imagining the fate those girls had and imagine herself in that situation

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One Shots
Last Hunt
Summary: You finally hunt down the monsters that ruined your life 4 years previously.
Warnings: Angst (I guess). The vaguest mention/description of smut.

Strength vs Skill
Summary: What woman wouldn’t love watching Dean working out in the gym? But something is really bothering you about what he’s doing.
Warnings: Language.

Night Time
Summary: Dean get’s bored while staking out a suspect’s house, and his hands start to wander.
Warnings: Light smut (fingering).

Still the Same
Summary: Dean comes across an old crush, and he finally gets a chance to be with her.
Warnings: Nudity, Implied smut.

Trials of Silence
Summary: A hunt gone wrong has life changing consequences for the reader.
Warnings: Angsty fluff. Deaf!Reader.

Laundry Day
Summary: Dean’s doing laundry, so why shouldn’t you steal his shirt?
Warnings: Smut, language. 

Stay in Touch
Summary: When the Reader goes on a solo hunt, her and Dean text on a regular basis.
Warnings: Fluffy Fluff to begin with… then… well, then there’s angst.

Same Road, Same Destination
Summary: Dean has the Mark of Cain. He and the reader have been in a relationship for a long time, but things start getting turbulent and the Reader has a decision to make.
Warnings: Angst, and some fluff thrown in there too. MOC!Dean

A/B/O Drabble
Summary: You wake up in bed alone, and you wonder whether you’ve made a huge mistake.
Warnings: A/B/O dynamics.

The Cat’s Claws
Summary: Life had always seemed a bit like a joke to you, how could it not with powers like yours? But when Sam and Dean inadvertently walk into your life, your past comes back to haunt you. The Winchesters just stumbled upon a very different case to the simple Vampire nest that they’d been aiming for.

Summary: You and Dean were inseparable, more or less had been since you were 18. There was absolutely nothing in the world that could keep you away from him, or at least that’s what you thought. With the Apocalypse rapidly approaching, Dean makes a decision that send you into a downward spiral, one you’re sure will kill you.
Other: Angst Series (further warnings given per part)

One Shots
One Step Closer
Summary: Both you and Sam are in a playful mood, so naturally he ends up tickling you.
Warnings: None. This is just a light-hearted fun one.

Silver Tongue
Summary: You’re an expert thief who likes to use her skills to earn her keep, when someone hires you to get ahold of something that the Winchesters are very fond of.
Warnings: Implied Smut.
Catch Me if You Can (Silver Tongue drabble)
Summary: You’re an expert thief who likes to use her skills to earn her keep, and you’ve just taken off with most of the Winchester’s possessions by stealing the Impala, much to Dean’s displeasure. Sam doesn’t quite know what to make of you.
Warnings: None.

Waning Light
Summary: The reader is struggling to cope with Sam’s declining health.
Warnings: Fluffy angst. 

Hanging Up
Summary: You and Sam have been sneaking around, not telling Dean that you’re actually in a relationship. When the boys decide to head out to a bar to celebrate the end of a hunt, you decide to have some fun with Sam.
Warnings: Slight smut, teasing, sexting.

Be Quiet
Summary: A vampire hunt goes wrong pretty fast, and you wind up in a tight situation with your boyfriend.
Warnings: Slight smut (handjob), language.

Consumed by Fire
Summary: You had one bad hunt over a month ago, and everything had taken a downward turn ever since. Even the boys start doubting your ability as a hunter.
Warnings: Angst.

Voluntarily Soulless
Summary: Sam seemed as though he were just like you: cold, cruel and very good at your job. Neither of you hesitated when it came to killing monsters. Dean, however, makes it very clear exactly how he feels about you.
Warnings: Angst. Language. Implied smut.

Summary: Sam’s been infected, and it’s only a matter of time before he turns Rabid. Nothing could possibly be worse than this situation, right?
Warnings: Language, angst.

Your Fault
Summary: Mother Nature is normally quite gentle with you, but occasionally you get months where it feels like your body is trying to self destruct. Thank god you’ve got Sam.
Warnings: Talk of periods. 

All I Ever Was
Summary: A hunt goes wrong, and you’re left with only one choice.
Warnings: Angst, suicide. 

Beyond Stressed
Summary: Sam can’t find the book he needs, and it’s driving him insane. You know him well enough to know that he won’t get anywhere while wound up, so you decide to intervene.
Warnings: Light smut (Blowjob)

Imagine Sam’s Hands…
Summary: Sam can work wonders with those hands…
Warnings: Light smut (Fingering)

Imagine Sam’s Mouth…
Summary: Sam can work wonders with that mouth…
Warnings: Oral Sex (female receiving)

Turn of Events
Summary: Breaking down in the middle of nowhere was not how you intended to spend the night. When a stranger shows up and offers help, you’re a little unsure how to react.
Warnings: None.

What Feels Right
Summary: You’ve had to move in with the boys due to a demon problem. After growing close with the younger Winchester, Sam starts wondering what exactly you’re hiding from him.
Warnings: None. 

Summary: The reader has passed out in the library when Sam stumbles over her.
Warnings: None.

Do the Deed
Summary: With a large assignment due in a few days, the reader is busy toiling away in the library, her roommate offering unwavering support by staying by her side. Who knew an amusing mistake and light-hearted banter could change so much?
Warnings: Talking about sex? Lots of euphemisms… 

Better than Porn
Summary: Dean takes his baby brother to a strip club for his birthday, and one particular dancer catches his eye. His crush isn’t helped by the fact she turns out to be one of his best friend’s cousin.
Warnings: Nope!

7 Years
Summary: As a child, your Mom made you leave the house you were staying in in order to try a be a ‘normal’ kid. That was when you first met Sam Winchester. Throughout the years, you both weave in and out of each others lives, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Perhaps fate is trying to keep you away? Or maybe it’s trying to keep you together?This Cannot be Happening
Summary: The reader had a drunken one night stand after going to the bar with her friends, but then she realises she slept with the last person she ever wanted to see. But when Sam refuses to leave her in peace, she’s forced to face her past head on, and she’s not sure she likes where things are heading.

The Eyes of Ra
Summary: Sam and Dean arrive in a town where the bodies of students start turning up, an unusual symbol grotesquely carved into their flesh. As the body count starts piling up, the boys receive help from a local Librarian.
Other: Described Reader (for the sake of the story)

Cinnamon Skies
Summary: Sam was bitten. Sam was bitten, and he ran, leaving everything behind in order to try and control his… condition. His job, his name, his brother… everything. He ran right into you. A small town, workaholic of a Vet. But no matter how much he tried to leave it behind, his past is starting to catch up with him; and you get caught up right in the eye of the storm.

