imagine: axl catches you embarrassingly singing/dancing

;; this wasnt a request, just an idea from my best friend 

“Welcome to the jungle..” The music blared in your ear as you sang into your hairbrush, serving as your microphone. You swung your head around enthusiastically, swaying and dancing, imagining yourself on stage in front of thousands of people.  Still sporting your pajamas from that morning, you twisted and turned all over the house, having the time of your life in front of a sold out club of imaginary people.

You smiled at all of your adoring fans, your head bobbing and your hips swaying in an attempt to mock your boyfriend Axl as he does on stage.

Your arms found themselves in the air as you beamed at the walls of your home.  Your arms began playing a hasty air guitar, sliding onto the tiled floor of your kitchen and banging your head back and forth as you bent over this imaginary guitar.

You know where you are?” You shouted, looking out menacingly into the faux crowd.  Just as your eyes searched the room, Axl walked through the door.  The music was so loud he was able to just sneak in.

“Y/N-” He stopped as soon as he heard your voice singing. He stepped further into the house, a smile lightly painted on his porcelain face as he flicked his sunglasses to the top of his head. 

 “You’re in the jungle baby!” You continued, the microphone hairbrush in your hand now at your side as you threw your head back.  Axl was grinning like an idiot at this point, admiring the sight he saw in front of him. He’d never seen you like this before, he loved every second of it. 

“You’re gonna die!” Your voice was then heard with another’s; Axl’s.  The iconic voice surely took you by surprise as you turned and smacked him on the arm for scaring you. You certainly didn’t expect him home this early, he was at the studio all day. His laugh became the only thing you could hear as you grinned at him before he pulled you into a tight embrace.

“So this is what you do when I’m gone huh?” He taunted, imagining only what other songs you danced to before he arrived. The thought make him laugh more.

“Just some days..” You said a bit quietly, still slightly embarrassed that he caught you in the midst of your little daydream.

“That was a damn good show if i’ve ever seen one,” He remarked, holding you against his chest. “I oughta’ bring you on stage with me sweetheart”

“I thought you were supposed to be gone until tonight?” You said, cheeks flaming.  He smirked lightly, seeing how embarrassed you were.

“I actually came back to spend the day with you.” He said with a slight shrug. You smiled, touched at his motive for returning so early. 

You two then spent the rest of the day together, singing and dancing until you both fell asleep on the couch, music still softly accompanying the both of you.