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monsta x as boyfriends using cheesy pick up lines!! i hope you guys find this one as entertaining as i do, this one was really funny to make (mostly because i love using some of my many reaction pictures) 


Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨

Dating Nathan Prescott would include:

•Him letting you wear his jacket when you’re cold
•Early morning breakfast at Two Whales
•Calming him when he’s having a panic attack
•Him protecting you from Jefferson
•Random kisses in class
• Hickeys, so many hickeys
•He loves to take photos of you when you’re not looking
•Walking on the beach to look at the whales
•Nathan cries real hardcore tears when he sees the dead whales with his own eyes
•Taking day long drives going to random places and just cuddling when he’s stressed
•Watching the sunrise and set together
•He lashes out at you sometimes
•But you tend to calm him down fast
•You and him shotgun sometimes
•He can only feel truly at peace when he’s with you
•"I love you Y/N"

Daddy For a Day

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Prompt: The reader has to take care of a realistic baby doll for class, and when she gets overloaded with homework and the baby, our favorite super soldier steps in to help.  What does seeing him with a baby do to her?

A/N: I totally stole this idea from @force-is-woke, or rather the person who sent her the prompt.  So the original prompt IS NOT mine, this is just how I envisioned it. (also you need to read her version which is Anatomy Project)

Also, This is my first Bucky fic! I honestly didn’t mean for it to end up with any smut, but here we are…

This has no beta, so please be kind!

Warnings: NSFW, slight smut(?), language, Daddy kink (could that even be considered Daddy Kink, I’ve got no idea) FLUUUUFFFFFFFF

Word Count: 2,840 (oops)

Originally posted by thespoilerwitchblog

“Absolutely not.”  Tony’s mouth was set in a hard line, with his arms crossed tightly over his chest as he looked at the…robot in your arms.  “Real or not, there will be no babies in this tower!”

“But Tony!”  You pleaded, “I have to complete this project to pass my class!  Believe me, I don’t like it any more than you do!”  You tried your best to put your hand on your waist sassily to emphasize your point but ended up almost dropping the damn baby. Your less than graceful (but thankfully, successful!) recovery did nothing to help your case.

You couldn’t believe you had been able to sail straight through high school without being saddled with the dumb ‘parenting’ projects for Health Class and Home Ec only to be roped into them in graduate school.  Graduate school!  All because there had been a slight hiccup with your undergraduate planning.  Not anything you could control, really.  Your useless academic advisor had somehow missed three damn classes needed to get your degree. Ok, fine whatever.  What really pissed you off was that somehow you were still able to get your bachelor’s without them.  But your graduate program?  No.  They weren’t going to give you your Masters without them.

So here you were, in your final year of grad school, ready to take on the world…holding an electronic baby.  And with the look your Uncle Tony was giving the contraption, it was no mystery that he was regretting allowing you to stay with him and the other Avengers while you finished up school - to save on living expenses, of course.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the endless supply of eye candy roaming the tower.  Oh, no, nothing at all.  Especially not one particular super soldier who liked to throw his gorgeous hair up in man buns, and wear tight shirts, and - NO!

“You think I really wanted to be saddled with a middle school health project at this age?  Blame my inept university, not me!”  You hollered back to him as you made your way toward your room to set down the diaper bag and your purse before laying the doll on the bed.  With your hands on your hips, you examined the offending robot.  It was just a baby doll, complete with cartoonishly chubby cheeks, a head made out of hard plastic, a soft body, and a functioning voice box.  That was an interesting function to find out about.  You had been on your way home from class, the doll situated in its provided car seat in the back when it just started screaming and damn near causing you to run off the road.

Pulling the instructions out of the diaper bag, a scowl set upon your lips.  “Alright…Sammy.  You’re stuck with me this week, so let’s play nice, yeah?  It says here that you can detect the different levels of someone’s voice…and me yelling will only make you cry harder.  Wonderful.”

And, just because the universe has a horrid sense of humor, ’Sammy’ chose that very moment to start sobbing.