A Dog is a Dog
Summary: The Boys’ hunt gets scuppered by the fact another Hunter beat them to it, but she doesn’t hunt alone.

What If?
Summary: Sam Winchester is the King of Hell. You are a Hunter. Once upon a time he had been your world, right up until he left for Stanford. He broke a promise and so you left to live your own life, away from the Winchesters who had taken you in and never looking back… until you are captured by Demons and brought before the Boyking.

Sister Reader

I’m Ignoring You
Summary: You’re the Winchester’s younger sister and, after your dad has been missing for 3 weeks, your eldest brother Dean makes a decision without you. (This is also part of the Pilot rewrite).Warnings: Language. 

Cry Wolf
Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Warnings:Angst? Maybe?

Sister!Reader Rewrite
Pilot - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Wendigo - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

To Kill a Winchester
Summary: The Phoenix is a hired hand, an Assassin that, for the right price, will track down and kill whoever, or whatever, you want. During a particularly busy week she receives a new contract and a price that she couldn’t turn down. But what she doesn’t quite understand is how difficult it is to actually kill a Winchester.

A Werewolf’s Guide to Life
Summary: So, you’ve just been bitten? Then you are freaking LUCKY you ran into me. Yes, I’m like you. Yes, I’m a werewolf. No, I’m not a monster. And no, neither are you… not now that you’ve met me. I’ll teach you the basics, and the complex. Life for a Lycanthrope is tough and dangerous; but I’ll guide you through it using my own experiences. Welcome my Werewolf’s Guide to Life.

300 Follower Celebration Drabbles
500 Follower Celebration Drabbles

Pieces || Part 5: The Repressed Truth

Part 5 guys! Yaaaay! So pretty much I did some reading from the past parts and I kinda realized everything was a mess, but I can’t really do much about it so…

Enjoy this new part to Pieces!

Pairing: Damian Wayne/Nightwing x Reader

Gist: You had a past relationship with Damian, but due to unfortunate events, it came to a halt after taking two different sides and five years since have passed and now both sides have to come together to help save Earth from Brainiac.



1. I used the new update on the Tumblr app and I’m still getting used to it so bear with me on this.

2. I’m also working on a new series. It’s still under wraps and I won’t be revealing anything except it’s an OC x Damian series what else is new.

3. A lot cheesiness sorry I’m questioning my writing skills too

4. I cut it short just so I can publish something and feel accomplished (don’t judge me). I haven’t updated in a while due to a very serious situation in my school and the amount of workload I get in a week is hellish, so bEAR WITH ME CHILDREN.


PART 1 || PART 2 || PART 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

There had been some sort of refinement in Damian Wayne whenever [Name] [Last] was around. His back stood straighter, a sort of glow erupts through him, and–did he just smile? His eyes were trained on the doorway that had direct access from the outside. He knew [Name] and Kara were bound to come in any minute and he was more than willing to continue waiting for them.

For a minute, he almost looked like a care-free teenager instead of twenty-some man who just left his prison cell. Clark and Adam could only watch him from distance, not wanting to break the younger man from his intense, non-blinking gaze at the entrance. Slowly, Black Adam whispered to the Super’s ear. “What is this ordeal Nightwing and Pandemonium have? The girl seems she wants nothing to do with him, but he’s very persistent.”

“Damian and [Name] have a…” Clark trailed off. “Special relationship.”

He caught Damian’s eyes for a second and he could tell from his positioned body that he was not leaving his spot. Shaking his head, Clark turned away. After all these years, Damian still cared for the enemy. Five years in the prison and Clark had always seen the way Damian acted or reacted when [Name] was every mentioned into a conversation.

Hell, he even remembered when [Name] left the simple message for everyone when she moved to Arizona. Damian had almost broken his hand.

“She left.” Bruce muttered to his son, catching everyone’s attention. They all turned to the suited man, face slightly darkened as he stood stiffly in front of Damian’s cell. His son, a scary spitting image of Bruce, stood just as stiffly as he listened to her voice.

“I’m leaving Gotham. Good luck. Don’t find me.”

“Don’t find me.”

“She didn’t even say goodbye” The nineteen year old whispered, giving a hallow laugh. “Not even a small ‘bye’.” His head snapped toward his father. “You did this, didn’t you? You convinced her to leave this city. You didn’t even let me see her before she left!”

“Leaving was a decision made by [Name] and [Name] alone.” Bruce answered back just as sharply. His eyes turned up to meet the same heartbroken gaze [Name] had on, only this time it was his son. Lip trembling, eyes almost watering, and hands turning into a fist. “Her mother and her had come to a conclusion that it wasn’t good for [Name] to stay at Gotham or let alone the east coast. I told her to visit you before she left, but she wouldn’t–she couldn’t, Damian.”

“And why is that?” Damian snapped, hand slamming into the wall painfully. “Are you sure you really told her to visit? Or are you trying to make me feel some type of sympathy toward you, Father?”

His voice mocked the word “Father” and Bruce held back his temper. Victor shook his head as he watched, while Clark could only look on quietly from his distanced prison hold. Slowly, Bruce pulled up the manila folder in his hand that Damian had just noticed. The words [Name] [Middle] [Last] were scrawled on the little popped tag. A paper was pulled out and it was shown to be a medical file.

Damian ignored the medical jargon, not caring for anything else except the words that were typed in on her current medical condition.

PTSD and clinical depression.

His eyes glazed over slightly then back at Bruce. Shaking his head, Damian backing up into his bed, shock rising in his body. “She didn’t want  to see you because she’s traumatized, Damian.” Bruce finally said, as if his son didn’t acknowledge the idea already. “After everything that’s happened, no one but the individuals who were involved in this nightmare were the ones to blame for everything–Metropolis City, Gotham, and her current state, regardless of whatever side was chosen.”

Damian didn’t respond as he sighed into his bloody hand hand. The adrenaline in him died down and the pain from punching the wall came through, but he ignored it. He deserved it, this is the least he could do for her. No matter what Bruce said, Damian knew. Yes, everyone was to blame for the outcomes of this mess. But her outcome–leaving the city in such an unstable state–came back to him in a vicious cycle.

[Name] was right.

He was a monster.

