wound themselves around his neck. I slightly pulled away to look into his eyes. I took a quick peek at his lips and found the courage to ask, “Can I kiss you?”

He held his breath. As did I.

“Don’t think I’m rejecting you because that’s not the case… But I’m not quite ready for something like that. I think I’ll need time.”

“Okay.” I said. “Take all the time you need.”

He leaned in to kiss my cheek then went to rest his head on my shoulder. “Thank you.”

We found ourselves remaining in the hug for quite some time. And although it took a different direction, my conversation with Newt proved to be a great thing because it finally bloomed something between myself and Newt.


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anonymous asked:

England, China, Russia, Prussia, switzerland, Germany, Romano and Japan reaction to their child wanting to buy a m rated game ( like for example mortal combat or grand theft auto) but their not old enough?

England/Arthur Kirkland: England would basically have a small seizure and would probably spit out blood, or tea if he was drinking it. Taking the child by the shoulders, he would frantically demand the poor child to tell him the name of the person who about them about the game. One would be most certain that he would not leave that person alone. He may be the erotic ambassador, but he’s also one of the world’s most overprotective fathers.

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Argument & Weddings *Neymar imagine*


“Y/N don’t stress it he’s probably busy, it’s alright” Kamdon said

I groaned, “No Kam it’s not fine, he said he’ll come and he’s not here or answering his phone. I mean I told him the time, and even gave him the directions. He know’s this is a big day for you” I said to him

He gave me a sad smile, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Y/N you’re my babysister, and the only one I have left if you’re here I’m fine. Okay?”

I nodded, and he gave me a hug. Fixing my hair for me I smiled, and fixed his tie. “You know I can’t believe you actually proposed to her” I said chuckling

He scoffed, “And why’s that?”

“No offense or anything, but you’re kind of not the commitment type Kam”

He chuckled, “That’s true, but I love her. It’ll work out”

I stepped back looking at him. “You better make it work out, I actually like Ingrid”

We laughed with each other, and I left heading to my seat that was up front. Kamdon came later on, standing in his position which was in front of me. I gave him a big thumbs up, and smiled. He chuckled, and a few minutes later the wedding started. It was honestly very beautiful, Ingrid did a wonderful job on it.

As you can probably catch, my older brother Kamdon was getting married to Ingrid. A girl I never thought he’d end up with but it happened. Her family is from Thailand, and she wanted to have it here. Kamdon, only had me so as long as I was able to come he didn’t care where it was held. Just that the two people in the world who he cares for is there.

The wedding went on, and when it ended the smile on his face was priceless. It was something that I don’t think anyone could’ve wiped off or even put it on him.

At the reception, I hung out with Ingrid’s cousin’s who were very nice and this was the first time I was meeting them. “Did you come here with anyone?” One of her cousin’s friends asked

I gave him a polite smile, “No, my boyfriend’s at the hotel” I said

He nodded, “I bet your boyfriend is nothing like me though”

I looked him up, and down. “Whose your boyfriend anyways? Someone from Spain?” He joked as the guys laughed

I rolled my eyes, “Actually he’s from Brazil”

“So he’s a soccer playing sissy?”

“If you count Neymar jr to be a soccer playing sissy then that’s what he is” I said shrugging

They stopped laughing, and looked at me and after literally 8 minutes they laughed again. “You’re lying” He said as he tried to stop

I shook my head, “Nope, ask Kamdon and Ingrid”

They all looked at each other, and we made a trip to the newly wed couple. And when Kamdon and Ingrid both said the same thing I did, the guys looked at me and began asking questions about Neymar.

At around 10, I kissed Kamdon on the cheek. “I have to go it’s getting late” I said

He smiled, “Thank You for coming Y/N” He said

I punched his shoulder lightly, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world Kamdon”

I looked over to Ingrid who smiled at me, “Ingrid, this was really beautiful. You did amazing, and thank you for taking care of him” I said as I hugged her

“Thank you for coming, and I will always take care of him from now on” She said as she looked at Kamdon lovingly

I waved the two goodbye, and made my way to the hotel. When I arrived, my mood went pissy. Neymar was sitting on the couch, on his phone with the TV on. I slammed the door, and he turned my way giving me a smile. “Where were you?” I asked crossing my arms

“I was in Barcelona, Y/N” He said

“Did you forget what today was?”

He looked at me, as at my face would give him a clue. “I don’t know? Did you come from a club?”

I shook my head at him, “Neymar what was the only reason we came to Thailand?”

“Oh shit, Y/N I’m so sorry. But I couldn’t leave I would’ve missed the game, I swear to you that I meant to come earlier but I couldn’t” He said walking over to me

I held up my hand for him to stop, as I looked him  in the eyes. “Neymar today was one of the biggest days in my brother’s life. The only family I have left and you promised you’d come but you didn’t even go? Not even a text or a video call to him, nothing”

He sighed, “Y/N I’m really sorry, and I’ll talk to Kamdon and Ingrid later”

“This isn’t the first time you’ve missed something this important Ney”

“I’m not even going to continue this argument with you” He said going towards the room.

“Fine “ I said and turned towards the front door.

“Then I’m done with you”

Small Bump

I was listening to the song “Small Bump” by Ed Sheeran, and I created this. I wanted to say in advance, if you or anyone you know has suffered from a miscarriage or a loss of a child, I am incredibly sorry for your loss and I know that everything will get better with time (there have had multiple miscarriages in my family, and they still hurt but are healing). I hope you all like it.