“Already?! Y/N, don’t make me evict you! Especially now that you’re a single mom.” Tony snickered from your doorway.

“It’s going to be a long fucking week.”

“Please stop crying Sammy, I need to finish this paper.” You begged the baby doll, bouncing it up and down on your hip after it had finished its bottle. “Go to sleep, Sammy, go to sleep.”  You hummed softly trying to soothe the damn thing.  You were all alone in the tower while everyone was out on missions.  You didn’t mind, though.  At least you didn’t have to deal with Clint and Sam making jabs at you about what a ‘functional single mother’ you are.

“So we’re playing house now?”  A low voice damn near made you jump out of your skin as you turned to the figure.

“God damn it Bucky, you almost made me drop the baby!”  You hissed quietly, trying to be as quiet in your threatening demeanor so as not to rile it up anymore.  “I thought everyone was gone for the week!”

“Finished my assignment early.”  He shrugged.  “Is there any particular reason you’ve got a doll, Doll?”  Bucky asked as he leaned against the counter opposite you, his thick arms crossing over his torso.  You rolled your eyes at him as he smirked.

“It’s for a class.” You sighed. “She’s mine for 4 more days.” You adjusted the doll in your arms, cradling its head as you laid it against your chest and shoulder. A smirk played at Bucky’s lips as you began to pat the doll’s back in an attempt to burp it. Sure enough, a few moments later, a fuzzy recording of a small burp emitted from the doll and you sighed in immense relief. “Oh thank god. Now she’ll sleep.”

Bucky watched curiously as you walked to the car seat you had perched on the couch, set the doll in, and pulled the blanket up over it.

“You’re taking this awfully seriously.” He mused, which earned him a sour look.

“I have to. She’s a top of the line model, complete with heat sensors, volume sensors, and pressure sensors. She’ll know if I’m actually holding her or just trying to fool her or being too loud. I have to treat her like a real life baby.” You went on to explain how you had to bounce it, burp it, feed it, change it, and even comfort it in any way you could. It was quite a realistic experience.

“I have to say Y/N, it’s pretty cute to see you doting over her like that.” And just like that, a blush spread over your cheeks.

“Thanks, Buck,” you murmured, “soak it in while you can! I don’t think you’ll ever see me do anything like it again!” You huffed as you returned to making the dinner Sammy had interrupted. Bucky’s steely eyes tracked you intently.

“Oh? Don’t think you’ll have kids?” You shrugged as you stirred the pasta sauce, picking up a spoonful and offering him a taste.

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve just never really considered it a possibility. I mean, I’m a Stark. We’re not exactly the ‘nurturing’ type.” Bucky hummed around the spoon, now leaning on the counter directly to your side.

“I think you’d make an excellent mother.” He said so surely that your heart thumped loudly in your chest. You examined him at this close distance, a smile playing its way to your lips.  Bucky had been your best friend since you stepped foot in this tower.  He also had you so sexually frustrated from his presence alone that you were often a clumsy goof around him.  A small smile crept across your face along with a blush before you turned the stove off and moved over to your laptop on the kitchen table.

“Right now, all I want to be is an excellent student.” You joked, attempting to diffuse the tension now so obviously hanging in the air around the two of you. “And that means writing this paper while that little bundle of joy isn’t making me want to rip my hair out.  What about you?  Ever thought of being a dad?”

“All the time, actually.  When I was younger, and you know - so was the world - I dreamed of coming home from the war, meeting a nice girl and settling down.  I’ve always wanted a daughter.  I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea anymore, though.”

“Why not?”  You all but shouted, immediately catching yourself before you woke the doll.  He didn’t need to answer you, he simply cocked an eyebrow and wiggled his metal fingers at you.  “Well, I think you’d make an excellent father.”  You admitted with a blush before you plugged yourself into your laptop and began typing away. You heard Bucky’s footsteps retreat, then the soft thump of his heavy body flopping on the couch before the TV turned on, the volume so low you questioned if it was even on. Looking up, you couldn’t help but bite your lip as you watched Bucky stare intently at the TV, his right hand softly rocking the baby’s seat next to him. The sweet and content, but somewhat robotic, gurgles became the background noise to your furious typing.  