Many nights in the cell were of Damian thinking of any possible outcome of what could have happened if Clark hadn’t done what he did and if Damian didn’t need to choose. He had come to a conclusion that by now Clark’s child would of been a toddler. Bruce would have retired by now, maybe even having Selina as his wife. Damian would have been graduating college or marrying [Name]. They would have been happy.

But, as he stared out at the entrance, hoping to even catch a glimpse of [Name], Damian could only think of how fate was such an asshole. Sure, everything seemed like it was working–the Justice League forming once again to fight a threat, [Name] pulling herself out from her shadows–but there was still tension and no one really wanted to work with one another. They were all reluctant. Damian barely caught up to [Name] before she had flown off into the direct war zone. She barely even glanced at him.

Fate was such an asshole.

“I know you have problems you want to straighten out with Pandemonium, but you need to wait–” Clark was cut off by the dry laughter from Damian.

“I’ve waited long enough. Five years, actually.” Damian snapped as he looked up from his screen and picking himself up. His green eyes narrowed in on Clark and Adam, who had moved to loom over him. “I think I’ve waited long enough.”

The three stared at one another intensely, the youngest of the three challenging the other two with a look. It didn’t last long when the sound of footsteps and a gust of wind started to echo and bounce around the walls. All of them turned their attention to see a [height] figure walking towards the entrance, none of them being surprised seeing a stone faced female. [Name] seemed to have thought of something, but from the way her eyebrows were raised and her lips were set, she held it back and instead gave a small hum.

“Could cut the air with a knife.” She stated as she took heavy steps toward them. Once she stood a few feet away from them, her eyes met Clark’s for a moment, tilting her head to the side as everyone watched Kara’s figure flying in from behind. “Usually, I enjoy watching you getting yourself royally screwed over by your very own choices, Kent, but out of utter pity for you, I’ll just tell you you’re in for a reaping.”

Clark raised an eyebrow. “What–”

“Clark, we need to talk.” Kara’s voice echoed in the icy room. Clark eyed [Name] after analyzing Kara’s distraught features and nodding the rest off, telling them to have him and his cousin to be left alone.

[Name] met Kara’s alarmed eyes. “Good luck.” She said as she turned her body away. Kara glanced at Damian, who had been eyeing [Name] throughout her arrival. He seemed to want to speak to her about something and the only thing that seemed to be causing him not to do so was the people in the room. [Name] never glanced at him when Kara had, but she was well aware of the two holes being burned to the side of her head.

“You too.” Kara finally said as [Name] wandered out the door. She turned to a hallway, contemplating on whether or not to speak to Damian or not.

Thought after thought followed through her brain as she turned into a small corner of a room, sitting down on a pile of boxes. A part of her had told her not to let Damian even come near her, but another part of her wanted to speak to him, hear his voice and actually get a good look of his face after all these years. She gave a heavy sigh as she thought back on what Kara had told her back at the Justice League building, giving actual thought to it.

“Oh my God.” She exhaled, a shaking hand moving to her forehead as realization dawned on her. What if she still is in love with Damian? Her eyes glared at the ground, remembering all the times Damian made her stomach turn and catching herself (and on numerous occasions being caught by Damian himself) for staring at him too long. She counted those times, from the very beginning to now. There were too many times those situations happened, but she knew one thing for sure: it still happens.

Every once in a while her eyes had glazed over to Damian’s from the other side of the table during their little reformation and how many times did she feel like a teenage girl with some dumb crush whenever he spoke to her? Just at the simple thought of him speaking gave her a tingling feeling all over. Her mind waved over and over at the thoughts before she came to a verdict.

She was still in love with Damian Wayne.


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The Note Tree ❋ L.H. Pt.3

Originally posted by loserxhemmo96

Part T H R E E 

Summary: A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didn’t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

Word Count: 3.5+k

AN: aha yikes, i guess my story is sorta boring if it took so long to get part 3 released x.x but i will keep up with this one and hope 100 notes will gradually become an easy achievement. ty to ya’ll that are down about the story, it makes me so happy :) xx 

Partsone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

I M A G I N E 


“Okay, I’ll do it,” you muttered within your friend group as you all entered the school. “I’ll go to the stupid tree.” 

All your friends stared at you, pure shock dancing in their essence. The pairs of blue, green and brown eyes were a little overbearing, but expected. In sync, the girls squealed before grabbing you hostage in a group hug. You groaned, enjoying their embrace but dreading the heat that came with it. 

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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 54

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Read on or AO3.

Chapter Fifty-Four: Adorable

Lucy’s eyes slowly opened when she heard the sound of leaves crunching. She looked up just in time to see Natsu walking around the large tree. His lips curved into a smile once he saw his girlfriend sitting there peacefully.

“Found ya.”

She smiled along with him. “Looks like you did.”

“Yeah.” He looked up, placing a hand on the thick trunk. “This is the Sola tree, Magnolia’s pride and joy. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.”

Lucy shrugged, moving to pat the spot beside her. “Guess I missed that bit of information.”

It took Natsu a few extra seconds to sit down, his muscles aching from walking so much. He did better than others since he was used to walking everywhere, but he didn’t normally walk eleven miles all in the same day.

“Water?” Lucy offered, holding up her bottle.

He took it without hesitation, thankful for the cool liquid. He was in such a rush to find Lucy he forgot to stop and grab something to drink. After taking several gulps, he sighed. “I’m beat.”

“You look like it,” Lucy giggled, noting the sweat clinging to his skin.

“Yeah, I’m all sweaty.” He laughed, grabbing his shirt to pull it outwards, letting the air touch his skin. “Good thing I brought deodorant.”

Lucy watched as he fished in his side pocket of his cargo shorts, pulling out a stick of deodorant. While applying it, Lucy saw a hint of his stomach. She turned away to give him a little privacy.

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No Brainer - Kim Yugyeom x Reader

Originally posted by wangmins

Title: No Brainer
Author: Haru.
Rating: Fluffy!!!

Senior year. The year where everything is supposed to count; the most stressful part of High School - y'know, aside from the examination period at the end of each semester. Lots of people congratulated her, though, exclaiming that they’ll miss her at the end of all this, how she should make this year the best and good luck. But, she didn’t quite like Senior year, for one reason and one reason only - the multiple of ways her future could alter because of this; anxiety was getting to her.

Stepping into her first period class, which happened to be Chemistry for grade 11, the girl timidly walked to the front of her classroom, taking her seat far from the noisy, annoying 11th graders. Glancing at all of them while they spoke, she tilted her head.