*Warning/triggers: Talk of blood, very sad*

“So, Mrs. Lester, how long have you been having these cramps?” The doctor snaps on her latex gloves.

“About four weeks now,” I reply, laying my hands on the small bump on my stomach. “I haven’t felt him or her move for the past couple weeks, either.”

“I see,” the doctor nods, rolling over to me on her leather lab chair. She takes the clear jelly that feels freezing cold and squeezes some of it onto my tummy, and I shiver at the touch of it. “Have you had any bleeding?”

Yes, there had been quite a bit of bleeding for the past few weeks. It started out extremely light, just a couple spots here and there in my underwear. But last week, it was like my period all over again, except the cramps were much more intense. Then the bleeding stopped but the cramps remained, and I didn’t know what else to do but go to the doctor. I didn’t dare tell Phil though, because I know he would freak out.

“Yes, I have, and it’s been pretty heavy.” The doctor takes out her magic wand, as I like to call it, and rubs it on my bump. I hear the ultrasound try to pick up a picture with a swoosh, swoosh, swoosh. I chew the inside of my cheek. Is everything okay? I can’t tell, the doctor has no clear expression on her face.

“Mrs. Lester,” she finally says after a few minutes and begins cleaning me up, “I’m very sorry to tell you this, but I cannot find a heartbeat. There’s also no image on the screen. You have had a complete miscarriage. I’m so, so sorry.”

My heart falls down to the pit of my stomach and I can feel my entire body go numb. I don’t have a baby anymore? How is that even possible? I can’t make a scene, but all I want to do is cry and fall apart. I make out a simple “Thank you, doctor,” and head home.

There goes four of the best months of my life, my ultimate happiness, my joy. The day that I told Phil that we were going to have a baby, I had never seen him more happy and proud. He told everyone: his parents, Dan and his wife, his brother and his wife, even his grandparents. We have been trying to have a baby for three years, and the news that we could create a life made us and everyone we knew go insane. The other day, we had just talked about what color we should paint the baby’s room. We both had agreed on green, since it’s gender-neutral. And every single night, Phil never went to sleep without talking to the little person inside me and rubbing my small bump to say hello. “I love you, my Little Lion” is what he would say. I can hear him saying it, and I feel a single tear fall from my eye. Come on, I have to keep it together until I get home.

I walk up to our flat very slowly, clutching my stomach every now and then to try and make the cramps subside. Once I get in the front door, I shut it quickly and turn around to see Phil sitting on the couch. “Hi sweetheart,” he says, looking up and smiling, “how was your ultrasound?”

I take a deep breath and sit down on the couch, trying to still keep it together. “Phil, I need to tell you something.”

“Alright, what’s going on?” He turns to me with his full attention on me. I can’t look directly at him, or I know I’ll break. I look down at my feet and start talking.

“I went to the doctor today because I haven’t been feeling well, and I’ve been having…complications.”

“What kind of complications?”

“I –” my voice gets stuck in my throat, and I struggle to get it out with any more than a whisper. “I’ve had cramps, really bad ones. And the baby stopped kicking, and I started bleeding for a couple weeks. And I didn’t know what to do.”

“Honey, why didn’t you tell me about this?”

I look up at Phil, and that’s when I lose it. His eyes are full of tears being ready to be cried, and his cheeks are a flustered pink. The tears in my eyes rush out and my bottom lip trembles as I try to speak, but I can’t. I wipe my eyes with my fingers, but they don’t stop. They keep coming and flood my sight so it’s hard to see.

Phil takes my hands from my eyes and pulls me to him to surround me in a comforting hug. My whole body is trembling now and his shirt soon becomes soaked with my tears. “Phil,” I finally get out in a shaking voice, “I had a miscarriage. I lost our baby.”

When I say this, I swear I hear Phil’s heart stop. He doesn’t move, but then I feel a drop of water on my head, and another, and another. I look up at him, and there are tears running down his cheeks. “What?” he says in an almost inaudible whisper. “No, no, no…”

“I’m so sorry, Phil. It’s all my fault, I should’ve told you, I didn’t know what to do, I thought it was normal, I just…I…” Both of us are crying hard, and it’s getting harder and harder to breathe. I can’t stand watching Phil cry, so I take him in my arms this time and hold him close, with his head resting on my shoulder. We’re both shaking like crazy, and every breath is a struggle.

We stay like this for what seems like hours, and finally, I sniffle and try to speak again. “Maybe, they weren’t meant to be here right now. Maybe they were needed up there, and they’ll be happier up there.” That makes Phil cry even harder, and I wipe the remaining tears on my face. I have cried so much, I don’t think I have any more tears left. I let him get out his last tears as I hold him against me, rocking him back and forth.

Finally, he breaks away from my arms and bends down to talk to my small bump, rubbing it gently. “I want you to know, your mommy and I will miss you very much. I wish I could have held you and taken care of you, but you had to go. We will never forget you, and will always love you.” He kisses my small bump, and the tears I didn’t know were there pour out instantly. Phil comes up to me and kisses my forehead, and is now the one rocking me back and forth. “I love you, and we’ll be okay.”

I nod, and hold him tight. “I know, and I love you too.”

Oh my goodness, well there you go! This one was a little harder for me to write because it is a very tough subject, and I didn’t want anyone to get too upset. But I hope that you guys thought it was good, and if you want me to write more sort of like this, please let me know! Stay wonderful, my lovelies xxoo