Oh yeah.  He’d definitely make a great dad.

It had to have been at least 2 hours later when you were jolted back to reality by the loud shriek emitting from the doll. "Oh God!” You all but sobbed, trying to gather the strength to make your way over to the baby.

But then it was over before it even began.  Lifting your head from your hands at breakneck speed, your eyes found the baby - being gently rocked in Bucky’s arms.  Oh my God.  If that isn’t the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…

“Buck?  What are you doing?”  A soft, melodic sound drifted through the air and with a start you realized Bucky was humming.  Bringing a finger up to his lips to silence you, he winked at you, looking back down at the doll.  

“Comforting her.  C’mon now Sammy, Mommy’s got a lot of work to do.  What do you say we keep it down so she can get it all done and get back to you faster?”  His eyes were soft, just like the smile on his lips as he looked down at the intimate doll as if she were real.  As if she were his.  You swallowed thickly at the sight, lost in the way he regarded this toy with such adoration.

And then, a fucking miracle happened.  The shrieks stopped.  Followed immediately by those happy gurgles once more.  You mouth fell open as you watched Bucky rise from the couch, the doll held close to his broad chest, and make his way over to the diaper bag.  Fishing out the bottle, Bucky continued bouncing the doll as he hummed a low tune to it and slowly but surely the doll was lulled to sleep, the telltale sound of the recorded soft snores filling the living room.  And when his sweet blue eyes found yours, you knew there would be no finishing your paper tonight.

The chair scraped quietly against the floor as you stood from your seat, snapping your laptop shut.  Bucky’s eyes only left yours for the brief second it took to return the doll to her carrier, but then their intense gaze was once again locked on you.  Without so much as a word, you pressed right up against him, his breath fanning against your face as your lust blown eyes met his.  

“Trying to get to me through my daughter, Barnes?”  You teased softly, your fingers bravely tangling with his.

“Is it working?”  He whispered, the warm flesh of his natural fingers brushing over your cheek.


“Then yes.”  And without wasting another moment, his lips were on yours.  A moan ripped its way from your throat at the first feel of him.  It wasn’t like you hadn’t thought about it before because, Christ just look at the man, but nothing prepared you for the way he felt.  His strong hands found their way around you quickly, one settling softly on your hip as the other cradled your face.  When they suddenly gripped the back of your thighs and hauled you up, you shrieked, wrapping your legs around his waist immediately.  “Shh,” he taunted, “you’ll wake the baby.”

“She can kiss my - oh!”  All thoughts fled your brain as his teeth sank down against your collarbone.  

“That’s my job.”  He growled, eyes dark.

“Bucky.  Bedroom.”  You hissed.  The super soldier needed no more instruction.

With long, determined strides, Bucky carried you to your room and plopped you on the bed before falling to his knees in front of you.  “Bucky!”  Your pants and panties were gone in a flash, ripped from your now goosebumps covered legs, and then his hands were on you - pushing your thighs apart.

“Y/N,” he all but moaned as he kissed down your body, “God, you’re beautiful. I could just look at you all day.”  His fingers trailing the insides of your thighs made it very difficult to answer.  But somehow you found a way.

“Bucky, if you don’t touch me-ah!”  And just like that, your head was tossed back, cries echoing through the room as his metal fingers glided up and down the part of you that longed for him the most.

“God, you’re so wet already.  This wouldn’t have anything to do with seeing me with the baby, would it?”  You wanted to answer him, you really did.  But the way his fingers skirted around your panties and met your flesh full on had you biting a damn hole into your lip.  All you could do was nod.  “Hmm, really?  I’m not going to lie, seeing you bouncing a baby on your hip didn’t leave me unaffected either.  Helps that she had my hair.”  He winked down at you, licking his lips playfully.