Was I ever like this in 11th grade? Nails done, hair done nicely, make-up perfectly done… What did I do back then?

She then heard the teacher clear his throat and she immediately sat down, opening her red, army printed notebook to its first page. The teacher was explaining to them about the Quantum. “When electrons jump from one orbital of lower energy,” The teacher took out a white board pen and drew the nucleus of an atom, rings around the nucleus to make the orbitals and colored in dots to represent the electrons. “To a higher energy one,” He then drew a curved line for an inner shelled electron to go on over to an outer shelled orbit. “The electron absorbs a quantum light. This process is called–”

“Excitation.” The girl quietly said, raising her hand.

Score on impressing the teacher! That’s how you get University scholarships - study ahead and make sure you’re on the ball~!

The teacher smiled and nodded his head, writing the word ‘excitation’ on the board before continuing along with his lesson. “Electrons that are located at higher energy level than their original level are called excited electrons. In contrast, whenever an electron jumps from a higher energy orbital,” The teacher then picked a random electron on one of the outer shelled orbit and drew a curved line to signal the electron jumped to a inner shelled orbit. “To a lower one, an electron emits a quantum of light.”


Went the bell as the students starting to pack up their stuff. As the 11th graders were grabbing their phones from a clear container located at the front of the classroom, on top of the green, alphabetically labeled with white stickers cabinets, the teacher made sure to announce the homework to his students, which happened to be a hellhole amount of homework - two hours worth?! Are you trying to kill me, Sir? The girl waited as the students piled out of homeroom and made her way over to the library - or how the school called it, learning commons - to spend her time to 'study’ during her spare period.

“So, how was your first class?” The teacher who was supervising the learning commons for the students who had spares, spoke, smiling as she marked (Y/N)’s name present on her 'class’ list. “Fun? You told me you had an interest in Chemistry.”

“Eh, it was okay,” The girl replied, placing her binder she had taken with her - which was Mathematics; she needed the extra study time for their upcoming quiz next period - and placed it on the side before picking up a random pen from a white mug which read: 'Don’t touch me, I’m reading!’ and signed in on the clipboard. “I was dead tired from studying last night, so I couldn’t stay awake much for the first half, but then when he talked about something I was self-studying for, I managed to pay attention at least a little.” She picked up her binder once again and smiled at the teacher before making her way over to the tables situated in the middle of the library. Deciding on a nice, round, wood-looking table near the window, she placed her binder beside her and slunk down onto the red, plastic chair.

“I really think my teachers are out to murder me.” She muttered as she opened up her math binder, already cringing at the problems in front of her.
Who really had the time to turn improper radicals into mixed radicals? Besides using it now, when is this ever going to be handy?

Before she started cracking onto the books, the kind librarian / teacher walked over and plopped something onto her table, making her look up. “I thought you might wanna try this, (Y/N),” She said in a mesmerising voice, making the girl nod. “It’s like those toy magic 8balls, and, I’m guessing that was something popular in your era.”

“Yeah, I remember playing with it as a kid.” The student replied, before watching the librarian off.

So, Magic 8-ball pen, what kind of questions shall I ask you.

The obvious ones were probably the first things that came to her mind, making her giggle with every answer that came with the clicking of the pen. “Is prom this year going to be a complete disaster?”


“Wow, 'Dude, no way!’. I guess I should trust you, huh?” She laughed to herself as childhood memories started to flood into her head as she remembered shaking the 8-ball to reveal the 'magical’ answer to all of her 5-year-old life questions.

I wonder.

Just for jokes, she bit her lip and asked the pen, her thumb hovering over the clicker. “Am I ever going to date Kim Yugyeom from Got7?” Her heart beat quickened as she spoke. Who wouldn’t? The sliver of hope of dating your idol / bias?

Then again, why take advice from a silly toy? Eh, it was worth a shot.


“'No brainer’.” She whispered and tilted her head. No brainer is basically an answer to a question that requires no brain to answer to since the answer is so simple… Does that mean the answer’s no?


She tried again with a different question. “Is Kim Yugyeom from Got7 my soulmate?”


“'No brainer’.”

So does that mean a yes? Or a no?

Goddamn, stupid, freaking pen! Give me a straight answer!!! She then put the pen down and shook her head. No, who depends on a pen to give her the answers to her fate - but then, 'no brainer’ could also mean no…

“Oh, fuck, just give me a straight answer,” She huffed as she pushed her seat backwards slightly, lightly banging her forehead on her binder, missing the rings. “I at least need some closure on this bloody thing.”

A/N: Literally, this happened to me, today. The stupid pen was pissing me off because I didn’t get a straight answer, but you know what, I’ll just pretend the answer was yes…. Just to satisfy me. Btw, someone give me a Magic 8-ball, I miss those.


As Fate Would Have It (Part 2)

Originally posted by winter-hunters

((Highschool!Dean x Highschool!Reader)) 

It had been almost a full week since a certain knight in shining armor saved a certain damsel in distress from the dragons that had held her captive in a castle, or against a locker in this case. Ever since then the (h/c) haired girl couldn’t help but feel like she owed a little bit to the boy. Of course Dean insisted that it was fine, that really he didn’t need anything from her, but as the first and only person to help her out in those situations it was almost morally forced. It was one thing for comfort after being attacked but it was entirely new for someone to stick their neck out to get some guys to lay off. Finally the stubborn prince charming and the not-so princess made a compromise to both get what they wanted. Though it wasn’t so much a compromise as it was more Dean finally giving into her giving him something in return. Even if it was against his will (Y/n) finally got him to say yes, even if there was some going back and forth on what she could do, he finally settled with letting her tutor him. Dean never cared too much for school, he thought of little reason to continue his education besides the fact his dad wanted him to. He knew he would be leaving soon and seldom payed much attention to the grades he got on papers. 