“Oh yeah, because the baby’s plastic hair being brown definitely makes it seem like she’s yours.”  You quipped down at him, somehow still as sarcastic as always even with James Buchanan Barnes nestled comfortably between your legs.  He smirked as he inched in closer, humming against the inside of your left thigh.  

“I wouldn’t mind it, you know.”  He drawled as his tongue darted out to draw slow circles on your thigh now.  “Seeing you,” lick, “caring for,” suck, “my kid.”  And then he was on you and your back arched, a high pitched scream filled the room.

Followed by the sounds of a baby crying.

“Don’t you dare!”  You growled, nails digging into Bucky’s shoulder blades when he made to get up.

“You’re the one who said you wanted to be a good student.”  He tsked, winking down at you when he rose to his feet.  You watched helplessly as he fled the room, and remained gone for close to 4 minutes.  When he returned, you propped yourself up on your shoulders and did you best to glare at him indignantly.  But when he shed his remaining clothes, there was no hiding the lust dancing in your eyes.  “At least one of us cares about your grades.”  He chuckled as he stalked back to the bed, kneeling between your spread legs and tearing at your shirt and bra.  You swore you could’ve cum from the look he was giving you alone.

“What did you do?”  You huffed, jealous that he was able to get the doll to shut up so quickly.

“Well, Daddy duty called,” he growled as he crawled up your body, and he definitely didn’t miss the way you bit your lip and shivered at the word.  Long fingers curled around your thighs and he brought them to his hips, encouraging your legs to squeeze tight around him.  “Now, where were we?”  And with a snap of his hips, he was fully sheathed inside you.

“Oh, Da-“


Bucky blinked slowly as he woke up, looking over at the clock on the bedside table.  3:27 a.m.  And here he thought he might actually get some sleep tonight.  You had done an awfully good job at wearing him out after all.  You, and -

“Princess!”  He chuckled as tiny feet made their way across the bed.  “Why are you awake my darling?”

“I had a nightmare.”  The toddler pouted, plopping down on the bed between you and your husband.  This effectively woke you up.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”  You asked groggily, holding your hand out.  She held it tightly as she cast her eyes down and recounted the horrible dream of being taken away by the bad men that her poor Daddy has to fight on a daily basis.

“C’mere baby.”  Bucky beckoned with open arms.  Without any hesitation, your daughter all but launched into his arms, earning a deep chuckle from your husband.  “You know Daddy would never let anything happen to you, right?”  She nodded vigorously.

“But Daddy, what if they hurt you?”  She emphasized, her lips setting into a firm pout.  The same pouting face that you sport from time to time.

“Well, then I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve got my girls!”  He cried, wiggling fingers tickling the squealing child.  “No one can hurt me with such amazing heroes to protect me!”  He continued his assault, tickling the little girl as you joined in as well.  Little giggles filled the room before huffing breaths alerted you to her tired state.  With a large yawn and a kiss to both parents’ cheeks, she snuggled into Bucky’s chest and fell fast asleep.

“I love you,”  you murmured against his lips.  “And I love how much you love our baby.”

“I love you too.”  He replied, slinging his arm around the both of you, cuddling you in tight and placing a kiss on both of your foreheads.  “And I love that you gave her to me.”


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  1. “I can’t lose you.”
  2. “You’re not allowed to do that!”
  3. “You’re crazy!”
  4. “Kiss me, please
  5. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
  6. “I can’t marry you.”
  7. “You can’t- you can’t”
  8. “Please, just- stay. Please.”
  9. “Wow.”
  10. “Don’t try, I’m not worth it.”
  11. “Don’t touch me,”
  12. “Your eyes are like the stars.”
  13. “You taste like heaven”
  14. “We can fix this”
  15. “I miss you.”
  16. “I’m in this for life.”
  17. “You’re not getting rid of me that easy.”
  18. “Will you marry me?”
  19. “Yell, scream, say something!”
  20. “I thought I could manage. I can’t. Not without you. Not ever, like that”
  21. “Cuddle?”
  22. “We’re not buying a dog.”
  23. “When’s the last time I said I love you?”
  24. “Fight me”
  25. “You’re so small.”
  26. “I can’t breathe”
  27. “Hello, gorgeous, do I know you?”
  28. “I don’t know what to say.”
  29. “Stop pushing me away”
  30. “It killed me to see you with him.”
  31. “I am so lucky to love you.”
  32. “It never gets easier.”

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The Domestic Garden Witch: Playtime for Witchlings!

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Garden Witchcraft for Families

While not all of us have children, those of us who do certainly enjoy bringing a bit of happiness and engagement into their life! And for some, witchcraft can be a point of bonding for parent and child. As in any activity, we want our children to learn, and creating this tub garden teaches about responsibility in growing plants, as well as keeping their imaginations active, and if part of a witchy family, can teach them how to have a bit of a witchy green thumb, as well!

This project is fairly simple, requiring only a decently large tub, gravel, a drill, a few plants, soil, and a bit of mulch and water.

Start by drilling a few drainage holes into the bottom of the tub, then add a layer of gravel to help promote drainage. Then, fill the tub with a decent layer of soil and add your plants! Water, then add a layer of mulch, as well as any decorations you might want!

It’s best not to place too many plants, as the idea behind this garden is to give kids the option of playing with toys inside of the tub - their own fantasy forest or jungle that they have access to.

How Can I Witch This?

The possibilities are near endless, but the greatest witchy benefit here is sharing it with children. Use the tub to help teach them about different herbs and what they can be used for! If they help make the garden, guide them in creating a sigil or symbol for health, prosperity, and growth for the plants. Decorations are just as varied, but if you want to go with a faerie garden, crystals are ideal! Teach about what the different crystals mean, and urge the kiddo to create his own crystal grids in the garden!

But the greatest magic of all in this project, I feel, is allowing a child to know that it’s good to embrace his or her imagination. Encourage that creativity, and take joy in the pleasure they gain from playing in their own homemade garden!

Blessed Be! )O(

Imagine Agent Florida being able to tell exactly when the other freelancers are having a hard time.

He can pick up the small signs that York’s eye is bothering him, and knows where he keeps his pain medication.
He can tell when Wyoming is feeling tense and knows how to make tea just the way he likes it.
He can detect when Carolina is stressed about the leaderboard and knows how to braid her hair for her in exactly the way her mother used to to comfort her.
He can tell if North and South have been arguing and is aware that simply listening to what each of them has to say will make them both feel better.
He knows that when Connie is upset, a cupcake in her favourite flavour left in her locker will do wonders.
He can detect when Wash is in a low mood and immediately deliver anonymous cat photos for a quick mood boost.
He knows that Tex finds cleaning armour therapeutic so he’ll discretely drop off a few pieces at her door for her to clean when he knows she’s feeling down.
He can tell when Maine is frustrated and knows that offering to spar with him for a while will help him take his mind off things.
And when Florida himself isn’t feeling great, really all he has to do is try and cheer someone else up and that usually makes him feel at least a little bit better

Never Been Better

Prompt: Peter Parker and you have been grouped together in a group project. Maybe this stupid crush wasn’t one sided.

Peter Parker x Reader

A/N: Hey! I hope you guys like this! Peter Parker is just so adorable in my eyes! I’m always open for requests!

Originally posted by comicbookfilms



Science is probably the most boring subject there ever was. While in class, the teacher’s voice slowly drowns out and I can’t hear a thing she’s saying. Even while I have science, I love that class the most. Because Y/n’s in that class. She sits in the row in front of me and I can’t help myself from looking over at her. I can’t help it if I forget that I’m in class and I get caught up just staring at her like a fool.

Sometimes she turns around and almost catches me, but my reflexes help me jerk back up in my seat and look somewhat normal again.