This was one of those odd times in an odd place under odd circumstances that Dean was actually trying. He sat next to the girl in the small library and scanned over the page whilst she did the same, pointing out key factors and things to remember. Whilst she was lost in her talking and explanations, Dean wasn’t getting along the greatest with the higher level material and her attempt at explaining it. He zoned out on the paper, trying to figure it out piece by piece, though it soon turned into him ogling at the sheet in front of him. As fate would have it though, he seemed to zone out only a couple seconds before a snap in his ear brought him back to reality. He shook his head and looked over at the girl who held a soft smile on her face. “Are you listening Dean?” she asked softly, tucking some of her stray (h/l) (h/c) hairs back into the mess atop her head. “Yes- Well- No- Kind of.” Dean said quickly one after another, before sending her a small half smile. “You don’t understand a word I’m saying, do you?” Trying to play it off he let out a small, awkward laugh before shaking his head. “Not a clue.” This was now the girl’s que to laugh, covering her mouth with one hand. “Alright” she said before scooting ever so slightly closer and starting to explain a bit more thoroughly this time. Piece by piece for once the subject at hand finally seemed to click within Dean’s head. Perhaps it was the kind and attractive girl seated beside him giving him courage to actually figure this out as to not look a total dunce, or perhaps it was simply her way with words and explanations that seemed to play out in his mind like a well written movie. 

Sadly enough though time seemed to be cut short. Not by a teacher coming in and telling them that the library was closing, nor was it her parents ushering her home to reach curfew. Rather it was a young, and quite frankly short, boy coming into the library and giving a whisper yell in their direction. “Dean” he let out, getting both parties attention. Dean looked over to his brother and cocked a brow, his eyes asking for him. “Dad’s been waiting for like half an hour, come on he’s gonna be pissed.” His brother said in almost disbelief that the good son forgot that their father was taking them today to head to another state, to another hunt, and once again another school. “Oh” was all Dean got out a bit disheartenedly. (Y/n) looked at Dean herself as if asking for her own explanation. “Like I said a few days ago my family we move around a lot.” He shrugged. “We never get to stay in one school for long” Dean had already began packing up his books, not wanting to further anger his father. “Oh” this time it was the girls turn to let out those few words, unsure of how to react. Dean had shoved his books into his backpack and hauled it over his shoulder as he walked out with his brother. He turned his head over his shoulder and gave a sad, uncomfortable smile. “Sorry (Y/n)” was all he said before walking out of the high school for the last time. 

Ooooh Crystal...

update: lol im not trying to offend anyone by this <3 this is a simple encouraging to ppl not to be so angry about the episode, just a positive view on episode 12 nothing much <3 Sailor Moon fandom has way too much hate already so this is by no means a form of spreading more ^u ^

Okay guys so much anger right now xD

I’m a HARDCORE shitennouxsenshi fan INSANE Venus fan and VenusxKunzite shipper, and im honestly NOT ANGRY with what Crystal did. Sure is dissapointing I was hoping the four would stay alive but I was expecting this already. 

Now WHY i think you guys shouldnt be too angry…not to let your anger over this episode make you trash crystal as a whole since we’ve been defending it vigorously so far….

1ST -> Remember Crystal is one of the MANY reacts of the story if you arent familiar with the sera myus and live action and games I reccomend you look into it.

This is not the first, nor the second time Venus doesnt get to kill Beryl, but for some reason it was always accepted. Is not fair to trash only crystal about it, if you’re gonna trash, better trash each of the versions she is not Beryl’s killer. Personally I still think this Minako is far superior to the old anime, like what I feel about the live action Mina, they are badasses who carry a weight heavier than any of the senshi but still manage to be as happy as Usagi. So yeah, Crystal!Venus is still friggin awesome.

2ND-> No matter HOW MUCH i adore the shitennou and what they represent (heck you guys saw how long i took to make that picture of the four) I admit that keeping them alive would turn the show INTO A MESS. Specially in the following arcs in which the senshi are faced with lonely struggles for life, Minako more than the others, remember next season black moon clan will kidnap them all and Mina will be left alone to meet King Endymion along with Chibiusa, Sailor Moon and Mamoru. Mamoru himself must suffer a good deal alone. The presence of the four with their memories of love, therefore still connected to the senshi, would implicate IN SERIOUS consequences to the characters development which honestly only starts to happen after season two, and plot line. It pains me to admit, that they must “die” physically. 

3RD- > Beryl’s Passive death. People please know your fandom…Beryl’s death is EACH FRIGGIN TIME different. In the old anime she becomes a weird mix with Metaria only to get blasted with the crescent wand not even sword, In La Reconquista Kunzite, Nephrite and Jadeite Kill her AFTER KILLING Zoisite thinking he was a traitor when he tried to rescue Ami, these to name a few cause im not feeling like gathering all Beryl’s deaths atm xD 
The way Beryl dies in Crystal is NOT uncommon either. Remember how Queen Neheleina dies?? If we consider that both are taken by Chaos, their bodies cannot endure without him. So her desintegration was awesome and logic in my opinion reminding me of Neheleina’s death as well.

4TH-> Usagi getting all zee powahs leaving none to the guuurrls, specially Mina. 
Yeah I dont think so… lets go by parts, Venus couldnt have the sword with her by the time when she and the others faced the shitennou FAR from Usagi’s location, and Usagi NEEDED the sword to kill Mamoru and herself, they had to give it away before the group was split.

If you think that her summoning the sword wasnt awesome than we can think about how RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME she already was in the previous episodes, her face off with Kunzite was really exciting and showed how serious she was about her mission, she has commanded the three inner senshi with  power and TRUE MOON PRIDE which is still part of the badass Minako we love in the manga. You guys were so angry about Usagi wielding the sword that you didnt even notice how Ami was all dymanic and powerful!  


lol now here are some other points about the future that will …or so i hope…make you guys less angry.

Much can still happen with the shitennou. what we are certain is that they are NOT dead. Kunzite is to guide Mamoru into delivering the final blow to Metalia. This might change but I dont think it will.

the stones fate can be quite uncertain, we know that Crystal will prolly go all the way till the end now, so we may see Crystal Tokyo and PERHAPS we might see them there, restored. Because their bodies were destroyed but their spirits are still strong, unlike the manga in which they are drained out from the exposure to all the power of Metaria and the Silver Crystal. Their situation is now more than ever like the Amazoness Quartet.

So we will see more of them as spirits I am certain!  

They also showed to be capable not only to talk to Mamoru in their stone/spirit form, but ALSO the SENSHI! I would like to think that Kunzite will be there for Minako when she needs him. <3

If you guys are sad cause the SenshixShitennou ship didnt sail as you expected, I would like to provide a little headcanon.

In this episode once the Shitennou are healed, each of the senshi repeats their names and says:

“that’s the true meaning…of your names” and when Jadeite still cannot recall, Rei says:
“Yes you have…Because you told us”.

Now its common in many fantasy settings the power of true names. One who knows a true name of something has power over the thing. 

If they gave their names to the senshi as Rei herself says, if they gave their…TRUE names, we can visualize how their romance went. They loved the girls deeply as to reveal their true names, their power source and who they really were. 

I felt the love.Specially when Kunzite looks over to Minako and calls to her with the most heartbreaking eyes I couldnt imagine him ever making.

So yeah, our ship is canon and even tho they might not be there anymore, they remain connected to each of their beloved.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED how they consoled the girls. Asking them not to cry, to CARRY ON (oh yeah the song better be playing in your head right now). 

Honestly each of their last messages shows us a bit of how they interacted with the girls.
Nephrite: Dont cry…dont cry sailor soldiers…
Zoisite: you still have a mission..
Jadeite: a mission to complete…
Kunzite: Stand up! Your princess is waiting for you!

Nephrite is the sweetest, not wanting to see those he love cry…a knight of comfort INDEED.

Zoisite’s voice is sweet and encouraging. a healer 

Jadeite repeats part of zoisite’s call, not as strong, somehwat frail. He knows he must let go and it hurts him, but he must be PATIENT no matter what cruel fate is in store for him.

And Kunzite … in his command he is encouraging. In a harsh way. Dont stand there! are you a scout or are you not! i can imagine him saying this, bringing Minako to her limits, pushing her further when she was weak, and raising her up when she falls. 

I hope i was able to make you guys see what was good in this episode, we already have so many bashers on Crystal, those who remain need to focus on all the good things it has brought us! The first animation with senshixshitennou! I will love Crystal for all the heartbreaking moments it has! 

Im not going to keep big hopes up, but WHO KNOWS mebe the next chapter might bring them back perhaps as regular humans so they dont interfere with the plot…is unlikely BUT I WILL NOT ABANDON HOPE!

Have a nice weekend guys!

Captain Swan Fiction - The Pirate Queen Part 8

A/N: Thank you everyone for the incredible response to the last chapter. I really hope you like the next installment. Hook and the crew of the Jolly Roger arrive on Eshu and it doesn’t take long for trouble to start brewing.

Summary: On a fateful journey to the New World, a terrible hurricane strikes and destroys the Montgomery. Emma Swan is the lone survivor of the wreck and wakes to find herself aboard the Jolly Roger and at the mercy of the infamous pirate, Captain Hook. Will she be able to outsmart the villainous Hook, or does fate have another plan in store?

Part 1 ¦ Part 2 ¦ Part 3 ¦ Part 4 ¦ Part 5 ¦ Part 6 ¦ Part 7


Emma awoke to the gentle sound of waves brushing against the hull of the ship. As a girl she’d imagined that the morning after her wedding night would be filled with soft kisses, tender glances, and no shortage of giggling. The reality was something quite different. The spot next to her was empty, the sheets cool and tangled. She sat up slowly, pushed her hair back off her face and looked around the small, sunlit cabin.

The first time she’d awoken here, the room had been strange and foreign. Now she felt a comforting pull of familiarity towards the lopsided stacks of books, the maps hanging from the walls, and the table with its rough, pitted wood. They didn’t belong to her of course, they would always be Hook’s, but the sight of them put her at ease when his abrupt absence left her with too many questions unanswered.

The wooden floor was cool beneath her feet as she walked behind the dressing screen to change. She chose a simple maroon dress and pulled it over her head. I am married. The realization invaded her thoughts and slowed her fingers as they tightened the laces of her corset. I’m a Captain’s wife. The irony of her present situation didn’t escape her notice. There was a time when her father would have been elated to see his only daughter married to a ship’s Captain. Though not, she imagined, to the nefarious Captain of the Jolly Roger.

She quickly pinned her hair back off her face and exhaled a quiet sigh. At least the arrangement would only last until they reached Boston. The port was her escape, her gateway back to a world she knew and understood. It would be a chance to start over, but with each passing day the sense of quiet unease in the pit of her stomach worsened. Without money, or connections, or anyone to introduce her into society, what sort of life could she possibly have there?

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Looking for a Smile (part 2)

(Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader- friends)

Part One

Warnings: I think there is a bad word in here idk. Also there are some sad parts, but nothing too bad.

A/N: Here is part two!!! It took a few days because I’ve been working on a huge STEM presentation but that’s over so after finals I’m home free! I apologize in advance because I didn’t do this one all in one go, so it’s a little choppy. Hope you still enjoy it!


(Y/N) had taken a leap of faith when she enlisted for the Army Nurse Corps. She had been horrified by the departure of her two friends and figured that the only way to help keep the soldiers safe would be to help patch them up. As a nurse in the war, (Y/N) knew that she would deal with some pretty gruesome things far worse than anything she had ever seen in the clinic at home. In addition to not knowing where she would be stationed, (Y/N) didn’t even know whether or not she would be in the same country as Bucky or Steve, who had left nearly two months before she was sent out.

The war injuries were horrific. (Y/N) arrived at the camp just a few weeks before the battered remains of a regiment were being brought back. They looked like they had been dragged through hell- men were moaning and crying as they felt the pain of missing limbs and bullet holes. She worked tirelessly on their wounds and only faltered as she heard some sort of celebratory parade music playing from the grounds outside the barracks. Whatever the performance was, (Y/N) had no interest in it. These men needed her help; she didn’t have time to watch some show meant for children.

It seemed like the bloodiness would never stop, like the injured men would just keep pouring in. Finally, as the grey drizzle came to a stop, the number of soldiers in the infirmary dwindled enough to give (Y/N) a break from her job. She stepped outside and headed towards her sleeping quarters, only to find that a huge stage was blocking her way. The crowd of soldiers gathered to see the act was dispersing, indicating that the performance was over. Most of the men were grumbling about some “phony actor” or “Captain, my ass!” and (Y/N) figured that whatever spirit-lifting scene sent for them had been a major failure. Regardless, she was curious. After her long shift, (Y/N) could have used some spirit lifting.

She wandered over towards the posters advertising the performance and read the words printed across them. One poster had a large photograph of a masked man in a blue suit with the words “I want YOU to buy war bonds.” The second paper tacked to the post was one with a series of three performance times and a small paragraph that read, “Captain America, coming to cities and camps near you! Don’t lose faith, buy a war bond and stay tuned for updates on the Captain’s adventures and performances!”

(Y/N) suddenly understood the soldiers’ dismay- how thoughtless to send some actor in to a camp like this, especially after this sudden influx of injured men. No one wanted to be told that some silly man in a costume would be able to win the war while they laid down their lives to fight the battles and he stood on a stage with showgirls. Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) turned away from the posters of the masked man and walked past the back of the stage towards her shared quarters. Just as she moved past the steps of the stage, she heard a conversation being held between a man and a woman.