Well, it’s Friday again and I have no idea what the teacher has been saying for the past half hour. But off into the distance I hear something similar to, “You’re going to be paired into groups to finish this project. I want this done and submitted by Tuesday.” Hearing project I sit up and stare wide eyes at my teacher. What?! I have no idea what she’s been teaching and now she wants a project done?! What are we even suppose to do anyways?

I start to look around at the people around me to see if they took notes or not but it looked they all looked as worried about this as I am. God, that doesn’t really help. I look over at Y/n and she looks as calm as ever with her glasses perched on her nose and her hair tied in a ponytail. Sighing, I remember that we had to get into groups. I’m not every…. Social. I barely talk to anyone and there’s no one in class I know.

Already dreading this project, I come to full alert when I see Derek, the senior that sits behind Y/n lean forward. I don’t hear what he’s saying but just from the fact that he’s so close to Y/n puts me on edge. She doesn’t seem too thrilled that he’s talking to her either but she puts on a polite smile. Derek wasn’t….. The smartest in the class, you could say. He wasn’t a bad guy, just too cocky for his own good.

Y/n starts to look a little frustrated and worried. I was help when the teacher spoke up again and the class quieted down. Unfortunately for you guys, I will be assigning your partners. “Megan, Porter. Dean, Beatrice. Ellen, Darren. Derek, Shawn. Y/n, Peter,” My eyes widen. I couldn’t believe my ears. Every noise around me started to fade as I start to panic a little on the outside,

This is my chance! This is what I’ve been waiting for. This is the perfect time for you to make a move on her! Then why is your heart beating so fast?! GOD! Get up! Introduce yourself! Come on. You can do this.

I hype myself up to get my ass up and go talk to her. When I finally turn to her, I see that she’s already looking at me. Only really concerned. Not the best reaction but it could be worse. I get up and walk to her desk and give her a small smile. “Hi, I’m Peter. Parker. That’s my last name. It’s nice to meet you Y/n. Do you have any idea what this project is? I wasn’t listening to be honest. I’m kind of freaking out. I have no idea what to do and since it’s over the weekend, that might make our schedules clash. But you know, whatever is nice for you. Hey, if we are to meet up, I’m going to need your number so we can make a date and time. Here.” I realize I was going on and on and ranting after the second sentence but I couldn’t stop myself. My mouth would not stop! My face started to heat up half way through that little speech but god! I couldn’t shut myself up and now she probably thinks I’m insane. Holding out my phone, I just stared at the edge of her desk while hoping the floor would open up and swallow me.



Well. That was something. In front of me right now was Peter Parker. Probably the cutest guy in school, but also the biggest dork there ever was. I knew he…. liked me? Hard to tell since we’ve never actually spoke to each other before. I know he looks… well, stares at me in class. He’s not exactly very good at hiding it. But that just makes him more adorable in my eyes.

I could tell he was nervous talking to me from his blush and the fact that his sentences are blending together and nothing was making sense. That made me feel very flattered. No one has been nervous or flustered talking to me before and I love that I made him react that way. “Hello Peter. Nice to meet you too.” I grab the phone from his hand and smile to myself when I notice that he still hasn’t looked at me. “I’m quite bust on Sunday, if you would like, we could meet up at my house on Saturday night. Let’s say around 9pm. I know it’s the weekend so I hope it’s not clashing with any prior commitments you’ve made.” I finish typing in my number and hand it back to him. Looking up at him, I notice dark circles and some faint scars on his face. I’ve never noticed that looks tired before.

He lets out a small cough and says, “I think I’m free on Saturday. I don’t have plans this weekend but I don’t know if my Aunt May needs help with anything around the house. But I’ll remember to tell you before that day comes. I’ll talk to you later then.”

Before he’s too far, I reach out and grab his wrist. He jerks in shock and turns to look at me with wide eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you Peter. Truly. I’ll see you later.” I make sure to keep eye contact with him. As his cheeks starts to turn redder, I feel mine does too.

He jerks his head with quick nods and hurries back to his desk.