“They look like they’ve been through hell.”

“These men more than most; your audience contained what was left of the 107th.”

“The 107th?”

Just as the pair started running towards the Colonel’s tent, (Y/N) cried out to them, “Wait! Did you say the 107th?”

The man turned around and (Y/N) was shocked to see that he bore a striking resemblance to Steve, aside from his massive, muscular figure. She blinked, trying to determine whether this was some trick of her tired eyes or if Steve just happened to have a much taller lookalike. These thoughts rolled through her mind until the man spoke. “(Y/N)? What are you doing here?”

“Oh my God! Steve! You’re not… you weren’t… Steve, you’re taller!”

Steve chuckled before he remembered the situation. “Listen, (Y/N), this is Peggy, I’ll meet you both back here in a minute; I have to ask about Bucky, his regiment… something happened.”

(Y/N) grimaced, remembering her day’s work and fearing that a worse fate had befallen Bucky. “Okay, I’m coming with you.”

Together, (Y/N), Steve, and Peggy rushed into the tent where Colonel Phillips was speaking to his typographer. “Write that he is currently M.I.A. and has been declared dead. Send it to… Rogers! What are you doing here? Carter, you and your nurse friend can have a conversation with me later.”

(Y/N) shrunk back, but Steve stepped forward and said, “I need a report on James Barnes of the 107th.”

“You don’t get to give me orders, son,” the colonel stated.

“Please, I need to know. It’s B-A-R-N—“

“I know how to spell. I’m sorry, the name does sound familiar. Those men got trapped behind enemy lines in a Hydra base a while out- less than half of them made it back. There’s nothing they could have done.”

Steve frowned. “What about the others? Are you planning a rescue mission?”

“Yeah, it’s called winning the war.” As Steve began to interject, Phillips continued, “They’re thirty miles behind the lines, through some of the most heavily fortified territory in Europe. We’d lose more men that we’d save, but I don’t expect you to understand because you’re a chorus girl.”

Huffing, Steve turned and walked away saying, “I think I understand just fine.” He made his way out of the tent and (Y/N) followed, along with Agent Carter. (Y/N) couldn’t believe it- actually, she knew something like this would happen, she just didn’t want to believe it. Bucky was gone and no one was coming to help him. Without warning, Steve turned around and wrapped her up in a hug. “Don’t worry, (Y/N) I’ll get him back.”

“Steve, there’s nothing you can do,” (Y/N) sniffled. “Bucky is thirty miles away, probably dead by now, judging by the wounds the other men have. They aren’t coming for him, and without medical attention…”

“No. I’m getting him back. I’m so glad to see you, but I have to go do something. I’ll see you later, (Y/N).”

She watched as Peggy and Steve ran off towards a bunker, but (Y/N) couldn’t bring herself to follow. All she wanted to do was cry and mourn the loss of her best friend, her love.

           After two days and nights of pure despair, (Y/N) got back to work. She changed bandages and stitched wounds tirelessly until Peggy Carter returned to camp. Upon hearing Peggy’s name, (Y/N) rushed out of the medical quarters and across the courtyard. The woman was walking solemnly towards Colonel Phillips’ tent with a striking man about the same age as the girls. As those two neared the tent, (Y/N) called out, “Peggy! Agent Carter! What happened? Where’s Steve?”

           Peggy turned and sighed. With her sweet accent she spoke the words (Y/N) feared the most. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N). Steve… he just jumped out of the airplane directly into enemy fire. He wanted to save your friend, but I’m not even sure he made it to the ground. He was supposed to radio in yesterday, but we waited as long as we could without hearing a word. I’m sorry.”

           The man accompanying Peggy just shook his head and said, “Damn, I really thought he’d have a chance. I can’t believe I let him go.”

           (Y/N) choked out a sob and nodded her thanks towards Peggy before retiring to her room. Steve and Bucky were both gone. Within the span of three days (Y/N) had lost the only two people she truly cared about. The thought of living a life without those boys almost made her wish she had joined them.

           It was late in the afternoon when she heard it: the incredibly loud sound of cheering men. As tempting as it was to ignore them, (Y/N) figured that she needed something to lift her spirits. And maybe she would see Peggy out there. (Y/N) desperately needed a friend and Carter seemed as good as any.

           Peeking out the door of her quarters, (Y/N) was astounded at what she saw. Beaten and bloody soldiers were streaming into the camp by the hundreds, some leaning on their friends, others sitting on top of massive tanks that surely weren’t issued by the Allies. At the center of it all was a tall blonde man who couldn’t be anyone other than Steve- (Y/N) was sure of it.

           As she pushed through the crowd towards Steve (Y/N) heard a voice yell, “Let’s hear it for Captain America!” With that, the whole camp exploded in an amazing uproar of cheers and whistles.

           The soldiers were packed in shoulder to shoulder in an attempt to become a part of the celebration but (Y/N) just kept pushing further towards the center of the crowd. Finally, she reached Steve and had barely opened her mouth when she saw him. “Bucky! Oh my God! I thought you were dead- I thought you were both dead!”

           Bucky’s face was gaunt and pale, but he gave (Y/N) one of his signature smirks as he said, “Come on, doll. I’m not that easy to get rid of.”

           Bucky pulled (Y/N) into a bone-crushing hug and held her against his chest for what felt like not nearly long enough. They probably would have stayed there for quite a while longer if not for the desire to observe scene before them- Peggy looked up at Steve in the midst of all the commotion, and they certainly seemed like they were made for each other. Maybe Bucky and (Y/N) were too.

Pyrrha's Last Words TRUE Meaning

Alright, this will be long.

To those of you who think Pyrrha’s last words are a sort of “FU” to Cinder,

I think you’re missing something big.

To those of you who think Pyrrha’s last words are her declaration of fulfilling her Destiny,

You are deff missing something big.

I think that Pyrrha’s last words are a sign of something much sadder, and although I hold hope that Pyrrha will come back, after thinking about this I just am not sure anymore.

First, to show you how this really comes into play, can we all agree that up to this point Pyrrha is the show’s strongest character?  Ruby gives some chase, but up until right before her death I think that title goes to Pyrrha. 

Here’s why.  Fighting prowess aside, Pyrrha’s faith and willpower are second to none.  Everyone agrees that Pyrrha should not have gone to fight Cinder because she was going to lose.  I think that even Pyrrha knew that she was going to lose.  Somewhere in her mind, she knew she stood no chance, right?

Then why does she do it?  Because she doesn’t listen to her head.  She listens to her heart, which tells her that her Destiny is to protect the world.  To Pyrrha, it is obvious that that day has come.  She struggled with her beliefs earlier in the Volume, but by now she convinced that it is her Destiny.  Nothing will hold her back, which is part of why she is so strong.

Not even Jaune, the desire of her heart which she literally has against her lips, will hold her back.  Her time has come, and as Pyrrha sees it, Destiny is on her side.  She doesn’t run because, deep down inside her, she truly believes that if she gives her all then Fate will hand her victory.

That’s why, when literally everyone knew Pyrrha was going to lose (including herself), those thoughts didn’t dismay her.  Her head knew she was doomed, but her Destiny was to win; Pyrrha had put all of her considerable, unshakable faith into her Destiny. 

And during that fight, the only two people anywhere who didn’t just know that Pyrrha was going to lose were Pyrrha and Cinder.  Watch the fight again and tell me that Pyrrha isn’t 100.00000% sold on the belief that she can do this.  Watch the fight and tell me that Cinder isn’t surprised or concerned.  This wasn’t in Cinder’s plan; she just finished Ozpin and is tired, and now she has a legitimate threat barreling at her without hesitancy?  Cinder is nervous underneath that calm (albeit angry) exterior. 

And the fight did nothing to change this.  When you put someone in a headlock, even if they escape, they know that they are losing.  You know that you are winning.  Everything Pyrrha had ever believed was being validated because dammit she was winning!

Pyrrha could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  She was doing everything right.  Every move was precise.  Every strike was exactly as intended.  She was in control of every aspect of this fight.  Pyrrha knew that if she kept this precision up, that Cinder would Fall (hehe).  Until Cinder cheated.  Until Pyrrha’s foreshadow-emblem activated.  Cinder fired an arrow, and Pyrrha needed to split the arrow with her shield to stay on top of the fight, and she did.  Perfectly.  What should have been one of Pyrrha’s finishing moves turned into Cinder’s victory all because Cinder took Fate into her own hands. 

Suddenly, everything came crashing down on Pyrrha.  She was wrong.  She was not Fated to win.  She was never. Fated. to. win.  There was no Destiny that Pyrrha was assuredly going to fulfill.  Everything Pyrrha had ever worked for was for nothing.  She had dedicated herself to this belief, this ideal, that she was put on the planet to defeat some great evil; she had faced the great evil surely enough, and she FAILED. 

She couldn’t even think of all the implications of this.  Her frame of mind, the basis of her thought, the core of her identity, all centered around her Destiny.  Now, she learned on her own that there never was a Destiny. 

Her mind is reeling and she literally CANNOT think because the one thing she assumed to be true over all else was just proven wrong. 

THAT is the meaning behind her final words.

“Do you believe in Destiny?”

This is not a witty retort or her way of confirming her belief, this is Pyrrha broken at her core and reaching out to absolutely anything that can help her make sense of this.  She is so damaged, her mind is so shattered, that it does not matter who she asks; all she wants at this point is for someone to tell her the truth.  Is there Destiny?  Was she wrong all along?  Can anything be known now that her foundation is gone?

These are the types of questions that people avoid their entire lives, choosing rather to live in ignorance than face such horrors as this.

And Pyrrha is facing this on her knees in front of her enemy.  Pyrrha asks Cinder about Destiny because hearing someone else’s thoughts—the victor of the match, who Fate favored if there really is a Destiny—might give her a frame a reference.  A place to start.  Something to hold on to as her world goes black.

This is also why Cinder tears up.  She knows what’s going on in Pyrrha’ head.  This poor, innocent girl with no stake in this fight other than she was raised to do it without knowing why, is now being tormented on a level that may not be comprehendible.   Even the cold-hearted bitch Cinder is feels sorry for Pyrrha. 

Cinder is all cocky, bragging about putting the powers to good use, until Pyrrha asks that question.

“Do you…believe in Destiny?”

Those words…strike terror into Cinder’s heart.  This unshakable giant of faith and belief has been reduced to nothing.  She imagines what it would be like to be Pyrrha right now.  It’s terrifying for me to even type this.  That’s why Cinder no longer monologues, or gloats.  That would be a cruelty not even Cinder is capable of (yet).  She gives Pyrrha the dignity of an honest, if uncomforting, answer.

And then she does Pyrrha a favor.  Allowing Pyrrha to live is still not an option, so the arrow to the chest is still standard. 

What isn’t standard is the disintegration.  Why put your enemy of out their misery early?

Cinder knows that, although the heart is dead, Pyrrha’s mind will survive for a few minutes on the oxygen left in the blood.  The arrow to the heart won’t immediately kill her.  It will leave her with time to think.  How cruel would that be in this situation?

Slowly Pyrrha would begin to realize what this all means.  All was for naught.  Pyrrha’s last few minutes would be spent going over every single thing she did in AGONIZING detail and realizing all the mistakes she has made because of her ‘Destiny.’ 

A lifetime spent training.

Friendships not pursued.

Experiences missed out on.

A hollow existence on a pedestal.

Leaving the one she loved just as it was reciprocated.

Instead of leaving Pyrrha to think upon this as she died, one of the cruelest things imaginable given the circumstances, Cinder has mercy for Pyrrha.

She disintegrates her, starting with the head.  Destroying her, not out of spite or to transport her somewhere, but simply so that Pyrrha will stop suffering.  This is likely the kindest thing Cinder has done in her life (not that impressive, though). 

Cinder turns Pyrrha to ash to save her from reliving her life through the eyes of “everything I exist for is wrong.”

Guys, Pyrrha’s last words aren’t her way of revenge.  They aren’t her way of fulfillment.

They’re Pyrrha so desperately reaching out in the midst of her mind, heart, and soul shattering. 

How stupid sad is that?


(This does open the door for Pyrrha’s return, though.  If Cinder did transport Pyrrha, then perhaps she both stopped the pain and teleported her.  Now, Pyrrha has no beliefs, nothing to stand for, or even any measure of right and wrong.  Everything she knew was faulty, so now all it would take is a firm assurance that Cinder’s way is right and Pyrrha may put her entire faith into that

That is a villain that is to be feared: Pyrrha Nikos as devoted to evil as she was to good, all of her own free will.