I let out a little chuckle and turn back and waits for the teacher to start teaching again.


It’s Friday night and still there was no reply from Peter. I hate to admit that I’m constantly checking my phone to see if he messaged me. Does he not want to meet up? Is he busy? Is he with someone else? What if he’s in trouble somewhere?!

Before my mind could go running off, a notification dings from my phone and I’m embarrassed to say I rushed to open it.

Peter: I can come on Sunday. Can’t wait to see you then :)

I fell asleep with a smile on my face that night.


Saturday came and passed in a blur and now I’m sitting in my room anxiously waiting for Peter to ring the doorbell. I know that this is stupid. It’s just a science project on the mitochondria, but I can’t get my heart to stop beating so hard.

Finally, the doorbell rings through my house and I slowly walk out of my room to the front door. Not wanting to look too eager.

Opening the door, I smile up at him. “Hey.I have everything set up in my room because the computer’s there but if you feel more comfortable in the kitchen, we could do it there.”
“No. It’s fine.” Peter’s eyes are flickering around the house as I walk him back to my room.

“Alright. Let’s do it.”

Hours later I realize Peter does not focus in class, whatsoever. But he catches on quick and we were nearly done with our project. Peter lets out a long sigh and flops down on my bed making me bounce.

“Can we take a break?” He asks.

Flopping down to lie next to him, “Sure. We’re almost done anyways.”

“Mind if I get myself a snack?”

“Sure. You know where the kitchen is. Check the pantry. I’m not exactly sure with what we have right now.”

“Alright! I’ll bring back something too.”

He bounces off the bed and out my room. I continue to stare up at the ceiling. God. He was adorable today. Some silly crush keeps making me look at him and it’s like I see little hearts flying around him. I sit back up when I hear his footsteps come closer. I see him fill the doorway with a plate of chips and a few pieces of fruit.

“Hey. I wasn’t exactly sure what you wanted to eat. So I just grabbed a bit of everything. I hope that’s ah!” Before I know it, he was tripping over our books lying on the floor and tumbling straight at me. He knocks into me and I fall back on the bed. I look up to see Peter managed to stop himself before he fell on top of me.

I gasp when I realize our faces were mere inches apart.

I notice a blush starting from his neck slowly climb up his face to reside on his cheeks.

He blinks nearly a dozen times in a matter of a few seconds and starts to stutter out words. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. I- uh, wasn’t seeing where I, um, was going. You okay?” He was looking at my shoulder, refusing to look me in the eye. That made me smile at him. He’s so goddamn adorable.

I reach up and lay my hand on his cheek and whisper, “I’ve never been better.”

He stares at me wide eyes as I pull him to me. I think I hear angels singing when his lips finally touch him.

“Never been better.”

Project SHIELD Part 1: A Mysterious Box

Pairings: None yet; (eventual Steve x Reader)

Warnings: Fighting, violence

Word Count: 1.2k

A/N: This is my brand new series! Hope you guys like this :)

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Steve stood behind a large oak tree in the dark. The snow slowly fell as he rubbed his hands together to keep them from completely numbing. He stared at the darkness and blinked to let his eyes adjust to the darkness better. He sighed and put on the goggles that Tony had designed for his night missions. They weren’t exactly night vision goggles, but they definitely helped. He turned and eyed the not so far away from the main road. He huffed and rubbed his hands faster. Tony had assigned him a mission not too long ago and all his work had culminated to this night. Steve checked his watch briefly but looked away quickly and didn’t even allow the time to register in his mind as the sounds of multiple engines filled the air. Steve stealthily ran and hid behind a tree closer to the road as the sounds of motor became louder. Soon the target came into a view. Two armored jeeps came down the road with a large truck behind them.

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Sometimes I forget this but Todomatsu is actually so fluent in English that he put it on his resume as a skill, basically saying he was bilingual by putting it at the same rank as his Japanese? Like maybe I misread that part, but I feel like it just raises the question: Did Karamatsu learn all of his English words/phrases from his dear little brother?